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Topic: Blackmail

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  Blackmail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In a broader sense, flmail is an offer to refrain from any action which would be legal or normally allowed, and is thus distinguished from extortion.
Many debt collectors have been accused of flmail, but those pursuing legal debts are generally able to justify their threats of repossession because, even though unpleasant to be victim, this is the legitimate use of lawful civil law remedies.
Blackmail is often used in espionage to recruit or suborn spies.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blackmail   (789 words)

 Blackmail (1929 film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blackmail (1929), directed by Alfred Hitchcock, was one of the first British films with sound.
While the talkie version of this film is most famous and is the one generally available for home viewing, a completed silent version of Blackmail was released in 1929 shortly after the talkie version hit theaters.
In fact, the silent version of Blackmail actually ran longer in theaters and proved more popular in its time, largely because most theaters in England were not yet equipped for sound at the time of the film's release.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blackmail_(1929_film)   (533 words)

 The Crime of Blackmail: Libertarian Critique
It is true that, antecedent to the flmailer's approach, the flmailee was not seeking to purchase the silence of others, but that was because he believed that his secret was safe, and did not need to be secured through purchase.
What is more, to outlaw flmail in the first instance because flmail demands may be repeated in the future is not to punish someone for a past crime done but for a (potential) future crime- hardly what we have in mind when we speak of criminal justice.
Indeed, one might be inclined to argue that the flmailer displays a kind of decency toward the flmailee by offering him a way out of his predicament (the flmailer's opportunity to damage the potential flmailee by disclosing- as he has a right to do- the information he has on him).
www.walterblock.com /publications/crimeofblackmail.htm   (5527 words)

 Dirty Politics--Hoover, Blackmail, O.J. Simson and Murder
The failure to flmail or to manipulate the Kennedys towards a specific policy direction made it clear in the "one track mind" of the zealot, that murder was the only way to deal with them.
To be sure, when the flmail charges are extremely frivolous and evidently fraudulent, the effort ultimately fails, even though the allegations linger and often assume a "second life" when they are exploited by publicity-seeking scavengers who embellish sensational lies.
Blackmailing movie stars by threatening to expose their secret sexual liaisons, Cohen arranged for the lovemaking of his targets to be surreptitiously filmed and recorded.
dirtypolitics.50megs.com /hoover.htm   (5197 words)

 Emotional Blackmail
Emotional flmail is a powerful form of manipulation in which people close to us threaten (either directly or indirectly) to punish us if we don't do what they want.
At the heart of any kind of flmail is one basic threat, which can be expressed in many different ways: If you don't behave the way I want you to, you will suffer.
A criminal flmailer might threaten to use knowledge about a person's past to ruin her reputation, or ask to be paid off in cash to hide a secret.
www.angelfire.com /biz/BPD/blackmail.html   (1344 words)

 Marginal Revolution: Is blackmail coercive?
Posted by: Marcus Welch at Mar 24, 2005 4:38:06 PM Ayn Rand once expressed the opinion that flmailers served a function analogous to that of vultures, consuming the corrupt, but this is one of those places where her philosophy led her into foolishness.
Best discussion ever on the subject of flmail was the movie "The Gazebo" in which the husband wanted to kill the flmailer to protect his wife's reputation, but the wife hoped the dirty secret would get out, as the publicity would help her career.
Blackmail contracts are reasonable only for knowledge of legal activities which (flmail aside) you already have every right to reveal to or conceal from whomever you wish.
www.marginalrevolution.com /marginalrevolution/2005/03/is_blackmail_co.html   (1854 words)

 screenonline: Hitchcock's Style: Blackmail (1/2)
The film was begun as a mostly silent film, for which the studio gave Hitchcock permission to shoot a few sound sequences.
Critic and historian Charles Barr, in his 1976 article "Blackmail: Silent and Sound", in which he closely compares the two versions, notes that the silent version shows Hitchcock striving to escape a 'theatrical' style in which the action is generally viewed face on, with the camera occupying the position of the 'fourth wall'.
Because of the limitations of sound at this early stage - for example the need to position the microphone where it can pick up all of the actors in the scene but cannot be seen - Hitchcock was obliged to adopt a less experimental approach in the framing of the sound version.
www.screenonline.org.uk /tours/hitch/tour4.html   (292 words)

 Blackmail - LoveToKnow Watches   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
BLACKMAIL, a term, in English law, used in three special meanings, at different times.
(I) The primary meaning of " flmail " was rent paid in labour, grain or baser metal (i.e.
This page was last modified 11:41, 22 May 2006.
60.1911encyclopedia.org /B/BL/BLACKMAIL.htm   (198 words)

 E. Belfort Bax: Legal Encouragements to Blackmail (1897)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Hence a few words on it may not be out of place, as also the favour shown by the law to the prosecutor, but more especially to the prosecutrix [1], in all cases of a sexual nature.
A powerful aid of the flmailer is the inability of certain non-luminous magistrates and justices to distinguish between a serious offence and a serious charge.
The defence is almost invariably set up in the extremely rare cases in which the female flmailer is prosecuted at all, that she really believed the lying statements she has made.
www.marxists.org /archive/bax/1897/08/blackmail.htm   (1764 words)

 In the Agora: A Christian libertarian examination of blackmail
The obvious short answer is that it entirely depends on the situation because flmail itself is an activity that covers a variety of situations and means of...
Blackmail is a crime because it is merely a non-physical form of coercion.
Even if there is a philosophical argument that flmail is victimless, I think one would see a deterioration in society at large if it were legal.
www.intheagora.com /archives/2005/03/a_christian_lib.html   (1884 words)

 Blackmail at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Blackmail is an unlawful demand of money or property under threat or coercion to cause bodily harm, or to damage property, or to accuse of a crime, or to expose disgraceful defects.
Such tribute was paid in goods or labour (reditus nigri, or "flmail"): the opposite is blanche firmes or reditus albi, or white rent (denoting payment by silver).
Blackmail is also the name of Alfred Hitchcock's first talkie film and the name of a german band.
www.wiki.tatet.com /Blackmail.html   (253 words)

 The Washington Monthly
Only problem is, to be able to 'flmail' someone on 'moral' grounds, it would imply that the 'someone' being flmailed has morals upon which said flmail may be targeted.
Whether or not "moral flmail" is the most appropriate label, this behavior is common as shown for example by laws named after crime victims.
Blackmail means that you have something to hide and are willing to pay to keep that something secret.
www.washingtonmonthly.com /archives/individual/2004_04/003617.php   (14021 words)

 Blackmail: Predictable, yet entertaining   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In Blackmail, he does everything from slide to roll to fly through the roof.
Blackmail's storyline is as old as Indian cinema itself.
Blackmail, in case I have still not spelt it out, is very, very predictable.
us.rediff.com /movies/2005/jan/28bm.htm   (585 words)

 Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. - Gov-Inc
Considered an oxymoron by many environmentalists (because it still promotes consumption, albeit so-called responsible consumption), green marketing manipulates the four elements of the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and distribution) to sell products and services offering superior environmental benefits in the form of reduced waste, increased energy efficiency, and/or decreased release of toxic emissions.
Greenmail can be loosely defined as a type of legal flmail.
It occurs when publicl3y traded companies are forced to buy back shares, at a premium to the current trading price, from large investors or corporate raiders in order to maintain their independence.
www.referenceforbusiness.com /encyclopedia/Gov-Inc/index.html   (1398 words)

 The BlackMail Anti Spam Mailer Daemon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
BlackMail is a highly configurable SMTP mail filter that runs at a system level as a proxy to your existing mailer.
Blackmail operates at a system-wide level: all incoming and optionally outgoing mail is filtered.
BlackMail was written by Ken Hollis and has been maintained by James Murray since version 0.28pre1 with many contributions from mailing list members.
www.jsm-net.demon.co.uk /blackmail/blackmail.html   (363 words)

 The Washington Monthly
Blackmail implies that Lawton was trying to influence a trial by threatening to reveal some dirt on the prosecutors, a coercive and probably illegal act.
In all likelihood, this was not an attempt to flmail.
I've thought for some time that the US military plainly had no idea what electronic communication could do to permit ordinary soldiers to pass on their view of what was going in Iraq to the world.
www.washingtonmonthly.com /archives/individual/2004_05/003870.php   (11329 words)

 Blackmail (1929)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
While remembered as the first sound picture made by Alfred Hitchcock (or anyone else in Britain), there is much more to "Blackmail" than merely historical interest.
In the final scenes, when the detective must help Alice make a final report on everything that has happened, he sees his job in a far different perspective.
"Blackmail" is of the darker type of Hitchcock, like "Notorious" or "Vertigo".
www.imdb.com /title/tt0019702   (639 words)

Blackmail is the slutty invention of two minds:
I heard from a beautiful man with red hair on craigslist that Blackmail is a cross between the Talking Heads and the Sex Pistols......wierd, you can never trust those casual encounter reviewers!!
BLACKMAIL also taught me everything I know about romance...boy, what I wouldn't give to live the lives of these globe-trotting-playa-extraordinaires!
www.myspace.com /blackmail   (581 words)

 'Blackmail,' a novel by Bob McElwain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
But a flmailer is intent upon destroying her.
While Jack Collier is a private investigator, very good at his work, he really wants nothing more to do with the business.
Jack Collier, a "been-around-the-block" experienced private investigator takes on a case involving a stunning TV reporter who is being flmailed for an indiscretion in Las Vegas many years ago...
foremostpress.com /readers/mcelwain_b/blackmail.html   (765 words)

 HITCHCOCK: Blackmail
It worked, Blackmail became Britain's first full-length talking picture, and the rest, as they say, is history.
To make matters worse, a flmailer has found Alice's other glove and is threatening to spill the beans.
Long story short, the culmination of a chase through the British Museum settles the flmailer problem (a terrific sequence, especially considering what was done on a very tight budget) and Frank has only to silence the lips of little Alice for everything to get back to normal, humdrum as that might have been.
www.johndmorrison.com /hitchcock/blackmail1.html   (645 words)

 NoodleFood: Blackmail!
Eugene Volokh has an interesting discussion of the Great Blackmail Puzzle in a recent post.
If so, perhaps flmail is, at the very least, an unenforceable contract.
Consider the following examples from the perspective of only whether the contract is valid and enforceable or not.
www.dianahsieh.com /blog/2002/06/blackmail.html   (633 words)

 blackmail - tribe.net
flmail says goodbye to the cellar......june 5th's event has been cancelled.
flmail presents: stormdrain & slave unit live @ red devil lounge 4-27 topic
flmail 5-1 with guest DJ tomas diablo (strangelove), also PIG show just announced.
tribes.tribe.net /blackmailsf   (131 words)

 Lowcountry NOW: Local News - Racetrack foe charged with blackmail 12/10/03
She was taken to the Jasper County Detention Center and released on her own recognizance Tuesday after a magistrate set bond at $100,000.
Golden is one of more than 50 plaintiffs living near the track who received a financial settlement last year after filing a civil suit, claiming the Speedway's noise and traffic disrupted their lives.
But he said the flmail charge stems from the same issues that were in the lawsuit, which dragged on for several years.
www.lowcountrynow.com /stories/121003/LOCextortion.shtml   (551 words)

 Amazon.com: Blackmail (1929) : Video   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Blackmail was originally conceived as a silent picture, but since it was made in 1929, just as British studios were converting to sound, director Alfred Hitchcock talked the producers into letting him reshoot much of the film.
It was the first "talkie" filmed in Britain, and the lead actress, Anny Ondra, had to be dubbed due to her thick accent.
Hitchcock made a real winner with Blackmail, a movie about a woman who kills a man to escape being raped (pretty subversive for 1929!!)and an ex-convict Blackmailer who holds a clue proveing that Alice (the lead woman's name) did it.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/6300158942?v=glance   (1699 words)

 Weird Words: Blackmail
The mail in flmail (at various times also spelled maill, male and in other ways) is an old Scots word for rent.
This amounted to an informal tax or extra rent and the farmers, with twisted humour, thought of it as the opposite of the legitimate white money or white mail that they paid.
The term was extended in the nineteenth century to other ways of extorting money with menaces, and in particular to the threat of exposing a person’s secrets.
www.worldwidewords.org /weirdwords/ww-bla2.htm   (291 words)

 PHE: BLACKMAIL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
When she gets the flmail letter she has no choice but to pay, while the swindlers skip town with her husband's loot.
But the flmailers know there's only one way to insure his silence...
In the tradition of The Grifters and Blood Simple, Blackmail takes you down a dark alley of dirty deals and daring doublecrosses to a dizzying, surprise-filled ending.
homevideo.paramount.com /Catalog?cmd=display_product_page&release_id=891   (132 words)

 48th S.F. International Film Festival
As an important part of cinematic history, Blackmail holds the unique distinction of being both Hitchcock’s finest silent film and the first British talkie (the two different versions were made in order to take advantage of theaters that were newly outfitted with sound as well as those that hadn’t quite caught up with the technology).
The sound version’s pioneering use of sound effects, interior monologues and strategically placed silences is often studied as a model for the potential of cinematic sound, but the hubbub surrounding such early sound use has sadly overshadowed the silent version.
For most, this presentation of Blackmail with its new score composed and performed by Festival favorite Alloy Orchestra offers a rare opportunity to “discover” a Hitchcock film classic.
www.sfiff.org /fest05/titleDetail.asp?title_id=9   (248 words)

The cold hard reality is that Amdocs and Comverse Infosys are the most powerful tools a flmailer could ever hope for, opening up the private lives of everyone in the nation, including the secrets of targets able to control the media and US policy.
If indeed Israel is flmailing our officials and media icons, it is because those who are being flmailed ARE flmailable.
Finally, given the fact that flmail may be assumed to be as widespread as the collection system itself is, those who persist in trying to defend Israel may no longer be assumed to be operating from the purest of motives.
www.whatreallyhappened.com /blackmail.html   (1544 words)

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