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Topic: Black water

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  Water (classical element) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Water is one of the four classical elements in ancient Greek philosophy and science.
In Chinese Taoist thought, water is representative of intelligence and wisdom; however, an overabundance of the element is said to cause difficulty in choosing something and sticking to it.
In the birth and nurturing cycle, Water spawns wood, and is spawned by metal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Water_(classical_element)   (326 words)

 State: 'Black water' may be back
Fishermen described the patch as milky, mustard or fl, in an area between the Marquesas and the Dry Tortugas.
Researchers are monitoring the water using satellites and have ordered testing of the water, slated to begin next week.
The new patch is "pretty much similar" though not as dark as the 2002 fl water, said Hu, who has been tracking Red Tide and other algal blooms in the area.
www.sptimes.com /2003/11/04/State/_Black_water__may_be_.shtml   (309 words)

 Kentucky.gov: - Violations issued in black water spills
Chas Coal was cited for noncompliance with standards for sediment control, effluent limitation, water quality and method of operation, and with failure to notify the division.
On July 14, the DMRE Pikeville office received a complaint of fl water on the Rob Fork of Caney Creek in Pike County.
Water samples were taken, but no fl water was observed.
kentucky.gov /Newsroom/environment/blackwaterspills.htm   (469 words)

 Black Water Rafting | Waitomo, New Zealand (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Black Labyrinth is a 3 hour cave tubing excursion that calls on you to weave, jump and gently float your way through Ruakuri Caves glow worm lit underworld universe.
Black Abyss takes a slightly more vigorous approach to the same underground domain by mixing abseiling, climbing and cave tubing into a physically demanding 5 hour adventure.
A brief guide to The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co., its world-renowned tours through Ruakuri Cave and the adventurous spirit that has made it the icon that it is today.
www.blackwaterrafting.co.nz.cob-web.org:8888   (379 words)

 Oh Black Water, Keep On Rollin'
The waters of these rivers are therefore somewhat acidic and low in dissolved oxygen concentration (due to the utilization of oxygen in the bacterial decay of plant matter), and the rivers are sometimes called "starvation rivers".
There are several factors in play: fl water from the Suwannee and other coastal fl water rivers; organic matter and sediments from the immense discharge of the Mississippi River; and the shallow depth and offshore extent of the seafloor on the West Florida continental shelf.
A unique aspect of the Florida fl water rivers, particularly the Suwannee and its tributary, the Sante Fe River, is that these dark waters receive some of the clearest water in the world from the springs of the Florida aquifer.
disc.gsfc.nasa.gov /oceancolor/scifocus/oceanColor/black_water.shtml   (1517 words)

 Black market in water stolen from farm tanks - Environment - Specials (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
WATER has become so precious in drought-stricken NSW that thieves are siphoning off thousands of litres from farm dams and rainwater tanks.
The crime is so new that it remains unclear whether water is being sold on or stolen for personal use.
But police intelligence officers believe water is being siphoned from dams in unlocked paddocks and tapped from rainwater tanks that were visible from roads.
www.smh.com.au.cob-web.org:8888 /articles/2006/11/25/1164341447007.html   (521 words)

 Black Mesa Water Coalition
Instantly and permanently a sole drinking water source is pollutes and taken away from a land and peoples that need it most.
The Black Mesa region of northeastern Arizona is a land of sweeping beauty, deep colors, and thriving cultural roots.
People of the Black Mesa region and beyond are outrages by this unwise use of an only drinking water source.
www.blackmesawatercoalition.org /black_mesa.html   (772 words)

 NASA - Black Water Turns the Tide on Florida Coral
Scientists learned that the "fl water" contained a high abundance of toxic and non-toxic microscopic plants that destroyed 70 percent of "stony coral," 40 percent of other coral species, and almost completely killed sponge colonies at two reef sites once the dark water passed.
Fishermen were among the first to spot the fl water and notice fish were avoiding the area.
They theorized that the waters containing this red tide migrated to the south along the coast and mixed with nutrient-rich water from the Everglades.
www.nasa.gov /vision/earth/environment/Mysterious_Black_Water.html   (543 words)

 SPACE.com -- Satellite Spots Mystery Patch of Black Water Near Florida
A mysterious patch of fl water off the Florida coast, the extent of which was detailed by satellite images, is most likely the result of a bloom of algae, officials said today after examining the results of water tests.
Gil McRae, a scientist with the Florida Marine Research Institute, said the fl water bloom does not appear to be hazardous to humans, adding that the event is not likely the result of polluted river runoff or any other human or mysterious cause.
Researchers from several institutions have been studying samples of the fl water in recent weeks to try and solve what one scientist said was a type of discoloration that had never been seen before in the region.
www.space.com /scienceastronomy/planetearth/blackwater_solved_020229.html   (693 words)

 Black Water Gospel
But while Austin’s Black Water Gospel pays due tribute to a rich musical tradition, it is very much a modern band with a 21st century sound.
Instead, Black Water Gospel belongs to the church of nonconforming rockers.
Black Water Gospel had its genesis when lead vocalist Juan Gutierrez and guitarist Jesse Duke began jamming together at Texas State University in San Marcos in early 2003.
www.blackwatergospel.com /bio.htm   (362 words)

 Black Water Echo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
This is the principal source of information and contact for anyone interested in the music of Black Water Echo.
Black Water Echo are Alun Mountford and Steve Gilbey, who previously worked together in a band called The Llamas, based in Cambridgeshire.
They had recorded some demos a few years back as Black Water Echo, and as this had worked so well, decided to continue the project under that name.
blackwaterecho.net   (758 words)

 Black Water (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Black Water Spills are of great concern due to their effect on the environment and the citizens who live in Kentucky's coalfield regions.
Black Water is defined as water containing coal particles and can occur as a result of discharges from coal impoundments, sediment ponds, roads or other coal mining-related activities.
The task force members met regularly throughout 2004 and early 2005 to develop recommendations to reduce the frequency of fl water discharges and minimize their severity.
www.dnr.ky.gov.cob-web.org:8888 /homepage_repository/BlackWater.htm   (619 words)

 Black Water Choppers -- Bikes
It's an open canvas should you decide to make it a truly one-of-a-kind with custom paint, or stay with the "class" of fl and chrome.
The wheels have also been power coated fl, which is also new for 07.
American IronHorse is the ONLY production builder that has the option to "fl out" your wheels.
www.blackwaterchoppers.com /bikes.cfm?cpage=LSC   (211 words)

 EO Newsroom: New Images - Mysterious Black Water off Florida’s Gulf Coast
In mid-December last year, a mysterious fl water overtook the normally bluish green waters of Florida Bay.
As of now, scientists do not know why the water appears fl in satellite and aerial images or whether the water is harming the wildlife.
In addition, the fl water sits just north of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, which is home to one of the largest coral reef habitats in the United States.
earthobservatory.nasa.gov /Newsroom/NewImages/images.php3?img_id=8259   (299 words)

 Bodum Ibis Cordless Electric Water Kettle - Black: Compare Prices, View Price History and Read Reviews at NexTag
Bodum Ibis Cordless Electric Water Kettle is a convenient tea kettle or water kettle for any time you need boiling water fast and easy.
The Ibis water kettle boils 50 oz of water in less than 12 minutes using a 1500 watt power heating element directly in contact with the water.
That means the energy enters the water without getting lost heating up the metal body of your traditional kettle.
www.nextag.com /Bodum-Ibis-Cordless-Electric-86934925/prices-html   (703 words)

 "Black Water"
"Black Water" was not so highly regarded when the album
It was relegated to the flip side of the LP's first single, "Another Park, Another Sunday." "We never thought it was a single," Templeman confirms.
But several of the original members undertook another major summer tour three years later, and the band is still active in touring and recording.
www.superseventies.com /sw_blackwater.html   (661 words)

 Black Water Reserve
Discover your own paradise in Black Water Reserve, a secluded community, located just 3 miles outside of Baxley, Georgia on private graded roads and country paved roads.
Black Water Reserve is your chance to own a piece of south Georgia acreage at an exceptional value, with 1 acres lots starting at $11,900 and 20 acre estate lots starting at $73,900.
Please contact us today to schedule your private showing of Black Water Reserve and purchase your own beautiful piece of paradise.
www.blackwaterreserve.com   (179 words)

 Blackwater - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Black Water, a song by the American group The Doobie Brothers
Blackwater (waste), a term used for sewage containing fecal matter, in contrast with greywater that is the waste water from kitchen sink drains, washing machines, and other washings
Black water, an algal bloom resulting in a dark discoloration of sea water, reported off the Florida coast by fishermen in 2002
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Black_water   (284 words)

 ESA - Aurora Exploration Programme - Black water treatment unit for Concordia
ESA, in association with the MELiSSA experts, is developing the necessary grey water (for example shower water) and fl water (for example toilet water) treatment units to the Concordia Station.
Due to the extreme difficulty to simulate waste diversity a proper demonstration of the waste-recycling unit cannot be done without life test campaign.
Based on previous research activities including recommended design of the Black Water Treatment Unit (BWTU), it is proposed to build and test the Black water treatment unit for Concordia Station.
www.esa.int /esaMI/Aurora/SEM98U7X9DE_0.html   (220 words)

 Cliffhangers - Black Water - Episode One: Eckersley Manor
Black Water is a short Forgotten Realms adventure for four 12th-level characters.
No one remembers clearly the original cause of the feud, but in the intervening time, both villages have heaped insult onto injury, and the resulting dispute serves as the major focal point of evening discussions in local watering holes in the two villages.
The track that leads from the north-south trail that eventually skirts the northern edges of the High Moor is little more than a strip of mud that deposits travelers at the front of the local watering hole, a dubious place inappropriately named the Sweetwater Inn.
www.wizards.com /dnd/article.asp?x=dnd/ch/ch20010611a   (829 words)

 Black Water   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
This because a perfect fl body absorbs all radiation that falls upon it, which in this case would provide increased heat tranfser (via radiation) to the water boiling process (whos normal primary heat transfer is conduction and convection).
They would not be able to color water vapor because it is transparent.
Anything that would actually bond to the water would change the molecule so that it would no longer be H2O.
www.newton.dep.anl.gov /askasci/gen99/gen99865.htm   (273 words)

 NCIS: Black Water - TV.com
It would not be possible for the bullet to travel fast enough or far enough under water to penetrate the vehicle.
If you will remember, when ballistics experts test fire a weapon, they do so into a barrel of water which is about the size of a common 55-gallon drum.
That amount of water is sufficient to stop the bullet.
www.tv.com /ncis/black-water/episode/390229/summary.html   (491 words)

 Kathryn Cramer: Black Water
Suppose you had heard that they weren't really rescuing fl people, but rather were rounding them up and putting them in concentration camps, something I wish were further from the truth [link via Xeni at boingboing].
James Blish) told the story, the flood waters rose up to the window sills of the main floor of the house (to a depth of about 4 ft on one side of the house, and much deeper on the other side, as Arrowhead has a daylight basement).
My brother (biological) is with Black Water, his friends died in the bridge murders in Iraq.
www.kathryncramer.com /kathryn_cramer/2005/09/blackwater_blac.html   (8696 words)

 Amazon.com: Black Water: Books: T. Jefferson Parker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Without her colleagues' full cooperation, she plows into a thorny double shooting: a beautiful young woman, Gwen Wildcraft, is found dead in her lavish hillside home, while her husband, sheriff deputy Archie Wildcraft, lies in the garden with a bullet in his head.
Merci Rayborn returns in Black Water for her third go aroung as Parker's lead detective.
I found Black Water to be an unsatisfying and somewhat depressing read.
www.amazon.com /Black-Water-T-Jefferson-Parker/dp/0786890169   (2101 words)

 Black Water - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
"Black Water" is a song by the American group The Doobie Brothers for the album What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits.
Released late in 1974, it featured Patrick Simmons on lead vocals.
Introducing a Bluegrass sound to traditional Rock, "Black Water" hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in March of 1975.
en.wikipedia.org.cob-web.org:8888 /wiki/Black_Water   (175 words)

 CSBNB Adorama Commander Camera & Notebook System Bag, Black, Water-Resistant Nylon.
Adorama Slinger Soft Lens Case Medium, 6.5" High x 86mm Diameter, Black.
Adorama Slinger PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Padded Case, Black.
Adorama Slinger PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Zippered Padded Case, Black.
www.adorama.com /GBCBK.html   (408 words)

 Black Water Gospel
Finally, there is new Black Water Gospel merchandise available on-line and at live shows.
Black Water Gospel has finished recording the first seven songs for their new album with esteemed producer and instrumentalist Brad Rice (Son Volt, Tift Merrit, Ryan Adams).
All information and music on this site is © 2005 Black Water Gospel.
www.blackwatergospel.com   (86 words)

 Black Mesa Water Coalition (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.unc.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The Just Transition Campaign is an inovative, proactive plan to transition tribal economy, employment and energy off fossil fuel extraction and into a sustainable renewable energy path.
The Project includes relocating at least 17 families, coal mining expansion, a coal washing facility,...
Black Mesa Water Coalition is partnered with Energy Action to kick start the Campus Climate Challenge in the sunny and beautiful southwest!
www.blackmesawatercoalition.org.cob-web.org:8888   (143 words)

 Black Water - A rocking tribute to the music of the Doobie Brothers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Black Water - A rocking tribute to the music of the Doobie Brothers
Due to many fan requests, we are continuing to add a mix of timeless Classic Rock songs to our set list.
Black Water will be rocking the house with lots of Doobie's songs and a number of timeless classic tunes by Clapton, Santana, Allman's, and ZZ Top.
www.blackwatertribute.com   (253 words)

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