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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

BodyShaping, Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it determines has tampered with the entry process or with the operation of the promotion or with BodyShaping.com, or has otherwise acted in violation of these Official Rules.
BodyShaping, Inc. will not accept an entry into the contest that makes use of any automated or repetitive process or where the identity of the host computer's domain is not traceable through a reverse DNS lookup from our computer systems.
In the event that BodyShaping, Inc. does not receive a response and specific acknowledgment of acceptance of the prize by the winning entrant within 72 hours of BodyShaping, Inc.'s transmitted notification, then an alternate winner may be chosen at random from all other eligible entries, in the same manner as the first drawing.
www.bodyshaping.com /sweepstakes/officialrules.html   (1175 words)

 Welcome to NutritionBargain.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
BodyShaping Cinnamon Oatmeal Meal Replacement is the perfect supplement for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.
Bodyshaping Balanced Meal Supplements is a convenient and delicious shake mix specifically designed for people who are working hard to create a leaner, healthier body.
BodyShaping Omega-3 Glucosamine is the next generation in safe, natural joint care!
www.nutritionbargain.com /browse.asp?SearchBrand=ON&Brand=Bodyshaping   (643 words)

 QVC Press Releases
Appearing as guests on the hour-long program are BodyShaping spokesperson Mary Jean Traetta, who is a certified personal trainer, 60-year-old grandmother and fitness inspiration to women nationwide, and Prolab representative, holistic pharmacist and author, Sherry Torkos.
The BodyShaping® fitness program reaches millions of viewer each week and can be seen daily on ESPN2, now in over 80 million homes in the United States.
BodyShaping® combines the latest fitness exercise programs with proper nutrition to create a wide variety of brand name products including millions of sales for aerobic steps, exercise videos and fitness equipment.
www.qvc.com /cp/cp_press_bodyshape.html   (615 words)

 Untitled Document
This contest is based on ten weeks of bodyshaping with a cash prize for the student who makes the greatest improvement in their physique.
You may have heard of bodyshaping contests before, but no one is there to guide you and help you achieve your goals.
After four weeks at Jim Graden's Ultimate Bodyshaping, a drug rep that hadn't seen me in sometime noted to my staff that she couldn't believe it was me...I looked so much thinner!
www.tacdefsol.com /ubs_info.html   (470 words)

The cost for students not in the “Fit-Kick Bodyshaping”; class is $25 and includes body measurements, height, weight, body fat percentage and a strength assessment to measure where you rate among your peers.
We are fast approaching the conclusion of our first “Bodyshaping”; challenge and in a few weeks we will be rewarding the winners with some cash for their efforts and achievements.
With the use of your own personal Bodyshaping notebook you’ll be able to track your progress as well as have access to pictures and descriptions of the exercises you’ll be doing weekly.
www.mmaa.net /id6.html   (1191 words)

 BodyShaping Personals
Entering into its unprecedented 14th year, BodyShaping has attracted a legion of faithful viewers worldwide due to the popularity of its friendly and knowledgeable cast of fitness professionals.
BodyShaping is also on the cutting edge of health and fitness information.
The BodyShaping website, BodyShaping.com, is one of the most successful Health and Fitness websites in the world with approximately three million hits per month.
bodyshapingpersonals.com /SETTINGS/0/info_about.cfm?CFID=59693300&...   (581 words)

 Chocolate Bliss Bodybuilding bodyshaping and Fitness Walking nutr   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Feel free to use this article for your web site or e-zine as long you include the author bio and make sure all links are live and working.
You have been training hard in the gym bodybuilding, bodyshaping and putting the elasticity back into your muscles.
For more articles about bodybuilding, bodyshaping and nutrition you can visit his site and join his newsletter at www.nature-boy-bodybuilding.com.
www.puresearch.com /.knowledgebase/C/3/Chocolate_Bliss_Bodybuilding_bodyshaping_and_Fitness_Walking_nutr.php   (424 words)

 Jim Graden's UBC :: Testimonials
This is the first time I have felt adequetly supervised and motivated by a knowledgeable and supportive staff in the past 15 years and several different gyms.
After two weeks of the Ultimate Bodyshaping Course, I was able to fit into a pair of jeans I wasn't able to get into for two years.
The Ultimate Bodyshaping Course is a satisfying balance of diet, cardio karate, and weight lifting that leaves you feeling powerfully balanced.
www.kellersmartialarts.com /AKB/UBC/Tesimonial/tesimonial.htm   (673 words)

 UBC Winners   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Dean was one of 24 individuals who started the Ultimate Bodyshaping Course in February.
The course, which is taught at Cedar Valley Pro Fitness, uses fitness kickboxing, resistance training, nutrition and flexibility to help participants achieve their fitness goals.
Shelly was one of 21 individuals who started the Ultimate Bodyshaping Course in January.
www.cvpf.com /ubc-winners.html   (395 words)

 Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy - San Jose, California   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The UBC is a 10-week course that combines fitness martial arts, resistance training, nutrition and flexibility to get you in the best shape of your life.
If you try the program and are not completely satisfied with your results within the first 30 days, you receive a full refund, no questions asked.
We provide the individual attention of a personal trainer in an energetic positive atmosphere and the chance to learn self-defense skills at the same time.
www.wushucentral.com /bodyshaping.php   (810 words)

 Khoury's Karate Academy- Ultimate Bodyshaping Course   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The contest is based upon the before and after results of your bodyshaping partners.
All instructors teaching in the Bodyshaping Course are fitness professionals and martial arts experts.
The Advisory Board is made up of a body of fitness professionals who are experts in their fields: nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, who specialize in sports medicine.
www.khouryskarate.com /ubc.html   (722 words)

 Progressive Martial Arts in Duluth, Minnesota - UBC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Ultimate Bodyshaping Course combines the excitement and challenge of a contest with the motivation and fun of a team atmosphere that will create the body you have always wanted.
Plus, you will have three complete fitness evaluations at the beginning, the middle, and the end so you will have a good picture of your overall fitness level and to make sure you stay on track.
In addition, you will have Ultimate Bodyshaping team coaches and instructors who will teach you and guide you on your quest to be the best you can be.
www.pmaduluth.com /ubc.htm   (587 words)

 Champions - The Ultimate Bodyshaping Course - [310] 440-1947   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Because it's much easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape, the Ultimate Bodyshaping Course will get you into shape and to that cruising altitude.
Not only will you get into the best shape of your life, but after the course is finished, you will have a complete understanding of how to get into better shape and stay in shape.
At only $699 for the ten week course, the Ultimate Bodyshaping Course will give you the guidance and motivation you will need at a fraction of the cost of personal training at a gym or personal nutrition consultation.
www.championsbrentwood.com /ubc.html   (226 words)

 madison hosiery
We are pleased...very pleased, to tell you about our latest product about to hit the stores.
With a high waistband, shaped panty and thigh shaper legs, madison bodyshaping briefs are designed to offer maximum comfort for all day long wearability whilst visibly reducing and firming the thighs, bum & tum.
Bodyshaping brifs also incorporate a cotton lined gusset, which means there is no need for knickers.
www.madisonhosiery.co.uk /whatsnew.php   (296 words)

 KD&E Portfolio: Health/Medical
HighBar Productions, producer of BodyShaping, Fitness Beach, and other TV FITNESS shows, is a direct marketer of home fitness products; they use their shows as vehicles to display, demonstrate, and advertise their various products (from aerobic steps and ab machines to vitamins and videos).
We introduced products such as their HeartZone pulse rate monitor and the BodyShaping Machine, as well as designed the product artwork, all packaging and collateral materials.
In addition, we did PR for their fitness shows - putting together sponsorship deals and releasing relevant materials concerning the shows to the media.
www.kdande.com /medi.html   (576 words)

 Fear Knot Martial Arts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
All instructors teaching in the bodyshaping course are qualified coaches and martial artists.
They are specially trained to teach you properly and safely so you will get the workout and the martial arts skills you desire.
This is the key element that practically guarantees you will get what you want out of this course, because you will want to do it.
fearknot-martialarts.com /taichi.htm   (736 words)

 Elite Training Center (727) 576-2100 - The Elite Bodyshaping Challenge
You may be a beginner exerciser looking to improve your health and level of fitness or you may already be in pretty good shape and want to advance to the next level.
No matter what your fitness goals are, the Elite Bodyshaping Challenge is a powerful vehicle to enhance your fitness level and quality of living.
By following the Elite Bodyshaping Challenge format and enjoying the constant support of our team, you will experience an amazing positive change in just ten weeks.
www.elitetraininginc.com /index.cfm?page=13   (459 words)

 Shopping Bodyshaping products on sale at discount online health store.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Shopping Bodyshaping products on sale at discount online health store.
Bodyshaping Balanced Meal Supplements is a convenient and delic...
The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
www.vitaminia.com /shopping/bodyshaping   (317 words)

 ESPN's Bodyshaping Star Mary Jean Traetta by Christine Lynn Harvey
Mary Jean Traetta is a familiar regular on ESPN’s BodyShaping program, the longest running fitness show on cable for 14 years.
When she’s not busy shooting segments of the BodyShaping television show in Grand Lido Jamaica where most of the shows are taped, or Wyoming or some other exotic location, she plays doting grandmother to her two children who live in Illinois.
Natrol’s ProLab division recently teamed up with Mary Jean and has made her their spokeswoman for a line of products called “BodyShaping by Prolab” which features a weight loss multivitamin, Triple Lean Action Diet Program with thermogenic ingredients, Meal Supplement for a Lean Body, Tonalin CLA and Omega-3 Glucosamine, which Mary Jean highly recommends.
www.newliving.com /issues/feb_2004/articles/maryjean.html   (803 words)

 UBC - Ultimate Body Shaping Course - Parker Academy of Martial Arts - Parker Colorado
The Ultimate Bodyshaping Course works because it combines intelligent coaching with Fitness Kickboxing, strength training and a generous and easy-to-follow nutritional program.
We guide you through every aspect of the 10-week course in a step-by-step workbook that has already given thousands of people a new body and all new levels of health, fitness and vitality.
If you complete the program and are not completely satisfied with your results, you receive a full refund, no questions asked.
www.kicksrus.com /ultimatebodyshaping.htm   (839 words)

 Bodyshaping Sculpting System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
You have seen the commercials on TV about Bodyshaping Sculpting System.
If you are looking for the best place to buy Bodyshaping Sculpting System online see any of the ads above for more information on Bodyshaping Sculpting System and the best online stores and shopping malls to purchase your own Bodyshaping Sculpting System as seen on TV.
Bodyshaping Sculpting System May Also Be Available At:
www.raisedflagmedia.com /review-bodyshaping-sculpting-system.html   (102 words)

 BodyShaping MultiVitamin Weight Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Feel well-nourished from the 23 vitamins and minerals found in each capsule of BodyShaping MultiVitamin.
It will ensure that you are not left high and dry while you lose weight.
BodyShaping MultiVitamin Weight Control offers you all of the essential vitamins and minerals.
www.helpmylife.com /site/707892/product/BY-002   (295 words)

 BodyShaping - Intermediate Fitness Workouts Movie: BodyShaping - Intermediate Fitness Workouts DVD is available from ...
BodyShaping - Intermediate Fitness Workouts Movie: BodyShaping - Intermediate Fitness Workouts DVD is available from Bestprices.com
As seen on ESPN2, BODYSHAPING is an informative and entertaining fitness series hosted by a cast of experts and energetic fitness instructors.
TOTAL FITNESS WORKOUTS is an intermediate, three-time-a-week program that will help you to change the shape of your body.
www.bestprices.com /cgi-bin/vlink/018111238397IE   (97 words)

 BodyShaping Omega-3 Glucosamine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
With modern processed foods, it is harder to take in enough of this special oil in your ordinary diet.
Each gel of BodyShaping Omega-3 Glucosamine is designed to conveniently give your body a boost in fighting off arthritis and heart disease.
Prevention of arthritis and heart disease should be a goal for virtually anybody, as it allows physical freedom later in life.
www.helpmylife.com /site/707892/product/BY-003   (362 words)

 Bodyshaping Items   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
SPANX FOOTLESS Bodyshaping Pantyhose - Size D Nude1
SPANX FOOTLESS Bodyshaping Pantyhose - Size C Spice
Bodyshaping 3 dvd box set new and sealed!!
www.advancedpost.com /bodyshaping.html   (124 words)

 eBay.co.uk - bodyshaping, DVDs, Women's Underwear Swimwear, Videos VHS PAL UK items at low prices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
BodyShaping DVD - Total Fitness Workouts SEALED !!
NANCY GANZ - Bodyslimmer - Bodyshaping Slip 36B CD/TV  
NANCY GANZ - Bodyslimmer - Bodyshaping Slip 38C CD/TV  
search.ebay.co.uk /bodyshaping   (274 words)

 BodyShaping by ProLab Multi-Vitamin, Weight Control Formula
BodyShaping by Prolab with weight loss support is a unique system that's high in calcium and helps to temporarily increase metabolism.
Now you can start each day with the vitamins and minerals your body needs--plus enjoy an added thermogenic boost from natural green tea, which helps to temporarily boost metabolism and support energy during your exercise program.
Display Cart Checkout My Account All Bodyshaping Products Home
www.cartoonoftheweek.net /bodyshaping_multi_page.html   (526 words)

 BodyShaping Personals - Powered By Relationship Exchange
Log on and meet that special person who will share your active lifestyle.
BodyShaping Personals is dedicated to bringing people together.
Use our advanced search feature to find a friend to share your lifestyle interests, sports and fitness activities.
www.bodyshapingpersonals.com   (134 words)

 Bodybuilding, nutrition, and creatine at NutritionalSupplementReview.com
Like anyone else, a mesomorph must blend a sturdy diet and solid exercise program into his everyday routine.
From the #1 TV Fitness Show: BodyShaping Tonalin, 90 gels BodyShaping!
The Official Products of BodyShaping- the #1 rated Fitness Show in America Nutrition Facts: BodyShaping Omega-3 Glucosamine, 90 gels
www.nutritionalsupplementreview.com   (2935 words)

 Weight Loss,Weight Control, Bodybuilding,Bodyshaping,Fitness, Diet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Bodybuilding and bodyshaping is more than lifting weight.
Lose weight and maintain a lean and fit body for an exciting, active lifestyle!
If you have questions about enabling scripting on your browser please contact customer support at MyQuickResponse.
www.fitandfirm.net /prizes.htm   (580 words)

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