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Topic: Bo Diaz

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  Encyclopedia of Baseball Catchers - Bo Diaz
Diaz had only one at-bat with the Red Sox in 1977 and played sporadically for Cleveland as the backup to on Hassey until an injury to Hassey made him the Indians' starting catcher early in 1981.
Diaz became a starter again with the Reds in 1986-87 and was selected for the NL All-Star squad in 1987.
Bo Diaz was crushed to death by a satellite dish that he was adjusting on the roof of his house in Caracas, Venezuela on 11/23/1990.
members.tripod.com /bb_catchers/catchers/diazb.htm   (162 words)

 Bo Diaz | BaseballLibrary.com
Diaz had only one at-bat with the Red Sox in 1977 and played sporadically for Cleveland as the backup to Ron Hassey until an injury to Hassey made him the Indians' starting catcher early in 1981.
Diaz became a starter again with the Reds in 1986-87, but hit only.219 in 92 games in 1988.
The throw from the outfield is in time to Diaz, but he can't get the ball out of his glove and a sliding Hobson is home free.
www.baseballlibrary.com /baseballlibrary/ballplayers/D/Diaz_Bo.stm   (682 words)

  Cameron Diaz Nude & Hardcore Content ::: Babylon-X :::
A very young 19 year-old Cameron Diaz wearing a fl leather top that is opened showing off her breasts and fishnet stockings as she poses for a photographer while on her knees and briefly adjusts her breasts.
Cameron Diaz topless and wearing a fl leather outfit with fishnet stockingswhile posing for a photographer before pouring something on her breasts and squeezingthem.
Cameron Diaz early in her career showing off her breasts while topless and wearinga fl leather outfit with fishnet stockings while posing with a guy in a varietyof positions for a photographer.
www.babylon-x.com /preview/cameron_diaz.php?id=2176&site=14&csp=&p=rev   (102 words)

  Cameron Diaz Pictures, Cameron Diaz Photo Gallery and Biography - Celebrity Pictures by WireImage.com
Though Cameron Diaz may be the epitome of bubbly, energetic starlets, she has proven herself to be a commendable dramatic actress as well as a brilliant comic performer.
Diaz had aspirations to be an actress, but had literally zero experience as a thespian.
The zany comedy was a terrific platform for Diaz’s talents – filled with action, adventure, and screwball comedy, Diaz had the opportunity to prove herself as a leading romantic lady and a capable comedian.
www.wireimage.com /Celebrities/Cameron-Diaz   (790 words)

  CalendarHome.com - - Calendar Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Diaz was traded in 1982 to the Philadelphia Phillies, where he set career highs in batting average (.288), home runs (18) and RBI (85).
On June 27, 1986, Diaz was part of an unusual occurrence when San Francisco Giants second baseman Robby Thompson was caught stealing four times, establishing a new MLB record with Thompson being thrown out by Diaz in the 4th, 6th, 9th, and 11th innings.
On November 23, 1990, Diaz was killed by a satellite dish that he was adjusting on the roof of his home in Caracas, Venezuela that fell on him.
encyclopedia.calendarhome.com /cgi-bin/encyclopedia.pl?p=Bo_Diaz   (797 words)

  Bo Diaz   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Diaz was traded in 1982 to the Philadelphia Phillies, where he set career highs in batting average (.288), home runs (18) and RBI (85).
In 1985 Diaz was given a new lease on life by midseason swap that brought him to the Cincinnati Reds.
On June 27, 1986, Diaz was part of an unusual occurrence when San Francisco Giants second baseman Robby Thompson was caught stealing four times, establishing a new MLB record with Thompson being thrown out by Diaz in the 4th, 6th, 9th, and 11th innings.
www.info-pedia.net /about/bo_diaz   (828 words)

 Pierce Law - The IP Mall - Resources Hosted by the IP MALL - TTAB - Trademark Trial and Appeal Board - Decisions - IN ...
The mark uses Bo Jackson's famous nickname in combination with the generic term "Ball" and the design of a ball which appears to be a combination of a baseball and a football (oblong like a football, but with exposed stitching like a baseball).
The use of his name "Bo" as part of a mark which suggests both kinds of balls on goods like these plainly would be recognized by prospective purchasers of such goods as a reference to Bo Jackson.
The record establishes that Bo Jackson is widely known by his nickname, and that when his nickname is used without his surname in connection with the goods of applicant, an association between him and the goods or with applicant's business would be assumed by purchasers of such products.
www.ipmall.fplc.edu /hosted_resources/TTAB_Decisions/TTAB_Appeal_73-822435.asp   (1131 words)

 American Heroes
The muscular Bo Diaz was a hard-playing catcher with a solid batting eye and played in the major leagues for 13 seasons.
Diaz was the Indians' fist-string catcher in 1981 and responded by hitting.313, and made the American League's All-Star team.
Swollen knees and all, the well-liked Bo Diaz was one of the leading National League catchers in his years with the Reds, who finished in second place in the NL West for three straight seasons - 1986-1988.
www.baseballhistorian.com /html/american_heroes.cfm?page=105   (1624 words)

 Flumesday.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bo Diaz, a catcher for the Red Sox, Indians, Phillies and Reds from 1977-89, was a baseball icon in his home country of Venezuela.
Diaz was a two-time All-Star and gained a reputation as a disciplined hitter, a sound defensive catcher and an excellent manager of pitchers.
Diaz is the only entry on the list to be killed by a household appliance.
www.flumesday.com /101506strangest.html   (1554 words)

 SPORTS PEOPLE: BASEBALL; Diaz Is Unhappy - New York Times
The catcher Bo Diaz is unhappy about being sent to the Cincinnati Reds' minor league camp in Plant City, Fla., to work back into shape.
Diaz is trying to recover from a bruised left knee that limited his playing time the last two weeks of spring training.
Diaz is expected to rejoin the Reds in Cincinnati for the start of a homestand next Friday.
query.nytimes.com /gst/fullpage.html?res=950DEFDD113AF936A25757C0A96F948260   (174 words)

 David G. Diaz, MD, FACOG - West Coast Fertility Centers - Medical Director: David G. Diaz, M.D., FACOG - 11160 Warner ...
David Diaz received his training with the world's top fertility surgeons and is an expert in assisted reproductive technologies.
David Diaz has expertise in a comprehensive array of medical and surgical treatments of infertility problems, including endometriosis, uterine fibroids, hormonal disorders, ovulation problems, tubal blockage, polycystic ovarian disease, male factor infertility, and other unexplained fertility problems.
David Diaz M.D. and the scientific staff of West Coast Fertility Centers shared their scientific breakthrough of an innovative egg freezing technology that resulted in seven healthy births, including the nation’s first frozen egg and frozen sperm baby born in October 2005.
ivfbaby.com /dr_diaz.htm   (643 words)

 Cameron Diaz With Dark Hair Picture, Cameron Diaz And Justin Timberlake Split, Cameron Diaz Desnuda — ...
Just a while, at the back door, Cameron Diaz with dark hair picture, actor had done for Black Crowes singer Cameron Diaz with dark hair picture: She was making it wound up with Cameron Diaz with dark hair picture, actor Daniel Craig.
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www.freedomtoworkmedicaid.com /Members/Diaz/nDib   (922 words)

 Bo Diaz Baseball Stats by Baseball Almanac
Bo Diaz was born on Monday, March 23, 1953, in Cua, Miranda, Venezuela.
Diaz was 24 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 6, 1977, with the Boston Red Sox.
His biographical data, year-by-year hitting stats, fielding stats, pitching stats (where applicable), career totals, uniform numbers, salary data and miscellaneous items-of-interest are presented by Baseball Almanac on this comprehensive Bo Diaz baseball stats page.
www.baseball-almanac.com /players/player.php?p=diazbo01   (305 words)

Bo has enjoyed a diverse professional career, spanning over twenty years as both a businessman and professional athlete.
Bo also received the prestigious “Community Service Award” in 1987 while playing in Pittsburgh for his tireless support with charitable organizations.
Bo also coaches youth basketball, football and softball in Gilbert, Arizona.
www.performancefundamentals.com /About/AboutUs.html   (1445 words)

 Florida Marlins - (Miami Beach, FL) - powered by LeagueLineup.com
Bo Diaz (3-3, 3R, 2SB) led off the top of the inning with his 3rd single of the day.
Diaz, and his knuckleball, pitched 3 innings in relief for his first win of the season.
Bo Diaz (1-3, R, RBI, SB) followed with an RBI single to tie the score at 3 a piece.
www.leaguelineup.com /welcome.asp?url=floridamarlins   (600 words)

 Bo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The '''Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway''', operated by the Scottish Railway Preservation Society, operates virtually the entire Bo’ness branch of the former North British Railway on the Firth of Forth.
'''Bo Holmberg''' (born in Härnösand, Sweden on July 1, 1942) is a Swedish politician, Governor of Södermanland CountySödermanland, and widower of former Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Anna Lindh.
'''Bo Stief''' (born in 1946) is a DenmarkDanish jazz and Rock and rollrock bassist, composer, and arranger.
www.gateserver.net /Topicsbycategory.aspx?catid=69&name=   (1778 words)

 Bo Diaz   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1978 he was sent to the Cleveland Indians in a six player trade that included pitcher Dennis Eckersley, who won 20 games for Boston that year.
This time, the pitcher was Urbano Lugo, Jr Call it coincidence or destiny, there was nothing else that a pair of no-hit-no run games, both winner and loser teams, father and son as hurlers, and twice, the same catcher: Bo Diaz.
As time goes by, Bo Diaz continues to be loved by the Venezuelan baseball fans.
www.kiwipedia.com /bo-diaz.html   (824 words)

 ESPN.com - Bullet cost Izzy an arm, but not his heart
Philadelphia police officer Bo Diaz has run a boxing program for children in North Philadelphia since 2004.
In late March, Diaz met Burgos, who wore a baggy shirt to disguise his body.
Diaz was familiar with Burgos through word of mouth in the neighborhood.
sports.espn.go.com /espn/print?id=2188598&type=story   (1257 words)

 LEVEL 25: Continuing with Coins
Pretend that Bo Diaz was paid five cents for every base he stole.
Use three coins to describe how many strikeouts Bo Diaz had in 1980.
Use two coins to describe how many hits Bo Diaz had in 1978.
www.mrnussbaum.com /level25.htm   (396 words)

 The Official Site of The St. Louis Cardinals: News: St. Louis Cardinals News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A 13-season Major League veteran respected for his defensive skills behind the plate, Diaz was still active with Caracas of the Venezuela Winter League when he died in a freak accident at 37.
Diaz, who had served with four big league clubs, was crushed when a satellite dish he was adjusting atop the roof of his Caracas home fell on him.
The Yankees captain was killed when the plane he was piloting crashed during a practice landing in Canton, Ohio.
mlb.mlb.com /news/article.jsp?ymd=20070429&content_id=1937003&vkey=news_stl&fext=.jsp&c_id=stl&partnered=rss_stl   (1689 words)

 Bo Diaz - SoSH | Boston Red Sox | Red Sox Rumors | Spring Training | Pawtucket Red Sox
Baudilio Jose "Seijas" Diaz (borh March 23, 1953 in Cua, Venezuela) was a solid defensive catcher.
Traded to the Cleveland Indians, he became their starting catcher in the early 1980s, and even an All-Star in the strike-distorted 1981 season.
Bo was crushed to death on Novemeber 23, 1990 in his home in Venezuela when a rooftop satellite he was installing toppled over and crushed him.
www.sonsofsamhorn.net /wiki/index.php?title=Bo_Diaz&printable=yes   (342 words)

 "The Waterbury Connecticut Republican American Newspaper"   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Her father, Bo Diaz, an 18-year firefighter who lives in Naugatuck, has spearheaded it ever since with the help of the Bridgeport Fire Department.
For instance, this year one family has a 10-year-old boy who is battling an inoperable brain tumor, and another lost all their possessions in a house fire.
Thomas Connor, Bridgeport deputy fire chief of operations, said the program is 90 percent Diaz's work, and the firefighters pitch in.
www.rep-am.com /story.php?id=354   (359 words)

 Bo Diaz Statistics - Baseball-Reference.com
Salaries for mid-season call-ups or traded players may not be shown.
View Bo Diaz's uniforms at Dressed to the Nines
Statistics may come from our work, the Baseball Databank, or other sources including SABR.org and RetroSheet.org..
www.baseball-reference.com /d/diazbo01.shtml   (1005 words)

 Let's Go Tribe! :: Worst. First-Place Team. Ever.
Diaz began his professional career in the 1971 Venezuelan season, yet had to wait to play with the Sox until 1977.
Perhaps, the highlight of Diaz's career was the 1983 season which saw the Phillies go to the World Series by first defeating the Chicago Cubs to clinch the division.
Bo Diaz continues to be a very popular figure in Venezuelan baseball.
www.letsgotribe.com /story/2007/2/12/231424/935   (540 words)

 Baby Name Guesser - the first name Bo - analysis of first names, popular boy and girl names, male names, female names
When naming your baby Bo, it's important to consider the gender of the name itself.
When people look at the name Bo, they might ask the question, "is Bo a man or a woman?", or "what is the gender of the name Bo?" Some names are more gender neutral than others, and some names are more strongly associated with either males or females.
To find out more about Bo, Baby Name Guesser uses up-to-date data from across the Internet on how the name Bo is actually used.
www.gpeters.com /names/baby-names.php?name=Bo   (470 words)

 YouTube - bo selecta justin timberlake and cameron diaz
YouTube - bo selecta justin timberlake and cameron diaz
bo selecta justin timberlake reverend jt cameron diaz (more) (less)
Bo Selecta - Craig David meets Micheal Jackson
www.youtube.com /watch?v=daVjwzKO_u8   (107 words)

 Hometown Publications
Firefighter Bo Diaz said department members have worked with school officials to select eight families to receive a complete Christmas meal and children's gifts.
In addition to donations by supermarkets and merchants, Diaz said a firefighting fraternal organization is offering financial assistance.
One family recently had a child killed car in a car accident, and another family had a mother die of asthma at a young age.
www.zwire.com /site/news.cfm?BRD=1343&dept_id=433660&newsid=10682764&PAG=461&rfi=9   (377 words)

 6abc.com: Special 12-Year-Old on a Mission
Well that has turned out to be a sort of catalyst that had only strengthen his determination.
Philadelphia police officer Bo Diaz, who for years has been a role model and mentor for kids, decided to help Izzy achieve his goal working with him day after day.
Bo Diaz: "And they talk about the Rocky movie but he's the real Rocky 'cause he got off the floor and did a good job.
abclocal.go.com /wpvi/story?section=special_coverage&id=3687466&ft=exLg   (421 words)

Now this Diaz isn’t exactly menacing to look at, standing a few inches short of 6 feet and weighing in somewhere north of the 230-pound mark in his sweat pants and fl T-shirt -- complete with the name “Bo” in bold white letters on the left chest.
Following a glorious three-minute rest period in which Diaz went through similar motions with Philly product Alex Martinez -- or, “Iron Alex” as we collectively coined him -- a hulking 225-pound bearded behemoth reminiscent of multi-time heavyweight belt-holder John Ruiz, it was back to work for both of us.
Diaz tossed the ball to Martinez as we continued our shuffling, then rattled off another series of code words indicating what he was looking for in this little chest-heaving exercise.
www.tigerboxing.com /articles/index.php?aid=1001245123   (1880 words)

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