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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  BoardGameGeek | Gaming Unplugged Since 2000
Gaming has plenty of "big" moments which never fail to give a buzz.
I bought this game fairly early on in my growing appreciation of board games.
300: The Board Game::Review::The Alchemy of a Board Game - 300 The Board Game
www.boardgamegeek.com   (2202 words)

The Saxons had their own variant, derived from a common Germanic Tafl game, which was apparently the only board game known to them prior to the introduction of Chess [7].
The game was sometimes played with dice (Tawlbyund, for example), which would either indicate the maximum distance a piece could move or whether the player could move at all or not (move on an odd roll, miss a turn on an even roll).
Gaming pieces were often hemispherical and made of antler, amber, bone, clay, glass, horn, stone, jet, wood or even horses' teeth [10].
www.gamecabinet.com /history/Hnef.html   (4889 words)

  Robert S. Brumbaugh
But when he comes to the so-called Knossos Game Board, he concludes that it is not a game board at all, whatever may have been its function.
For the suggested Knossos game, on the other hand, it seems we should allow any number of pieces to be on the safe squares simultaneously, waiting, passing, but advancing only on the "lucky" throws.
The board is from a Queen's grave; its date is between 3000 and 2500 B.C. The Knossos Board, about a millennium later, is described and illustrated in Sir Arthur Evans, "The Palace of Minos," sec.
www.gamesmuseum.uwaterloo.ca /Archives/Brumbaugh/index.html   (1428 words)

  Board game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A board game is any game played on a board (that is, a premarked surface) with counters or pieces that are placed on, removed from, or moved across the board.
Board games first became widely popular among the general population early in the 20th century when the rise of the middle class with disposable income and leisure time made them a receptive audience to such games.
Although many board games have a jargon all their own, there is a generalized terminology to describe concepts applicable to basic game mechanics and attributes common to nearly all board games.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Board_game   (1827 words)

 Go (board game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Traditionally, the board's grid is 1.5 shaku long by 1.4 shaku wide (455 mm by 424 mm) with space beyond to allow stones to be played on the edges and corners of the grid.
Game 5 of the 2002 LG Cup final between Choe Myeong-hun (white) and Lee Sedol (fl) at the end of the opening stage; white has developed a great deal of potential territory, while fl has emphasized central influence.
This is attributed to many qualities of the game, including the "optimising" nature of the victory condition, the large number of legal moves, the large board size, the nonlocal nature of the Ko rule, and the high degree of pattern recognition involved.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Go_(board_game)#Basic_rules   (6630 words)

 Board Game
Popular games of this type include Monopoly, which is a rough simulation of the real estate market, Clue (in Canada and the U.S.) or Cluedo (internationally), which is based upon a murder mystery, and Risk which is one of the most well known of thousands of games attempting to simulate warfare and geo-politics.
Board games first became widely popular among the general population early in the 20th century when the rise of the middle class with disposable income and leisure time made them a receptive audience to such games.
Carcassonne tokens, or meeplesAlthough many board games have a jargon all their own, there is a generalized terminology to describe concepts applicable to basic game mechanics and attributes common to nearly all board games.
www.gaissa.com /Board_Games/Board_Game.htm   (1742 words)

 Board game - Chess Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Some board games, such as chess or Go, have intense strategic value and have become lasting classics.
Popular games of this type include Monopoly, which is a rough simulation of the real estate market, Cluedo, which is based upon a murder mystery, and Risk which is one of the most well known of thousands of games attempting to simulate warfare and geo-politics.
The third important factor in a game is diplomacy.
www.chess.freegames.eu.com /encyclopedia/index.php?title=Board_game   (1674 words)

 Eco - Review of "Mystery of the Abbey" game
A few months later, some visiting friends suggested that a board game might be a fun way to spend the evening.
It quickly became apparent that the game called for more strategy than Clue, and a better memory, too – and, in the spirit of the best monks, we were certainly enjoying our beer: a beverage not known for enhancing memory retention.
By the end of the game, we had created new modes of Gregorian chant, we had issued various religious decrees and false proclamations, we had cheerfully sent each other into penance, and we had successfully navigated the maze of rooms and changing conditions to finally determine a winner.
www.themodernword.com /eco/review_abbey_game.html   (1017 words)

 Disciple Game - board game free ware   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The set comes with the classic game board panels for Candy board game free ware and Chutes and Ladders®, as board game free ware as a chalkboard and a plain table surface, each of which board game free ware board game free ware parents can slide into the tabletop easily.
The Entertainment Software board game free ware Board (ESRB) is a non- board game free ware organization that rates board game free ware video, board game free ware wireless games in terms board game free ware content and age-appropriateness.
Academic board game free ware is a fully searchable online library containing over 40, 000 board game free ware (not abstract) research board game free ware essays, and articles.
www.disciplegame.com /board_game_free_ware-1.html   (754 words)

 Free Download Board Game
This game is having 3D attractive screens and multiplayer support.
The goal of both the games is to remove the gems from the board.
Games have 4 modes to move the gems.
www.freepcdownloadgame.info /boardgames.htm   (346 words)

 Board Game Manufacturer, Board Game Manufacturing, Board Game Design, Board Games, Board Game Production, Board Game ...
From your board game / card game, or any game concept to finished shrink wrapped manufactured game.
services is that upon completion of your design, we can supply you with a free list of contacts for game companies.
We also design Custom Opoly games, and Corporate and College games.
www.mjscreations.com /pages/game.htm   (304 words)

 Mah Jongg Info at Board Game Central
The traditional game is played with four players, while the solitaire game is played with one, and consists entirely of matching tiles from various layouts.
This millennia-old game of skill, wit, and fortune will now be yours to enjoy wherever the four winds may carry you.
Along the way, the game proves again and again to be a bridge connecting seemingly unlike individuals, spanning generations, continents and cultures.
www.boardgamecentral.com /games/mj.html   (959 words)

 The Wireless: The first open-source board game
Arrange these on the board on the outer spaces (one per space on the outer ring of the board), with the fl pieces closest to the fl player, and the white pieces closest to the white player.
And of course, the board and pieces may be subject to the utility doctrine, making them difficult to protect, and the rules may be subject to the merger doctrine, likewise making them difficult to protect.
This doesn't seem to be important, but with a board game, belive me, it is. The rules seem simple enough and the whole game seems good enough to become a really played one.
thewireless.blogspot.com /2005/01/first-open-source-board-game.html   (3115 words)

 Roundabout Board Game - AreYouGame.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Played on a round board, players roll dice and move their game pieces in two opposite directions at the same time.
The basic object is to be the first to remove all 10 pieces from the board by advancing all of them around the board and back to your home territory, although the game does offer some shortcuts to scoring.
We have ongoing matches of Roundabout and have even had to postpone finishing a game because it was too late and we had to get up early for work.
www.areyougame.com /interact/promo.asp?promo=cj&desttype=itemno&dest=OG-ROUND   (462 words)

 Disciple Game - adult board game   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
This adult board game table houses interchangeable, adult board game board game adult board game adult board game activity adult board game so children can adult board game draw, and learn at a single playroom component.
Dungeons adult board game Dragons Eye of adult board game Beholder on adult board game adult board game Boy Advance at adult board game Rankings.
Requires adult board game logical adult board game but also teaches adult board game mind adult board game be adult board game Most of the adult board game take less than 8 adult board game 10 minutes to play.
www.disciplegame.com /adult_board_game-1.html   (656 words)

 Amazon.com: Settlers of Catan: Toys & Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
In this award-winning board game for three or four players, Catan is an imaginary unexplored island, and players are explorers and settlers.
The thing that really makes the game is that there is always a hot commodities market, with players trading to trade resources they don't need in exchange for those that are more useful for their game strategy; each resource is useful in different combinations for building different things.
The "board" is different every time you play it so nothing is predictable, rolls of the die dictate one's success, trading and strategies can get intense and the more you play it, the more you definitely like it.
www.amazon.com /Mayfair-Games-4098900-Settlers-Catan/dp/B00001ZT4D   (1838 words)

 Kensington Board Game
Taylor appears to have also invented a game called Skirrid with another chap called Mark Eliot, and another game called Ultimate published by Paradigm.
The board is a clever design of squares and triangles which make up hexagons.
As you can see, the board is made of a pattern of squares and triangles linked up to form hexagons.
www.tragsnart.co.uk /kenshub/kensington/kensington.htm   (853 words)

 World of Warcraft Stratics - World of Warcraft Board Game Review
After playing a couple games now, the board game itself is actually quite a bit of fun – if you have about 8 hours of time to waste as well as 5 other friends who do as well.
That’s really the tricky part of the whole game is being able to find 5 other people who are willing to invest time into learning the ropes and also spending the time to play a fairly long drawn out game in one day or evening.
The board game itself takes up a lot of space, and then you need space around the board game to play your character cards (for 6 people!) and all of the other cards that keep the game going (event cards and quest cards mainly).
wow.stratics.com /content/reviews/WoWBoardGame.php   (2208 words)

 Snowflake Board Game
Print out the two game boards, and either leave as they are or, for durability, laminate them or mount in a file folder and cover with clear contact paper.
The cards can be folded in half and stuck together so that there is a snowflake pattern on the back of them - or you can leave them as they are.
Cut out the arrow and punch a hole where marked, as well as punching a hole in the middle of the spinner on game board 1.
www.activityvillage.co.uk /snowflake_board_game.htm   (166 words)

 GamesDex.com free online internet games multiplayer card casino arcade web based money java multi-player shockwave games
Winnerzone.com is the first gaming site to allow you to bet against your opponent in games of skill, such as backgammon, chess, checkers, go-moku, and reversi.
A game for the ages, revived for the new millenium.
While the game was designed to offer a new experience in on-line entertainment, the roots of SpiritWars lie not in the computer world but instead in the traditional genre of table-top board games.
www.gamesdex.com /class.php/2   (1652 words)

 Game Systems - Part 3
For this reason, and because of the enormous variety of board game systems currently available, a comprehensive survey of board game systems would be the length of a book.
Strictly speaking, an 8x8 game board, such as a chessboard, is not a game system by the stated definition, since it is only one component.
Games typically last 10 to 15 minutes, so Void is a good game to play with kids or non-gamer friends, to introduce them to strategic thought.
www.thegamesjournal.com /articles/GameSystems3.shtml   (5506 words)

Designing a paper game can be an end in itself (to make a game you can enjoy among friends and family), a business venture (to create a product for sale), or even as a prototype for an electronic game.
Or (assuming that Spacebar is a "hot" show), the board game manufacturer might be all the more interested in your game concept, if they think that the TV show's name will help sell the game in big numbers.
The board game books aren't grouped next to one another, and they aren't listed alphabetically (okay, so FAQ 8 is a mess, so sue me!), so you gotta search it thoroughly.
www.sloperama.com /advice/lesson20.html   (5765 words)

 Board Games - Find the best board games at BoardGameRatings.com
Australia is a great strategy game that requires flexibility to adjust to the changing strategic landscape before you.
A great board game for two to five players.
Jambo is an interesting card game for two players that plays more like a board game than a card game, but is still pretty simple and straightforward.
www.boardgameratings.com   (403 words)

 World of Warcraft WarCry : World of Warcraft Boardgame Review : Page 1
Fantasy Flight Games was kind enough to send us a review copy of their World of Warcraft boardgame, and if there's anything we love as much as computer games, it's boardgames.
The quick start suggestions on the back of the game manual suggest that the players spend their first action on a 'town action,' which allows them to train their skills or purchase items from the merchant.
All the players in our game agreed, making this their first move, and we all ended up spending most or all of our starting five gold on two level one skills.
wow.warcry.com /content/misc/boardgame   (1103 words)

 Blokus Board Game - AreYouGame.com
It is similar to the ancient Go Game, in that the game board is a grid, and players use their pieces to try to control as much territory as possible on the board.
The game pieces are in four 21-piece sets of varying shapes.
Blokus comes with 1 Game board with 400 squares, 84 Game Pieces (four 21-piece sets of red, green, blue, and yellow) and Game instructions.
www.areyougame.com /interact/promo.asp?promo=cj&desttype=itemno&dest=ES2995   (274 words)

 Too Smart to Start: Ready, Set, Listen Board Game   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Part of the Too Smart to Start program, this colorful board game was developed to help parents and young people aged 9 to 13 talk about underage alcohol use, why it’s not smart, and how to prevent it.
Goals for the game include increasing the number of conversations about the harm of underage alcohol use and increasing the percentage of children and adults who view underage alcohol use as harmful.
The game can be played with two to six players, but works best when both youth and adults play.
store.health.org /catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=16691   (124 words)

 The Morning News - The 2004 Good Gift Games Guide by Matthew Baldwin
Old-school war games have a reputation for being either too abstract (think Risk), or so dedicated to accuracy that they require a legion of cardboard counters and a fortnight to complete.
The game comes complete with infantry, tanks, and artillery miniatures, as well as a huge, double-sided board with countryside and beach landscapes to accommodate the various battles.
He runs the web site defective yeti, loves to play board games, and once convinced 30 sober adults to run the 100-meter dash with their pants around their ankles.
www.themorningnews.org /archives/opinions/the_2004_good_gift_games_guide.php   (1669 words)

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