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 Blake Hall tube station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blake Hall tube station is a closed London Underground station in Essex, between North Weald and Ongar.
The station subsequently became known as the least used on the entire Underground (not surprisingly, as it was located a considerable distance from any settlement).
The station building still exists (it has since been converted into a private home), as does the now very rusty line passing it, but its platforms were demolished some years ago. /wiki/Blake_Hall_tube_station   (221 words)

Blake simply left no instructions--to himself or to posterity--for their arrangement (we do not even know what order they were in when he gave the ms to John Linnell).
Blake's eloquent use of different colors in his hand-lettering of the Proverbs of Hell in copy H has been interpreted by differences in spacing the groups of proverbs.
Readers and students of Blake, with this text before them, confront an accurate and well-nigh complete collection--some erasures continue to defy transcription--of the writings of one of the greatest of English poets, and certainly one of the most original, and most relevant to us now. /~wblake/eE.html   (18302 words)

 Closed London Underground stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, Vauxhall tube station on the Victoria Line is within about 100 metres.
Part of a modified tube map is shown which shows the fictitious tube stations Lewisham, Ladywell, Edge of the World and Catford on the East London Section of the Metropolitan Line south from New Cross tube station.
Stroud Green, Crouch End, Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill and Alexandra Palace (on the line between Finsbury Park station and Alexandra Palace via Highgate) continued to be part of the LNER (and later British Railways) until the line closed in 1954. /wiki/List_of_closed_London_Underground_stations   (1189 words)

 The York Encyclopaedia Morningtonia
Also, the version of the 1933 Beck map on the LU museum website shows British Museum in place as an interchange station (with Holborn?) despite assertions elsewhere that it never appeared on any modern tube maps.
The stations are of couse in quadrant 3.
The stations are of course in quadrant 1. /white-rose/mc_em.html   (18665 words)

 London - Closed London Underground Station
Blake Hall tube station is a closed London Underground station in Essex.....station..
North Weald tube station is a closed London Underground station in Essex.....Some...
The station most likely to be permanently closed next on the network is Shoreditch on the East London Line... /guide/closedlondonundergroundstation.html   (276 words)

 Watford Junction station -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
Watford Junction station is a (Terminal where trains load or unload passengers or goods) railway station in (additional info and facts about Watford) Watford, (A monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland) United Kingdom.
Major redevelopment work of the station and its surroundings is planned over the next 10 years.
A to divert the Metropolitan Line's Watford branch to Waford Junction via the disused Croxley Green branch may yet see the return of Tube trains, albeit formed of the Met's surface stock rather than the deep level stock of the Bakerloo Line. /encyclopedia/W/Wa/Watford_Junction_station.htm   (207 words)

 Subterranea Britannica: SB-Sites: Blake Hall Station
Notes: The Ongar branch was taken over by the London Passenger Transport Board as part of their 1935 New Works Plan to extend tube lines to the outer suburbs.
Tube trains didn't however reach Ongar until 18th November 1957.
On the west side of Blake Hall Road. /sb-sites/stations/b/blake_hall/index.shtml   (113 words)

 A History of the Tube Challenge: 1981 to 2000
On the 31st of October, 1981 Blake Hall station on the Epping to Ongar branch closed.
Also falling foul of the Great Station Cull of 30th September 1994 was the remains of the Epping to Ongar branch of the Central Line.
And so on the 12th of April, 1986, Heathrow Terminal 4 station opened and was incorporated on a loop so that trains could run in and out of Heathrow without the drivers having to change ends. /history_1981_2000.html   (1383 words)

 Blake's 7: Mission To Destiny
Blake's crew assembled at their station, their guests settled on the flight deck couch.
Blake frowned then realized the tech had been holding his breath and was just now getting himself back together.
Blake looked around, "Cally?" When she nodded yes, he turned to the thief. /tatooine/halojones/75/blakes/7b7.html   (8420 words)

 Greenwich Industrial History Society, Issue 2
Mary and I visited the station, which is on the river-side almost on the Meridian Line, on 6th June in the company of about twelve other people.
At around the same time the underground and tube railways were being electrified (1st January 1905 for Baker Street to Uxbridge, 1st luly 1905 the first stage of the Inner Circle).
Thames Water Belvedere Road, Abbey Wood (Minibus from Abbey Wood Station). /gihs2.html   (8399 words)

 Last tube train to Blake Hall, Essex - photo gallery
Romantically named Blake Hall, the station was always deserted even though the old wooden booking hall was still staffed by a seriously under-employed station master.
This was taken on one of my favourite tube journeys, on a line that would take you from the subterranean bustle of Oxford Circus, rattling through miles of dark tunnels before emerging along the outskirts of Epping Forest and finally terminating in the quiet country village of Ongar.
The line eventually closed a few years ago and I was saddened to see Blake Hall lying derelict during a recent visit. /photos/gallery/pic15.html   (202 words)

 001 - UrbanAdventure.Org - Abandoned stations of the London Underground
Of all the abandoned tube stations on the London Underground Down Street is by far the most interesting in terms of it's history.
Both stations were closed in 1939 in part of the streamlining of the Metropolitan line and later the Jubilee line.
The station was one of the earliest closed in the London Underground network, being closed in 1922. /2003/transit/t_london.htm   (1605 words)

 Spring Grove Conservation Area
Blake, the architect for The Grove Building Company designed 120 Ridgeway Road in the 1930s, a short while after his work on The Grove.
The present Osterley Piccadilly line underground station, designed by Charles Holden, was opened in 1934, replacing the first Osterley and Spring Grove station in Thornbury Road.
To the north the area is bounded by the Great West Road, although it originally ran further north to Osterley, and to the south by London Road, extending to the station on the eastern boundary. /davidjorr/springgrove/springgrove.htm   (2435 words)

 Blake Hall station, Central Line, London
It doesn't look like it, but this evocatively-named rural station in the wilds of Essex was actually on the Central tube line.
Situated midway on the Epping to Ongar branch, the station was the least used tube station on the entire London Underground network, notching up just 6 passengers a day!
The station closed in the early 1980s with the rest of the line succumbing in September 1994. /photos/london/lon234.html   (109 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - The Ultimate Guide to the London Underground - mark II
They are: Aldwych (closed 1994), Blake Hall (1983), British Museum (1933), Brompton Road (1934), City Road (1922), Down Street (1932), Lords (1939), Marlborough Road (1939), Ongar and North Weald (1994)South Acton (1959), South Kentish Town (1924), St Mary's (1938), Uxbridge Road (1947), White City (1959) and York Road (1932).
This station is the only tube station on the whole network that doesn't contain ANY of the letters that make up the word mackerel.
This station is characterised by an escalator of average length on which there will always be a gale force wind blowing no matter how calm the weather is elsewhere in the vicinity. /h2g2/guide/A408890   (7524 words)

 Blake - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation Blake
Sir Richard Blake was the chairman or speaker of the Assembly of Confederate Catholics.
The name Blake is used to refer to:
Here you will find more informations about Blake. /en/Blake.html   (135 words)

 Geofftech - Tube - Silly Tube Maps
Here at White City, the platform map has been blanked out, along with a separate metal plate covering up Blake Hall station which closed separately in 1981 before the whole Epping to Ongar branch did.
Museum - The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, London (Nearest Tube Station: Covent Garden!) has got it's own 'Museum' sign right outside the entrance with a bench all the way around it where people alway sit to drink coffee and eat their lunch...
Some tube stations that you won't see when looking at a tube map... /tube/notonthemap.htm   (350 words)

 Links to other sites
NPR station for you non-Easterners), Ms Gross interviews the famous and the not-so-famous, the brilliant and the inventive and the just-plain-wacky.
Each year, the Hall of Fame honors four individuals on the basis of their continued excellence and long-time contribution to the science fiction and fantasy field.
Hall of Fame, the one and only, the true shrine of the greatest game on Earth. /links.html   (9531 words) Chestnut Drive Guide Chestnut Drive London, E11, England, UK London Streets by Street London hotel and vacation experts
Snaresbrook tube, Station Approach, (13 mins to the North East)
The nearest underground station to Chestnut Drive is 'Wanstead ' which is about 12 minutes to the East.
Wanstead tube, The Green, (12 mins to the East) /LondonStreets/chestnut_drive_d51.html   (105 words)

 London's Abandoned Tube Stations
There are other stations on London Underground that have been abandoned but due to a lack of substantive remains or photographic evidence available, they are not featured on this website:
It was originally just a means of doing something constructive with a box of old tube photos re-discovered during a clean out.
They and many other books of historical interest are available from the bookshop at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, which should be the first port of call for anyone wanting further information about London's abandoned stations. /Tube   (318 words)

 Do You Feel Loved? > Photos > Do You Have Prince Albert In A Can?
A really badass statue based on William Blake's "The Ancient Of Days" in the entrance hall of the Earth wing of the Natural History Museum.
i always intend because of the entrance to go in through the front and because as i always come out of the tube station at a different entrance i often have to wander round a bit
The Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial in extreme silhouette. /photos/archives/000117.html   (495 words)

 ECI Short Cultural Programs
NATIONAL COWBOY HALL OF FAME AND WESTERN HERITAGE MUSEUM - This 220,000-square foot museum is a nationally recognized place that vividly portrays the life of the cowboys and Indians of North America.
BLAKE’S ORCHARD AND CIDER MILL - Pick apples, strawberries, and rasperries as you take a ride throughout the orchard on a wagon.
CELEBRATION STATION - Celebration is a popular place in Oklahoma because it provides young people with a variety of exciting activities. /cultural/events.htm   (1887 words)

Washington • Blakely, Georgia • Blakely, Pennsylvania • Blakeney • Blakeney, Norfolk • Blake's 7 • Blakesburg, Iowa • Blakeslee, Ohio • Blakiston's Fish Owl • Blam • Blame • BLAME! /english/bl   (222 words)

 Transport Plans for the London Area - North
The train station would be refurbished at a cost of £0.75m, and the existing footbridge north of the roundabout would be demolished at a cost of £0.04m (forty thousand pounds!).
In March 2000, hopes for a station rose (although nothing was certain) as Pickett's Lock was chosen as the venue for the 2005 World Athletics Championships, and as Britain's possible candidate for the 2012 Olympics.
The "favoured option" for service on the Hall Farm Curve is for the North London Line to run between Richmond and Chingford via Stratford, with the DLR taking over the North London Line south of Stratford. /Athens/Acropolis/7069/tpftla_n.html   (7030 words)

 - My service to you: i will go any where on the London Underground for a small fee
I remember that Blake Hall had the only level crossing on the LT Underground.
Although I have lived in Canada for over 25 years, I grew up in and around Harlow, Essex and I'm very familiar with the Epping-Ongar line (when it was operated as part of the Central Line.) I never actually rode it to Ongar though.
When I was still at school I used to bike all over the area, including North Weald and Ongar. /dcforum/DCForumID26/136.html   (356 words)

 Britain's mood after the bombs, then and now - Books - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper
As was the road near the high-security police station at Paddington Green, a temporary holding centre for many a terrorist over the past couple of decades.
London was still in a mild state of shock when I walked around the West End last night, four days after the Tube and bus attacks.
Yet the fact that so many people have already passed the message -- the names scroll on and on -- is a sign of our interesting times. /books/20050716-105810-7009r.htm   (1246 words)

 Model Engineering Show - London 1999
If you like these, you'd love this hall, as the racing circuit must be 50'x100' across, maybe larger, with many twists and turns to catch the r/c drivers out.
Before we take a last look at the hall and go, let's call in at a stall beside the pool, where a modeller is at work.
The first hall is dedicated to Railways and Vehicles (otherwise known as racing cars). /members/shows/model_eng_show.html   (630 words)

But as we left the tube station, the announcer said that the whole of the tube network had been shut and for everyone to leave via the nearest exit.
I would normally have taken the Waterloo and City stretch of the tube to the Bank Station but London Underground announced that this had just been closed due to a power surge and a flood of people came out of that part of the station looking for an alternative route to their destination.
Being a seasoned tube traveller and previously having lived in North London for some 20 years, it was not surprise to hear that the Northern Line was having technical problems. /users/blondie3358   (4617 words)

 Big Island activist, wife killed - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
According to police, Judith Rothstein, 67, was driving a 1990 Toyota four-door station wagon south on the highway shortly before 6:30 p.m.
It was a partnership that proved extremely effective in both the courtroom and the political arena in forcing developments to recognize shoreline access rights and other issues that benefit the public, he said.
Alliances between Native Hawaiian groups and environmentalists are almost taken for granted on the Big Island today, with both interests routinely collaborating on issues such as astronomy development on Mauna Kea, resort development in coastal areas and military projects such as the construction of new training grounds for the U.S. Army's armored Stryker combat vehicle. /article/2005/Jan/25/ln/ln16p.html   (841 words)

 Son faced raw reality of war - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
Lance Cpl. Blake Magaoay, 20, a 2002 Pearl City High graduate, was killed as so many others had been: in a burst of gunfire entering a Fallujah home.
Doc threw a dressing on and they put Medina on the (Light Armored Vehicle) with the rest of us, but he died five minutes later en route to the battalion aid station.
He was assigned to the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion out of Camp Pendleton, Calif., but got to know the Hawai'i-based Marines. /article/2005/Mar/23/ln/ln07p.html   (1509 words)

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