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Topic: Blue Cat Records

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  Blue Cat Design - Intranet applications & development, corporate intranets, intranet consultants, intranets
Blue Cat Design can help your company implement a dynamic corporate intranet that can enhance your communication efforts, increase collaboration between employees and make timely information accessible across the entire corporation.
Blue Cat Design's creative director, Christine Collie Rowland, will be happy to discuss your intranet project or any questions you may have about establishing a corporate intranet.
She can be contacted at Blue Cat Design: 905-753-1017 (voice line) ; 1-888-BLUE-CAT or fax: 905-753-2777 or use our interactive reply form.
www.bluecatdesign.com /bcat/intranet.html   (547 words)

  Red Bird Records - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Shangri-Las' recording contract and catalog was sold in a separate deal to Mercury Records.
Among the artists who released records on Red Bird were The Dixie Cups ("Chapel of Love", "People Say"), The Shangri-Las ("Leader of the Pack", "Remember (Walkin' In the Sand)", "I Can Never Go Home Anymore"), The Tradewinds ("New York Is A Lonely Town"), and The Jelly Beans ("I Wanna Love Him So Bad").
A subsidiary label, Blue Cat Records released a hit record named "The Boy from New York City", recorded by The Ad Libs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Red_Bird_Records   (257 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Cats have twice as many smell-sensitive cells in their noses as we do, which means they can smell things we are not even aware of.
When you find your cat glued to the window intently watching a bird, making a strange chattering noise and clicking his or her jaws oddly, your cat is merely acting on instinct.
What your cat is doing is directly related to the killing bite that all cats (both domestic and wild cats) use to dispatch their prey.
www.catlovers.us /cat-facts.php   (1244 words)

 the Blue Persian Cat Society
In 1871, he set about organising the first cat show with the intention of raising awareness of the 'beauty and attractiveness' of the cat so that 'the too often despised cat will meet with the attention and kind treatment that every dumb animal should have and ought to receive'.
Cats were 'sent' to the show, a practice which continued for many years, and penned in cages with crimson cushions to sit on.
The first cat show was so well received that another was organised for December of the same year.
www.bluepersian.ndirect.co.uk /history.html   (1112 words)

 +Amazing Cat Records+   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Cats are always getting themselves and their owners in The Guinness Book Of Records.
The average life expectancy for a neutered, well looked after cat is now 15 - 17 years for a male and 17 - 19 years for a female.
This record goes to a Burmese/Siamese cat owned by V. Gane of Church Westcote, Kingham, Oxon, UK who gave birth to 19 kittens in one go in 1970.
mollykitty.tripod.com /Records.html   (470 words)

 Cat World Records
The average life expectancy of an indoor cat is between 9 to 15 years.
According to the Guinness Book of Records, the oldest living cat is a Burmese called Kataleena Lady who lives in Melbourne, Australia.
Katy's owners had hoped to have her recognised as the world's heaviest cat with the Guinness Book of Records however they are no longer accepting nominations in this category as they don't want to encourage pet owners to overfeed their animals.
www.cat-world.com.au /CatRecords.htm   (849 words)

 1¾ « Õ: w &127; &127; ‚ ƒ ƒ NORMAL
Present state records: blue cat - 82 pounds, 7 ounces caught from Ft. Loudoun Lake by Chris Vittetoe; flathead - 85 pounds, 15 ounces caught from Hiwassee River area of Chickamauga Lake by Larry Kaylor; and channel cat - 41 pounds from Fall Creek Falls lake by Clint Walters Jr.
The channel cat has bluish grey to silver sides, often spotted when it is young but the spots tend to disappear as the fish ages.
The blue catfish can be confused with a spotless channel cat but it is usually silver to bluish in color.
www.fishingtennessee.com /Articles/Summerlin/CAT-HOT.html   (2513 words)

Blue Cat - famed for good music, low lighting, decent drinks, eccentricity, experimentation and good times can be found at Shaw Rd, Heaton Moor, Stockport, Cheshire and bluecatmusic.co.uk
By the way Blue Cat (the venue) is really 9 years old and the label was started in March 2004.
Everyone knows that Dick Valentine of Electric Six dropped into the Blue Cat Café last night to play an intimate acoustic set, featuring some of the E6 hits and some previously unheard material, with a little help from his friends in the audience.
myspace.com /bluecatmusic   (1352 words)

Blue catfish, like flathead catfish, are native to the Mississippi River Basin.
Blue catfish are scavengers, feeding primarily on or near the bottom.
Consequently, blue catfish should not be moved from one waterbody to another.
www.ncwildlife.org /pg03_Fishing/profiles/pages/Blue_catfish.htm   (358 words)

 The Russian Blue Cat
A Russian Blue is a beautiful, short-haired, silver-coated cat that is both gentle and playful.
Russians love playing with cat toys and climbing on scratching posts, but because of their gentle nature may not like rough handling.
Your kitten will be provided with its vaccination record and will have all vaccinations it is old enough to have at the time of purchase.
www.alaska.net /~starcats/RBMain.html   (433 words)

Blues were first officially recorded in 1990 by Florida Game and Fresh Water Commission biologists despite reports that anglers had been catching blues for many years.
Blues may grow to lengths of over 55 inches and may weigh more than 100 pounds.
NOTE: Blue catfish are restricted as being potentially detrimental to the natural ecosystem if they were moved from their current range into other water bodies and should not be transported alive.
floridafisheries.com /Fishes/catfish.html   (2550 words)

 Chartreux History
One of the first records of a gray cat resembling a Chartreux was in 1558, when Joachin de Bellay, a French poet, refers to such a cat (which has died) in terms which lead one to believe that the cat was a Chartreux, although the name was not at that time given to the breed:
In 1747, artist Jean-Baptiste Perroneau painted a beautiful portrait of Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange, holding on her lap a gray cat which appears to be a Chartreux, the cat having a very large body, yellow eyes, and head shape of the breed.
Buffon gives a clear picture of the breed in that he presents plates of the cat and depicts the animal with a straight nose, with fur slightly longer than that of a domestic cat and the fur wooly in appearance, the tail carried straight up and pointed at the end.
www.bluecatfarm.com /new_page_3.htm   (720 words)

 Blue Cat Blues Records
Blue Cat Blues Records is the musical extention of the historic Deep Ellum Texas blues club by the same name that operated from 1990 through the fall of 2001.
Started in 2004 with the release of Los Lonely Boys - Live at Blue Cat Blues, a look back to the beginings of the band during a live performance at Blue Cat Blues Club in late 2000.
Blue Cat Blues Records is an indi label that takes a hands on approach to every aspect of the artists under its catalog.
www.allaboutjazz.com /php/entity.php?id=8279   (171 words)

 FatCat Records : Releases
On the album’s muted release, rather than hang around to promote the record, Vashti left the city again to live with the ISB in the Scottish Borders, and then (with horses, wagons, dogs and children) on to Ireland and obscurity.
The record slipped out in a tiny pressing and was rapidly forgotten, yet gradually over the years accrued a cultish currency as a lost English classic.
A host of young, new admirers emerged citing her influence, and Vashti has since recorded with Piano Magic, The Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde, Devendra Banhart, and with Animal Collective on the ‘Prospect Hummer’ EP that FatCat instigated in 2003 and released this spring.
fat-cat.co.uk /fatcat/release.php?id=173   (806 words)

 HeatherWynd Russian Blue cats and kittens CFA and TICA championship bloodlines - Adoption Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The flexor tendonectomy is a deep severing of the tendon behind the claw that is responsible for the extention and retraction of the cat's claws.
We are considerate in all cases that concern the welfare of the cat or kitten.
The kitten or cat must be treated by a licensed veterinarian, and the new owner must provide the veterinarian's signed documentation with complete diagnosis including test results to the breeder.
www.heatherwynd.com /rb_cats/adopt.html   (2198 words)

 CD Baby: LOS LONELY BOYS: Los Lonely Boys - Live at Blue Cat Blues
Prior to selling millions of records, touring with Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana, and the Rolling Stones, and winning a Grammy for the hit single “Heaven”, the brotherly trio of Los Lonely Boys was just another bar band playing small stages across Texas hoping to someday get their “big break”.
Recorded live in an intimate club setting, the CD exhibits the explosive energy of Henry Garza's guitar playing in contrast to the smooth harmonizing vocals of a young band of brothers primed and destined for success.
Incidentally, the performance presented in its original form was recorded at Blue Cat Blues the day after the passing of the Boys’ grandmother.
cdbaby.com /cd/loslonelyboys   (731 words)

 Welcome to Carpet Cat Records Online Store
His is also performing and recording with Patrick Moraz of Yes.
This live recording of Southern California jazz icon Tom Margitan and his quartet will put you in the club, front and center.
Recorded live, the mixture of jazz standards and originals, make this disc one of the year's most exciting.
www.carpetcat.com /home.html   (833 words)

 Cat Fanciers' Association: Breed Profile: American Shorthair
For centuries, "working cats" flourished along with their pioneer owners and eventually established themselves as the native North American shorthaired cat.
Those who wished to preserve the North American shorthaired cat acquired the finest examples of the breed and began mating them selectively to preserve the breed's conformation, beautiful face and sweet disposition, while perfecting the patterns and colors characteristic of the American Shorthair as we know it today.
The difference, however, is that a pedigreed cat can consistently produce kittens of the same physical conformation, coat quality, and temperament, while a random-bred cat cannot.
www.cfainc.org /breeds/profiles/american-sh.html   (853 words)

 Petnet - Responsible Ownership in Australia - Russian Blue Cat
The Russian Blue, with its vivid green eyes, long thin body and distinctive double coat, is one of the most coveted of the short-haired cats.
It is believed sailors took them to western Europe in the 1860's and early records describe their thick, seal-like coats which were their natural protection against the very cold Russian climate.
A very quite cat, it uses its voice once in a blue moon, is very affectionate and devoted and is rather shy, gentle and home-loving and bonds very closely with its owner.
www.petnet.com.au /cat/C115.html   (273 words)

 Amazon.com: Los Lonely Boys: Live At Blue Cat Blues: Music: Los Lonely Boys (Author)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
You'll see what I mean, this CD was recorded live in 2000/2001, listen to the amount of people in the audience, there is maybe two or three tables with 1 person sitting at each table.
If Los Lonely Boys seem to have burst on the scene from nowhere, this recording from several years ago shows that they were working the tunes from their first album for quite a while.
The recording quality and quality of vocal harmonies is not as good here as on the current discs, but the guitar work and overall club feel makes it a more satisfying recording than Live at the Fillmore.
www.amazon.com /Los-Lonely-Boys-Live-Blues/dp/B0002JAVC6   (1499 words)

 TopCat Records - Home Of Texas Blues | Press Release: Jim Suhler & Alan Haynes - Live at the Blue Cat
The Blue Cat Blues club in Dallas’ Deep Ellum district is where this live performance was recorded.
The kickoff cut is "Two Poor To Die", the chunka-chunk rhythm of which hosts as sardonic and macabre a lyric as "Black Cat Bone" by the poet laureate of Texas death music, Lightnin’ Hopkins.
Jim Suhler and Alan Haynes - Live At Blue Cat Blues is destined to receive rave reviews and generous radio airplay, and is sure to be one of the top blues CD releases of 2000.
www.topcatrecords.com /read-press-release/jim-suhler-alan-haynes-live-at-blue-cat-blues.htm   (438 words)

 Goldner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
His first record label, Tico Records, was formed in the late 1940s.
In promoting his records, he resorted to pay DJs at radio stations to have his records played.
Goldner's last successful label was actually co-founded by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Red Bird Records and its Blue Cat Records subsidiary.
www.wwwtln.com /finance/89/goldner.html   (328 words)

 eBay - Blue Cat Reviews & Guides
Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on August 11, 1964.
The Baby Blue Cat loves to say "no" to everything from Mama Cat's delicious supper to a bedtime story.
Baby Blue Cat is the only one of his siblings who refuses dinner, a cupcake, and especially bedtime.
search.reviews.ebay.com /Blue-Cat   (332 words)

 CFA Breed Article: Russian Blue
Ever since the day in 1966 when my first Russian Blue female, CH Rasdedjan's Ninouschka of Velva (Imp.), arrived from Sweden and stepped out of her custom-made wooden carrier, composed and eager to investigate her new surroundings, I have been completely captivated by this breed.
Although all Russian Blue breeders have the occasional totally outgoing kitten who loves everyone and never meets a stranger, this kitten is usually the exception.
When confronted with being either in or out of a room that was not to her liking she would simply jump on the doorknob, hold on until she turned the knob in the appropriate direction and found her way into the area she wanted.
www.cfainc.org /breeds/profiles/articles/russian.html   (1677 words)

 Cats, Cats, and More Cats
These cats have a thick coats and around the neck is a ruff.
The Manx is a cat that has a stump of a tail or no tail at all.
This cat is believed to the sacred cat of ancient Egypt This is a very Active, playful, and Inquisitive breed of cat.
www.kynd.com /~comeaufa/cassyapb.htm   (2447 words)

 Blue Cat Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Blue Cat Cafe, famed for good music, low lighting, decent drinks, eccentricity, experimentation and good times have launched a record label, Blue Cat Records.
BBC Manchester: Stockport's Blue Cat Café is a regular stop-off on the live music circuit for new bands coming out of Greater Manchester, and now the venue is pushing some of those artists forward with a compilation of the finest tunes that have graced their stage.
There are so many acts in the Stockport area who play at the Blue Cat regularly.
www.bluecatmusic.co.uk /bluecatlabel.html   (413 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Prior to winning a Grammy in 2004 the Garza Brothers; Henry (guitar), Jojo (bass) and Ringo (drums) recorded Live at Blue Cat Blues on November 30, 2000 in a small Dallas, Texas blues club which has since closed its doors.
The blues legend was smiling down on the boys as they did an excellent soulful rendition.
Hearing a live recording before the Los Lonely Boys “got big” is a treat for a fan.
www.loslonelyboys.org /news2.php?id=5384   (557 words)

 Labels open vaults to meet digital demand
The catalogs of Cambridge, Mass.-based Rounder Records and Memphis' venerable Sun Records labels are two such examples, with virtual vaults being thrown open for collectors and aficionados.
Recorded between 1950 and 1966, many of the songs have been out-of-print (some only released on vinyl) or found on box sets.
Additionally, eMusic has also licensed rights to 5,000 tracks from the Sun Entertainment Corp. catalog, which includes the Red Bird Records, Blue Cat Records, Plantation Records, SSS International, Jessup Records, Silver Fox and Amazon labels.
www.suntimes.com /output/music/sho-sunday-round22.html   (321 words)

 Cat Records
When Dusty, a tabby from Bonham, Texas, USA gave birth to her final kitten in 1952, she had produced 420 kittens in 17 years.
Here's what Pat says about her kitty: "She has been a wonderful cat and is very affectionate still with everyone.
She has always lived in an apartment and has never been outdoors as she is terrified to be out in the open.
www.cats.alpha.pl /record.htm   (572 words)

 Pascal Records
Their scene was launched when The Blue Hawaiians formed in March 1994 after Michelle Marini, owner of the just-opened Lava Lounge, asked Los Angeles-based Fontana to assemble a new band for her club.
Then attired in sharkskin suits over Hawaiian shirts-the group canned the aloha shirts once they came back in style--today their fashion ethic is to dress with the "class" of the golden age of Las Vegas.
According to Fontana, The Blue Hawaiians “sprung from the ashes” of several bands -- The El Caminos, Johnny Monster and The Nightmares, The Beautiful Losers, Drew Weaver’s Vibrabeams, and The Panamints.
www.pascalrecords.com /b_bluehawaiians.html   (1314 words)

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