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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Boa Webserver
More recent versions of Boa have been benchmarked using zb (ZeusBench) or ab (ApacheBench) at significant speed.
Boa currently seems to be the favorite web server in the embedded crowd, and embedded Linux, despite all the marketing hype, really is a big deal.
Supposedly, an older version of Boa, v0.92q, runs in 32K address space on m68k, like used in uCLinux.
www.boa.org   (0 words)

  San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Boa
These snakes have some things in common: they are constrictors, killing their prey by wrapping around it and suffocating it, and they are considered primitive snakes with two lungs (most snakes only have one) and remnants of hind legs and pelvic bones.
Boas are constrictors, meaning that they grab their prey with their teeth, then quickly wrap their coiled bodies around the prey and squeeze.
Boas are found in a variety of habitats, including open woodlands—like the rainbow boa Epicrates cenchria—and rocky, semi-desert scrublands—like the Egyptian sand boa Eryx colubrinus.
www.sandiegozoo.org /animalbytes/t-boa.html   (984 words)

  Boa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Boas are a type of snake that are members of the Boidae family.
Boas are basal snakes that are "primitive" in evolutionary terms (i.e.
Boas are named after cows (Latin: bos) because of the old myth that boa snakes pursue cows and suckle them until they are drained to death.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boa   (435 words)

 BoA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BoA celebrated the five year anniversary of her Korean debut with fans on August 25, 2005 and to advertise for the special event, a new limited edition "MOTO" repackaging for the Girls on Top album was released.
BoA has recently made her debut in the film industry as dubbing actress for the voice of "Heather" the Opossum in the Korean version of Over the Hedge, also her b-side track "People say...." was used as the ending theme for the film.
BoA made her debut in the film industry as a dubbing actress for the voice of Heather the Opossum in the Korean and Japanese versions of Over the Hedge, which was released on May 31, 2006 in Korea.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/BoA   (4609 words)

 Boa - LoveToKnow 1911
BOA, a name formerly applied to all large serpents which, devoid of poison fangs, kill their prey by constriction; but now confined to that subfamily of the Boidae which are devoid of teeth in the praemaxilla and are without supraorbital bones.
Like most true boas, it is of a very gentle disposition and easily domesticates itself in the palm or reed thatched huts of the natives, where it hunts the rats during the night.
The term "boa" is applied by analogy to a long article of women's dress wound round the neck.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Boa   (281 words)

 Boa Constrictor
The boa constrictor is a non-poisonous tropical snake belonging to a specialized group of reptiles -- the first vertebrate class completely independent of water.
Boas seize their prey in their jaws, then entwine it in their powerful body coils and kill it by suffocation.
The boa constrictor is nominally protected by the Appendices to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), with the intention of controlling international trade.
www.nature.ca /notebooks/english/boa.htm   (183 words)

 feather boa - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about feather boa   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The emerald tree boa is the fastest-moving member of the boa family.
Some small burrowing boas live in North Africa and western Asia, while other species live on Madagascar and some Pacific islands, but the majority of boas live in South and Central America.
The name boa is sometimes used loosely to include the pythons of the Old World, which also belong to the Boidae family, and which share with boas vestiges of hind limbs and constricting habits.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /feather+boa   (255 words)

 Boa Kwan Gallery and Profile on Boa Kwon
The debut of BoA Kwan (Kwon 보아),began as a fan club was created as a result of circulating rumors for the creation of a new girl group to be released by SM, called "ShinBi" or "Barbie".
BoA 보아 was even sent to Japan during her vacations in order to receive extra focused lessons.
BoA has released albums in both South Korea and Japan, and her recording company, SM Entertainment, is positioning her as a cross-cultural star in Asia.
www.kpopmusic.co.uk /kpopBoaGallery.htm   (1820 words)

 BoA-Nation :: Biography / Profile   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BoA’s talent and passion, and her skills, although not yet fine tuned, were extraordinary in spite of her young age.
In the end, SM was able to persuade her parents with the certainty of her success, and BoA gained the opportunity of a lifetime to live out her dreams.
BoA was even sent to Japan during her vacations in order to receive extra focused lessons.
boa-nation.com /biography.php   (855 words)

 Boa Constrictor Printout- EnchantedLearning.com
The Boa Constrictor is a large, solitary snake from Central and South American rainforests, savannas, and semi-arid areas.
Boas are kept as house-snakes in parts of South America, where the boas help by catching and suffocating rats.
Boa Constrictors eat birds, small mammals (like monkeys, peccaries, and rodents), and some reptiles (including iguanas, young crocodilians and lizards) After eating a large animal, the snake needs no food for a long time, and rests for weeks.
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/reptiles/snakes/Boa.shtml   (384 words)

 Boa,Reptiles,Amphibians,Boa Picture Gallery Collection,Boa Pictures,Encyclopedia,Boa
The typical boa genera are ground or tree dwellers of tropical America--as are the woodsnakes--and the island of Madagascar, whereas the sand boas are semidesert burrowing snakes of northern Africa and southern Asia.
Most boas are active at night and have pits along their lips that are sensitive to the heat of prey.
The species best known as "boa" is the boa constrictor, Constrictor constrictor, which ranges from Mexico to Argentina and the West Indies.
www.4to40.com /earth/geography/htm/reptilesindex.asp?counter=4   (287 words)

 Oakland Zoo: Columbian Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Closely related to the python, the boa constrictor is pale sandy brown (which may have a pink cast) with 15 to 20 chocolate brown marks on its back.
Boa constrictors may forage in the trees but they are mainly terrestrial, especially the larger ones, and live in hollow logs, mammal burrows, etc.
The female boa constrictor bears her young alive (ovoviviparous) and has been known to give birth to as many as 64 at one time.
www.oaklandzoo.org /atoz/azboa.html   (264 words)

 Modern Japan - Famous Japanese - BoA
Korean singer BoA made her CD debut in her home country in August 2000 at the age of 13, and was an immediate hit.
When it came to finding someone who could bridge the gap between the rival countries, BoA fitted the bill perfectly and she was one of the most visible faces on TV during that summer.
BoA's ability has been recognized outside east Asia, and she was featured as a guest vocalist on an album by Mondo Grosso and the Asian edition of an album by Irish boy band Westlife.
www.japan-zone.com /modern/boa.shtml   (565 words)

SM Entertainment sought the permission of Boa’s parents to sign her on and begin her training.
BoA was bringing home very high grades, and they just wanted her to keep studying.
Sakuma even praised BoA saying "When compared to the Japanese dancers who do nothing but dance, her skills are right up at that level.
www.popgoesasia.com /boa.html   (915 words)

 CD Baby: BOA: Get There
BOA is Jasmine Rodgers,Steve Rodgers,Alex Caird, and Lee Sullivan.
However, like all bands again, Boa met with a series of delays and eventually decided that doing it on their own would be the best course of action.
BOA record the new album in Southampton, England.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/boa   (1958 words)

 AsiaFinest BoA Bio and Photo Gallery
At the age of eleven, her brother was auditioning in a talent search for the next international icon held by Korean musical conglomerate SM Entertainment.
After her reluctant parents agreed to letting her pursue a career in singing rather than focus on school, BoA was trained in singing, dancing, and foreign language before finally making her Korean album debut.
It became BoA's highest selling Japanese album, selling over 1,250,000 copies domestically (making her the highest and fastest selling foreigner in Japanese history) and 1,300,000 copies worldwide.
www.asiafinest.com /korean/boa.htm   (807 words)

 Boa -- a single-tasking HTTP server   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Preliminary tests show Boa is capable of handling several thousand hits per second on a 300 MHz Pentium and dozens of hits per second on a lowly 20 MHz 386/SX.
Boa is not intended as a feature-packed server; if you want one of those, check out WN from John Franks.
Modifications to Boa that improve its speed, security, robustness, and portability, are eagerly sought.
www.linuxdevices.com /links/LK4691540079.html   (378 words)

 British Orthopaedic Association
Welcome to the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) website, which was re-launched in June 2006.
The BOA was founded in 1918 and is the professional association for over 4000 surgeons and training surgeons treating injuries and disorders of bones, joints and their associated tissues.
Contact BOA - Phone 020 7405 6507 - Fax: 020 7831 2676
www.boa.ac.uk   (0 words)

 Amazon.com: Boa (Dol Dts): DVD: Phillip J. Roth,Dean Cain,Elizabeth Lackey,Mark Sheppard,Dean Biasucci,Craig ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
What they are about to discover is that the icy tundra houses more that the deadly criminals at Facility Number 1-a giant and deadly man eating snaked that has been dormant for centuries has been awakened by the human presence, and has voracious appetite for human flesh.
BOA would have the viewer believe that a ten million year old huge reptilian-like snake could emerge from a nitrogen induced suspended animation to wreak havoc on the inhabitants of an Antarctic prison.
That is just enough time for the boa to excape and the entire security crew to show up and die when the gas line finally does explode.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000640SF?v=glance   (1942 words)

 BBC NEWS | Americas | Pet boa constrictor chokes owner
Boa constrictors can make dangerous pets, experts say
A man has been choked to death by his pet boa constrictor at his home in the US city of Cincinnati, police say.
An animal expert told the Associated Press news agency people were often unaware of the risks of keeping snakes such as boa constrictors as pets.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/americas/6191305.stm   (218 words)

 Boa, - Boa Constrictor Printout- EnchantedLearning.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BOA Systems writes custom software applications, per your specifications, in any of the following languages: Visual Basic, Access, Sql Svr, Filepro (Unix).
The boa lacing system is used on snowboard boots by Vans, K2, Northwave, Pearl Izumi, CCM.
The Boa Constrictor is aa large, solitary snake from Central and South American rainforests, savannas, and other environments.
listinter.com /?q=boa   (185 words)

Kingdom Hearts 2 - BoA - Be the One.mp3
Boa and Koda Kumi - The Meaning of Peace
This work is licensed under a contrat Creative Commons.
www.radioblogclub.com /search/0/boa   (89 words)

 Laptop Backpacks, Laptop Sleeves, PowerBook Sleeves by Booq   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Boa's ergonomic shoulder strap design is a derivative from the human form, creating an incredibly comfortable fit.
Crafted from some of the highest quality 1680D ballistic and seatbelt nylons as well as ripstop fabrics, Boa.XM's custom-molded back structure illustrates the fusion of tough protection and sleek comfort that makes this bag so quietly outstanding.
The 2006 Boa offers solid construction, unsurpassed comfort, incredible attention to detail, intelligently placed accessory pockets and compartments, and slick, understated styling - this backpack is a must-have for laptop owners looking for the best transport for their widescreen laptop or PowerBook.
www.booqbags.com /Detail.bok?no=363   (560 words)

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