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Topic: Bird song

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 Bird song - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bird songs are certain vocal sounds that birds makeā€”in non-technical use, those sounds that are melodious to the human ear.
Models of bird song motor learning are sometimes used as a model for how humans learn speech, and indeed they share many similarities, such as requiring teachers, practice, error-correction, and eventually becoming more difficult to learn after the bird or human reaches sexual maturity.
Bird song is often imitated in music, especially song or whistling.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bird_song   (1676 words)

 Eurovision Bird Song Contest
The birds _ nominated by ornithological societies—had to be native to a participating country or migrate through it to qualify.
The Bird Song Contest was not formally sanctioned by the Eurovision Song Contest _ though organizers of that annual extravaganza gave their tacit approval, including by helping to publicize the birdsong competition.
The Bird Song Contest is not formally sanctioned by the Eurovision Song Contest— though organizers of that annual extravaganza have given their tacit approval, including by helping to publicize the birdsong competition.
www.balticsworldwide.com /eurovision_bird_contest.htm   (1024 words)

 Bird Song
Bird song is enjoyed because it is a sign of spring’s arrival; but, its’ purpose is more significant.
Song communication is a complex process that not all birds possess and it is not present the moment birds are born.
The control birds were exposed to recordings of various song patterns by both sub-species for the first year of their lives.
www.fredonia.edu /mayo/psymus/birdsong.htm   (2689 words)

 Syntactic Structure in House Finch Song
However, Smith's models were inferred not from the songs of individual birds, but from the songs of all the birds in the local population in a given year, so it is not clear that these models are intended to describe anything other than the overall structure of the local dialect.
Beginning with the first pair of songs in the session, pairwise alignments were computed using the Needleman-Wunsch global alignment algorithm [3] between each successive song and the overall consensus sequence of the foregoing alignments, with individual syllables being treated as residues for the purpose of alignment.
Because of the manner in which breaks were inferred, songs could be unambiguously recoded as sequences of states, based on the positions of their constituent symbols in the multiple alignment relative to the breaks.
jom-emit.cfpm.org /2002/vol6/majoros_w.html   (5883 words)

 Bird Song
Song is surely linked in our minds with birds, as much as their ability to fly and their possession of feathers.
The song used to attract females may be different from the one used to establish a territory.
If the bird successfully attracts a mate, and once eggs are laid, he may reduce the frequency of the female attracting song, but still keep up the territorial song.
www.seminoleaudubon.org /birdsong.htm   (906 words)

 Newton's Apple: Teacher's Guides   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The songs a bird sings are usually distinctive to its species.
Scientists believe a bird is born with a "neurological model" of what its song should sound like.
Birds in the Mimid family (the mockingbird, catbird, and brown thrasher) have very large repertoires.
www.ktca.org /newtons/13/songb.html   (900 words)

 Bird Song Clips
Songs of Bell's vireos are usually delivered in repetitions of song pairs, although not always; sometimes a single song is repeated, or sometimes triplets or even quadruplets are rotated.
Song sharing is extensive within a population, and males often match song types.
Songs 1-4 were all recorded from the same individual, selected to show the variety within a repertoire.
zeeman.ehc.edu /envs/Hopp/song.html#ani   (880 words)

 Bird communication
Song complexity and the avian immune system -- There are three hypotheses to explain how the evolution of parasite virulence could be linked to the evolution of secondary sexual traits, such as bird song.
Those birds who did invent more song elements also tended not to copy well those elements they did copy, and (2) how close the males had come to actually matching just the wild-bird song elements they were attempting to copy.
To determine the effects of song quality, the researchers exposed wild-caught adult females to the captive-reared males' songs and measured female response to the songs, including shivering of the wings, lifting of the tail and a characteristic call.
people.eku.edu /ritchisong/birdcommunication.html   (7178 words)

 Bird Song Tapes and CDs - communitymade.com
Woodland Birds (CD):Calls and Songs of Birds of Deciduous Woodlands
Songs and calls are in a format that is easy to use both for reference and for study: first a song sample, then vocal identification, then comments and tips, then more song and call samples.
CD, features a sampling of 60 species of birds and natural sounds in a series of 12 habitats in the Western United States, beginning on the rocky shores of the Pacific Ocean and progressing to the crest of the Cascade Mountains.
www.communitymade.com /categories/bird-song.html   (653 words)

 birdsong links
Bird Song Mnemonics & Phonetics by Georgann Schmalz.
Birds on Assateague has sounds of Laughing Gull, Sanderling, Bob-white and Common Tern.
Bird Songs of the Yucatan Peninsula by Daniel Mennill is a beautifully designed page with 16 excellent records accompanied by sonograms and analyses.
www.math.sunysb.edu /~tony/birds/links.html   (3541 words)

 Bird song tapes
His personal collection of over 400 species of bird vocalizations was the foundation to which recordings from a team of noted international recordists were added to produce, by far, the most complete library of western American bird sounds ever published.
Bird Songs of California is the product of a collaborative effort of Geoffrey Keller, the Macaulay Library of Natural Sounds and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology.
That is, calls, songs, grouse beating their wings, the drumming of woodpeckers and sapsuckers, the winnowing of a Wilson’s Snipe, and for identification purposes the humming of hummingbird wings.
www.tmbc.info /book_reviews/birdsongs.html   (580 words)

 BMSCG: The energetics of bird song   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Male bird song is used by females in mate choice.
The net cost of different song types will be examined in relation to female preference in canaries and pied flycatchers.
Heat transfer from the bird by convection is calculated from surface temperature and surface area.
www.st-andrews.ac.uk /~bmscg/ficedula.htm   (193 words)

 Bird Song - Cambridge University Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Bird song has been studied extensively in the past few decades, so that there is now hardly an area of animal behaviour on to which studies of song do not shed light.
This book explores the study of bird song from the biological viewpoint, reviewing the literature written on the subject and considering its intricate nature.
It is written with a wide readership in mind so that, while undergraduate and postgraduate students of biology may gain particularly from it, both professional biologists interested in bird behaviour and amateur ornithologists with some knowledge of biology will also find it a mine of information.
www.cambridge.org /uk/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521544009   (230 words)

 Buteo Books: Bird Books, Ornithology Texts, Birding Gear - Bird Song
He considers how birds acquire their songs (some species learn them; others have their tunes "encoded somehow in nucleotide sequences of the DNA"), what makes the songs unique, what functions they serve, and how they've evolved.
A CD of the bird songs discussed is included, as are descriptions of the recording equipment Kroodsma used and explanations on how to make similar recordings and "sonagrams." Kroodsma is a warm, encouraging guide to the world of birdsong, and his enthusiasm is contagious.
Birdsongs are learned rather than instinctual (the brown thrasher has a repertoire of 2,ooo songs), and Stap delves into the complex processes by which birds acquire them, the individual idiosyncrasies and regional dialects that color them, and the mating behaviors and territorial antagonisms they regulate.
www.buteobooks.com /archives/birdsong.html   (854 words)

 Bird Song Ear Training Guide CD: Songs of birds and birding with mnemonics
Each bird song recording is followed by a short description of the sound along with a common mnemonic used to remember it.
By naming the bird at the end of each track, the listener is allowed to wonder and guess at the nature of the sound.
Active listening, similar to what one experiences in the field while searching for an unknown bird song, is a key to engaging the memory process.
www.caculo.com /birdsongs.htm   (516 words)

 vancouver island accommodation
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is the home of Bird Song Bed and Breakfast, an historic lavender and white gingerbread cottage.
The songs of birds and the musical enchantments of hosts, Larry and Virginia, provide creative stimulus for the many poetic musings of guests over the years.
Bird Song Cottage also offers special packages: Dinner/Theatre tickets for the exceptional live performances at Chemainus Theatre, as well as unique womens retreats.
www.vancouverislandaccommodation.bc.ca   (357 words)

 birding facts Birding Resources by the Fat Birder
Bird Songs International BV is a Dutch company dedicated to producing and marketing CD-ROMs about birds and other animals.
Unlike a typical bird song CD set, birdPod's bird songs are organized to enable quick identification of bird songs in the field.
Over 200 US Birds and Their Songs on 20 SongCards200 birds along with stunning color illustrations, are organized on 20 interchangeable SongCards and play through the IdentiFlyer SongPlayer.
www.fatbirder.com /links/images_and_sound/bird_song.html   (2384 words)

 Bird Song
Here are two lists of mnemonics and other descriptions that can be used as an aid to remembering and identifying birds in the field by their songs and calls.
Rather, they are offered as an aid to "holding onto" a bird song or call heard in the field until you can use an audio guide for a positive identification or confirmation.
Some bird sounds are just too complex to adequately or accurately characterize with a mnemonic, and my experience is limited primarily to Eastern birds, particularly birds of the Southeastern United States.
www.1000plus.com /BirdSong   (878 words)

 birdsong - netlabel
six songs in hebrew and one instrumental piece, were chosen to create this album which Ofir claims to be an introduction album.
All songs recorded at ofir's house using a Korg d-16.
she makes happy pop songs with samples she recorded using a cello, harmonium, a plastic clarinet and other toys.
birdsong.co.il   (796 words)

 Little Bird's Alphabet Song
Sing the song several times through, until the majority of students are singing it with confidence.
Now that students are comfortable with the song, Re-introduce the Little Bird Alphabet Cards from day 97 of the 180 day sequence.
While the group is playing Little Bird's Alphabet Song Game, pull one student aside for assessment.
www.glc.k12.ga.us /BuilderV03/LPTools/LPShared/lpdisplay.asp?LPID=12830   (756 words)

 European Bird Song Contest
But through the attention to birds that the competition has brought, friends of nature all over the world were the winners.
The artists were judged based on a 30-second bird song or call recording submitted by each country’s bird societies.
The purpose for organising the Birdeurovision song contest has been to draw attention of the Estonian and European public to the diversity of birds that are living beside us and to the need for their protection.
www.birdeurovision.org   (577 words)

 BIRD SONG HOTEL, Mahe Island, Seychelles - Discount Hotel Reservations
BIRD SONG HOTEL, Mahe Island Description: The Bird Song hotel is located at Val Riche in the Centre of Mahe.
High up inthe Morne Seychellois National Park, Bird Song is ideally situated for exploring and experiencing the wildlife of the park.
The Bird Song hotel is sold in exclusivity to clients booked at Bird Island Lodge only.
www.stayxs.com /new/booking/hotel_detail.asp?wsid=450&hhm_id=4595   (367 words)

 Show Details for Grateful Dead: 1989-10-18
Walking down a hill, I caught the Bird Song coming from a nice car stereo system...All I can remember is the jam spiraling higher and higher, stronger and stronger, and then it did it again...and again.
This is a practically flawless performance, and the Bird Song is, I will dare say, one of the best ever.
I got the nugs.netcopy of this show and I am basing my review only on the Bird Song this Bird Song is amazing if your going to listen to Bird Song you better put a fresh pair of underwear on and strap on a seatbelt.
www.archive.org /audio/etree-details-db.php?id=16264&from=dbetreeDetails   (451 words)

 Bird Song Matcher
For each habitat your goal will be to connect the bird sounds with their matching photos.
There are roughly 10 birds available for each habitat so you will have to play the game multiple times to see and hear all the available birds.
A random set of bird sounds and photos will be presented for each habitat.
www.virtualbirder.com /vbirder/matcher/matcherDirs/SONG   (286 words)

 Bird Sound Recordings
It plays the song and THEN tells you what the bird is. And it gives a mnemonic for each song.
These are sound recordings of 374 birds of eastern North America, to play on your audio cassette player or audio CD player.
There is an example of each bird's song, which you play on your audio cassette player.
www.birdwatching.com /tips/birdsongs.html   (939 words)

 Bird song, song bird hearing aid, kenny g song bird   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Kenny g song bird Oasis song bird Song bird hearing aid Music and song about bird Song the great speckled bird Bird song for child Airline bird song Bird song recording Bird song clock Song bird
Bird song adhesive Canary bird song Bird song word Song bird lyric Bird paradise song Bird free lyric song Love song of the bird Bird prey song theme Free bird song Bird song white
Bird song cottage Song of the blue bird Humming bird song Mocking bird song Bird song sound Audio bird song Bird ocarina song Song bird picture Song bird hearing aids Bird song cd
www.morecoupon.com /bird-song.html   (580 words)

 Bird-Song.com: Wild Bird Products, song bird products
We will always have the perfect hummingbird feeder, oriole feeder, suet feeder, or blue bird house that is needed for your backyard birding project.
Our new and extensive line of gourmet bird seed and suet in reusable recyclable containers will win over the neighborhood birds, and make you the envy of your birding friends.
If you are looking for a proven squirrel proof bird feeder or real squirrel feeders, we look forward to enriching your viewing experience by providing you the products and customer service you deserve.
www.bird-song.com   (244 words)

 bird songs
Songs and calls of some New York State birds
Click on the IMAGE to hear a song sample.
World's best singers World's otherwise most remarkable Songs in slow motion
www.math.sunysb.edu /~tony/birds   (76 words)

 Bird Sounds Digitally Recorded
Since most bird species use different vocalizations for different circumstances, I've tried to tell you what the bird was doing at the time of the recording.
It attracts birds from all over the flyway, and provides breeding environments for literally hundreds of species of birds, mammals, insects and fish.
This designation recognizes the importance of this area to the birds and wildlife who use these wetlands as migratory stopovers, breeding and foraging areas.
www.naturesongs.com /birds.html   (840 words)

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