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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Blowback (intelligence) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blowback is a term used in espionage to describe the unintended consequences of covert operations.
Critics of the Reagan Doctrine argued that blowback was unavoidable, and that, through the doctrine, the United States was inflaming wars in the Third World.
Blowback in a more direct sense refers to the consequences that are entailed when an intelligence agency participates in foreign media manipulation, which is then reported by their own domestic news sources as "fact".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blowback_(intelligence)   (296 words)

 Blowback   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Blowback refers to a particular system for implementing automatic re-loading for guns, the others being recoil-actuated and gas-actuated.
In a blowback system the expanding gases from the round being fired "blow back" the breech of the gun, which is left unlocked.
Blowback is also a term used in espionage to describe unintended consequences.
www.theezine.net /b/blowback.html   (289 words)

 BLOWBACK - Band Info
Blowback is a term used to describe an unintended consequence of a covert operation.
Although the band does much of its work cross-country, they still use DC as a home base, and Blowback's musical style is firmly rooted in the DC hardcore punk tradition while paying homage to other influences ranging from Slayer to The Germs.
Blowback's lyrics touch on a litany of domestic and international issues, from the Middle East, Rwanda and Chile to civil liberties, corporate greed and Congressional pandering.
www.blowbacknet.com /band.html   (313 words)

 On Power: The Independent Institute | U. S. Foreign Policy | Blowback
In foreign affairs, one manifestation of the law of unintended consequences is known as “blowback.” In his book by that title, Chalmers Johnson wrote, “The term ‘blowback,’ which officials of the Central Intelligent Agency first invented for their own internal use,.
Blowback occurs when a foreign recipient of U.S. government largess and prestige acts against his former patron’s wishes or directly attacks American interests.
Blowback can also result from foreign hatred of the United States generated by its numerous interventions into the affairs of other nations.
www.onpower.org /foreign_blowback.html   (1494 words)

 Blowback - index page - Free MP3 downloads, CDs, Bio Info, Tour Dates, Lyrics and More!"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The resulting style is firmly rooted in the DC hardcore punk tradition, with unintentional homage paid to influences ranging from Slayer to The Germs.
Blowback's music touches on a litany of domestic and international issues, from Rwanda, Colombia, Chile and the Middle East to civil liberties, the death penalty, and Congressional pandering.
Unifying all of the lyrics are messages not communicated through mainstream media - Blowback is broadcasting on its own channel, for all who care to hear, listen, and decide for themselves what is the truth.
www.iuma.com /IUMA/Bands/Blowback   (351 words)

 AlterNet: War on Iraq: Blowback from Iraq: Global and Growing
Blowback is a term invented by the Central Intelligence Agency to describe the unintended consequences of policies kept secret from the American people.
While the CIA originally conceived of blowback as limited to the unintended consequences of U.S. policy on Americans, it has long enjoyed a wider application.
As the Thai case demonstrates, blowback is seldom limited to a single event or action.
www.alternet.org /waroniraq/20794   (1609 words)

 Blowback - SourceWatch
Blowback is also the mess that lands on a shooter when firing a gun into someone at close range.
The term is used as metaphor for situations in which one party has done violence to another in some way and then suffers consequences from their own violence.
He points out that in nearly every decade since the mid-fifties, a president of the United States has faced a challenge of a Muslim peril, an Arab or Muslim bogeyman that is everywhere and nowhere--Nasser, Khomeini, Khadafy, Saddam, and, now, bin Laden.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Blowback   (796 words)

 BOOK REVIEW: Chalmers Johnson, Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire
The sinking earlier this year by a hot-dogging American submarine of a Japanese fishing trawler that was carrying a group of school children and their teachers is the most recent example of what Chalmers Johnson labels "blowback".
Blowback is a term coined within the CIA to label the unintended negative consequences of intelligence operations, but Johnson extends its meaning to cover the negative consequences of American foreign policy, particularly in maintaining 800 military installations outside the United States.
This book too focuses primarily on Japan, Korea, and China, although examples of blowback in other parts of the world are touched upon, such as the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa and the fatal felling of an Italian cable car by a U.S. military jet that same year.
www.rtis.com /touchstone/apr01/17BOOK.HTM   (568 words)

 Blowback - Global Policy Forum - WTC: The Crisis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
"Blowback" is a CIA term first used in March 1954 in a recently declassified report on the 1953 operation to overthrow the government of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran.
The CIA's fears that there might ultimately be some blowback from its egregious interference in the affairs of Iran were well founded.
An inevitable consequence of big "blowback" events like this one is that, the causes having been largely kept from American eyes (if not Islamic or Latin American ones), people cannot make the necessary connections for an explanation.
www.globalpolicy.org /wtc/analysis/0928blowback.htm   (1747 words)

 Splendid E-zine reviews: Tricky
By organic, I mean that the keyboards and vocals have not been processed into noise, and the arrangements find a place somewhere between spartan and a ProTools experiment.
He's not suddenly sounding like the Beatles, and I don't think the music is that much more accessible, but some of the internal pressure that was so apparent in previous works has been eased.
Blowback, by being different from Tricky's previous releases, appears on the surface to be just what radio is asking for...but in the end, it's still too different from what radio accepts.
www.splendidezine.com /reviews/jul-9-01/tricky.html   (769 words)

 Blowback: Bin Laden, the CIA and US war against Afghanistan, 9/13/01
Blowback is the term that the CIA uses to describe a situation when a some operative, a terrorist, or some situation that they've created gets out of their control and comes back to haunt them.
The American media recently started to use the term "blowback." Central Intelligence Agency officials coined it for internal use in the wake of decisions by the Carter and Reagan administrations to plunge the agency deep into the civil war in Afghanistan.
In this context, "blowback" came to be shorthand for the unintended consequences of U.S. policies kept secret from the American people.
www.ratical.org /ratville/JFK/JohnJudge/linkscopy/RSblowback.html   (1580 words)

 Blowback Blowback The Costs and Consequences of American Empire
The term "blowback," which officials of the Central Intelligence Agency first invented for their own internal use, is starting to circulate among students of international relations.
Blowback from this led to a Marxist guerrilla insurgency in the 1980s and so to CIA- and Pentagon-supported genocide against Mayan peasants.
Even when blowback mostly strikes other peoples, it has its corrosive effects on the United States by debasing political discourse and making citizens feel duped if they should happen to take seriously what their political leaders say.
www.thirdworldtraveler.com /Blowback_CJohnson/Blowback_BCJ.html   (4693 words)

 Asia Times Online - The trusted source for news on Central Asia
"Blowback" is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) term for the unintended consequences of foreign operations.
Johnson highlighted that key to the term is an appreciation that the actions undertaken had been "kept secret from the American public", so that when "retaliation came they had no means to put in context or understand it as a cause and effect relationship".
According to one expert quoted, "If you believe in their ideas you are one of them." And that is the problem, the idea of jihad which US foreign policy cultivated to combat the Soviet Union is now the idea which is at the basis of the expanding, ongoing blowback.
atimes.com /atimes/Central_Asia/FC20Ag01.html   (1195 words)

 "Blowback"? -- Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA)
The Taliban's coming to power is partly the outcome of the U.S. support of the Mujahadeen -- a pluralist group with a radical Islamic faction -- in the 1980s in its war against the Soviet Union.
Blowback might erupt quickly, or simmer for decades.
Associate professor of political science at the University of Arizona and author of the recent articles "Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion in Retrospect" and "Washington's New Interventionism," Gibbs said today: "Bin Laden began his military career during the 1980s, as a fighter with Muslim groups in Afghanistan that were armed and trained by the CIA.
www.accuracy.org /newsrelease.php?articleId=873   (532 words)

 September 11, Social Theory, and Blowback:
In retrospect, the events of September 11 can be seen as a textbook example of “blowback,” a concept developed in a book with this title by Chalmers Johnson (2000) who uses it to describe the unintended consequences of aggressive military and covert policies, a shorthand term for describing that a nation reaps what it sows.
As Johnson notes: “The term ‘blowback,’ which officials of the Central Intelligence Agency first invented for their own internal use, is starting to circulate among students of international relations.
The concept of “blowback” can be applied to the September 11 events since bin Laden and the radical Islamic forces associated with the Al Qaeda network were supported, funded, trained, and armed by the CIA and U.S. administrations in the late 1970s and 1980s.
www.gseis.ucla.edu /faculty/kellner/papers/theorizing911.htm   (13737 words)

 RR | Renegade Recon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In case of this kind of two-way blowback the difficult thing is shooting and timing of blowback, but with Hudson M21 the timing of hammer falling down controls the timing of gas release and you can get stable movement.
It is understood that Hudson has used their experience from their M14 blowback rifle to overcome specific part and part moving related obstacles that are commonly associated with blowback guns that have heavy and wide movement of parts.
According to Gun Magazine it is possible to cut-off the CO2 for blowback and use the rifle in simple ”fixed slide” mode thus removing the necessity of carrying external air tank.
www.renegaderecon.com /article_details.php?id=78   (1459 words)

 LAUNCH, Music on Yahoo! - Tricky - Blowback
That's not necessarily why the album is being hailed as a "return to form", after all the same was said of his last, 'Juxtapose', and the guests on that project were decidedly low-key.
Often, 'Blowback' sounds like the logical follow-up to 'Angels With Dirty Faces' exploring difficult personal themes - Tricky spitting therapy with the repetitious frenzy of the shaman - and mired in the thick psychic sludge of his work at the production desk.
Elsewhere it sounds like the label sneaked the celebrity musicians into the studio while he was sleeping, played them the strange incantations that their difficult charge had committed to tape and asked them to make sense of them with their bloody guitars.
www.dotmusic.com /reviews/Albums/July2001/reviews20826.asp   (651 words)

 INC and blowback   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Blowback is espiocrat slang for a foreign operation that boomerangs and affects policy in nefarious and often illegal ways.
The Iran-Contra scandal is the current prime example of blowback, but nearly every foreign policy disaster since the start of the Cold War has elements of blowback in it.
The worst cases of blowback (such as the Noriega/BCCI scandal that precipitated the invasion of Panama) almost always involve hiring agents who turn around and rob the paymaster.
www.nwcitizen.com /wic/Quickly/INCandblowback.html   (2293 words)

 Amazon.ca: Music: Blowback   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Blowback may not entirely appease the Tricky faithful, but it is the Bristol innovator's most satisfying album in a while.
Blowback is that cross over album for Tricky, it doesn't sound like any of his other albums.
All in all Blowback has great songs and with collaborations from the Chili Peppers, Cyndi Lauper, Ed Kowalczyk, and a dash of Allanis Morisette this is Tricky's best album in years................basically Blowback wont disappoint.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005LNH1   (858 words)

 TCS: Tech Central Station - Another Kind of Blowback   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Blowback (technically the phenomenon of unspent gunpowder being ejected backwards towards the shooter after firing a gun), has taken on new life as a term describing the unintended consequences of political action.
Most frequently (as in Chalmers Johnson's "Blowback": The Cost and Consequences of American Empire), the word is reserved for the unexpected results of American covert activity, such as our arming of Muslim warlords during the Afghan-Soviet war leading to postwar catastrophe in
While a useful lens in which to view the long-term effects of controversial political decisions, blowback has also become a shorthand way of jumping to unsupported (and often pre-decided) conclusions such as
www.techcentralstation.com /090904B.html   (496 words)

 Blowback .223 by Dale Steinreich
Many LRC writers have done a good job at pointing out how many international problems currently finding their way to the U.S. doorstep are actually the result of what is known as blowback (the law of unintended consequences applied to foreign policy).
While the valuable lessons of foreign-policy blowback remain as foreign as ever to Beltway elites, their small culpability in the recent sniper attacks is sure to escape their notice as well.
There's more than a little irony in the disgust of career politicians, bureaucrats, and law enforcement officials in their reaction to the grotesque damage being wrought by the.223-caliber bullets that have hit seven civilians in the sniper attacks (so far).
www.lewrockwell.com /orig/steinreich6.html   (1106 words)

 Terror Attacks of September 11
The Soviets and the West also concluded that the people of both their respective spheres would be put down if necessary in the interests of “stability.” Democracy on both sides of the Cold War divide was shelved.
Yet, in overthrowing Mossadegh a 25-year-long period of repression was launched against dissenters in Iran with significant blowback for all parties concerned.
The Soviets installed a government in Afghanistan loyal to themselves and would suffer blowback that in part led to the very dissolution of the USSR.
www.zmag.org /sommerscalam.htm   (903 words)

 Blowback:A Review Essay on an Academic Defector’s Guide to America’s Asia Policy
“Blowback,” a CIA term for the boomerang effect of past policies, is turning the US into a Gulliver that is bleeding from a thousand and one cuts.
To prevent the dislocations for Asia and America of the inevitable resistance to US power and Washington’s mailed-fist response to that resistance, Johnson suggests that the US withdraw its land base forces from East Asia, and, in the case of Korea in particular, couple its disengagement with support for the unification of the peninsula.
Chalmers Johnson’s Blowback blows this cover: the reality undergirding “Vision 2020” is that, after over 50 years of being deployed in Asia, America’s legions are loath to go home, and their chiefs will do anything, even create new enemies, to create the illusion of their indispensability.
www.focusweb.org /publications/2000/Blowback.htm   (1616 words)

Blowback is the fullest and most authoritative account ever written of America's collaboration with Nazis after World War II, and of the long-range effect this has had on the nation's domestic and foreign policy.
Perhaps and more significantly, Blowback reveals the approved (though usually extralegal) immigration of ex-Nazis and collaborators into the United States itself, and the significant impact this has had on American society.
Authoritative, shocking, controversial, Blowback opens for the public scrutiny a chapter of our recent history that remains essential to the understanding of our world, but that many would prefer to keep shut.
israelvisit.co.il /PerkinsBooks/blowback.htm   (449 words)

 The Observer | International | Why 'blowback' is the hidden danger of war
Indeed the cause of that first blowback that led ultimately to 9/11 has far from disappeared - the presence of US servicemen and women in Saudi Arabia, a consequence ironically of the first Gulf war, which acted as a catalyst for jihadist groups.
But if this kind of blowback is unpredictable in any real sense, the risk of it is not unquantifiable, say analysts.
Indeed, as past conflicts have shown, the degree to which an operation is in danger of rebounding is proportional to how legitimate it is perceived to be among those who live in and near the theatre of that operation.
observer.guardian.co.uk /international/story/0,6903,787999,00.html   (812 words)

 A Shrill Sermon against U.S. Globalism
Since the end of the cold war, he declares, the U.S. has ''resorted much of the time to bluster, military force, and financial manipulation.'' This, in turn, ''is seeding resentments that are bound to breed attempts at revenge'' on American tourists or U.S. interests and installations overseas.
If Johnson's blowback theory were correct, the American empire would have come crumbling down long, long ago.
In his desire to be provocative, unfortunately, he risks causing a ''blowback'' of his own.
www.businessweek.com /2000/00_13/b3674091.htm   (1142 words)

 Blowback: The Cost And Consequences of American Empire plus War And Conflict In The Post-Cold War, Post-9/11 Era | ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The American press has recently started to use the term "blowback." Central Intelligence Agency officials coined it for internal use in the wake of decisions by the Carter and Reagan administrations to plunge the agency deep into the civil war in Afghanistan.
In this context, "blowback" came to mean the unintended consequences of American policies kept secret from the American people.
The dirty tricks agencies are at pains never to draw this connection between what they do and what sometimes happens to the people who ultimately pay their salaries.
www.metafilter.com /mefi/24247   (1963 words)

 Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire :: Intervention Magazine :: War, Politics, Culture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Blowback is a term invented by the Central Intelligence Agency ((CIA).
The primary objective of these operations, he argues, is to maintain a global American empire held together by military and financial domination of other countries and, more critically, their markets.
Our all-but-inevitable war with Iraq, of course, is the most glaring example of the consequences of blowback from previous policies and the dangers of blowback that will result from the war.
www.interventionmag.com /cms/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=347   (3331 words)

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