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  Official Blues Traveler Web Site
Spring of 1987 in Princeton NJ, a fl cat would show up as 4 high school kids would stroll out of a parents basement after a jam, have a smoke by a tree and ponder their future...
Blues Traveler will be doing their annual Red Rocks show on 4th of July this summer in beautiful Morrison CO. (more...)
Blues Traveler podcast Interview on Cold Turkey is now available at relix.com.
www.bluestraveler.com   (321 words)

 The Blue Highway
The blues was born the day the West African shoreline fell from the horizon.
It was raised amid the institutionalized savagery of the Deep South and flourished in the dark heart of America's largest cities.
The Blue Highway, then, is dedicated to the men and women who traveled beyond our ignorant place, and to those who could not.
www.thebluehighway.com   (0 words)

 Blues for Peace, Israel, Blues Guitar Licks, Free Blues Guitar Tab, Blues Mp3, Blues Lyrics
Blues for Peace was set up in Israel to honor the roots of blues music and promote peace and the understanding that ALL peoples have had their share of the blues.
unsung heroes, local blues musicians that love the blues and pass it on to the next generation.
Blues Musicians - BB King, Eric Clapton, Albert Collins..
www.bluesforpeace.com   (0 words)

  Home | Birmingham City
Steve Bruce booted Hossam Ghaly out of Blues after he ridiculed the ability of his new team-mates, writes Colin Tattum in the Birmingham Mail.
Liam Ridgewell today said that his move across the city from Aston Villa to Blues was for football reasons, adding that he can't wait to start working with his new boss Steve Bruce.
Blues have today completed the signing of Aston Villa centre half Liam Ridgewell for a fee of £2m.
www.blues.premiumtv.co.uk /page/Home/0,,10412,00.html   (298 words)

  TBH, A Brief History
Alan Lomax states that the blues tradition was considered to be a masculine discipline (although some of the first blues songs heard by whites were sung by 'lady' blues singers like Mamie Smith and Bessie Smith) and not many fl women were to be found singing the blues in the juke-joints.
Blues lyrics are often intensely personal, frequently contain sexual references and often deal with the pain of betrayal, desertion, and unrequited love (Kamien 519) or with unhappy situations such as being jobless, hungry, broke, away from home, lonely, or downhearted because of an unfaithful lover.
Therefore, these purists maintain that many melodies with the word "blues" in the title, and which are often spoken of as being the blues, are not the blues because their melodies lack this particular basic blues harmonic construction.
www.thebluehighway.com /history.html   (2139 words)

  Blues - MSN Encarta
Blues directly or indirectly influenced the vast majority of popular music during the 20th century, including jazz, rock, rhythm and blues (R&B), and gospel.
Blues artists often attempt to imitate instrumental sounds with their voice and to replicate aspects of the human voice with their instruments.
Blues drummers usually mark beats one and three with the bass drum, while beats two and four are accented by the snare drum.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761561248/Blues.html   (871 words)

  Blues - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The use of blue notes and the prominence of call-and-response patterns in the music and lyrics are indicative of the blues' West African pedigree.
Blues performances were organized by the Theater Owners Bookers Association in nightclubs such as the Cotton Club, and juke joints, such as the bars along Beale Street in Memphis.
Blues is sometimes danced as a type of swing dance, with no fixed patterns and a focus on connection, sensuality,body contact, and improvisation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blues   (6485 words)

 Definitions of Style - Blues
Among the formal, identifying musical traits of the blues are the familiar “blue notes,” a three-line AAB verse form, and a characteristic use of the familiar blues chord progression.
Historically, the popularity of blues coincides with the rise of the commercial recording industry, the introduction of “race”; records aimed at fl record-buyers after 1920, and the emigration of fl Americans from the rural South to the urban North.
Country blues was usually recorded by a single male singer, self-accompanied on the guitar or piano, with perhaps an accompanying harmonica or simple percussion.
www.cbmr.org /styles/blues.htm   (563 words)

In Chicago, the emergence of blues culture in the 1920s coincided with increased musical performance and recording nationwide and paralleled the dramatic growth of fl urban enclaves during the Great Migration.
Blues nightclubs continued to shape fl neighborhoods on the South and West Sides; Roosevelt Road, Madison Street, and 43rd Street became blues thoroughfares.
While Chicago blues did not recapture its centrality to the civic life of the African American community, a renaissance has been building since the late 1960s, when blues found a new audience drawn from followers of rock music searching out roots artists.
www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org /pages/151.html   (1103 words)

 Augusta Heritage Center's Blues theme week
She plays guitar, bass, mandolin, and fiddle with Saffire –The Uppity Blues Women, and is also known for her powerful vocals.
She was nominated for a Handy Award as Traditional Blues Artist of the Year, and her Elevator Man was nominated for Song of the Year.
The band, mixing old country blues and boogie-woogie, consists of Jim Herbert on guitar; Karla Peterie on vocals, guitar, mandolin, and washboard; Mike Roark on piano; and Phil Smith on bass.
www.augustaheritage.com /blues.html   (1179 words)

 Blues Downloads - Download Blues Music - Download Blues MP3s
Most blues feature simple, usually three-chord, progressions and have simple structures that are open to endless improvisations, both lyrical and musical.
New hybrids appeared by each region, but all of the recorded blues from the early 1900s are distinguished by simple, rural acoustic guitars and pianos.
From that point on, the blues continued to develop in new directions -- particularly on electric instruments -- or it has been preserved as an acoustic tradition.
www.mp3.com /blues/genre/19/summary.html   (542 words)

 ESPN.com: St. Louis Blues Clubhouse
C Ryan Johnson was activated from injured reserve prior to the game after missing 14 games with a broken foot.
The St. Louis Blues secured a former first-round pick Wednesday, re-signing defenseman Christian Backman to a multiyear contract.
A federal judge threw out an appeal by former St. Louis Blues player Mike Danton, rejecting his bid to serve out a prison sentence in Canada for a failed attempt to have his agent killed.
sports.espn.go.com /nhl/clubhouse?team=stl   (304 words)

Without going into a great deal of technical musical definitions, the Blues is a form of music that grew out of a remembered African tradition merged with European musical formats during the slavery experience of Blacks in America.
The Blues became a separately identifiable form in the late 19th century, spread by aural tradition.
Opposed to this is the theory that it is the music that is critical, that everyone has the blues feeling, and that the Blues transcends race and culture.
www.blues.net /blues-FAQ.html   (2973 words)

Venues such as the Delta Blues Museum, the Chess Studios in Chicago, and Beale Street in Memphis emphasize the music's contemporary connections and establish a firm sense of place.
Each program breathes life into blues history and culture with new and archival interviews from prominent artists, historians, record producers, and of course, historic and modern-day blues recordings.
By the 1960s, Chicago blues had peaked and a resurgence of acoustic roots music was in full swing throughout America’s college campuses and coffeehouses.
www.yearoftheblues.org /radio/index.asp   (778 words)

 The Blues . Blues Classroom | PBS
As profound as the blues has been to the national music experience, it has only occasionally entered the American classroom, mostly through individual teachers who were committed blues fans and who created their own methods to integrate the music into curricula.
The Blues educational outreach campaign, created by Experience Music Project, provides teaching strategies and resources for teachers to assist in the integration of blues music, culture, and history into American classrooms, with emphasis on grades 9-12.
A Blues Educational Outreach Advisory Board was created to assist in the development of classroom materials and all lessons have been designed to meet National Education Standards.
www.pbs.org /theblues/classroom.html   (346 words)

 Espoo Blues
Espoo Blues, formerly known as Kiekko-Espoo, was founded in 1984.
Blues has 3 junior teams (C-juniors, B-juniors, A-juniors) and 3 teams in Kiekko-Espoo Juniorit (C, B- and A-juniors).
Blues women's team has won 7 Championships in a row in women's national league during 1999-2005.
www.blues.fi /index2.php?m=11&id=44   (370 words)

 CD Baby: CD Baby: BLUES music you will love.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This clinky, clanky, distinctively dank and dark blues album was recorded almost entirely in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains.
Using the roots of delta blues and expanding exponetionally from there, some of the tracks ride the hard line between contral and chaos, while others let go of the reigns and sprawl out into free form jams that build and eventually dissipate.
With a feeling and natural ability that can't be explained for someone so young, Eric delivers a blues guitar performance with an intensity and skill that never fails to amaze anyone who sees or hears the band.
www.cdbaby.com /style/blues   (1087 words)

 blues - Wiktionary
A musical form, African-American in origin, generally featuring an eight-bar or twelve-bar structure and using the blues scale.
A large portion of modern popular music is influenced by the blues.
Despite its plural form, blues may be grammatically singular or plural, except where noted.
en.wiktionary.org /wiki/Blues   (144 words)

 Blues - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
A cast of modern blues' more iconoclastic characters supports Mali in his deliciously growly take on moonshine jazz.
Blues singers can have some of the gruffest growls in music.
Taking time out for a pure blues set is a great way to re-hear everyone from Zep to today's most radical indie-rock acts.
music.download.com /2001-7976_32-0.html   (461 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Blues: Music: Jimi Hendrix   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BLUES is probably the best packaged, richest sounding, most coherent post-mortem release from the Hendrix archives.
Hendrix's "Catfish Blues" is a powerful evocation oftribal elders Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters, while his abstract chord changes and soaring, strident leads on the shuffling "Jelly 292" are an affectionate parody of classic urban blues lines such as "After Hours" and "Sweet Home Chicago".
Taken as a whole, Jimi Hendrix's BLUES is the portrait of a great American original who was (like Stevie Ray Vaughan ageneration later) just beginning to scratch the surface of his awesome talent.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000002OSK   (1203 words)

 Amazon.com: Blues Blues Blues: Music: Jimmy Rogers All-Stars   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With other rock-era titans (Taj Mahal, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page) and blues stalwarts (Carey Bell, Johnnie Johnson, Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers drummer Ted Harvey) along to lend support, Blues Blues Blues is a star-studded sendoff to one of the blues' noble patriarchs.
I thought a really nice balance was achieved between blues and rock, such that the strong drive is always there, but at the same time, this is unmistakably blues, with excellent piano and harp to add to solid guitar work.
While the album was recorded as a celebration of Rogers' contribution to the blues, it serves as a fitting tribute.
www.amazon.com /Blues-Jimmy-Rogers-All-Stars/dp/B00000DD2D   (1858 words)

 JAZCLASS - Blues lesson : on Blues origin, Blues harmony, Blues improvisation by Michael Furstner
The Blues started in the 19th century as a form of folk music developed by the fl slaves in the United States.
Triad Blues is in the key of C. The rhythmic motif is a simple 2 bar pattern, repeated every two bars.
In Triad Blues only the C chord (in the LH) is played in root position.
www.jazclass.aust.com /bl1.htm   (1415 words)

 Welcome to the San Francisco Blues Festival
Celebrate the blues down by the San Francisco Bay at the world's oldest blues festival, September 28-30.
Blues Farm Revue, featuring the Carter Brothers, Johnny 'Da Doo' Wilson, Hosea Leavy, and Fillmore Slim.
The 36th anniversary of the San Francisco Blues Festival is scheduled for September 26-28, 2008.
www.sfblues.com   (0 words)

 Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival
GRAMMY-nominated guitarist and Louisiana wetlands activist was named Contemporary Blues Male Artist of the Year and B.B. King Entertainer of the Year at the Blues Music Awards.
Nine DME Blues Cruises on the Willamette River.
Cruise the Willamette River on the Portland Spirit and hear legendary blues artists perform on the boat’s three intimate stages.
www.waterfrontbluesfest.com   (0 words)

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