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Topic: Bling Bling

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

 Bling bling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mainstream hip hop music 's fixation on bling bling and other material and luxury goods has led to much criticism from media pundits and musical critics.
Bling bling can also mean something cheap in southwest Asia.
A bling bling-heavy album cover from The B.G. "Bling Bling" is a 1999 hit hip-hop song by The B.G., featuring his /wiki/Bling

 Interviews - Bling Dawg (Follow-up)
Bling Dawg still write songs for his ex-label mates such as Lady Saw, but for the future he aims to do "more hard work" and "try to elevate my style more".
Bling Dawg now classes himself as a "star" and has worked with a number of artists stating, "It's fun".
Whatever the reasons behind his move were, it has been for the better as Bling Dawg has been working on some international crossover work including recording a track with a rock and roll band called Rehab in Atlanta. /blingdawg2.htm

 Bling Kong
Bling Kong is a nice guy so he created a show for you all to feel nice.
Bling Kong knows you chumps don't have a chance of getting with his bitches even if you wear his clothes...
Bling Kong knows that the ladies like to have something to dance to when they're looking so good in his styles.

 Bling Bling by Tom Lombardi
Bling Bling is washing her hands at the kitchen sink, and Hemore decides to stand behind her the way a loving husband would.
Bling Bling is standing next to the little round table, her favorite spot in his bed/living room.
Bling Bling lets go of his hand and hooks it through his arm, the end of which he happily slips into his jeans pocket with the assuredness only a boyfriend possesses. /march_2003/111.html

 Urban Dictionary: bling images
The term "Bling Bling" refers to the imaginary "sound" that is produced from light reflected by a diamond.
See The Silvertones "Bling Bling Christmas" for the earliest known usage of the slang.
bling : Jamaican slang that has been adopted by some African American rappers and inserted into popular culture. /images.php?imageid=11245 Video: Ali G - Bling Bling
Bling Bling is an assortment of Ali G's interviews; a couple of them with possibly the last people in Britain who didn't realise that someone was pulling their leg and several with American grandees of various sorts, including economist JK Galbraith and former CIA director Admiral Stansfield Turner.
Bling Bling is a very funny 3rd vid from the super funny brain-child Ali G. I would have to say that Bling Bling is on the same level as Innit.
Sacha Baron-Cohen's Ali G has become a hero to the very people he set out to satirise but, as Bling Bling demonstrates, this is no time to put this creation out to grass; as long as there's a Christmas every year, collections like this will keep appearing. /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005RCAP

 Bling Management
Bling takes a day-to-day responsibility of running management and brings extensive experience from working in this business as well when coming to the table.
Today in a bold move made by Ceo Bobby Bling, Bling is offering free management till May 19 2004.
But will successfully market hip-hop from the hood to Hollywood, Bling brings his street marketing skills, businessman background, new age ideas and work horse work ethic to every artist day in day out. /blingmanagement/bling.html - Celebrity baubles boggle the mind
Bling: A round white diamond in a 18-carat white-gold princess setting, surrounded by tiny diamonds and tapered baguettes.
Bling: Diamond ring from the world's biggest mine in Argyle in western Australia, where diamonds have a unique champagne and cognac color.
Bling: A 12-carat emerald-cut diamond, with tapered diamond baguettes on the side and set in platinum; from London-based jeweler Graff. /life/people/2004-05-13-spring-bling_x.htm

 BBC NEWS UK Magazine How bling became king
Not surprisingly, bling is often dismissed as a shallow and crass celebration of material wealth.
Bling is the phrase for the prevailing fashion of our time.
But while bling may soon be blung, one thing is for certain: diamonds are forever. /2/hi/uk_news/magazine/3192258.stm

 The Newark Museum Baubles, Bangles and Bling Bling: A World of Jewelry
From the beaded necklaces of ancient Egyptians to the flashy, large-scale “bling bling” worn by hip-hop stars, sports heroes, and their fans, jewelry has always offered complex social and cultural meanings.
Baubles, Bangles and Bling Bling: A World of Jewelry was made possible through the generous support of:
The exhibition is groundbreaking in its curatorial approach, adopting a cross-cultural perspective that reveals both the similarities of use as well as the diversity of artistic expression embodied in personal adornment. /blingbling Books: Bling : A Novel
The information used in BLING is written as fiction, but due to her association, Erica Kennedy ihe is very familiar with realistic hip-hop and fashion experiences.
In her debut novel Bling, Erica Kennedy exposes the dark underside of the hip-hop recording industry in the same way The Nanny Diaries outed the Park Avenue elite.
Bling takes readers on an insider's tour of the world of parties in the Hamptons, VIP lounges, fashion shows, and Tribeca penthouses. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1401352154?v=glance

 Bling! Bling!
Bling!" as Pain Express is still trying to tell them all that he's fine and that he doesn't want to feel glad.
Bling is finally starting to feel pain as screams on the stage floor for Pain Express to stop.
Bling looks like he is spasming on the floor.] /rp/bling.htm

 Bling Bling Hip Hop Jewelry
Bling bling really determines your fashion style these days so it is very important as you are well aware of.
Supplying you with the top urban clothing and keeping your bling bling nice and sharp is what we look for when we nominate stores for the contest. is your one stop information site on the latest bling blng, hip hop clothing, iced out jewelry, and tons of other information regarding todays hottest bling bling hip hop, rap and randb stars. / News / Boston Globe / Living / Arts / Bling it on
Part spectacle, part Go-Go's, and part Motorhead, Bling Kong is at Great Scott tonight at 9 with an opening set from the Inevitable Breakups and indie rock from DJs Carl and Victoria; $5.
The 15-member, New York-based Bling Kong comes with its own pep squad that sings, kicks, and shakes its pom-poms throughout the band's set of retro-minded, dance-floor-ready pop.
IT'S THE SAME OLD SONG The mega-talented Funk Brothers, the Motown studio musicians who finally got out of Diana Ross's shadow (and escaped from her unruly tangle of hair) in the documentary "Standing in the Shadows of Motown" are at the Berklee Performance Center tonight at 8. /news/globe/living/articles/2004/01/24/bling_it_on

 Bling Bling Hip Hop Jewelry
Bling bling and hip hop jewelry are hot right now, every rapper and athlete you see got that iced out jewelry all over them.
If you got some bling bling sites you want us to consider hit us up at
So if you are tryin to sport some tight bling bling then you've come to the right place.

 Urban Dictionary/bling bling
Bling Bling has a special exhibit at National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Source: bah-ling bah-ling, Jan 16, 2003
n bling blinging 1: extravagant possessions esp jewelry adj 2: lavish and exorbitant lifestyle
That Blin Bling on her finger does'nt allow her to lift her hand above her head /define.php?term=bling+bling&f=1

 Bling Bling
Whether you are looking for the newest bling bling jewelry or specific iced out pendants, iced out watches, iced out bracelets and anything else, we have it all. is the most popular bling bling jewelry seller online for a reason, because of our low prices, amazing bling bling jewelry selection and our fanatical customer service.
If you are looking for the bestselling hip hop gear or the newest iced out gear we have it. /bling.htm

 Bling Bling
Bling bling, money aint no thing when you are a baller sporting some bomb hip hop jewelry.
If bling bling hip hop jewelry is your thing then be sure to hit us up and get iced out.
I've seen other hip hop jewelry websites and they aint got shit as bling bling as yours and your prices are low as hell too. /bling-bling.php

 It's all about the bling-bling: 4/26/03
As he sees it, it was inevitable that bling bling would trickle down to the masses.
Verdi gives the most credit to P. Diddy and Russell Simmons, for exposing "bling bling as a lifestyle," and says that in fashion circles, the term's been used colloquially for a couple of years, regarding things that are "sparkly, sequined, and refract light."
MTV fans are probably shaking their hip heads in disbelief that their elders think bling's the new in-thing. /daily/04-03/04-26-03/c01li116.htm

 Bling Daddy's Masturbation Station. Daily free porn and reviews!
Bling Daddy MS is only an information source and is not responsible for content development or distribution.
The Bling Daddy spends hours upon hours a day surfing the net for the best of the best porn out there.
- The Bling Daddy is your purveyor of PORN, your Pimp Daddy of poundin, and your jester of "jerkin".

 Critical analysis of "Bling Bling" by B.G., feat. Big Tymers and Hot Boys
Critical analysis of "Bling Bling" by B.G., feat.
Here we are presented with a second reason for all the "bling": to draw attention to oneself.
This is also the second reference in the song to the "bling" causing blindness. /bling

 Bling Bling - Silver Mitt Ferret - October 2, 2001
I named him Bling Bling from the song about guys who like jewelry since he loved grabbing and biting at my and my brother's necklaces.
Bling Bling - Silver Mitt Ferret - October 2, 2001
Then one day my mom and dad gave in and let me take him the tiny gray ball of love. /archive/2001/October/02.html

 Bling Bling Hostel Krakow - low cost lodging in Krakow Poland
This has been achieved by injecting the highest degree of planning and excellence into the creation of a Bling Bling Hostel.
Bling Bling Hostel Krakow - low cost lodging in Krakow Poland
From the selection of the most convenient location to creating an ambiance that reflects the quintessence of the area, you can rest assured that any Bling Bling Hostel will truly enhance your travel experience."
Think Bling also provides free web applications and scripts written mostly in PHP and is a forum for discussing these and other topics.
This topic is brought up because looking at the search results for big bling we saw them at 50 the other day and now it is at 122.
The main guts of this blog is going to concern the scripts at These are PHP scripts and are generally free to download and use.

 tmaxx bling
With our proprietary software we are able to analyze the best resources for tmaxx bling on the net.
Much R&D capital has been spent to built this software, and today we are licensing the software to our many partners.
The software uses the latest technological breakthroughs from artificial intelligence, genetic programming, machine learning, and information retrieval. /rc-hobby/tmaxx-bling.html

 eBay UK Shop - Bling Bling: Mens iced out hip hop watches, Hip Hop Bling Rings
Bling Bling Online have the Latest bling bling iced out hip hop Jewellery Hip Hop Pendants - Crosses - Spinning rims - Bling Rings - Hip Hop Dog Tags - spinning iced out Watches - Bracelets - Customised belts - Iced out Earrings - G Unit 50 Cent gear...
Visit Bling Bling for all your iced out hip hop gear, we got G Unit 50 cent gear, hip hop rim spinners, iced out customised belt buckles, replica iced out watches and bracelets, bling earrings, dog tags and more...So make Bling Bling your one stop shop for all your iced out gear!
BLING BLING G Unit 50 CENT spinner and hiphop 30" chain /Bling-Bling-Online - News - 'Bling Bling' Added To Oxford English Dictionary
But I knew it was serious when I saw that the NBA championship ring for the Los Angeles Lakers had the word 'bling bling' written in diamonds on it."
The term, which is used to describe diamonds, jewelry and all forms of showy style, was coined by New Orleans rap family Cash Money Millionaires back in the late '90s and started gaining national awareness with a song titled "Bling Bling" by Cash Money artist BG.
" 'Bling bling' will never be forgotten," he said. /news/articles/1471629/20030430/bg.jhtml?headlines=true

 grammarpolice: BLING BLING!
Example present progressive: That thug is bling blinging.
Could you consider bling blinging an object as adorning it with platinum chains and other jewelry?
Can "bling bling" be used as a transitive verb? /talkread.bml?journal=grammarpolice&itemid=259896&thread=1544760

Fast-paced, sexy, and wickedly hilarious, Bling is a page-turner that grabs the reader from the very first line.
As Mimi is seduced by the clothes, money, and decadent lifestyle of her new crowd, she comes to see that Lamont's own future in the recording industry rests on her inexperienced shoulders, Cinderella never felt pressure like this.
Taking us inside the glittering word of New York's hip-hop scene with an unforgettable cast of characters, smart dialogue, and a whole lot of attitude, Erica Kennedy grabs the microphone and makes it clear that she is a major new voice. /1401352154.html » Bling Bling medallion
The Bling Bling medallion is part of Thingness, a body of work planned by Tjepkema, where the main objective is to explore the social behavior of things.
Also, by Tjepkema is a concept mall/building (pictured above) called “The Next Bling” which is a lifesize version of the medallion.
Just in time for Christmas…it’s the ultimate bling bling medallion for that special gangsta in your life… /2004/10/bling-bling-medallion

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