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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  'Blade Runner'
Deckard, the best blade runner ever, is pressed into duty by his former boss (M. Emmet Walsh) when four replicants take over a space shuttle and return to Earth.
The filmmaker also has expanded on the unicorn references, which he says "provoke Deckard's doubts in his own essence." The blade runner has just confronted Rachel with the fact that her memories are not really hers, but implants borrowed from Tyrell's niece.
Every viewing of "Blade Runner" brings new discoveries -- a half-midget, half-mechanical toy's decidedly sexual response to Priss's appearance in Sebastian's living-doll-filled apartment -- and revitalizes treasured visual memories -- the way Rachel's copper irises give away her kinship to Tyrell's synthetic owl.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/style/longterm/movies/videos/bladerunnerrkempley_a0a2e1.htm   (892 words)

  Blade Runner (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blade Runner is a Westwood Studios PC game loosely based on the 1982 movie of the same name.
Blade Runner is strongly based on the 1982 movie of the same name, as such it could be considered an adaptation of sorts.
The Blade Runner videogame is notable for its accurate, even lovingly imitated environments, and for remaining quite true to Philip K Dick's novel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blade_Runner_(videogame)   (1755 words)

 Blade Runner Journal @ LaunchBase.org (Launch Base)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Blade Runner initially polarized critics; some were displeased that it hadn't the pacing expected of an action film while others appreciated its thematic complexity.
The Blade Runner soundtrack by Vangelis is a dark melodic combination of classic composition and futuristic synthesizers which mirrors the film-noir retro-future envisioned by Ridley Scott.
Blade Runner was released in 1,290 theaters on June 25, 1982.
www.launchbase.org /encyclopedia/Blade_Runner   (4646 words)

 Blade Runner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Blade Runner is a science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and released in 1982, depicting a dark, dystopic vision of Los Angeles in November 2019.
Blade Runner also brought author Philip K. Dick to the attention of Hollywood, and numerous films have since been based on his literature, the most recent of which is A Scanner Darkly.
Blade Runner echoes several earlier works, among them Fritz Lang's silent film Metropolis; not only are visual similarities numerous, but so are the many issues they explore.
www.compton.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Blade_Runner   (2827 words)

 Blade Runner Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Blade Runner is a very dark science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott released in 1982.
Three more Blade Runner novels, which are sequels to the movie rather than the book, have been written by Phillip K. Dick's friend K.
The embryonic techniques of somatic cell nuclear transfer from a specific genotype via cloning, as well as some of the problems pre-figured in "Blade Runner", were demonstrated by the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/b/bl/blade_runner.html   (1049 words)

 Blade Runner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blade Runner is a 1982 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, which depicts a dystopian Los Angeles in November 2019.
Blade Runner delves into the future implications of technology on the environment and society by reaching into the past using literature, religious symbolism, classical dramatic themes and film noir.
It is also notable that Blade Runner's opening frames feature a tight close-up on a human eye; Strange Days, Minority Report, and certain episodes of the 2004 television series LOST start with similar shots.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blade_Runner   (6712 words)

 Blade Runner
Blade Runner offers a science fiction world which also raises issues to do with our contemporary existence, and behaviour as human beings.
It might be interesting for you to compare 'Blade Runner' with one or two of the films that have ben identified as classic film noir texts made in the 1940s and 1950s such as 'Double Indemnity' and 'The Big Heat' and to identify the film noir elements.
At the beginning Blade Runner follows the conventional narrative structure with the establishment of a 'bad' character in the form of Roy Batty.
www.filmeducation.org /secondary/BladeRunner.html   (1924 words)

 Blade Runner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Blade Runner is, far and away, the most masterful science fiction film I have ever seen.
The vision of Blade Runner is distinctly '80s, though it is still seamless in terms of special effects.
Blade Runner does this with emotion and a deftness which leaves most other films in the dust.
www.rambles.net /blade_runner.html   (1022 words)

 Film Classic: Blade Runner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Top 500 Sound Films) and "2001" (ranked third) achieved their greatness by examining fundamental metaphysical questions of great import with stunning artistry, "Blade Runner" presents a rather dreary future world in which metaphysical questions are secondary to emotions that are stronger in some robots than humans, an intriguing and powerful twist.
For afficionados of blood and gore, "Blade Runner," then was something of a let-down from the terrifying thrills of "Alien," but it is a much slower-paced work.
Still, "Blade Runner" is much more profoundly moving because of its more interesting characters and because its focus is cerebral and emotional and not merely visceral.
www.thecityreview.com /bladerun.html   (1181 words)

 Salon | 21st: Blade Runner
For the true "Blade Runner" fan, the homage to Philip K. Dick is an unexpected and exhilarating reward offered in return for popping four discs into the CD-ROM player.
The first clue hinting that this version of "Blade Runner" is more a work of art than an adventure thrill-ride emerges from its most un-gamelike structure.
"Blade Runner," the game, is divided into five "acts." Sprinkled throughout the acts and marking the transitions between them are dramatic set-pieces in which animated characters, including your own, interact with each other, without input from the game player.
archive.salon.com /21st/reviews/1998/01/19review.html   (790 words)

 RTalsorian Games
Blade Runner, of course, is based upon Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, with the title taken from an Alan E. Nourse story entitled The Bladerunner by way of William S. Burroughs' Bladerunner (A Movie).
Blade Runner is not one movie, but several, each of which has a unique combination of elements, dialogue and scenes which totally change the tone and meaning of the film.
Blade Runners are just cops (perhaps with some heavy artillery if they're facing cyberpsychos instead of mere replicants), and everyone else is just trying to survive.
www.talsorian.com /cp_cinema_2.shtml   (2563 words)

 DVDFILE.COM: Blade Runner: The Director's Cut review
In a brief bit of exposition, we learn that Deckard is a former blade runner - a police detective who specializes in assassinating artificially created human slaves called replicants who dare to trespass in Los Angeles.
This version of Blade Runner is called the Director's Cut, and it's significantly different from the original theatrical release.
Blade Runner remains a masterpiece of visualization and detail.
www.dvdfile.com /software/review/dvd-video/bladerunner.htm   (1172 words)

 BRmovie.com: What is Blade Runner?
Blade Runner is the best and one of the most influential Science Fiction films ever made.
Blade Runner is visually stunning, with a cityscape that has been much copied, but never bettered, even after 20 years.
Blade Runner has been added to the Library of Congress and is rated highly in most people surveys.
www.brmovie.com /What_is_BR.htm   (465 words)

 Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human
This page is part of the Blade Runner Ring, which includes many web sites worldwide related to Blade Runner (the movie, the book, the computer game, and so on).
Since Blade Runner 2 relies so heavily on the original movie, you might wish to refresh your memory, especially with regard to the little details.
The Blade Runner FAQ is a great way to do it.
www.forum2.org /tal/books/br2.html   (802 words)

 Blade Runner Review: Just Adventure - Reviews Walkthroughs and Adventure News!
You, Ray McCoy, are a rookie Blade Runner, a specially trained police officer with one purpose: to detect and dispose of rogue replicants.
The plot of Blade Runner is easy to follow: you are a rookie officer learning the ropes, and your new job takes you down roads you have never before traveled.
Blade Runner is a game which was truly made to withstand the tests of time.
www.justadventure.com /reviews/Blade_Runner/BladeRunner.shtm   (1389 words)

 Blade Runner: Director's Cut (1982)
Ford, as the titular blade runner Deckard, took much of the heat for his fairly aloof, emotionless performance, and technically they were correct; Ford does seem rather alienated from the role.
Blade Runner appears in an aspect ratio of approximately 2.35:1 and in a fullscreen version on this double-sided, single-layered DVD; the widescreen edition has been enhanced for 16X9 televisions.
Blade Runner was one of the very first DVDs to hit the streets back in March 1997.
dvdmg.com /bladerunner.shtml   (2346 words)

 Blade Runner (1982)
Blade Runner (1982), rising director Ridley Scott's follow-up to his hit Alien (1979), is one of the most popular and influential science-fiction films of all time - and it has become an enduring cult classic favorite.
The main character in Blade Runner is a weary, former police officer/bounty hunter who is reluctantly dispatched by the state to search for four android replicants (robotic NEXUS models) that have been created with limited life spans (a built-in fail-safe mechanism in case they became too human).
Many Blade Runner afficionados prefer the subtlety of the film's images in the restored version rather than the slow and monotonous tone of the earlier film with voice-over.
www.filmsite.org /blad.html   (2701 words)

 Blade runner
Throughout the film, life and death are displayed in ways that illuminate their surrealness; life in the case of a radically imposing world - large, expansive, beautifully decadent, grown strange even to the hero Deckard - and death, especially in the example of Zorra's death sequence, as a sprawling, slow-motion operatic and disjointed event.
The film itself is called 'Blade Runner' suggestive of the confrontation with danger that hunting replicants for a living invites.
This highlights another interesting factor which distinguishes Blade Runner from being a conventional sci-fi thriller to a surprisingly relevant and resonant work; the mix of the traditional with the untraditional.
polemos0.tripod.com /bladerunner.htm   (2803 words)

 AboutFilm.Com - Blade Runner (1982)
Blade Runner may contain discrepancies, but it is a sophisticated and complex film, memorable both in style and substance.
Blade Runner doesn't feature computers, but it does have cybernetic organisms (androids, or “replicants”), and it shares with Neuromancer and most cyberpunk a grim vision—a future world ruined by capitalism run amok.
Similarly, when Blade Runner was released in 1982, Reagan’s Second Cold War was underway, and the United States was at the tail end of a protracted economic recession, in which being eclipsed by Japan as the world’s economic superpower seemed like a real possibility.
www.aboutfilm.com /movies/b/bladerunner.htm   (3987 words)

 Blade Runner: PIB PC Game Review
You are the rookie Blade Runner, Ray McCoy.
Many of the locations in the game are from the movie Blade Runner, if you know the movie well, you'll know the locations.
Love that the worst Blade Runner in the combat course was Deckard with a score of 10.
www.pibweb.com /review/blade.html   (782 words)

 Rep-Detect Division: Blade Runner
Blade Runner After a bloody mutiny in the colonies, replicants have been declared illegal on Earth.
Special police agents, blade runners, have been assigned to track down and terminate replicants on the run.
Blade Runner has also inspired many debates on urbanisation, architecture, environment, ethics etc. and tend to appear in the most unexpected contexts.
hem.passagen.se /replikant/blade_runner.htm   (1337 words)

 Blade Runner for PC Review - PC Blade Runner Review
Blade Runner is an interesting mood piece, but somewhere along the production line, someone forgot to include a game.
Blade Runner is an interesting mood piece, built upon some very detailed graphic work and an interesting premise - but somewhere along the production line, someone forgot to include a game.
The perennial Blade Runner images are here, including the winking woman in the Coca-Cola billboard and vehicles flying over the flaming smokestacks of the industrial outskirts.
www.gamespot.com /pc/adventure/bladerunner/review.html   (1125 words)

 Blade Runner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Blade Runner (a term borrowed from William S. Burroughs) is a Ridley Scott adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
The very first Blade Runner soundtrack contained music from the film rescored in an orchestral adaptation.
A private release (a limited edition of 2000) of the Vangelis score seemed to expedite matters, and in mid '94 an official Blade Runner Original Soundtrack was released.
bau2.uibk.ac.at /perki/films/brunner/br.html   (253 words)

 BBC - Films - review - Blade Runner
Director Ridley Scott's 1982 film "Blade Runner" is arguably the most famous and influential science fiction film ever made.
The film climaxes in a showdown between the Blade Runner and his nemesis Batty.
"Blade Runner" impresses with its inquiry into the nature of memory, identity, and what it means to be human.
www.bbc.co.uk /films/2001/02/07/blade_runner_1982_review.shtml   (389 words)

 Blade Runner (1982). A Hollywood Jesus Visual Film Review.
And Blade Runners are the members of a special police squad whose job it is to hunt them down and kill them should any find their way back to Earth from their "Off-World" colony.
The sophisticated computerized test that Blade Runners use to detect if someone is a Replicant or not measures the responses of the eye to psychological questions.
Blade Runner doesn’t necessarily answer any of the questions that it raises, but it does really leave the viewer pondering the essence of life and humanity.
www.hollywoodjesus.com /bladerunner.htm   (3693 words)

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