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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Instructions to Obtain a Birth Certificate Copy
Because of the high demand for copies of birth certificates, requests for uncertified copies of birth certificates are not completed on the same schedule as certified copies and may take three to six months to complete.
Birth certificates from later years may include information on the time of birth, and the ages, place of birth, and occupation of the parents.
A certified copy of a birth certificate may be issued in two formats, a computer-printed extract or a photocopy of the original record.
www.dhfs.state.wi.us /VitalRecords/birth.htm   (2411 words)

 Birth Balance: A Resource for Waterbirth, Pregnancy/Birth Photography, Labor Support Doulas, Post-Partum
On a cold, billowy evening of November 15, 1987, the conception of Birth Balance occurred in a New York loft on 22nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.
Preview Birth Balance Photography protraying the sequence of a natural labor and birth in water, edited into a short Lamaze International, Childbirth Education Commercial.
Birth Balance Photographs will be previewed on the website for "Alternative Birth," a site which offers a voice for movement.
www.birthbalance.com   (755 words)

 Birth Defects
Birth defects are defined as abnormalities of structure, function, or body metabolism that are present at birth.
There are more than 4,000 different known birth defects ranging from minor to serious, and although many of them can be treated or cured, they are the leading cause of death in the first year of life.
Although there are steps you can take to prevent birth defects, remember that a birth defect can happen even if you or your partner have no history of birth defects in your families or if you've had healthy children in the past.
kidshealth.org /parent/system/ill/birth_defects.html   (1078 words)

 Birth Defects - Healthy Kids and Pediatrics - health and medical information produced by doctors
A birth defect is a physical abnormality that is present at the time of the birth of a child.
Birth defects can occur for many reasons including inherited (genetic) conditions, toxic exposure of the fetus in the womb, birth injury, and for unknown reasons.
Births defects are the leading cause of infant deaths (mortality) in many countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, etc. Birth defects are present in one of every three babies that die.
www.medicinenet.com /birth_defects/article.htm   (455 words)

 Judaism 101: Birth and the First Month of Life
Birth by Caesarean section is permitted in Jewish law, as would be just about any procedure necessary to preserve the life of the mother or the child.
Immediately after birth, a woman is considered niddah and must remain sexually separated from her husband for a period of seven days after the birth of a male child and 14 days after the birth of a female child.
Matters relevant to the child's status are determined by the status of the birth parents, not by that of the adoptive parents.
www.jewfaq.org /birth.htm   (2665 words)

 Birth Information on Healthline
Birth is the process by which a fully developed fetus is expelled from the mother's uterus by the force of strong, rhythmic muscle contractions.
Birth typically begins at the end of the gestation period when the mother's uterus begins to contract rhythmically, a process called labor.
The cervix is normally tightly closed, and is sealed with a plug of mucus during gestation to protect the fetus from invading microorganisms.
www.healthline.com /galecontent/birth   (1246 words)

 NICHD Women's Health Research:  Pregnancy and Birth-Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation defines "birth defects" as: an abnormality of structure, function, or metabolism (body chemistry) present at birth that results in physical or mental disability, or is fatal.
In some cases, birth defects can result for a combination of these factors, or they can affect many parts or processes in the body, which may lead to both physical and functional problems, to different degrees.
This complex group of birth defects involves a problem with the operation of a part of the body, a system in the body, or a process or pathway in the body.
www.nichd.nih.gov /womenshealth/research/pregbirth/birthdefects.cfm   (2707 words)

  Frequently Asked Questions About Birth Control Methods   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Learning about birth control methods you or your partner can use to prevent pregnancy and talking with your doctor are two good ways to get started.
Emergency contraception, or emergency birth control, is used to keep a woman from getting pregnant when she has had unprotected vaginal intercourse.
Or, a woman may have forgotten to take her birth control pills, or may have been abused or forced to have sex when she did not want to.
www.4woman.gov /faq/birthcont.htm   (4260 words)

 Birthing Classes
If your birth coach is also the baby's father, taking a class together can mean his increased involvement in the pregnancy.
The Lamaze philosophy holds that birth is a normal, natural, and healthy process and that women should be empowered through education and support to approach it with confidence.
Your local hospital or birthing center should also be able to provide you with a list of classes.
kidshealth.org /parent/pregnancy_newborn/pregnancy/birth_class.html   (1588 words)

 Health: Birth Records
An applicant must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to apply for a certified copy of his/her birth record or the record of an immediate family member.
The Division of Vital Records issues only certified copies of birth with the raised seal that are acceptable for numerous uses, i.e.
If the person named on the birth record is deceased, all other family members must submit a copy of the his/her death certificate to be eligible to receive the birth record.
www.dsf.health.state.pa.us /health/cwp/view.asp?a=168&q=202219   (283 words)

 March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention Month, January 2003
Birth defects are abnormal physical, mental, or medical problems that can occur before or during birth.
Birth defects can range from the presence of an extra finger or toe to a serious heart defect.
Birth defects are the leading cause of death in children less than 1 year of age, causing one in every five deaths.
www.mentalhealth.samhsa.gov /highlights/January2003/birth   (271 words)

 MedlinePlus: Birth Control
The primary NIH organization for research on Birth Control is the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Birth control, also known as contraception, is designed to prevent pregnancy.
Birth control methods may work in a number of different ways.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/birthcontrol.html   (591 words)

 Birth Certificate or Record, Obtain a certified copy
Many birth records include other information, such as the birthplaces of the baby's parents, the addresses of the parents, the number of children that the parents have, and the race of the parents, and the parents' occupations.
To obtain a copy of any of a birth certificate in the United States, write or go to the vital statistics office in the state or area where the event occurred.
New York Births & Baptisms CD - This collection of birth and baptism records was compiled from the New York church registers of 1660-1916 by Arthur C.M. Kelly.
www.vitalrec.com /birth.html   (1015 words)

 Birth stories!!!
Apart from the birth stories, there are also age updates on some of the kids, so that you can watch them and their parents and families grow.
Birth story.Dutch hospital birth.35 weeks pregnancy, pitocin augmentation, baby in Medium Care Unit.1st kid.
Birth story.Canadian hospital, frank breech, vaginal birth, epidural, pitocin augmentation.
www.plomp.com /birth   (2758 words)

 Amazon.com: Birth: DVD: Nicole Kidman,Cameron Bright,Danny Huston,Lauren Bacall,Alison Elliott,Arliss Howard,Michael ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
All of these fine qualities are well-matched by the somber performance of Nicole Kidman, playing a still-grieving widow of 10 years, about to remarry when a 10-year-old boy (Cameron Bright) arrives to announce that he is her dead husband, reincarnated and full of convincing answers to personal marital questions.
We know that it took years for her to agree to go out on a date and years for her to accept his proposal, but it is not until we realize how desperately she wants it to be Sean that we understand his character.
Birth is a film that only some will have the vision see its inner beauty.
www.amazon.com /Birth-Nicole-Kidman/dp/B0007P0X9G   (2623 words)

 Birth Control News
Birth control is getting a lot easier for women on the go and some even say goodbye to periods for most of the year.
More than 4 million women use the birth control patch, but the patch may hold risks for some women who use it, risks they may not be aware of.
Some newer birth control pills, which carry twice the risk of dangerous blood clots as older contraceptives, should be banned, an advocacy group said in a petition filed with U.S. regulators on Tuesday.
www.topix.net /health/birth-control   (731 words)

Several Hindu samskars or scripture based rites are associated with birth of a child.
Jatakarma (child birth) : welcomes the child into the family; mantras are recited for a healthy and long life.
Samskar is performed to create a pleasant atmosphere for both the newly born child and mother.
www.hindunet.org /birth/index.htm   (191 words)

 Adlerian Overview of Birth Order Characteristics - Alfred Adler Institutes of San Francisco and Northwestern Washington
A child's birth order position may be seized by another child if circumstances permit.
Birth order is sometimes not a major influences on personality development.
Adler speculated that birth order differences would begin to disappear when families became less competitive and autocratic, and more cooperative and democratic.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/hstein/birthord.htm   (486 words)

 Homebirth - Safety and Benefits
He finds out-of-hospital births to be slightly safer and significantly superior in terms of economic costs ($13 billion annually) and social costs (reduced incidence of birth trauma and bonding disorders).
Conclusions: Planned home birth for low risk women in North America using certified professional midwives was associated with lower rates of medical intervention but similar intrapartum and neonatal mortality to that of low risk hospital births in the United States.
Complications during birth, long labor, a breech position and the use of forceps and suction were associated with an increased risk of violent suicide for adult men.
www.gentlebirth.org /ronnie/homesafe.html   (1944 words)

 Birth Defects Research for Children, Inc.
Birth Defect Research for Children is your resource for free birth defect information, parent networking and birth defect research through the National Birth Defect Registry.
The registry collects information on all categories of structural and functional birth defects as well as the health, genetic and environmental exposure histories of the mothers and fathers of these children.
The registry has also helped detect clusters of birth defects in communities with toxic environmental exposures and in the children of mothers exposed to similar medications during pregnancy.
www.birthdefects.org   (264 words)

 Birth Control Information by MedicineNet.com
There are a number of different methods of birth control to include: barrier methods, IUDs, hormonal methods, natural methods, and surgical sterilization.
Birth control methods can be reversible or permanent.
In simple terms, all methods of birth control are based on either preventing a man's sperm from reaching and entering a woman's egg (fertilization) or preventing the fertilized egg from implanting in the woman's uterus (her womb) and starting to grow.
www.medicinenet.com /birth_control/index.htm   (204 words)

 The Birth of a Nation (1915)
Modern viewers of "The Birth of a Nation" seem to attack its proponents based on a belief that to appreciate a film is to be entertained by it.
"The Birth of a Nation" is designed, from beginning to end, to lament the fall of the Old South and justify the rise of the Ku Klux Klan.
The Ku Klux Klan, in the world of "The Birth of a Nation," is the policing arm of the Southern White male imperative to protect land, children, women and honor.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0004972   (1132 words)

 ADHS: Division of Public Health Services: Office of Vital Records: Birth Certificates
You may, in many cases, obtain a certified copy of a birth certificate for a birth that occurred in Arizona after 1989, at the county health department in the county where the birth occurred.
If the adult brother or sister child was born in Arizona and a search can be done on the EBS for the adult brother or sister’s record to verify at least one common parent is shared by the applicant.
Adoption agencies must be on agency letterhead, stating their professional relationship to the adoptive or biological parent(s), and must contain a notarized signature, or a signature along with a photocopy of the signer’s valid government issued photo identification.
www.azdhs.gov /vitalrcd/birth_index.htm   (1437 words)

In order for Birth to succeed, it needs to convince the audience that its premise, that a dead man returns to his fiancee as a boy, is plausible.
If anything, Birth is more liable to elicit giggles and laughter when people watch it, because all of the actors are taking themselves so seriously.
Aside from some bursts of emotion from Kidman and Huston, most of the acting in Birth is restrained.
www.haro-online.com /movies/birth.html   (495 words)

 NJDHSS - Vital Statistics, Birth Certificates
The State Bureau of Vital Statistics and Registration maintains birth records from 1878 to the present.
Birth certificates are also available from Local Registrars in the municipality where the birth occurred.
For copies of vital records from 1848 to 1877, please contact: New Jersey Department of State, Division of Archives and Records Management at P.O. Box 307, Trenton NJ 08625-0307, or call (609) 292-6260.
www.state.nj.us /health/vital/birth.shtml   (418 words)

 Premature birth - MayoClinic.com
A birth that takes place more than three weeks before the due date is considered a premature birth.
A premature birth gives a baby less time to develop and mature in the womb.
The rate of premature birth has grown by more than 30 percent in the last 20 years, according to the Institute of Medicine.
www.mayoclinic.com /health/premature-birth/DS00137   (277 words)

 Cook County Clerk's Office | Birth Certificates
Under state law, you may legally obtain a certified copy of your own birth certificate and/or the birth certificate of your child (your name must appear on the child's birth certificate).
For birth records of newborns (6 months old or younger) born in Chicago, please call the City of Chicago's Health Department at (312) 744-3800.
For birth records of newborns (6 months old or younger) born in suburban Cook County, please call the Cook County Clerk's Current Records Unit at (312) 603-6623.
www.cookctyclerk.com /sub/birth_certificates.asp   (274 words)

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