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Topic: Bismanol

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  Bismanol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bismanol is an alloy of Bismuth, Manganese and Iron developed by the US Naval Ordnance Laboratory.
Bismanol magnets have been replaced by Neodymium magnets which are both cheaper and superior in other ways, Samarium-Cobalt(Samarium-Cobalt magnets) magnets in more critical applications, and Alnico magnets.
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en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bismanol   (88 words)

It is found in Peru, Japan, Mexico, Bolivia, and Canada.
The main use of Bismuth is "Bismanol: Bismanol is an extrmemly strong perrmanent magnet so it never loses its power.
It is used by the U.S. Naval Surface Weapons Center.
www.gfsnet.org /msweb/periodictable06/pages/Bismuth.html   (331 words)

 Images of Nature
Bismuth is combustible and burns with a blue flame.
USES: A strong permanent magnet can be made of "bismanol", an alloy of bismuth and manganese.
Bismuth is used in fire detection and extinguishing systems.
ion.eas.asu.edu /min14_bismuth/min14_thumb.htm   (178 words)

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