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In the News (Sun 20 Jan 19)

  Bodrum Guide, more about Bodrum, Turkey
This contrast perhaps signifies Bodrum's uniqueness and diversity as a holiday resort, offering on the one hand watersports, excellent shopping, dining and nightlife, while at the same time fervently maintaining its cultural and historical heritage.
Bodrum is definitely growing, with Turks and foreigners alike attracted to its warm, relaxing atmosphere.
In Bodrum you can always count on the sunny weather, the warm hospitality of its residents, the sight of a fully laden camel wending its way through the back streets and from the top of the minarets, the wailing cry of the muezzin, calling the faithful to prayer.
www.bodrum-bodrum.com /html/bodrum_more.htm   (0 words)

  Bodrum (Halicarnassus) - All About Turkey
Bodrum, known in the ancient times as Halicarnassus which was the capital of Caria, was the birthplace of Herodotus and the site of King Mausolous' Tomb (4th century B.C.), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
In the harbor, the Bodrum Castle, or the medieval castle of St.
The translucent and deep waters of the Gulf of Gökova, on the southern shore of the Bodrum peninsula vary from the darkest blue to the palest turquoise, and the coastline is thickly wooded with every hue of green.
www.allaboutturkey.com /bodrum.htm   (821 words)

 Bodrum Life Bodrum Guide,All about Bodrum, Infos and articles / Bodrum Rehberi, Bodrumla ilgili ne varsa!
Bodrum LIFE.com is committed to be the best source of accurate information, relevant knowledge and penetrating insights for everyone interested in Bodrum, Turkey, a lively, popular holiday resort on the Aegean Sea, renowned in antiquity under its ancient name, Halicarnassus.
Although known mostly as a summer holiday destination, Bodrum is becoming increasingly popular with visitors in the other seasons.
When Bodrum still bore the name "Halicarnassus", the capital of Caria, the city and its peninsula produced a considerable number of prominent personalities whose names continue to be celebrated in history.
www.bodrumlife.com   (0 words)

 Bodrum : Introduction | Frommers.com
With the help of the local governor, Cevat found a house overlooking the sea in which to live out his period of exile, enjoying a view so picturesque that it inspired him to pen piles of essays on the beauty and allure of life in what was then a laid-back fishing village.
Meanwhile, Bodrum's nightlife -- an all-night party organized by club owners each trying to outdo the excesses and spectacle of the other -- is infamous throughout Turkey.
Bodrum's popularity seems to have no limits, and as fast as the Turkish jet-set can lay its claim to a secluded cove or sandy bay, tourism follows, spurring the entitled class to seek new unspoiled hunting grounds.
www.frommers.com /destinations/bodrum/2903010001.html   (507 words)

 Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey-Adiyamanli.org
To the north of Bodrum at Kiyikislacik (lassos) near Gulluk, is the birth-place of the mythological Dolphin Boy.
Bodrum, known in ancient times as Halicarnassus, was the birthplace of Heredotus and the site of King Mausolus's Tomb (4th century B.C.), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
In the harbour, the Bodrum Castle, or the medieval castle of St. Peter, is a fine example of 15th-century crusader architecture, and has been converted into the Museum of Underwater Archeology, with remains dating as far back as the Bronze Age.
www.adiyamanli.org /bodrum.html   (3208 words)

 Bodrum-Bodrum-Turkey, pictures, maps, lots of information on the famous turkish holiday
Bodrum, known in ancient times as Halicarnassus, was the birthplace of Heredotus and the site of King Mausolus' Tomb, the Mausoleum (4th century B.C.), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
In the harbour, the Bodrum Castle, or the medieval castle of St. Peter, is a fine example of 15th-century crusader architecture, and has been converted into the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, with remains dating as far back as the Bronze Age.
Bodrum also is South Aegean's prettiest resort for scuba diving, with a yacht harbour and a port for ferries.
www.bodrumpages.com /English/index.html   (909 words)

 holiday houses in Bodrum, Turkey, vacation lets, , villas, accommodation, vacation rentals when travelling to Bodrum ...
Although, Bodrum is rather rich historically and a good point to start a journey that offers a horizon from mythology to history, it is also far-famed for its natural beauty, totally surrounded by woods and forest and with spectacular sceneries, sandy beaches, rocky caves and inlets such as fjords.
Bodrum is Turkey’s yacht center, and most popular amongs all water sports lovers from sailers to surfers and divers.
Distance to Bodrum centre is 25 km and to the airport 54 km.
www.ozanhouses.com /English/GB_Bodrum.htm   (1336 words)

Homer's description of Bodrum as "The land of eternal blue" and the words of another resident of Bodrum, Cevat Şakir, who said "The heavenly bliss of life in Bodrum is better than any eternal bliss that may await us" were not without foundation in reality.
Built on a peninsula formed by the meeting of the eastern and western harbors, Bodrum, with its narrow streets winding down to the sea, is famous for its castle, its world-renowned yachts, its shipyards and the dazzling white houses and tombs lining the shores of its two harbors.
Bodrum has all the facilities to meet the expectations of tourists from all income levels ranging from the rich yacht owners to the penny counting tourists who just want a reasonable room to make his vacation last all summer.
www.kultur.gov.tr /EN/BelgeGoster.aspx?17A16AE30572D3136407999D5EC50F8979A8C883FAEBFBEA   (350 words)

 Bodrum Museums, Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Beaches   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A peaceful little village just 5 km from Bodrum is a charming and lively place where the shining sea melds with the green pines and olive trees.
Located 18 km from Bodrum, Gündoğan cove is one of the coves that has been least changed by man and which still preserves its beauty in the most natural way.
Situated 20 km from Bodrum, the town is famous for its tangerine orchards.
www.bodrumshotels.com /visitbodrum.html   (1154 words)

 Bodrum Summary
Bodrum's latter-day popularity stems from the enthusiastic writings of a legendary intellectual, the socalled Fisherman of Halicarnassus, who was exiled here in 1925.
Bodrum (Greek: Αλικαρνασσός, formerly Budrum, previously Petronium, originally Halicarnassus) is a Turkish port in Muğla Province.
It is on the Bodrum Peninsula, near the northwest entrance to the Gulf of Gökova, and faces the Greek island of Kos.
www.bookrags.com /Bodrum   (650 words)

An impressive medieval castle built by the knights of Rhodes guards the entrance to Bodrum's dazzling blue bay,in which the Agean and the Mediterranean Seas meet.The town's charm is well-known,attracting a diverse population vacationers who stroll along its long palm-linet waterfront, while elegant yachts crowd the marina.
In the harbor, the Bodrum Castle, or the medieval castle of St.Peter, is a fine example of 15th cenfury Crusader architecture, and has been converted into the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, with remains dating as far back as the Bronze Age.
One of the most beautiful beaches on the Bodrum peninsula,Karaincir, is ideal for lively active days by the sea and relaxed, leisurely evenings with local villagers.Finally, Akyarlar enjoys a well- deserved reputation for the fine, powdery sand of its beach.
www.about-turkey.com /tourism/bodrum.htm   (736 words)

 Bodrum - Turkey Wiki - Codex
Bodrum is similar in air and color to parts of Southern Italy with oddly-shaped whitewashed houses filled with flowers, mostly purple and fuchsia-colored bougainvilleas, oleanders and prickly pears.
Bodrum is also a perfect starting point for discovering important ancient ruins of Mausoleum, Ephesus, Pamukkale Dalyan and Kaunos, as well as Priene, Miletos and Didyma along with spectacular scenery of turquoise sandy beaches.
Bodrum would be a great choice for your honeymoon with its brilliant nightlife or a perfect choice for you and your partner.
www.maxiturkey.com /wiki/Bodrum   (754 words)

 Bodrum travel guide - Wikitravel
Bodrum is a village on the Aegean coast of Turkey, popular with tourists from all over the world.
Bodrum is reached by sea from Cos and Rhodes (Greek Islands).
Bodrum Castle / the Castle of St Peter (Bodrum Kalesi) [1] - built from 1402 by the Knights Hospitaller, the Castle is easily the most prominent landmark in the city.
wikitravel.org /en/Bodrum   (1402 words)

 Bodrum Turkey Photo Gallery by Dick Osseman at pbase.com
I spent some hours in Bodrum twice, glad to be out again, but liking the massive castle sitting at the harbour, which houses an extensive museum and provides fine views over city and harbour.
Because Bodrum was the capital of Karia Empire and has very big cultural background and natural beauty.
Dear Dick, Bodrum is very crowded you are right but next time try to see the whole peninsula and while doing this choose a period other than summer.
www.pbase.com /dosseman/bodrum   (626 words)

 Bodrum Turkey Tours, Budget Travel, Travel Guides, Trip Planning, Cheap Travel tips
Bodrum, the center of an administrative district called ilçe, has a permanent population of some 25,000 and stands on the site of the ancient city of Halicarnassus, once the capital of the kingdom of Caria.
Located in the southwest corner of the Aegean region of Turkey, Bodrum is a major tourist attraction due to its excellent climate, beautiful coastline and a plethora of proximate sites of historical importance and natural beauty.
Bodrum has become not only a tourist centre but also a visiting place for famous Turkish and foreign artists and also an art centre, which is a source of inspiration.
www.travelshopturkey.com /locations/bodrum/bodrum.htm   (573 words)

 History of Bodrum Museum,The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology- Bodrum Sualtı Arkeoloji Müzesi Turkey
It was during his tenure, between 1961 and 1973, that the work of restoration of the ruined castle began with repairs of the southern walls and of the knights' chapel which had been turned into a mosque by the Ottomans.
Realizing that this new field of science was of immense value in uncovering the mysteries of the past, and determined to keep the results of the excavations in Bodrum, Alpozen prevailed upon the authorities to re-designate the museum as the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.
They were given a place, and they were assigned the sad but illuminating posthumous task of giving the passing visitor reason to pause and reflect on this blemish on the romantic and partisan picture all too often painted of medieval knighthood in the West.
www.bodrum-museum.com /museum/history.htm   (1029 words)

It is one of the symbol diving points of the region, with a maximum depth of four metres.
These two sties, that are popular with the Bodrum diving schools, are so interesting that they make one say, "Are there this many types and numbers of fish in the Mediterranean Sea?" If you go close you can see clearly from the boat.
In the Official Gazette issued on this date, as was the case in many other coastal areas of Turkey, the Bodrum Peninsula (barring the area between Gümüşlük and Yalıkavak)was fully opened up to tourism and scuba diving.
www.bodrumlu.com /english/Diving.html   (1355 words)

 Ekol Diving Services- Bodrum
Bodrum is an exquisite holiday resort, famous for its castle, lively nightlife, and these days as one of the best centres for scuba diving in the Turkish coast.
What makes Bodrum an interesting location for divers is of course the Aegean Sea itself, which is warm, calm, and free of tides and strong currents.
Bodrum also offers great opportunities for those interested in archaeology and artefacts from ancient civilisations can be seen on almost every dive.
www.divingturkey.com /dive_bodrum.htm   (264 words)

 Bodrum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bodrum is a good starting point for our journey along the Carian coast which offers panorama of mythology and history, and spectacular scenery outlined by sandy beaches, rocky coves, and inlets.
Bodrum's tourist season gets longer each year and it has a reputation as the most popular and undisputed tourist hotspot of the coast and Turkey in recent years.
Situated on a peninsula Bodrum is primarily devoted to entertaintment and swinging night life.
www.columbia.edu /~sss31/Turkiye/tur.bodrum.html   (391 words)

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