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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  AllRefer.com - Boadicea (British And Irish History, Biography) - Encyclopedia
The Romans, however, seized the kingdom and began to despoil it, thus provoking the Iceni to revolt.
Boadicea led them in sacking Colchester, London, and Verulamium (St. Albans).
Her army was eventually crushed by the Roman governor Caius Suetonius Paulinus, and Boadicea took poison.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/B/Boadicea.html   (179 words)

 Boudicca - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is generally thought that Gildas, in his 6th century polemic De Excidio Britanniae, alludes to Boudicca in his typically oblique fashion as a "treacherous lioness", although his general lack of knowledge about the real history of the Roman conquest of Britain makes this far from certain.
Until relatively recently Boudicca was better known as Boadicea, a name which probably derives from a mistranscription when a manuscript of Tacitus was copied in the Middle Ages.
A great bronze statue of Boudicca in her war chariot (furnished with scythes after Persian fashion), together with her daughters, was commissioned by Prince Albert and executed by Thomas Thornycroft.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boadicea   (2128 words)

 Robert Lacey
Boadicea took poison rather than fall into the hands of the Romans, and, legend has it, gave poison to her daughters for the same reason.
Plays and poems were written to celebrate Boadicea’s battle for her people’s rights and liberties, and in 1902 a stirring statue in her honour was raised in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament.
Nor is there evidence of another great myth, that Boadicea fought her last battle near London and that her body lies where she fell – in the ground on which King’s Cross Station was built many years later.
www.robertlacey.com /boadicea.html   (1019 words)

 Retired Robots - Boadicea - A small, pneumatic walking robot
The goal of the Boadicea project was to build a small walking robot with better mechanical performance than previous small robots.
Boadicea is a six-legged, pneumatically powered walking robot.
Like real insects, Boadicea's front, middle, and rear legs are all different, and the legs have large, overlapping workspaces.
www.ai.mit.edu /projects/boadicea/boadicea.html   (180 words)

 Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni
Boadicea's birth date is not known but can be roughly determined.
The first step in accomplishing this was to humiliate and viciously flog Boadicea in her own home and in front of her family.
Boadicea apparently was not among the initial dead, but she died a short time later by her own hand.
www.whoosh.org /issue28/blanken2.html   (1158 words)

 Boadicea - Leg Design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Boadicea's legs have long, overlapping workspaces, allowing the robot to maintain stability when one leg is damaged.
Because Boadicea is a much smaller and lighter robot, the pantographs can be much simpler than that used on other robots.
Boadicea's pantographs are made from injection molded plastic, and use low-friction sliding prismatic joints.
www.ai.mit.edu /projects/boadicea/legdesign.html   (304 words)

 Royalty.nu - Boadicea, Warrior Queen of the Iceni and Roman Britain
Boadicea (also spelled Boudicca or Boudica) was born into a royal family around 26 A.D. She married Prasutagus, king of the Iceni, a tribe located in what is now Norfolk, England.
When Boadicea complained, she was publicly flogged and forced to watch as her daughters were raped.
Boadicea's name means "victorious," or Victoria, and in Victorian times she came to be viewed as a heroic symbol of Britain.
www.royalty.nu /Europe/England/Boadicea.html   (869 words)

 HAFS Boadicea class Cruiser
This new class, called the Boadicea class, was built and the ship became the backbone of the Human Alliance forces until the Kurganov class missile cruiser and Everest class gun cruiser entered service.
At the time of introduction, the Boadicea class was one of the fastest ships in space and was able to travel at faster than light speeds of two and a half light years per hour.
The Boadicea herself is still in existence as a historic starship although she is not operational.
www.kitsune.addr.com /Rifts/Rifts-PW-Vehicles/HAFN_Boadicea_Cruiser.htm   (2138 words)

 Moondance Columns - Woman Of Passion, Woman Of Fire
Boadicea and her husband Prasutagus were the king and queen of the Iceni people in Norfolk.
It is also thought that her name, Boadicea may have been an assumed one because it too means Victory in harmony with Adraste the Goddess of Victory.
Boadicea marched in and routed the place then carried on with her troops to London and Verulamium where she exacted an equally bloody and victorious toll.
www.moondance.org /1999/summer99/columns/boadicea.html   (1339 words)

 EMLS 6.2 (September, 2000) 24.1-12 Review of The Legacy of Boadicea
Boadicea interrupts the tidy narratives of national origin that are briefly marshalled under the sign of Elizabeth's inviolate island body in the late sixteenth century.
Boadicea, like Elizabeth, is confined to a dead history, just as real seventeenth-century women become confined to the sphere of the domestic.
This savagery is given testimony in Holinshed who, with characteristic vigour, launches into an account of the atrocities that Boadicea and her troops performed on the battlefield: grotesque mutilations, including the amputation of her female victim's breasts, which were then sewed onto their mouths.
www.shu.ac.uk /emls/06-2/grifrev.htm   (2105 words)

 Iceni Queen Boadicea -- by Valkyrie
Thatcher is a recent example of this).  One must keep in mind that the perspective of the Roman chroniclers was from the point of a totally male-dominated society, where a woman was the property of her male relatives, from birth until death.  This, by the way, was an alien concept in traditionally matriarchal Celtic society.
The chroniclers tell of three great speeches that Boadicea made to call her people to arms.  While there is undoubtedly truth in this, they go on to put words into her mouth.  There are no eyewitness accounts handed down to us, so let it suffice to know that she accomplished what no-one had tried before...
It might be of interest to note that according to the Roman chroniclers, women fighting side by side with their men was not at all uncommon in the Britain of that time.  But Boadicea not merely fought alongside the men, she led them into battle...
fanzone50.com /Tales/Boadicea1.html   (369 words)

 [No title]
Rowley sailed in the Boadicea for the scene of the action, but the usual adverse winds delayed his arrival until after Iphigenia's surrender.
Rowley's Boadicea had become separated from her two smaller consorts during the night, so the British commodore delayed advancing on the French frigates and their disabled prize until he had reunited his squadron.
Within hours, however, the Boadicea and her two smaller escorts again set sail in search of the Astree and the Iphigenie which had cautiously followed the British squadron back to Reunion.
hometown.aol.com /batrinque/personal2   (5148 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - Boadicea / Boudicca
After his death in 60 A.D. Boadicea and her tribe were maltreated by the Romans, Boadicea herself was flogged, her daughters raped and their lands confiscated.
Boadicea lead the Iceni in a rebellion against the Romans and with the help of the Celtic tribes along the way they sacked Colchester, even then a large town, and defeated the Ninth Legion; they then went on to sack Verulamium, now called St.Albans, and even London itself.
Contempory reports suggest that on her rampage through the Roman towns Boadicea and her tribe were responsible for the death of 70,000 Romans.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A394896   (306 words)

 Home > News & Updates > How do Women Rule? Just Like Men
A revered figure and a sentimental favorite of Victorian painters, Boadicea is commemorated by a statue that stands on Westminster Bridge, near the Houses of Parliament.
She is remembered for her bravery in leading a revolt against her country’s occupiers, the Romans, in 60 A.D. Alas, recent discoveries at an archeological dig near Colchester-a town seized and destroyed by Boadicea-led dig director Philip Crummy to compare Boadicea’s program and tactics to "ethnic cleansing" in the Balkans.
Boadicea’s brutality was noteworthy, even by the standards of her era.
www.eppc.org /news/newsID.1413/news_detail.asp   (1994 words)

Boadicea (first from right in "The Five Black Roses" painting) is a quite unconventional elf.
She was found and raised by a quaint elf armsmaster and martial artist with a mystic attitude to his art.
Eventually she met Ama and Lys in Eveningstar of Cormyr and after the mission that brought the five together decided to stay with the party even though sometimes she thinks the others are "a bunch of overprudent thinkers" unable to let their hair down.
www.candlekeep.com /campaign/chars/boadicea.htm   (325 words)

 BOADICEA - LoveToKnow Article on BOADICEA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
At last Paulinus, who seems to have rejoined his army, met the Britons in the field.
One writer has put it at Chester; others at London, where Kings Cross had once a narrow escape of being christened Boad,iceas Cross, and actually for many years bore the name of Battle Bridge, in supposed reference to this battle.
Boadicea took poison; thousands of Britons fell in the fight or were hunted down in the ensuing guerrilla.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /B/BO/BOADICEA.htm   (394 words)

 British Journal of Cancer - Press Release - 'BOADICEA' PROGRAMME PREDICTS GENETIC CANCER RISK IN WOMEN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The researchers plan to offer BOADICEA to health professionals to help them pre-select women likely to be at high risk for further testing - and sparing others the anxiety of waiting for genetic test results.
The next step in this project is to increase BOADICEA's power by making it possible to input information on women's non-genetic risk factors, such as breast-feeding, age at menopause and the number of children she has had.
BOADICEA registers a woman's age, as the risk of cancer caused by different genes peaks at different ages.
www.nature.com /bjc/press_releases/press_release_59.html   (1164 words)

 Pop Occulture: Boadicea   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
She was this Celtic warrior queen who lead an almost successful revolt against the Romans around about the time 60 A.D. The Romans most disliked the terrifying war spirit of the Celts, especially the fact that women fought alongside the men, indistinguished in honor and strength.
Oh, and I almost forgot, Mel Gibson's putting together a movie on her, called "Warrior." I guess they're calling it that rather calling it "Boadicea" or "Boudicca" since those aren't as easy to pronounce.
I remember, I had originally learned about Boadicea as a kid, from some book about the Celts, back when I was reading a lot of European and military history stuff.
www.timboucher.com /journal/2004/07/boadicea.html   (235 words)

 Boadicea   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Boadicea was part of a noble and warlike people, the Keltoi or in Latin, Celtae, an amalgamous group of people which populated the British Isles and western Europe from the late 5th century B.C. onwards.
The Romans spent centuries in vicious warfare with these people in Gaul, and had long feared and admired their courage.
It was said the Romans had also defiled Boadicea's daughters.
www.tartanthemes.com /boadicea.htm   (198 words)

 HMS Boadicea
HMS Boadicea was a destroyer of the Beagle Class.
Most of the ships had 1-3in HA replacing the TT in 1940, and later the majority of the survivors were re-armed as escort destroyers, Boadicea having 2-4.7in, 4-21inTT, 1-3in HA and 2-6pdr Hotchkiss for use against E-boats (where others had Hedgehog and 6-20mm).
Boadicea was sunk by torpedo from aircraft on 13 June 1944, off Portland.
www.midnight-computing.com /Midnight/personal/Dan/Warships/Boadicea.htm   (307 words)

 Boadicea -- Queen of the Iceni   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A dispute followed during which Boadicea, was publicly beaten by the soldiers of the emperor, and her two daughters raped.
Unfortunately for the Iceni and their allies, the military skill of the Roman army finally led to the crushing of the rebellion.After the revolt, Roman rule was re-established.
For almost two glorious years, Boadicea pillaged the Roman settlements; she remains to this day, the greatest of the heroines of Britain.
travesti.geophys.mcgill.ca /~olivia/BOUDICA   (299 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Film | Features | Return of the queen
But every British schoolchild knows (one might hope) that Boadicea was the warrior queen from present-day East Anglia who rose against her Roman oppressors after they appropriated her Iceni tribe's estates and then flogged her and raped her two daughters for good measure.
That Victorian appropriation of her legend is underscored by the spectacular bronze of her and her daughters astride a scythe-wheeled chariot that confronts you at the Thames-side exit of Westminster tube station.
The name "Boadicea", she suggests, is probably based on inaccurate transcriptions of Tacitus's "Boudicca".
film.guardian.co.uk /features/featurepages/0,4120,1250467,00.html   (1904 words)

He was stripped of all his clothes by women guards and told that he would be kept naked for one week.
He was quickly tried and convicted and soon found himself at Boadicea, locked and welded into the very chastity belt he had decried.
Journalists, aware that several of their colleagues have ended up on the inside after attempting an expose', are fearful of reporting the situation.
www.staylace.com /textarea/originalfiction/@@b.htm   (1320 words)

 Little Bo : The Story of Bonnie Boadicea: Current Amazon U.S.A. One-Edition Data   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
But Bo isn't feeling too brave or regal when she, separated from her brothers and sisters on a cold winter's night, wails "a long, miserable cry that came from her heart." Happily, her cry is answered by a friendly, warm-hearted young sailor named Billy Bates who falls in love with her wide, violet eyes.
The smallest is a precious little no-name baby, finally named Boadicea by her adventurous father, after a brave and fearless warrior queen.
Bonnie Boadicea "Bo" is a little kitten born into a family with a loving mother and father, but not to kind owners.
www.usaflightinsurance.com /books-reviewed/0786805145.html   (2025 words)

 MegaStar - Boadicea ripper for Mel
Boadicea did exist, but there is a huge disparity in history bod circles about what exactly she achieved.
The story goes roughly like this: Julius Caesar invades Britain in 55 BC but the Romans are still scraping with the local tribes in 43AD when Boadicea comes on the scene.
After whipping the Romans in a skirmish, Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni of East Anglia, was defeated in a bigger battle with 80,000 of her troops killed.
www.megastar.co.uk /ents/news/2004/06/02/sMEG01MTA4NjE3MTQwNzI.html   (249 words)

 Cancer Research UK: 'BOADICEA' programme predicts genetic cancer risk in women   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The researchers plan to offer BOADICEA to health professionals to help them pre-select women likely to be at high risk for further testing – and sparing others the anxiety of waiting for genetic test results.
The detailed family data the team have used to put BOADICEA together means the programme can take the influence of all of these genes into account – even those genes for which there is no biological test.
Women who inherit a damaged BRCA1 gene have a 60 –; 85 per cent chance of developing breast cancer at some stage in their lives and a 20 – 40 per cent chance of developing ovarian cancer.
www.cancerresearchuk.org /news/pressreleases/boadicea_12oct04?version=1   (1065 words)

 Women in Armor: Boadicea to Xena
Her husband, Prasutagus, King of the Iceni in the southeast of England, died in 60 C.E. leaving half of his kingdom in Norfolk to her and their two daughters and half to the Roman emperor, Nero, hoping to protect his family by appeasing the money-grabbing bureaucrats.
Queen Boadicea was whipped, her daughters were raped, the villagers were slain, and the kingdom was ransacked.
Brandishing a spear, Boadicea rode her chariot toward the trading town of London, which had been largely abandoned.
whoosh.org /issue53/bonacci2.html   (1925 words)

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