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Topic: Blue-collar worker

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 Blue-collar worker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A blue-collar worker is a working class employee who performs manual, unskilled or semiskilled labor, such as in a factory or maintenance "trades," in contrast to a white-collar worker, who does non-manual work generally at a desk.
The quintessential blue collar NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers of the Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher eras, not only for their physical play, but also because they have traditionally had a large and loyal blue collar fan base.
Another aspect of blue-collar work is the time clock used to record the precise hours that the employees work and therefore calculate their pay—which is usually based on an hourly rate and paid weekly. /wiki/Blue-collar_worker   (772 words)

 Blue collar - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Blue collar
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. /Blue+collar   (61 words)

 Blue-Collar Worker Supervisors
In the past, supervisors exercised their authority to direct the efforts of blue-collar workers; increasingly, supervisors are assuming the role of a facilitator for groups of workers, aiding in group decisionmaking and conflict resolution.
Although the responsibilities of blue-collar worker supervisors are as varied as the titles they hold, their primary task is to ensure that workers, equipment, and materials are used properly to maximize productivity.
For the millions of workers who assemble manufactured goods, service electronics equipment, work in construction, load trucks, or perform thousands of other activities, a blue-collar worker supervisor is the boss. /services/govdocs/ooh9899/77.htm   (1298 words)

 Gimme an hour plus a pen and a pad. : blue collar dollars?
they're blue collar and secretarial work formed the foundation for me. it gave me the opportunities that i have had throughout my life that have made me who i am today.
blue collar work is the backbone of this society.
i'm not saying everyone is the most efficient, non-slacking off worker, but you do see, most often, that those with the hardest jobs physically are the ones who work their asses off the most. /StevenM   (3230 words)

 Anatomy of a Racer
When you watch a Blue Collar Worker on the race track, it won’t be pretty to watch, but you’ll admire the effort in which they put forth into their performance.
The great thing about all Blue Collar Workers, not just in racing but in life, is that their “style” is just plain hard work and 100% effort.
The Gunslingers, The Conservatives, The Cerebral Warriors, The Blue Collar Workers, and The Aggressors are all groupings I created to help facilitate breaking down a driver. /anatomy4.htm   (1608 words)

One of these groups was the blue-collar worker (Håndverkere).
Luff and Heath [2]; and Kristoffersen and Ljungberg [3] discus that most of the research and development that has been done in this field has been on white-collar worker’s demands and their requirements.
It might also be of interest to find workers who have not addapted to mobile solutions, and compare the findings. /kamranm/Hovedfag/abstract.htm   (557 words)

 Blue collar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Blue Collar Comedy Tour - a comedy esemble consisting of Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, etc.
This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title. /wiki/Blue_collar   (90 words)

 Press Release: Blue Collar Blues by Rosalyn McMillan
In her sexy new novel, BLUE COLLAR BLUES, Rosalyn McMillan taps into her twenty years experience as a blue collar worker at Ford Motor Company to create a fast-paced, steamy tale of life and love on the line.
White or black, rich or poor, they are all hustling to be that "new" collar worker who makes the most-and gets the most-out of life.
Grounded by its vividly evoked background of modern blue and white collar life, BLUE COLLAR BLUES explores the deepest areas of the human heart, and confirms Rosalyn McMillan's status as one of our most thoughtful and entertaining authors. /books/75/0446522430/press_release.html   (343 words)

 Turns of Phrase: Gold-collar worker
Recently the term pink-collar worker has been invented to describe the female equivalent of the (assumed male) blue-collar worker, which is particularly applied to women who assemble electronic equipment and run back-office data-entry systems (the term may have originated in the title of a book by Louise Kapp Howe in 1977).
Once there was a real distinction in clothing between blue-collar workers and white-collar workers out of which the figurative sense of manual versus clerical staff evolved.
gold-collar workers, highly-skilled individuals who know a great deal about several areas of their company’s work, are frequently crucial to its continuing profitability, and who—it is argued—must be managed by techniques that take their special qualities into account. /turnsofphrase/tp-gol1.htm   (193 words)

 Rockford's Newspaper Rock River Times rockford illinois news information
She observes that, in general, blue-collar workers are more in favor of Bush than white-collar workers and professionals.
The state of mind of the blue-collar worker is a large base of American politics, best observed around election time but seldom discussed at any other time.
As the industrial worker looks at all of this, in many cases, he feels frustration, fear and anger. /   (743 words)

Its abolition does not seem feasible in practice, since employers are firmly opposed to the idea of raising the status of blue-collar workers to that of white-collar workers and the latter, for their part, refuse to relinquish their rather lengthy periods of notice.
In 1991 the total number of white-collar workers in Belgium (private sector plus public sector and education) was 1,859,697, as compared with 1,282,840 blue-collar workers.
Cases of disputed classification between blue-collar and white-collar are referred to the labour courts, through which the distinction is now being challenged as incompatible with the principle of equality before the law enshrined in the Constitution. /emire/BELGIUM/WHITECOLLARWORKER-BE.html   (285 words)

 “Corporation” is not a dirty word
The new lexicon has adapted to show that an industrialist is greedy by default, while a blue-collar worker on the factory floor is seen as the new heroic ideal.
To clarify this point, a factory worker, in general terms, will jump on a better paying job at any old factory across town for no better reason than a fatter wallet, even if it means sacrificing a job with an industry he may truly be passionate about.
The reason, then, why the industrialist is called greedy is because of his passion, while at the same time, a worker is called noble because of his low paycheck boils down to nothing more than true avarice on the part of the workers. /student-affairs/dt/V144/N59/03-corp.59v.html   (1158 words)

Boss types may have some things in common with Blue collar types, but for the most part they only interact with you during the course of business.
They may however enjoy the company of some Blue collar types.
Academics see White collar types as unsuccessful versions of themselves, but because of work situations they may have to interact with you often. /archetypes.aspx?id=5   (417 words)

 Jamaica Talk - Jamaican Forums - WHITE COLLAR vs BLUE COLLAR
And, some blue collar workers (like construction workers) are too damn dirty and need to clean under their nails with industrial strength soap.
Blue collar workers are more street savvy and won't take any mess.
mi vote both...although mi kinda like the BLUE COLLAR WORKER STILL..... /jamaicatalk/showthread.php?t=5001   (518 words)

 The World Today - Blue collar wages attract debate
Most of these people are professionals or managers, and the number of blue-collar workers on six figures numbers in the tens of thousands, most of them in mining, out of a working population approaching 10-million people.
ELEANOR HALL: Peter Costello isn't the only one pushing the idea that a lot of blue-collar workers earn big money these days.
The Daily Telegraph, Australia's self-proclaimed workers' paper, says that with so many blokes in blue singlets on six figures, the new divide isn't the working class and the bosses, it's the working class versus the welfare class. /worldtoday/content/2005/s1371442.htm   (830 words)

 Aimee Smith: A Blue Collar Worker :: By Sam Walker
Perhaps it is cliché to call her a "blue-collar worker," but it's a dead-on description according to Brian Fleishman, Wake Forest's women's tennis coach.
The blue-collar worker is a kid who has been around the block and wants to stroll the post-season sidewalk one more time.
So you need those blue- collar workers who come and work day in and day out and go home and then come back the next day ready to do it again." /sports/w-tennis/spec-rel/042204aaa.html   (1190 words)

 The Organized Labor Page
But the Democratic Party supports a number of things that the average blue collar worker opposes, such as high taxes, gun control, abortion, same-sex adoptions, same-sex marriages, women in combat, radical environmentalism, radical feminism, race-based hiring quotas, and a permanent multi-billion dollar welfare state.
So workers were not children, would not be controlled by present child labor laws and thus the incident provides no support for child labor laws.
Democrats are seen as being for the poor and workers, and the Republicans favor the rich. /labor.html   (5137 words)

 Asbestos Related Malignant Mesothelioma - Early, Ludwick, Sweeney & Strauss
The comparison with blue collar workers was performed in order to take into account the role of healthy worker effect, smoking habit, and the socioeconomic level.
The comparison with white collar workers was performed to control for other occupational lung carcinogens.
Nevertheless, in the overall population of oil refinery workers potentially exposed to asbestos, many studies clearly show a definitely increased risk of mesothelioma, but no proven excess of lung cancer after comparison to the general population. /pubmed_Mar2000.htm   (289 words)

 Career: Blue-Collar Worker Supervisors
Have you ever wondered why some jobs are called "blue-collar" while others are called "white collar?" The names are from the color of uniforms or shirts workers wear.
Nowadays, blue-collar is a term given to jobs that require a lot of physical activity.
Construction and manufacturing are two examples of industries where workers have a high level of physical activity. /sv/13000.jsp?id=100255   (345 words)

 Re: Blue Collar Worker
In Reply to: Blue Collar Worker posted by Heather on April 04, 2000
: What is the origin of the phrase, "Blue Collar Worker"...????
Blue collar as compared to a white collar on the shirt that you wore to your job. /bulletin_board/4/messages/869.html   (88 words)

 FuturePundit: US House Bill On Blue Collar Worker Life Expectancy Unrealistic
A bill pending in the House of Representatives would allow businesses with union workers to reduce their company pension obligations by billions of dollars, because statistics show that most blue-collar workers do not live as long as other Americans.
this administration is trully bent on destroying the blue collar rights and their lives.everything we have in place to make our lives a litttle easer in our golden age is being taxed to death.
One critic of this proposal quoted by The New York Times says that the bill does not require companies with lots of white collar workers to raise their assumptions of retiree life expectancy to adjust for the fact that white collar workers live longer. /archives/001218.html   (1067 words)

 FundeMental Disaster > Bitchin > Commentaries > Blue Collar Blood
Those are the feelings of the blue-collar worker, remembered forever as the people who built America and made her as strong as she is today.
The toil of the blue-collar worker has come full circle.
Most of the people who graduate from college will help fill the ranks of the white-collar office worker. /gburghardt/bitchin/comment/blueblood.html   (500 words)

 Arkansas News Bureau - Arkansas blue-collar worker skills need re-tooling
But the current generation of blue-collar workers, many of whom are seeking jobs in the same factory where their father and grandfather worked, are finding that employers are no longer impressed with just a hard work ethic and family pedigree.
State lawmakers, along with educators at state colleges and technical schools, need to do something fast to help provide Arkansas workers with the necessary technical and skills training to compete with their tech-savvy blue-collar counterparts around the world.
The result was that thousands of poor and often undereducated workers in Arkansans were able to find jobs that allowed them to become part of the nation's growing middle class. /archive/2005/01/29/WesleyBrown/316467.html   (640 words) > editorial > Michael Moore, You Used to Be My Hero
The Right doesn't dwell on struggling blue collar workers and the Left is beholden to the feminists, for whom any mention of men as special contributors or as victims is forbidden.
In your words and writing the men who run a Fortune 500 company are indistinguishable from the common blue collar worker.
Let's hope that your female readers understand that your section instructing men on how they can survive their beds being set on fire by their angry wives as they sleep is just a joke. /introduction/editorials/2004/0218sacks.html   (1968 words)

If local wage rates are stagnant or falling, as has happened in some areas during the past decade, then the federal blue-collar worker ends up with a small raise or none at all.
Using surveys, the government tries to pay its blue-collar workers the same hourly rates they would receive in industry, based on their skill and location.
The fiscal 2004 spending bill would ensure blue-collar workers receive the same pay adjustment as white-collar workers. /publicaffairs/PV/031212/PayParity.htm   (578 words)

 Argus Leader Online Forums - smoking or non-smoking that is the question
And the blue collar worker bars suffer a loss of business and are especially hard hit.
But in most blue collar worker bars the ratio 50/50 or even more tilted torwards smokers.
Blue-collar bars and restaurants, for example, may be especially hard hit, since, according to the National Opinion Research Center, smoking is more common among blue-collar workers and people with lower incomes.9 Bars that cater to these customers may suffer a loss of business. /forum/archive/index.php/t-1259.html   (2246 words)

 Welcome to BCR
Though our primary focus is the "Blue Collar Worker", we have provided access for all potential employees, including Management.
BCR was created for the "Bluecollar Worker" (i.e.
We have also created a Resource Center to assist the "Blue Collar" employee's in preparing a resume, understanding job skill classification and interviewing tips.   (119 words)

 Aetna's Glen Salow on the CIO as Blue-Collar Worker - CIO Magazine March 15, 1997
Aetna's Glen Salow on the CIO as Blue-Collar Worker - CIO Magazine March 15, 1997
You could say I wear a blue shirt with a white collar, or a blue-and-white striped shirt.
When you solve problems and when you explore opportunities, you've got to be holistic, and it's got to be a natural process. /archive/031597/shop.html?printversion=yes   (807 words)

 ART - Cafeteria : Veneration of the White Collar and Blue Collar Worker
Cafeteria : Veneration of the White Collar and Blue Collar Worker
ART - Cafeteria : Veneration of the White Collar and Blue Collar Worker /department/lbp_building/art16-en.asp   (24 words)

 Foodservice Discussion Forums - BLUE COLLAR WORKERS
I am new to the working world now that school has finished, and someone at work was telling me that we are blue collar workers.
If That makes me a blue collar worker so be it.
I know alot of people in the "white collar" businesses that make an average of 35-45k per year. /forums/messageview.cfm?catid=31&threadid=16232   (394 words)

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