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  Blue Note Jazz Club New York
The Blue Note Blog gives an in-depth and behind the scenes look at our world class artists through videos, backstage interviews, pictures, and other exclusive content.
Check the blog for ticket giveaways and chances to win CDs and other Blue Note memorabilia!
Add me to the Blue Note Mailing List.
www.bluenote.net   (156 words)

  Blue Note Records Discography Project Page
Blue Note Records Discography: 1939-1944 - session index
Blue Note Records Discography: 1945-1950 - session index
Blue Note Records Discography: 1951-1952 - session index
www.jazzdisco.org /bluenote   (369 words)

  Music: Identifying the Impulse
Blue Note Records are concerned with identifying its impulse, not its sensational and commercial adornments." It was evident Lion had not jumped into this venture haphazardly.
Blue Note went on to debut many important talents, but Monk would prove to be their greatest "discovery."
Lion and his wife were reunited with many of Blue Note's extended family of musicians (a recording of the event has just been reissued), and there he met Cuscuna for the first time, along with Bruce Lundvall, the label's newly appointed president.
www.austinchronicle.com /issues/vol18/issue16/music.bluenote.html   (3521 words)

 Blue note - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The blue notes correspond approximately to the flattened third, flattened fifth, and flattened seventh scale degrees, although they approximate non-equal tempered pitches found in African work songs; specifically, the flatted seventh may often be a justly tuned minor seventh.
The blues scale is used in almost all twelve-bar and eight-bar blues, but it is also used in blues ballads and in conventional popular songs with a "blue" feeling, such as Harold Arlen's "Stormy Weather".
Blue notes are also heard in English folk music (Lloyd 1967, p.52-4), but are not usually in the usual blues progression.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blue_note   (252 words)

 Computer Arts - Design Icon: Blue Note
Blue Note quickly became Miles’s playground; a space to challenge himself, artists and the audience.
Blue Note was hit hard by the reinvention of jazz in the late 1960s and the label began to drift slowly away from the cutting edge.
As the viability of jazz came under the spotlight, Blue Note retreated to the safety of ‘straight’ jazz, dispensing with Reid Miles in the process.
www.computerarts.co.uk /in_depth/features/design_icon_blue_note   (949 words)

 Blue Note Milano English > Homepage
Blue Note Milano English reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the Blue Note Milano English Web Site is offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with the use of the Blue Note Milano English Web Site.
Blue Note Milano English is providing these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Blue Note Milano English of the site or any association with its operators.
Blue Note Milano English reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, in Blue Note Milano English's sole discretion.
www.bluenotemilano.com /eng/Homepage/tabid/107/ctl/Terms/Default.aspx   (1475 words)

 brandchannel.com | Blue Note brand | brands | brand | branding news
Technically, a blue note is a micro-tonally lowered third, seventh, or fifth degree of the diatonic scale.
Artists were more daring and willing to write new material for a Blue Note date, since they felt more familiar with the material when they recorded it, and more confident in their ability to improvise during sessions.
The new Blue Note has been able to meet its goals of developing new and, at times, crossover talent, but it remains to be seen how far it can stretch without losing its consumer and artist base and fading into the memories of a few.
www.brandchannel.com /features_profile.asp?pr_id=34   (2883 words)

 TobaccoReviews.com: Blend Detail: Dan Tobacco - Blue Note
Blue Note, from Dan Tobacco, is a terrific blend for non-smokers in that the room note is extremely pleasing.
Blue Note is a great smoke, the taste is full and has a great roomnote.The flavor is of exotic fruits and a nice shot of Bourbon Vanilla.
Blue Note is made of good tobaccos, doesn't bite or turn bitter in the bowl, and the sweetness seems just right when you're contemplating installing enough air conditioning to suck small dogs up into the return vents.
www.tobaccoreviews.com /blend_detail.cfm?ALPHA=B&TID=403   (10842 words)

Blue Note Label No. 2 can also have extremely fine sound, though there is more variation in pressing quality than is found on the earlier Label No. 1.
Blue Note's new label designs do not seem to have been placed on the new disqs as promptly as Columbia or RCA changed graphics on their new records.
Blue Note records, particularly Labels No. 1 and No. 2a, are as close to art as the recording process comes.
ronpenndorf.com /labelography.html   (1820 words)

 Blue Note
Blue Note’s music was, as its founder Alfred Lion, puts it “without commercial adornments.” Even without a prior knowledge of what Blue Note was about, one can derive from this statement a serious commitment to the music rather then to commercial success or musical fads.
Blues is, in fact, the organic link between the early jazz styles of Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet and the modern jazz we hear today.
The Blue Note documentary includes an astounding videotape of the Messengers playing “Moanin’” with Freddy Hubbard (considered by many to be the heir-apparent of Dizzy Gillespie) on trumpet and the great Ron Carter on bass.
www.nathanielturner.com /bluenote.htm   (3081 words)

 Amazon.com: Blue Note: Album Cover Art: Books: Graham Marsh,Glyn Callingham   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Blue Note remains one of the most influential jazz labels of all time, and its cover art is a virtual time-capsule of cool.
Blue Note Records was founded in 1939 when German emigre Alfred Lion recorded pianists Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis in a New York studio.
Please note that we are unable to respond directly to all feedback submitted via this form, but we'll ask you to sign in so we can contact you if needed.
www.amazon.com /Blue-Note-Album-Cover-Art/dp/0811836886   (1274 words)

 Blue Note   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Blue Note has taken the re-release process even further by adding both the Connoisseur and Rare Groove CD series.
Albums that came out last summer as regular Blue Note re-issues are now Connoisseur, with an inflated price tag and a threat that this is a limited edition run that won't be further re-released after stocks are sold out: Sounds a silly threat designed to get collectors rushing to preserve their favourite albums on CD.
Why Blue Note doesn't take the same approach as Impulse, high quality re-issues at a reasonable price that are made as long as there is a demand, is strange indeed.
www.ucalgary.ca /UofC/students/VOX/Albums/bluenote.htm   (589 words)

 TAIPEI > DINING > Blue Note
Blue Note is not very big, but is well-adorned with posters of musicians.
Cai Ba says that the decorations at Blue Note are aimed at giving customers a "total jazz feeling", with a wall covered entirely with jazz CDs and a mural of jazz bands next to it.
Blue Note does not hesitate to let newcomers perform and, over the last 30 years, many musicians have been cultivated here, contributing to the growth and development of Taiwan's jazz scene.
www.taiwanfun.com /north/taipei/nightlife/0511/0511BlueNote.htm   (346 words)

 Blue Note Records - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Blue Note label initially consisted of Lion and Max Margulis, a communist writer who funded the project.
Bruce Lundvall was appointed to oversee the label at the time of the revival and Michael Cuscuna has worked as freelance advisor and reissue producer.
The Blue Note is a popular live music venue in Columbia, Missouri.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Blue_Note_Records   (1698 words)

 Amazon.de: The Blue Note Years: The Jazz Photography of Francis Wolff: English Books: Michael Cuscuna,Charlie ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some of these photographs appeared on Blue Note album covers and later in booklets offered with reissues of classic jazz recordings produced by Mosaic Records, which Cuscuna and Lourie founded in 1982.
When Alfred Lion, founder of Blue Note Records, retired in 1967, his partner, Frank Wolff, presented him with the label's photographic archive as a keepsake.
Francis Wolff was not just Blue Note's primary photographer (and quite talented), he was also the label's co-founder.
www.amazon.de /Blue-Note-Years-Photography-Francis/dp/0789313650   (860 words)

 NPR : 'Blue Note Records, The Biography'
The period defined by 1953-4 is one of the most critical in Blue Note's history, since so many of the characteristic qualities which define, for many, the Blue Note style, were set in place.
As Blue Note's business began to grow, he and Wolff realized that they had to have a regular turnover of new material if the label was going to keep its place in the newly expanding world of jazz microgroove records.
Quality control, which was a preoccupation of Lion's, saw to it that there were very few duds among Blue Note's release schedule, even as the pace of their recording increased.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=1339880   (1884 words)

 Browse by Label: BLUE NOTE
"In this particular Blue Note 'DJ-set,' which is comprised of vintage tracks, Jazzanova generates energetic moments with melodies and arrangements displaying that Blue Note has released all kinds of different styles of music, avoiding the 'jazz' stereotype.
Cooking session indeed, the Loopdigga, Madlib, was afforded the coveted opportunity to mine the vaults of Blue Note Records -- having full access to the original multi-track recordings.
And it's on Blue Note, the jazz label that is much more than jazz.
www.forcedexposure.com /labels/blue.note.html   (885 words)

 Welcome at Blue Note : Jazzclub   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Blue Note is a private Jazzclub in Brussels, which focuses on 40+ clients.
This famous club, is owned by Michelle, a wellknown lady in the Belgian Jazzscene.
It's tastefull interieur and the great atmosphere, makes Blue Note "The place to be" for the Jazzaddicts amongst us..
www.bluenote.be /welcome.html   (74 words)

 Blue Note News - Topix   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Blue Note News continually updated by readers like you.
Jazz pianist and composer Andrew Hill, whose career spanned more than 50 years, has died at the age of 75, his record label Blue Note announced.
I edit the Blue Note News pages on Topix when no humans are available to help.
www.topix.net /who/blue-note   (570 words)

 Blue's Quake News - August 23-29, 1997
Please note: Major game channels are reserved for their publishers and typically do not have ops (The standard for 3DNet).
I want to thank the folks at Digiweb for hosting Blue's for close to ten months now, clearly at the expense of a ton of bandwidth and headaches.
Also, on a related note, legion sends along word of a pair of new animated graphics of a pair of bosses that have been posted on the
www.bluesnews.com /archives/aug97-4.html   (5495 words)

 The Blue Note Label
The Blue Note 4000 series began in the mid-1950s with many of the same artists.
The 1500 series has been systematically reissued by Toshiba in Japan ("Blue Note Works 1500" series, 20-bit K2 CDs); the catalog numbers are TOCJ-1501, etc. In addition, originally unissued material from these late 50s dates was made available on Toshiba's 1600 series (20-bit K2 CDs).
By the late 60s Blue Note was changing: the label was sold to Liberty Records in 1965; Reid Miles and Alfred Lion retired by mid-1967; Frank Wolff died in 1971.
www.plosin.com /milesAhead/BluenoteLabel.html   (4135 words)

 Amazon.com: Blue Note: The Album Cover Art: Books: Graham Marsh   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Blue Note Records: The Biography by Richard Cook
Two hundred color photographs of the album sleeves, an informative history of the Blue Note record company, and a portrait of Reid Miles, who designed nearly 500 album covers, capture the integrity of this distinctive record label.
Great cover photos for most of the interesting Blue Note LPs.The covers are of the original lp's but sometimes of later releases: Page 10: "Sonny Rollins / A night in the village vanguard" has later "liberty" cover Page 22: Bud Powell 2 lps down the page have later covers.
www.amazon.com /Blue-Note-Album-Cover-Art/dp/0811800369   (1387 words)

Blue Note Records is a jazz record label, established in 1939 by Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff and currently owned by the EMI Group.
It derives its name from the characteristic "blue notes" of jazz and the blues.
Blue Note is principally associated with the "hard bop" style of jazz (mixing bebop with other forms of music including soul, blues, rhythm and blues and gospel).
profile.myspace.com /index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=59065129   (622 words)

 Blue Note Web Services - Hosting and Development » Home
Blue Note Web Services is a full-service hosting and design company specializing in PHP, MySQL and osCommerce development.  Blue Note Web Services also provides hosting on our high-speed servers in reliable datacenters.
Tonight our datacenter will be installing RAID hardware on each of our servers.  We expect each server to be down for less than 10 minutes as the new hardware is added and the system rebooted.
Everyone at Blue Note has been working around the clock to get this server back up and operational.
www.bluenoteweb.com /index.html   (253 words)

 EFF: Blue Ribbon Campaign
Display the Blue Ribbon to support the essential human right of free speech, a fundamental building block of free society, affirmed by the U.S. Bill of Rights in 1791 and by the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
This allows us to replace the "usual" Blue Ribbon icon with an "ALERT!" version (which you may or may not be seeing above, right now) during action alerts, and have that change appear on thousands of campaign participants' pages instantly, with no need for you to change your web page.
If you are in another country and want to point to a localized alternate Blue Ribbon page please feel free to do so, and let us know where it is. We hope to work with our non-US counterparts to set up more Blue Ribbon pages for online free speech, globally.
www.eff.org /blueribbon.html   (1000 words)

 Shopping.com - Shopping made simple
Accentuate your bedroom with class and style with out breaking the bank with this Blue Note Luxury Jacquard Pillow Set.
A 36 note musical movement will sound perfect within the large music jewelry box....
A 22 note musical movement will sound perfect within the large music jewelry box.
www.shopping.com /xGS-Blue_Note   (784 words)

Trumpeter Blue Mitchell expanded his quintet to an octet with great arrangements by Duke Pearson for this 1966 album.
Two Chick Corea jazz standards, “Tones For Joan’s Bones” and “Straight Up And Down” were introduced on this LP with the composer at the piano.
BLUE MITCHELL, trumpet; JULIAN PRIESTER, trombone; JERRY DODGION, alto sax, flute; JUNIOR COOK, tenor sax; PEPPER ADAMS, baritone sax; CEDAR WALTON (#1-4), CHICK COREA (#5-6), piano; GENE TAYLOR, bass; MICKEY ROKER, drums; DUKE PEARSON, arranger.
www.bluenote.co.uk /album.php?id=10501&mode=1§ion=6   (101 words)

 Blue Note - V. 1
Blue Note - V. Blue Note - V. Preview
A PREVIEW OF BLUE NOTE - V. Currently, there are not enough Tomatometer critic reviews for Blue Note - V. to receive a rating.
Thirty Major jazz and blues artists gather at New York's Town Hall to celebrate their relationship with Blue Note Records.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/blue_note_v_1   (335 words)

 Blue Note Records information and related industry information from Hoover's
Blue Note Records information and related industry information from Hoover's
There are 7 competitors for Blue Note; see more.
Get more info on Blue Note with a DandB Report.
www.hoovers.com /blue-note/--ID__113025--/free-co-factsheet.xhtml   (366 words)

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