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Topic: Bisexuality

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  What does the Bible say about bisexuality? Is being a bisexual a sin?
Bisexuality and homosexuality are caused by sin "damaging" us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Sin is the plague, and bisexuality is simply one of the symptoms.
A bisexual is the same number of steps away from salvation as the "moral" legalist - one.
www.gotquestions.org /bisexual-bisexuality.html   (295 words)

  Bisexuality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bisexual orientation can fall anywhere between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality; a bisexual person is not necessarily attracted equally to both genders, and many tend to prefer one or the other.
Because some bisexual people do not feel that they fit into either the gay and lesbian or the heterosexual world, and because they have a tendency to be "invisible" in public (fitting in rather seamlessly into both homosexual and heterosexual society), some bisexual persons are committed to forming their own communities, culture, and political movements.
Another symbol is the bisexual pride flag, which has a deep pink stripe at the top for homosexuality, a blue one on the bottom for heterosexuality, and a purple one (blended from the pink and blue) in the middle to represent bisexuality.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bisexuality   (2987 words)

 William Shakespeare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The question of whether an Elizabethan was "gay" in a modern sense is anachronistic, as the concepts of homosexuality and bisexuality as identities did not emerge until the 19th century; while sodomy was a crime in the period, there was no word for an exclusively homosexual identity (see History of homosexuality).
Commentators have raised the question of whether Shakespeare may have been bisexual, based on interpretations of certain of his works.
The Sonnets may not be autobiographical, but pure fiction, and the "speaker" of the Sonnets is not necessarily identified with Shakespeare himself; however, while twenty-six of them are love poems addressed to a married woman (the "Dark Lady"), one hundred and twenty-six are addressed to a young man (known as the "Fair Lord").
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/William_Shakespeare   (4252 words)

 9.6 Bisexuality and Feminism
As a feminist, I believe that bisexuality can be seen as a strong expression of support for gender equality: a bisexual person does not restrict their choice of partner on the basis of gender, unlike a homosexual or heterosexual person.
Bisexual women form a part of this continuum by valuing relationships with other women, by having a choice in our sexuality and by providing female resistance to compulsory heterosexuality.
In conclusion, bisexuality is a form of inclusivity and supports feminism and homosexuality by challenging sexism and heterosexism and by seeking equality of the sexes.
web.mit.edu /thistle/www/v9/9.06/4bisexuality.html   (1325 words)

 glbtq >> social sciences >> Bisexuality
In studying self-identified bisexual women and lesbians, Rust found that the majority of both groups had been involved in other-sex relationships and were attracted to both women and men, but interpreted and labeled their experiences in different and often conflicting ways.
While bisexuals continue to be excluded from many studies of sexuality or grouped unquestionably with lesbians and gay men, it is increasingly difficult for researchers to contend that bisexuality is not a distinct sexual identity.
Although bisexuals have played an important part in the glbt movement for equality, they often had to hide their bisexuality; more recently, however, the bisexual movement has been accepted as part of the larger glbt movement and bisexual organizations now flourish.
www.glbtq.com /social-sciences/bisex,2.html   (1071 words)

The majority status of bisexuality does not make it normal nor ideal however I mention it because it is important to realise that the invisibility of bisexuality requires extraordinary effort to maintain and it’s repression occurs against all people not just a few “natural” bisexuals.
This may make bisexual lives easier to defend and add to the options for young people but relegates bisexuals to the same minority status as is currently given to gays and lesbians.
Because bisexuality is as deliberate a sexuality choice as any other and not a submission to some biological imperative (and even if it were I reject the claim that naturalness equals rightness) we can’t claim an non-contextual ideal status.
www.angelfire.com /sd/eatrich/bi99.html   (4282 words)

Bisexual people are no more promiscuous than any other group of people, and are just as capable of making a long-term monogamous commitment to a partner as anybody else.
Bisexual people tend to favour one sex over another, recognizing that they are attracted to both sexes.
Bisexuality is an orientation that allows for people to be open to immense possibilities, whether acted upon or not.
www.mcgill.ca /studenthealth/information/queerhealth/bisexuality   (583 words)

 Gay Line Wellington
Bisexuality is about being sexually or romantically attracted to people of both sexes but is not necessarily about active bisexual behaviour.
Bisexuality is about being sexually or romantically attracted to people of both sexes and includes sexual identification (how we see ourselves), sexual drives (what we want to do) and sexual behaviour (what we do).
People who are bisexual may be attracted to people of both sexes or may define themselves as bisexual but may not necessarily be actively involved in bisexual behaviour.
www.gayline.gen.nz /bisexuality.htm   (531 words)

Weinrich reports that only 10 bisexuals were identified from the total study population of 178 men, 5 to 6% of the population.
But the primary bisexual, or ambisexual, is one who is erotically aroused psychologically by both males and females, not necessarily one who will have sex with both males and females without being aroused by both.
I would suggest, however, that humans, while having biases in their erotic preferences, are immensely flexible, and that bisexuality and homosexuality represent adaptive mechanisms for satisfying erotic and nonerotic needs and relieving sexual tension in a manner different from but analogous to heterosexuality.
www2.hu-berlin.de /sexology/GESUND/ARCHIV/bisdia.htm   (11273 words)

 The Task Force - The Issues   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
While historically struggling with discrimination against bisexuals (or biphobia) from some, many bisexuals are recognized and celebrated for their contributions to the common fight for justice, acceptance, and equality.
The bisexual community has aspects that are both part of, and distinct from, lesbian and gay communities; it rejects simple dichotomies that others would use to divide and oppress LGBT people.
Bisexual people, their families and friends, as well as their LGT and heterosexual allies, are united to support a broad LGBT civil rights movement.
www.thetaskforce.org /theissues/issue.cfm?issueID=37   (391 words)

 Bisexuality paper
People with bisexual histories will often self-identify as gay or straight depending on who they are in a committed relationship with and, unless they make a point of 'coming out' as bisexual, others will perceive them as the orientation that matches the relationship.
Much of the research on bisexuality is a footnote in homosexual research and few queer theories try to account for bisexual identity (Eliason 1996) The readers guide to periodical literature for the last six months had 22 different headings for homosexuality and none for bisexuality.
In my personal experience, I find that identifing as bisexual has become more common; much of the younger (under thirty) lesbian and gay community is identifying as "bisexual" or the generic "queer", even when their actions and/or experiences are strictly homosexual.
www.prairienet.org /~star/bipaper.html   (2286 words)

 Jenny Kangasvuo - Bisexuality as a Concept in Finland - Signs of Cultural Change?
The number of informants, who questioned the categories and their bisexuality, was smaller than the number of identity conscious bisexuals - maybe because people denying and fighting categories might regard this kind of research as categorizing and essentially pejorative.
The scheme of realizing and accepting defines bisexuality as a trait that a person must realize and accept to be bisexual and to have a bisexual identity.
Bisexuality and bisexual iconography is used in advertising, fashion and popular culture and in this context it can be said that bisexuality is trendy.
cc.oulu.fi /~jek/goteborg.html   (3120 words)

Some bisexual people find themselves equally attracted to men and women, but many bisexuals find that they are more attracted to people of their own sex, or more attracted to people of another sex.
Most bisexual people, like most people of any other kind, have a variety of kinds of relationships over the course of their lives, from one-night-stands to long-term, heavily committed relationships, and they are just as likely to be responsible, loving, faithful partners as anyone else.
One of the things that is important to the bisexual community is to be out as bisexual no matter what the sex of a person's partner, so that people don't get to assume they know whether a person is gay or straight by the sex of their partner.
www.menstuff.org /issues/byissue/bisexuality.html   (2166 words)

 Caitlain's Corner - Bisexuality
Most bisexuals will, of course, only be with one partner at a time, so they may be seen as “straight” when they are with someone of the opposite sex, or “gay” if they are with someone of the same sex.
For many high school girls, being bisexual is “cool” with the guys, but many of the “straight” girls will consider you to be a lesbian, and you’ll be called names like “dyke” “lezzie” and many of the other disparaging names used to call out girls who are gay.
If you are bisexual, you’ll need to be prepared to deal with all of the issues that go along with it, such as people who do not truly understand what it means to be bisexual.
www.caitlainscorner.com /content/view/239/66   (1140 words)

BISEXUALITY RECONSIDERED: AN IDEA IN PURSUIT OF A DEFINITION, CHARLES E. This paper examines the confusion and conflict stemming from the inability of sexological research to establish a reliable operational definition of the bisexual condition.
Each partricipant, at the time of her first sexual activity with another female: (a) was married; (b) was at least 30; (c) was, with her spouse, engaging in consensual swinging activities; (d) was enjoying sex with males; and (e) had no history, prior to age 30, of sexual attraction to females.
Most lesbian respondents believed that bisexual identity is more likey than lesbian identity to be a phase or a way of denying one's true sexuality and that bisexual women are less personally and politically loyal and more willing and able to pass as heterosexual than are lesbians.
www.lesbianinformationservice.org /biabs.htm   (2107 words)

 Bisexuality: A Complex Reality
Bisexuals live in a "no one's land." Bisexuals are really gay people who just haven't come all the way out of the closet.
A definition that I like is, bisexuality is the presence of significant degrees of erotic attractions, erotic fantasies, and emotional preferences for members of both genders, with some recognition of their significance.
Historical bisexuality is seen in the long sweep of a person's life, with greater or lesser mixes of heterosexual and homosexual components.
members.tde.com /ben/bicplx98.html   (2390 words)

 A hatred of bisexuality in gay communities?
Bisexuals and asexuals are thus the only individuals who at least have the capacity not to discriminate on the basis of sex in any aspects of their lives...
Why gay males seem to have crawled into bed with heterosexual males with repect to abusing bisexual males and desiring their non-existence remains to be analysed for all its implications.
For a discussion of bisexuality and the abuse of bisexual people in gay and lesbian communities, see the first two sections of Tremblay and Ramsay (2000).
www.youth-suicide.com /gay-bisexual/racism-gay-lesbian/bisexual-bisexuality-hatred.htm   (597 words)

 Jenny Kangasvuo - Bisexuality as a Concept in Finland among Young Bisexuals
Bisexual men said that they are less macho than heterosexual men and comfortable with their femininity - they do not think femininity as a threat to their manhood.
Bisexual women said that they allow themselves to be both feminine and masculine - some interviewees who were active members of lesbian community said that as bisexuals they are free to play with femininity and masculinity even though the lesbian community has quite strict appearance and clothing codes.
Bisexuality can be made nonexistent and invisible by saying that bisexuality is just a passing phase or that bisexuality is a trend.
www.student.oulu.fi /~jek/norfa.html   (2492 words)

 Straight, Gay or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited - New York Times
People who claim bisexuality, according to these critics, are usually homosexual, but are ambivalent about their homosexuality or simply closeted.
The study is the largest of several small reports suggesting that the estimated 1.7 percent of men who identify themselves as bisexual show physical attraction patterns that differ substantially from their professed desires.
But the men in the study who described themselves as bisexual did not have patterns of arousal that were consistent with their stated attraction to men and to women.
www.nytimes.com /2005/07/05/health/05sex.html?ex=1278216000&en=5a82f18cadf2ad83&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss   (767 words)

 UD Allies Program Resources: Myths and Realities of Bisexuality
Many bisexuals may well be confused, living in a society where their sexuality is denied by homosexuals and heterosexuals alike, but that confusion is a function of oppression.
While there certainly are people for whom bisexual behavior is trendy, this does not negate the people who come to a bisexual identity amidst pain and confusion and claim it with pride.
Bisexuals are people who can have lovers of either sex, not people who must have lovers of both sexes.
www.udel.edu /allies/resources/bimyths.html   (547 words)

 Bisexuality: A Contemporary Paradox for Women Journal of Social Issues - Find Articles
Understanding bisexuality, therefore, is a key to understanding the cultural and historical factors that have affected not only bisexual but also lesbian and heterosexual women.
Thus, the tacit practice of bisexuality coexisted with the nonexistence of a concept of a (bi)sexual individual.
Understanding bisexuality among women, therefore, has the potential to shed light not only on the sexuality of bisexual women but also on the sexuality of lesbian and heterosexual women.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0341/is_2_56/ai_66419862   (688 words)

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