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Topic: Block grants

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Why Block Grants Work
The block grants were supposed to involve substantive regula This was to result in tory reform for many categorical grants less overhead, a greater share of benefits going to the needy, increased flexibility for state and local officials, and improved political accountability for the programs.
Granting discretion to the states regarding the date of participation gave them the opportu nity to phase out efficiently the categorical system and the,time to solicit bids from the private sector for some block grant functions In sum, it is debatable whether the 1981 grant consolidations represent true block grants.
If the block grant strategy is to be successful CONCLUSION In addition to reforms in the present block grants, Congress and the Administration should press forward with a plan to extend 19 the block grant mechanism to the major social programs, as envi sioned in the President's original New Federalism proposal.
www.heritage.org /Research/GovernmentReform/bg228.cfm   (4850 words)

 Block Grants: Historical Overview and Lessons Learned
Block grants have been part of the American federal system since 1966, but their role in federal assistance to state and local governments would expand greatly if current proposals were enacted.
Once in operation, block grants have been subject to "creeping categorization." In this process, Congress erodes the flexibility of block grants by adding restrictions, requiring that a share of funds be set aside for particular purposes, or creating new categorical programs with the same or related objectives.
The new block grant may have encouraged states to devolve authority to their local governments, either by drawing attention to the arguments for decentralization, or by simplifying administrative tasks so they could more easily be carried out at lower levels.
www.urban.org /url.cfm?ID=310991   (4137 words)

 Block Grants Are Key Sources of Support For Family Planning   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
While the widely popular maternal and child health block grant has been comparatively well funded in recent years, funding for the massive social services block grant has been slashed in the wake of welfare reform, a move that already is having distressing repercussions for providers and patients in need of subsidized family planning care.
This reduction, designed to help offset the short-term costs of reform, was intended to be temporary; the block grant was to be restored to $2.8 billion in FY 2003, by which time anticipated long-term savings from the new TANF program were expected to have materialized.
The block grant now faces the 21st century with an authorized funding level of $1.7 billion—the lowest level since the early 1970s, not even accounting for inflation—and with its support from the bulging TANF coffers crippled.
www.guttmacher.org /pubs/tgr/02/4/gr020406.html   (2149 words)

 Block Grant Memo
Block grant funding falls within the literal terms of those statutes, and the nondiscrimination statutes should therefore be applied.
For purposes of this guidance, the terms "primary recipient," "primary block grant recipient," "State," and "State recipient" all refer to the entity that is awarded a block grant or State program grant directly from the Federal Government, and which then subgrants funds to subrecipients.
In deciding whether to exercise alternative (b) with a willing primary block grant recipient, the Federal agency should consider whether the recipient staff who will be implementing these programs have the experience, knowledge, and skills to competently conduct a Title VI investigation and, if not, whether sufficient training can be provided to the State personnel.
www.usdoj.gov /crt/cor/Pubs/blkgrnt.htm   (7026 words)

 Block Grants and Rural America   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Block grants, in their numerous forms, are generating great interest and debate in today's public policy arenas.
Whether block grants are effective and efficient in achieving the intended purposes depends on the specific type of block grant applied, how well the block grant is implemented, the nature of the societal issue addressed, and the intended goals and expectations of government in resolving the societal problem.
Restricted block grants differ from general unrestricted community block grants in that the federal government is providing the states with an opportunity to develop administrative guidelines, within specific eligibility requirement standards.
www.rupri.org /getFile.asp?fileID=15481   (7071 words)

 DFA | Intergovernmental Services | Local Law Enforcement Block Grants
Federal grant funds are made available to cities and counties to support law enforcement agencies through the hiring of officers, paying officer overtime, purchasing law enforcement equipment, enhancing school security, drug courts, adjudication of violent offenders, multijurisdictional task forces, crime prevention, and indemnification insurance.
Grant funds processed through the State support small cities and counties that do not receive direct grants for the same purposes from the Department of Justice.
Those cities and counties that are determined eligible for a grant are notified by mail and invited to apply for grant funds.
www.state.ar.us /dfa/igs/igs_llebg.html   (220 words)

 Block Grants
Block grants may be used for any educational technology purpose excluding the salaries and benefits of school district employees.
Block grant funds may be used for any purpose related to educational technology, excluding the salary and benefits of an employee.
Block grants may not be used for the salary/benefits of employees.
www.teachwi.state.wi.us /blockgrants.html   (761 words)

 Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development - Community Development: Program Management - (CDBG)
For infrastructure grants, the concern is for the longevity of the company, and for the likelihood of continued employment opportunities.
Grant or loan approvals are made by the ECD Loan and Grant Committee which meets as needed.
Community development grant rates are based on the ability-to-pay of the applicant as calculated by the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Tennessee.
www.state.tn.us /ecd/progman_cdbg.htm   (1703 words)

 Juvenile Justice Grant Information Page
Title V grants were created in response to the demonstrated need for comprehensive, local delinquency prevention planning and programming that focuses on reducing risks and enhancing protective factors to prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system.
Block grants awarded to states are to be used to provide assistance to states and units of local government to develop programs to promote greater accountability among youth and in the juvenile justice system.
Block grants for Prevention and I/GS programs are awarded to administrative counties in each Judicial District using separate financial formulas.
jja.state.ks.us /grants_index.htm   (2342 words)

 Block grant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Block grant is also a term used in the UK for the contribution a University makes to its Students' Union
This can be contrasted with a categorical grant which has more strict and specific provisions on the way it is to be spent.
The grants are aimed at a wide range of activities from education, to healthcare, to transportation, to housing, to counterterrorism.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Block_grant   (370 words)

 Grants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Grants that provide vertical prosecution also provide vertical services to victims of crimes from filing through adjudication.
Grants allow us to supplement our budget, function more effectively and efficiently through specialization, and provide much-needed programs and services to the public.
The goal of the grant is the successful prosecution of violent crimes against women with the least negative impact on the victim through specialized support, to the victim.
www.yoloda.org /grants.htm   (1212 words)

 DHS - Background on Federal Block Grants
Block grants offer states an opportunity to develop programs and policies based on local needs rather than a one-size-fits-all federal perspective.
The level of funding in each of the block grants is based on past individual state expenditures.
Congress is in the final stages of passing legislation creating the block grants previously described.
www.michigan.gov /dhs/0,1607,7-124-5459_7342_7925-15755--,00.html   (385 words)

 Matthew Yglesias: Community Development Block Grants
Federal block grants to states and cities are existing place-based programs that can be refined to better recognize the disproportionate impact of concentrated poverty on large cities.
It is a block grant, with all the weaknesses and strengths of the beast.
These grant apps are not the basis on which CDBG money is allocated to cities (the formula determines that) but they are a great help to local community groups in both setting the local agenda for uses of the money and for holding their local officials accountable for what it was actually used for.
yglesias.typepad.com /matthew/2005/02/community_devel.html   (3961 words)

 NCPA - Welfare - The Case For Block Grants
Only two requirements should be imposed on states that receive block grants: (1) that they match a certain portion of the federal funds and (2) that funds be spent on low-income beneficiaries.
Compartmentalizing block grants also is a thinly veiled attempt by those wedded to the idea of entitlements to try to force state governments to continue running the very programs most people agree have failed.
This assumption should be built into the structure of block grants by, say, limiting their growth to the rate of inflation.
www.ncpa.org /pi/welfare/!wel31.htm   (1140 words)

 HUD set to release block grants
The block grant dispute began after the Fort Peck Housing Authority, an agency of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of Montana, filed suit against HUD for unfair block grant appropriations.
HUD responded to the court ruling by deciding to withhold all undistributed 2006 block grant funds to nearly 200 tribes around the country.
Block grants comprise the bulk of the money used by tribal housing programs.
www.bismarcktribune.com /articles/2006/07/09/news/local/117514.txt   (481 words)

 Block Grants: Details of the Bush Proposals
Block grants are fixed sums of money given to state or local governments to support program activities and administration.
Also included in the House reauthorization bill is the Bush administration's proposed "superwaiver" provision that could effectively transform other specified programs into block grants upon application by a state and approval by the secretary of the administering department.
Also resurfacing from last year's budget, and FY 2003's, is a proposed Justice Assistance Grant that combines funding for the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant, the Byrne Grants, and the COPS Hiring Grants.
www.urban.org /url.cfm?ID=310990   (795 words)

 Block Grants
It was avoiding this type of political favoritism that prompted the legislature to remove grant making from the governor's office during government restructuring in 1993.
Rose alleges that the elaborate process for insuring that grants are awarded on the basis of merit was circumvented by the governor's staff.
Given the current situation, it's becoming clear that the problem of block grants in the Palmetto State is the people in the governor's office.
www.scpronet.com /point/9608/p03.html   (569 words)

 Block Grants Will Aid Education
If the Legislature shifts funding to block grants, real local control and accountability would be restored to education.
Block grants allow locally elected school board members to make the tough decisions that will effect their schools.
Block grants empower local communities, allowing them to spend money in a way that best suits their needs.
republican.sen.ca.gov /opeds/12/oped1708_print.asp   (601 words)

 GOP Defends Block Grants
At issue is the state administration's dislike of the Congressional proposal to use block grants to the states as a means to fund the food stamp program.
But then, he went on to echo Schulze's opposition to the Republican-backed block grant approach to food stamps.
Block grants are lump sum payments the federal government gives to the states combined with greater autonomy to run traditionally federal programs.
www.mdn.org /1995/STORIES/BLOCK.HTM   (591 words)

 APA Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) Block Grants
the grant must be used to offset travel expenses of selected conference participants, registration fees of conference participants, and/or speaker fees.
It is possible that conferences that have received block grants two years in a row may not be funded or may be funded at lower levels on the third consecutive application to ensure that a variety of conferences receive grants.
If fewer than five acceptable applications are received in a given year, the BEA may award more than one block grant (and more than $1,000) to the same conference in that year.
www.apa.org /ed/bea_block02.html   (356 words)

 Used Oil Block Grants
As part of this program, the Board issues block grants to help local governments establish or enhance permanent, sustainable used oil recycling programs.
The block grant is noncompetitive and provides funds to establish and maintain used oil and filter collection programs.
The fiscal year 2006/0 (12th cycle) grants are calculated at approximately 27 cents per capita using the Department of Finance’s population statistics.
www.ciwmb.ca.gov /USEDOIL/Grants/Block/default.htm   (405 words)

 Law Enforcement Grants and Grant Writing
Grant writing is an art, and those who are successful at it have a huge feature after retirement.
BJA is authorized to award grants to states for use by states and units of local government to improve the functioning of the criminal justice system—with emphasis on violent crime and serious offenders—and enforce state and local laws that establish offenses similar to those in the federal Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 802(6) et seq.).
Grants may be used to provide personnel, equipment, training, technical assistance, and information systems for more widespread apprehension, prosecution, adjudication, detention, and rehabilitation of offenders who violate such state and local laws.
www.njlawman.com /Grants.htm   (950 words)

 Faith-Based and Community Initiatives: Grant Catalog - Community and Social Services Block Grants Program
The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) program provides States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories, Indian Tribes and tribal organizations funds to address the problems and causes of poverty.
The Social Services Block Grant provides funding to States, including the Territories and Insular Areas, for services directed at the goals of achieving economic self-support or self-sufficiency; preventing or remedying neglect, abuse, or exploitation of children or adults; preventing or reducing inappropriate institutionalization; and securing referral for institutional care, where appropriate.
Grant amounts are determined by a formula based on each State's population.
www.whitehouse.gov /government/fbci/grants-catalog-social.html   (284 words)

 ExpectMore.gov: Juvenile Accountability Block Grants
The Juvenile Accountability Block Grants program provides states with funds to support accountability-based improvements in state and local juvenile justice systems.
Grants are intended to make juvenile offenders more accountable for their actions and to make the justice system more accountable for juveniles' safety.
Tightening the grant funding criteria and reporting requirements to establish a link between program funding and performance.
www.whitehouse.gov /omb/expectmore/summary.10000172.2005.html   (245 words)

 Online NewsHour: Block Grants
That's why block grants give us as governors the opportunity, the flexibility to be innovative, more efficient, and to allow us to do better jobs for our citizens.
With a block grant, we would be able to.
We're going to guarantee that, and this guarantee evaporates with this block grant into the states.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/budget/wisconsin_1-25.html   (2540 words)

 Government Grants Mall for Free Government Grants and Money, Small Business Grants, College Grants and Grants for ...
Many Corporations and Foundations are required to grant a certain amount of their assets annually for a variety of reasons.
Access to thousands of government grant programs providing assistance for home buying and ownership, home repair, small businesses, home improvement, land purchase, site preparation for housing, health, assistance and services for the unemployed, job training, federal employment, education, and much, much more.
Grant Writing Tutorial eBook - Writing Grant requests and knowing the techniques and tactics to successfully obtain grants, is one of the most important parts of the grant seeking process.
www.grantsmall.com   (1713 words)

 Alaska Division of Community Advocacy
The goals of the Alaska Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) are to provide financial resources to Alaskan communities for public facilities and planning activities which address issues detrimental to the health and safety of local residents and to reduce the costs of essential community services.
CDBG competitive grants are single-purpose project grants; maximum of $850,000 per community.
Approximately $2.3 million is available for competitive grants for the FFY 06 grant cycle.
www.commerce.state.ak.us /dca/grt/blockgrants.htm   (266 words)

 HUD grants - HUD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
To participate in the HUD grants program, you need to be registered with Grants.gov. To assist with the registration process, HUD has developed a brochure on how to register.
HUD awards grants to organizations and groups for a variety of purposes.
HUD's grants office - the Office of Departmental Grants Management and Oversight (ODGMO) was established to develop a Department-wide perspective on grants management
www.hud.gov /grants/index.cfm   (305 words)

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