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 Yajurveda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Yajurveda was written sometime during the Vedic period between 1500 BC and 500 BC, along with the other Vedas.
The Yajurveda (Sanskritयजुर्वेदः yajurveda, a tatpurusha compound of yajus "sacrifice"+ veda "knowledge") is one of the four Hindu Vedas; it contains religious texts focussing on liturgy and ritual.
The Shukla Yajurveda consists of vedic hymns, while the Krishna Yajurveda includes all the text also in the Shukla Yajurveda, and has additional prose commentary. /wiki/Yajurveda   (537 words)

 Yajnavalkya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is also known as Krishna Yajurveda or Black-yajurveda on account of it being a vomited substance.
The seer of a Shukla Yajurveda (A version of Yajurveda, attributed to Yajnavalkya see White Yajurveda) from Lord Surya or Sun God, the revealer of knowledge of Brahman to Janaka the king of Mithila and others, Yajnavalkya hails supreme among sages of sacred memory.
It is also known as Vajasaneya Yajurveda, because it was evolved in great rapidity by Surya in the form of a horse through his manes. /wiki/Yajnavalkya   (861 words)

 Vedas - YajurVeda 1
Alike Rigveda, Shukla Yajurveda is composed in a mantra and is poetic.
Yajurveda inspire humans to walk on the path of Karma (deeds).
The 40th Chapter of the Shukla Yajurveda is referred to as 'Ishavasyopnishada'. /vedas/yajurveda1.htm   (1895 words)

Yajurveda is the Veda of yajana or worship.
Samaveda is in verses that are to be sung and Yajurveda is largely in short prose passages.
The custom is to enumerate Yajurveda and Samaveda after the Rigveda, and mention Atharvaveda last. /nisa/vedas.html   (1218 words)

Thus Yajurveda is a kind of sacrificial prayer-book for the adhvaryu priest, composed in sacred hymns in verse of different mantras and also in prose.
Yajurveda is a collection of sacred mantras or texts to be recited at the time of ritual sacrifice.
They are four; Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda, but they are spoken as ‘Trayi’, the triple vidya or the threefold knowledge because they deal with jnan, bhakti and karma, and are in verse, songs and prose. /vedas/veda.asp?veda=3   (626 words)

 Search Results for "Yajurveda" at
There are four collections of Vedas: Rgveda, Yajurveda (which itself has two sub divisions the Black and the White), Samaveda and the Atharthaveda.
andnbsp Vaikhanasas claim to be a surviving school of Vedic ritual, the Taittiriya sakha of the Krishna Yajurveda.
about 1300 BC, is the original collection of hymns, poems and mantras, the Samaveda is the way the hymns were chanted and the Yajurveda is a further collection of mantras concerning natural order and purity. /keysearch.php?keyword=Yajurveda   (444 words)

 Kaamakoti Yajurveda Paatthasaala, Irinjalakuda
The 44 Prasnams (Prapaatthams) with 27,000 Vaakyams of the Krishna Yajurveda Samhitha are taught in the six-year course.
The present faculty and most of the present-day Yajurveda scholars were the old students of the Paatthasaala.
It was this Paatthasaala which conceived the idea of Yajurveda Lakshaarchana, and conducted it in Kootalmaanickam temple in 1977, and every year thereafter. /articles/yajurveda-paatthasaala.htm   (1056 words)

 The Four Vedas from the Chapter "The Vedas", in Hindu Dharma :
The Yajurveda is different from the other Vedas in that it may be said to be divided into two Vedas which are considerably different from one another: the Sukla-Yajurveda and the Krsna-Yajurveda.
Nother distinction of the Yajurveda is that of the ten Upanishads ("Dasopanishad") the first and the last are from it - the Isavasyopanishadnand the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad.
The chief purpose of the Yajurveda is the practical application of the Rgvedic hymns in the religious work called yajna or sacrifice. /hindudharma/part5/chap27.htm   (2329 words)

 .:SAKSIVC: Vedic Literature: Yajur Veda: Shukla and Krişhņa Connection:.
Hence Krişhņa Yajurveda Samhitā is a mixture of the mantra verses and explanatory Brāhmaņa verses.
However in the Krişhņa Yajurveda Samhitā, the explanatory verses from the associated Brāhmaņa, the Taittirīya Brāhmaņa were inserted into the Yajurveda Samhitā text itself presumably as a help for the persons performing the ritual.
The person to whom the Shukla Yajurveda or Vājasaneyi Samhitā was revealed was Yājňavalkya (Y) who figures prominently in the ancient Upanishads like Chhāndogya and the Bŗhadāraņyaka. /org/literature/yajurVeda/s&kConnection.asp   (456 words)

It is the heart of Krishna Yajurveda and is treasured in the centre of Taittiriya Samhita.
In the Yajurveda, the connection of Rudra with the Maruts and the thunderbolt is entirely cut off.
He was often regretful for not being born in the Krishna Yajurveda Sakha. /parasu41/rudram_chamakam.html   (1323 words)

 Shri Veda Bharathi
The YajurVeda is reputed to have 101 sakhas.
The Shukla Yajurveda Samhita also known as the Vajasaneyi Samhita, is said to have been collected and edited by the famous sage Yajnavalkya.
The YajurVeda is in two major forms, the Krishna and the Shukla.   (1177 words)

 Yajur Veda - - Yajurveda, Hinduism, Religion, Scripture, ...
Krishna yajurveda (taittiriiya) has some portions which are in metrical form and some protion in prose forms and some portions contains a mixure of both.
Yajurveda, Yajur Veda, Hinduism, Religion, Scripture, Krishna, Vedas, Brahmanas...
Shukla yajurveda (vaajasaaniiya) consists of 40 chapters in metrical form. /Yajurveda.html   (133 words)

The extant Shukla Yajurveda Samhitas are Madhyandina and Kanva.
The Yajurveda is so called because it is composed predominantly of prose mantras (yajus) although it has hundreds of Rks as well. Yajurveda, endowed with chhandas brilliant with Omkara as its mouth was stationed there along with the Suktas (hymns), the Brahmanas and Mantras intermingled with the arthas (objects, purposes) of the Yajna. /Vedic_SB_Intro.doc   (16659 words)

 Upanishad - Voyager, the free encyclopedia
Of the early Upanishads, the Aitareya and Kauṣītāki belong to the Rig Veda, Kena and Chhāndogya to the Samaveda, & and Taittirīya and Bŗhadāraṇyaka to the Yajurveda, and Praṣna and Muṇd.aka to the Atharvaveda.
Different Upanishad serve as commentaries or extensions of each of the four Veda (Rigveda, Yajurveda, Sāmaveda and Atharvaveda).
Taittirīya = Kŗṣṇa Yajurveda, Mukhya Upaniṣad : see Taittiriya Upanişad (From Food to Joy) /Upanishads   (1549 words)

 Sri Rudram - Rudraprashna - Namakam - Chamakam
The second part, chapter 18 of the Yajurveda, is known as chamakam because of the repeated use of the words "Chame".
The first part, chapter 16 of the Yajurveda, is known as Namakam because of the repeated use of the word "Namo" in it. /srirudram.htm   (1310 words)

 Your e - Acharya on Indian Tradition
Just as only one branch of Rigveda from among its 21 is available, five branches or sub-branches of Yajurveda are available today.
The Maitraayinee samhitaa of the Krishna Yajurveda contains 4 cantoes, 54 prapaatakas and 634 mantras.
The Kataka branch brahmanas are found in Kashmir and those of Maitraayinee are found in Gujarat and the south. /yajurveda1.htm   (321 words)

 A Glimpse of Vedic Literature By - Kumar Sanjay Jha
The Yajurveda prescribes the procedures to be adopted at the time of performing different sacrifices.
The Sukla Yajurveda is appended with Satapatha Brahmana which recommends 'one hundred sacred paths' (Satapatha).
There are two main texts of the Yajurveda: Sukla Yajurveda or Vajasaneyi (Madhyandin and Kanva) and Krsna-Yajurveda (Taittiriya, Kathaka, Maitrayani and Kapisthal). /nl001802.htm   (1385 words) - About Us
Yajurveda mainly deals with performance of different Yagas like Soma-yaga, Rajasuya-yaga, Aswamedha-yaga, etc. It is again split into two major parts known as Krishna Yajurveda and Sukla Yajurveda.
The Satapatha Brahmanam forming part of Sukla Yajurveda is a very important Brahmanam.
Sri Rudram contains Namakam, Chamakam, Manyu Suktam, Purusha Suktam, Sri Suktam and Mantra Pushpam along with Laghunyasam from Krishna Yajurveda. /Media/audio/chanting.asp   (678 words)

 The Iyer Home Page
The Shukla Yajurveda branched off from the Yajurveda at the time of the Rishi Yajnavalkya, who was a student of Vaishampayana maharishi.
This association with Surya caused this branch of the Yajurveda to be called "Shukla" or "bright".
The Taittriya school is by far the most common school of the Krishna Yajurveda. /iyer/schools.html   (932 words)

This sutra- text forms part of the Black Yajurveda tradition and derives its name probably from Vaikhanas who was its author.
Vaikhanasas claim to be a surviving school of Vedic ritual, the Taittiriya sakha of the Krishna Yajurveda.
Vaikhanasa tradition says the sage Vikhanas, who was a manifestation of Brahma or Vishnu, composed the Vaikhanasa Kalpasutra and taught four disciples, Atri, Bhringu, Kasyapa, and Marici, the procedures of samurtarcana, devotional service to Vishnu in images. /vaikhanasa-vaishnavas.html   (1749 words)

 Vedic Vocalisation and the Regional Languages from the Chapter "Siksa", in Hindu Dharma :
Generally speaking, the "la" in the Rgveda is "da" in the Yajurveda and "zha" in the Talavakara Samaveda.
Usually "da" and "la" are interchanged and where there is "da-kara" in the Yajurveda it is "la-kara" in the Rgveda.
In the famous Sri Rudra hymn of the Yajurveda occurs the word "Midustamaya". /hindudharma/part6/chap11.htm   (3121 words)

 Sathya Sai Baba - Upanishad Vahini - II. Isavasyopanishad
The Yajurveda as promoted by Vedavyasa is called Krishnayajurveda and that handed down by Yajnavalkya as the Suklayajurveda.
He assumed the form of a Vaji or Horse and blessed the sage with renewed knowledge of the Yajurveda.
Just then, the Rishis who revere the Vedas, flew into the place in the shape of Thiththiri birds and ate up the regurgitated Yajurveda. /askbaba/upanishadvahini/upanishad02.html   (1370 words)

 The Advaita Vedânta Home Page - Upanishads
The yajurveda column has two rows under each heading - kRshNa yajurveda texts are in the upper row, and Sukla yajurveda texts in the lower one.
Also, there are no Saiva or SAkta upanishads assigned to the Sukla yajurveda, but a substantial number of Saiva (5 out of 14) upanishads are from the kRshNa yajus.
Comments: The classification of the upanishads on the basis of their subject matter seems reasonable, and other than the 10 principal ones, most of the upanishads quoted by the earliest commentators fall under the sAmAnya vedAnta category. /avhp/upanishad.html   (810 words)

 Your e - Acharya on Indian Tradition
According to Skaanda Purana, Sootasamhitaa and Brahmaanda Purana, there were 107 branches of Yajurveda. /yajurveda.htm   (253 words)

At a later date, the Yajurveda was further subdivided into the ‘Krishna’ and the ‘Shukla’ Yajurvedas.
The priest knowing the Rigveda is called ‘hotri’, of the Yajurveda ‘adhvaryu’, of the Saamaveda ‘udgaatri’ and of the Atharvaveda ‘brahma’.
The widely used hymns addressed to Rudra are part of the Yajurveda. /bzine-m/jan2k1/bvani-y2k/veda.htm   (1360 words)

 Parampara India - Article by Dr. Gautam Chatterjee
Black Yajurveda which contains the mantras and the White Yajurveda deals with the prose of worship.
The third Veda is the Yajurveda which addresses to the worshipping as Yaj means worship.
The fourth Veda is Atharvaveda, which deals with danger from evil spirits and prescribed formulae of magic to control the demons and evil spirits. /gautam/hind0002.htm   (2425 words)

 SurajInfo - Ganesha - Welcomes you
In this veda, there are 65 sub branches of Shukla Yajurveda and 24 sub branches of Krishna Yajurveda.
Taitariya is the main branch of Krishna Yajurveda and in which there are 40 chapters (i.e.
There are however two types of Yajurvadas, one is Krishna Yajurveda and second one is Shukla Yajurvada. /ganesha/yajurveda.asp   (242 words)

 Ayurvedaa2z online information, kerala ayurveda, ayurvedic centers, ayurvedic medicines, treatment, cosmetics, yoga, massage
Taittiriya Samhita or Krshna Yajurveda or Black School or Brahma sampradaya.
Krshna yajurveda has 86 recensions grouped into three area wise divisions.
Vajasaneyi Samhita or Sukla Yajurveda or white school or Aditya sampradaya. /html/a1700ved.htm   (670 words)

Yajurveda Vedas are the most sacred amongst all the Hindu scriptures, there are principally 4 Vedas, Rigved, Yajurved, Samved and Atharvaved.
(The Yajurveda by Devi Chand M.A. page 377) b) Yajurveda, Chapter 40, Verse 8 It is mentioned in Yajurved, Chapter 40, Verse 8, “He is body less and pure” “He hath attained unto the bright, bodiless, woundless, sinewless, the pure which evil hath not pierced.
According to Maha Bhashya of Patanjali there are 21 branches of Rigveda, 9 types of Atharvaveda, 101 branches of Yajurveda and 1000 of Samveda) The Rigveda, the Yajurveda and Samveda are considered to be more ancient books and are known as ‘Trai Viddya’ or the ‘Tripple Sciences’. /islam_hinduism.doc   (10031 words)

 Discover Hinduism -
Yajurveda is one of the four hindu vedas, the earliest written books known about hinduism.
Yajurveda is the direct opposite of what you described in point 7.
These natural elements are very important for human survival, that is probably why Yajurveda told us to respect them by performing those rituals. /forum/showthread.php?t=45939   (6411 words)

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