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In the News (Tue 19 Feb 19)

Bizerte lies in between the sea and the Bay of Sebra or Lake Bizerte.
It is the capital of Bizerte governorate with 540,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate) and an area of 3,685 km².
Bizerte is a charming city, with a well-planned modern urban centre and with an old town and harbour which belongs to the most picturesque sites in all of the African Mediterranean coast.
lexicorient.com /e.o/bizerte.htm   (392 words)

The outer harbor is connected by canal with two inner harbors, the Bay of Sebra and the Lake of Bizerte.
Bizerte was first occupied by colonists from the Phoenician capital of Tyre.
Following a 1961 military confrontation in which French forces broke a Tunisian siege of the base, a negotiated settlement was reached, and France abandoned Bizerte in 1963.
www.history.com /encyclopedia.do?articleId=203049   (292 words)

 Bizerte travel guide
Bizerte is located in the north of Tunisia, approx.
Bizerte is not on the tourist track so you may actually have a chance to see some real Tunisia here.
The main other reasons to come here are the unspoiled traditional quarter of the old port and the presence of a couple of good beaches in the area.
www.world66.com /africa/tunisia/bizerte   (232 words)

  Bizerte - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Bizerte
The modern town of Bizerte (Arabic Ben-zert) lies north of the canal, and south of the Arab town and the ancient citadel.
The French base in Bizerte was retained after Tunisian independence in 1956, and there was heavy fighting between the French and Tunisians after the Tunisians blockaded the base 20–23 July 1961.
The girl combed her hair and the seeds fell to the ground in the region of Bizerte to the north of Tunis.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Bizerte   (302 words)

 Bizerte, Tunisia
Bizerte (Arabic Benzert) lies at the outflow of the Lac de Bizerte, which is linked with the Mediterranean by a canal.
Bizerte, chief town of the governorate of the same name, is one of the country's leading commercial ports, exporting oil, iron ore, cereals, cork, cement and other bulk goods.
Bizerte was originally the Phoenician trading station of Hippo Diarrhytus, founded in the ninth century B.C., soon after Carthage.
www.planetware.com /tunisia/bizerte-tun-bi-b.htm   (437 words)

- At the bottom of " the Bizerte " Lake, basin sheltered well of more than 100 km of surface where the funds of more than 10 meters count for more of the third, is the maritime arsenal of " Menzel Bourguiba ", in the past " Ferryville ".
- The commercial port of " Bizerte ", already equipped for the importation of the fuels and the export of cereals and the iron ores, presents today a harbour zone, stores, docks and a harbour station.
Its beach is one of most beautiful of Tunisia especially to the allentours of " Bizerte " where small splits the one aprés the others animate a rock coast where comes to strike a sea of a magic limpidity.
www.hotel-sidisalem.com /bizerte_en.htm   (380 words)

 Bizerte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Under the Treaty of Berlin, 1878, France gained control of Bizerte and built a large naval harbour in the city.
The city is on the Mediterranean coast and is close to both Sardinia and Sicily.
Bizerte is famous for its beautiful forests and beaches.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bizerte   (425 words)

 Bizerte, Tunisia - Travel Guide
Bizerte served as a French base for five years into the Tunisian independence.
In modern times, that is since 1895, a straight and wide canal has connected the Bizerte Lake with the Mediterranean Sea.
Bizerte is definitely the town you best enjoy from a little distance.
www.tunisia.com /Tunisia/Travel/Tunisia-Travel-Guides/Northern-Tunisia/Bizerte   (476 words)

 Stanley Galik - LCI 35 - Ships Cook 2/c US Navy WWII - LCI 35 1943 - Tunisia
After returning to Bizerte on Saturday May 29th and anchoring outside the harbor, a small French boat came alongside the LCI 35 to take the British and Irish guards back to their own camps.
Group 4 of Flotilla Two arrived in Bizerte, Tunisia as part of Task Unit 81.1.121 under Commander Roger Nelson and was the first group to arrive at La Percherie in Bizerte after the Germans left.
At 1400 on June 8th, the crew of LCI 35 was to be in "Undress Blues" for the arrival of Commander Sabin.
www.galik.com /stanleygalik1922/lci/lci04.htm   (1737 words)

 The Doctor is [X] IN [ ] OUT
Bizerte has always been an important coastal port, once serving as the base of operations for several muslim corsair fleets.
During the 16th century, Bizerte found itself in the front lines of the Turco-Spanish struggles.
After the completion of the Suez Canal, the french brought some of the dredging equipment to Bizerte to enlarge and deepen the canal for purely "commercial" interests.
oregonstate.edu /~vanbossd/Tuticabizerte.php   (576 words)

 AllRefer.com - Bizerte (Tunisia Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
While the French ruled Tunisia, they improved and fortified the outer harbor and deepened the channel to the Lake of Bizerte, where there are naval works and the town of Menzel Bourgiba.
The White Russian fleet (1920) and the Spanish republican fleet (1939) were interned at Bizerte.
Tunisian insistence that France evacuate its naval installations at Bizerte led to violent confrontations in 1961; the base was turned over to Tunisia in 1963.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/B/Bizerte.html   (205 words)

 Bizerte, Tunisia News - Topix
An explosion triggered by a fire ripped through an oil pipeline in the northern Tunisian city of Bizerte on Friday, prompting residents in at least one district to flee, residents and rescue service workers...
An explosion caused by a fire hit an oil pipeline in Tunisia 's northern city of Bizerte, causing more than 200 families in the neighborhood to be evacuated, according to reports.
An explosion ripped through an oil pipeline in the northern Tunisian city of Bizerte on Friday, causing a huge fire and prompting residents in at least one district to flee, residents and rescue service workers...
www.topix.net /tn/bizerte   (579 words)

 www.investintunisia.com :: Bizerte
Situated at the country’s far northeast, the governorate of Bizerte enjoys a privileged geographic position with a wide opening onto the Mediterranean: a coastline of 250 km.
It is bound by the governorates of Ariana and Manouba to the south, the governorate of Béja to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the east.
Bizerte is served by the Tunis-Carthage International Airport and the Tabarka International Airport (one hour away by road)
www.investintunisia.tn /site/en/article.php?id_article=745   (493 words)

 THE SECOND PHASE: Axis Resistance Is Broken
To drive the enemy on the west and north sides of Garaet Achkel back toward Bizerte, two regimental combat teams of the 9th Division and the Corps Franc d'Afrique were to operate northwest of the lake.
Before evacuating Bizerte the Germans left time bombs in the important buildings and scattered booby traps and mines profusely; even cakes of soap were booby-trapped.
South of the Lac de Bizerte, the first objectives of the 3d Battalion and its attached units were the bridge over the Oued ben Hassine and the high ground southeast and south of the bridge, about 4 miles from Ferryville.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/books/wwii/bizerte/bizerte-second.htm   (4052 words)

 Br-521 Bizerte
On September 11th 1934, the Breguet Bizerte and the O-256 were sent on cruise in the Mediterranean sea.
In January 1935, two CAMS 55/10 which belonged to the 1E1 squadron based at NAS Cherbourg were replaced by two Bizertes (N° 1 and 2).
On December 7th 1939, three Bizertes (19/ E13, 20/ E15, 21/ E16) were sent to Dakar until March 17th, when they were replaced by the N° 22 (E54), 25 (E57) and 24 (E56).
frenchnavy.free.fr /seaplanes/bizerte/bizerte.htm   (425 words)

 Car Rental in Bizerte, Tunisia with Auto Europe
Arrange a car rental in Bizerte, Tunisia, on the country's northern tip jutting into the Mediterranean Sea, and you'll have the whole of Tunisia to explore!
Bizerte is simultaneously the oldest Tunisian city and the most European one, largely due to its strategic location at one of the narrowest parts of the Mediterranean Sea - it was used as a military base by the French and built up accordingly.
Auto Europe offers several pick-up locations and a large rental car fleet, so finding a car rental in Bizerte is both easy and economical.
www.autoeurope.com /car-rental/Bizerte-rental-guide.cfm   (413 words)

 USS Liddle in Bizerte, Tunisia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
The USS Liddle was one of the escorts that accompanied a convoy to the city of Bizerte, Tunisia.
These photographs are all from the harbor area at Bizerte.
One of the many sunken ships in the Bizerte harbor.
home.nycap.rr.com /jdeal/Bizerte.htm   (52 words)

 Noonsite: Bizerte   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Bizerte marina is not really a marina, but just a couple of pontoons in the corner of the harbor.
The "marina" is badly maintained and the swell rolls in often causing damage to boats.
However, a report from April 2006 states that visitors' berths are available on the outside of the floating pontoon extending NW from the Radio Bizerte building.
www.noonsite.com /Countries/Tunisia/Bizerte   (348 words)

 Pictures of Wreath Laying Ceremony, Tunisia From USCGC Bear's European Deployment
A wreath laying ceremony at the North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial in Bizerte, Tunisia.
The cemetery at the North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial in Bizerte, Tunisia.
The crew of BEAR at the North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial, in Bizerte, Tunisia.
www.uscg.mil /lantarea/cutter/bear/files/naacm.html   (174 words)

 Mission Bizerte - a P-38 Lightning pilot remembers - pg. 1 - Flight Journal Magazine article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
We were to fly eight P-38s out of the little Algerian cow pasture known as Youk les Bains (the USAAF flattered it by calling it an airfield) and cross a sizable piece of North Africa to fly to Tunisia.
Once there, we were to sneak up on the German aerodrome at Bizerte (on the Mediterranean coast north of Tunis), count the fighters based there and report back about enemy activity.
Rommel was in full retreat and was trying to salvage as many of his men and as much of his equipment as he could; the airfields at Bizerte and Tunis were his primary evacuation points.
www.flightjournal.com /articles/bizerte/bizerte_1.asp   (1528 words)

 The harbour of Bizerte, Tunisia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Bizerte is the 5th biggest city of the country, 40 miles far away from Tunis.
It is located in the 'Green Tunisia', near the sea and the landscapes are very famous.
We cannot see it clearly here, but we are very close to the harbour, in the town center, and we saw a flock of sheeps in the street.
olivier.testa.free.fr /bizerte-en.html   (165 words)

Située, à la pointe nord de la Tunisie, Bizerte fut à l'origine un comptoir phénicien puis romain.
Entourée par la méditerranée, au nord et à l'est, les lacs de Bizerte et d'Ichkeul, au sud, la ville communique grâce à un corridor en direction de Menzel Bouguiba et Tabarka, et un pont mobile qui la relie à Zarzouna puis Tunis.
Bizerte vit grâce à la pêche, de l'activité de son port de commerce, de sa zone franche, qui s'étend de Menzel-Jemil à Menzel Bourguiba, et du Tourisme.
www.nachoua.com /Bizerte/Bizerte.htm   (370 words)

 Holiday rentals in Bizerte Tunisia villas apartments and hotels
The old port of Bizerte, the 17th century fortress (the Casbah) and the small Sidi-el Henni fort form a pleasant and coherent architectural complex reminding us of Bizerte's commercial and military importance.
The fort, known as the Fort of Spain, was planned by the Turk Eulj Ali in 1570-73 to strengthen the city's defences against the growing Spanish threat.
Following the in­stitution of the French protectorate (1861), Bizerte be­came one of the most powerful naval bases in the Mediterranean and played an important role in both of the World Wars.
www.alltheseasons.net /bizerte.asp   (143 words)

 Bizerte - HighBeam Encyclopedia
Soc: Stade Abidjan 3 CA Bizerte 0 CAF cup result
Tunisia Is Doubling Capacity Of Bizerte Oil Refinery
See all results from premium newspaper and magazine articles, images, maps and more at HighBeam Research.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-Bizerte.html   (306 words)

 Stanley Galik - LCI 35 - Ships Cook 2/c US Navy WWII - LCI 35 1944 - North Africa
While the LCI 35 was in dry dock in Bizerte, Dad wrote a number of letters to his sister Mae.
LCI (L) 35 remained in Bizerte until February 26th when it traveled to Tunis for additional repair work before returning to the Naples area until April 3rd.
The photo above was taken while on the Bizerte Ferry traveled from Bizerte, Tunisia to the other side of Bizerte Lake.
www.galik.com /stanleygalik1922/lci/lci10.htm   (506 words)

 Bizerte, Call of Duty 2 Downloads, Call of Duty 2 Multiple Gametypes
The layout is as original as any other, and the map itself is a blast to play.
I think I remember Bizerte as being a map from Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, but this one doesn't really evoke any memories from that game, and I don't think the two are related.
Bizerte was my favorite map in that game and it was actually Italians vs. Free French forces.
callofduty.filefront.com /file/Bizerte;71453   (685 words)

 Definition of Bizerte - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Learn more about "Bizerte" and related topics at Britannica.com
Find more about "Bizerte" instantly with Live Search
See a map of "Bizerte" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?va=Bizerte   (39 words)

 Bizerte - OneLook Dictionary Search   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-27)
Tip: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "Bizerte" is defined.
Bizerte : Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition [home, info]
Bizerte : Encyclopedia of the Orient [home, info]
onelook.com /?w=Bizerte   (84 words)

To Bizerte With the II Corps (23 April-13 May 1943) is one of a series of fourteen studies of World War 11 operations originally published by the War Department's Historical Division and now returned to print as part of the Army's commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of that momentous clash of arms.
It will show these soldiers, who have served their country so well, the part they and their comrades played in achievements which do honor to the record of the United States Army.
To Bizerte With The II Corps is the first of a series called AMERICAN FORCES IN ACTION.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/books/wwii/bizerte/bizerte-fm.htm   (642 words)

 Bizerte Bridge Panorama Photo | TrekLens
Photos: Earth >> Africa >> Tunisia >> North >> Bizerte >> Bizerte
A panorama I've made using three shots of the famous Bizerte's Bridge.
You must be logged in to start a discussion.
www.treklens.com /gallery/Africa/Tunisia/photo249272.htm   (43 words)

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