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Topic: Bodyguard

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  Bodyguard Training   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
In a clear term a bodyguard has to be independent when dealing with security, he should master each element of the bodyguard aspect and culture which someone could be far from each other.
A big part of the Profession of bodyguard reside near the big people of this world and there secretes, But we should be aware that most of Bodyguards if not all never received an education in there childhood to prepare them to this kind of life.
Being the Bodyguard of Pamela Anderson is different from being the Bodyguard of George Bush or Osama Bin Laden.
www.bodyguard-training.org   (1500 words)

  Bodyguard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A bodyguard is a person or group of people who professionally protect someone (known as their principal) from personal assault, kidnapping, assassination, loss of confidential information, or other threats.
Bodyguards may be armed, depending on the laws in their jurisdiction, and have expertise in unarmed combat, tactical driving, and first aid.
Dian Wei- bodyguard of the warlod Cao Cao.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bodyguard   (1037 words)

 BodyGuard: Chapter 4
The duties of a bodyguard, as in most jobs, are generally set by the employer, unless having a BG is a first for the employer, in which case he will need some guidance.
Other bodyguards may find themselves handling a variety of semi-security related duties such as travel planning, and this is where we come into the realm of the personal protection specialist.
The bodyguard informed the business managers that this should pose no problem, in fact the prince could be assured the safest stay he had ever had in LA. Safe because the bodyguard would happily throw his ass straight in jail.
www.bikernet.com /bookcase/bodyguard/bg4.html   (1989 words)

As a company, Bodyguard was awarded with having the best customer service in the fitness industry two years in a row.
Bodyguard is owned by the PROCYCLE Group Inc., Canada's largest and one of North America's largest bicycle manufacturer.
In fact Bodyguard is one of the largest scale manufacturer to make bicycles in North America from steel to finished product.
www.thefitnessoutlet.com /treadmills-bodyguard.html   (172 words)

 Bodyguard Employment Contract
The client, before he enters into an agreement with a bodyguard, must have the necessary trust in the bodyguard to commit his personal safety and that of his relationships into the care of the bodyguard.
Bodyguard Fees: Bodyguard is to be paid a fee of $480 per day for a three day total of $1340 payable in advance.
If the bodyguard is hired by a client and promised a certain amount of salary and other expenses, the agreement is worthless if the client does not have the finances to honor the contract.
www.bushido.cc /bodyguard_employment_contract.htm   (6164 words)

 Behind the Mini: Zungar Bodyguard Pt. 1
The Zungar costs 9 but the bodyguard ability is worth quite a bit, it is worth more on a large unit than a small one.
The Zungar Bodyguard has an aspect cost of 2 because we didn’t want it to be too easy to splash bodyguard into a Passion deck but we did want it to be an option.
That means you can use an Expel effect generated in one cell to move the Zungar Bodyguard in another cell, then conduct your attack in the cell where the ZB used to be.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=dbm/bm/20060411a   (1006 words)

 Executive Group Holdings
Bodyguard Protection provides the highest quality close protection, surveillance and counter measure programmes to prominent clients, VIP’s, select corporations and organisations world wide.
All of our bodyguards are trained to the highest level in a wide variety of tactical, protective and security related subjects including first aid, protocol and diplomacy.
Bodyguard Protection is one of the UK’s most experienced specialists in close protection, surveillance and countermeasure operations, and its services have been employed by a huge list of personalities and organisations including international entertainment, professional and sporting figures both in the UK and overseas.
www.bodyguard-protection.com /bodyguard.asp   (233 words)

 The Bodyguard (1992)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
A former Secret Service agent takes on the job of bodyguard to a pop singer, whose lifestyle is most unlike a President's.
The Bodyguard is fundamentally a love story between two contrasting characters with their own idiosyncrasies.
With some decent action scenes, a decent cast and a great soundtrack, i found the Bodyguard to be an enjoyable movie.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0103855   (318 words)

 President's Bodyguard in for tough times
The Indian Army's elite President's Bodyguard -- four of whose troopers have been charged with the gang rape of a college girl -- are in for tough times.
According to sources, Army Headquarters is examining the possibility of sending a platoon each of the President's Bodyguard to field, "in all likelihood to Kashmir and the northeast" on rotation.
Once President's Bodyguard troopers are deployed in the field, they would be given a four-week mandatory pre-induction training for counter-insurgency operations.
www.rediff.com /news/2003/oct/20prez.htm?zcc=ar   (698 words)

 CNN.com - Saddam planned resistance - guard - Jul. 26, 2003
The bodyguard, who called himself Abu Tiba, was interviewed by Newsday reporter Matthew McAllester in Iraq shortly after his boss was killed Tuesday, according to the U.S. military, along with his brother, Qusay Hussein, by U.S. forces in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.
The bodyguard said all of the video showing Saddam greeting people in the streets of Baghdad even after the Americans had arrived was authentic.
The bodyguard's father, who served as a protector of Saddam Hussein, said the deaths probably are hitting the former leader hard.
www.cnn.com /2003/WORLD/meast/07/26/sprj.irq.uday.bodyguard/index.html   (909 words)

 Chula Vista mayor cans bodyguard | The San Diego Union-Tribune
Padilla defended his use of a bodyguard and said he was surprised that McCann made his first complaint about the issue in public.
Rowlands said the decision to hire a bodyguard was his, based on recommendations from the Police Department and Kanter, who was asked to do an analysis before he was hired full time.
While Padilla defended the need for a bodyguard Tuesday night, he said yesterday that he will now be protected by the special investigations unit of the Police Department on an as-needed basis, such as at public meetings and other community events.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20060119/news_7m19cvguard.html   (959 words)

 The Bodyguard (JAPAN 1973)
Before the audience even meets the guy, they are treated to a number of gimmicks to prepare them for just how much of badass the filmmakers intend their protagonist to be.
Looks like a draw to me. If this part of The Bodyguard is to be believed, the events of the movie take place in a parallel universe in which Sonny Chiba is not only a famous Japanese actor, but an international crime fighter as well.
The path of the righteous man and defender is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
www.lovehkfilm.com /panasia/bodyguard.htm   (1028 words)

 Bodyguard Careers- Executive Protection
I have been fortunate in that the scope of my duties as a Bodyguard have never included flesh-eating pigs–rather, I have protected the famous, the beautiful, and the self-absorbed.
Bodyguard Careers is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse any of the links provided on this site.
Bodyguard Careers is not responsible in any way for the content or accuracy of any of the sites that are linked from it or any sites that are linked to Bodyguard Careers.
www.bodyguardcareers.com   (868 words)

 Licensed and Armed Bodyguard for South Florida
An abundance of caution is the watch phrase for much of our advance and bodyguard work.
Boulis thought the cost was too high and declined to hire the bodyguard.
Nick Spill is a licensed Private Investigator and Bodyguard who is represented by NHS Inc. a Private Investigations, Personal and Executive Protection Agency in Florida.
www.bodyguardprotection.com /risk.htm   (343 words)

 Bodyguard from Beijing (1994)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Bodyguard from Beijing is a limp Hong Kong remake of the Hollywood stinker The Bodyguard (1992) starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.
Jet Li is a Mainland Chinese bodyguard named Hui Ching-yeung who is hired to protect the pretty, but spoiled Michelle Yeung (Christie Chung), a key witness in a murder trial involving a powerful gangster.
Hui is the model of efficiency and professionalism as he coolly dismisses the low-paid goons hired to protect her and puts her in literal house arrest.
www.kungfucinema.com /reviews/bodyguardfrombeijing.htm   (894 words)

 The Bodyguard: Special Edition (1992)
The Bodyguard stars Whitney Houston as a pop-music diva and Kevin Costner as the ultra-serious bodyguard assigned to protect her in teh aftermath of several death threats.
The Bodyguard is standard-issue popcorn entertainment, and it works overtime to satisfy both female and male audiences.
The Bodyguard appears in an aspect ratio of approximately 1.85:1 on this single-sided, double-layered DVD; the image has been enhanced for 16X9 televisions.
www.dvdmg.com /bodyguardse.shtml   (1955 words)

 Amazon.com: The Bodyguard (Full Screen Edition): DVD: Kevin Costner,Whitney Houston,Gary Kemp,Bill Cobbs,Ralph ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The bodyguard ruffles the singer's feathers and most of her entourage by tightening security more than they feel is necessary.
The bodyguard is haunted by the fact that he was on Reagan's secret service staff but wasn't there to prevent the attack by Hinckley.
Eventually the bodyguard and the singer start an affair, and she begins to believe his precautions are necessary when the stalker strikes close to home.
www.amazon.com /Bodyguard-Full-Screen-Mick-Jackson/dp/0790729709   (2848 words)

 U-Turn: Gleitschirme, Kites. Direkt im Online Shop zu bestellen.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Schubert confirms, “The BODYGUARD glides stably ahead even after an accelerated asymmetric collapse, a situation that may happen after leaving a thermal, even with 50% of the wing area collapsed”.
In the strictest sense, the BODYGUARD is not only setting benchmarks as far as safety is concerned, it is ringing in a paradigm shift in glider design.
On the one hand the BODYGUARD is uncompromisingly safe, but with the BODYGUARDS attractive flight characteristics there is no compromise, the enjoyment of paragliding is not diminished.
www.u-turn.de /2004/content.php?sprache=en&cat=gs&hr=1&ur1=0&ur2=2   (1066 words)

 DVD review of Bodyguard, The: Special Edition - DVD Town   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Bodyguard is mostly an overlong character study involving two uninteresting people we don't really want to know much about in the first place.
The first is a new making-of documentary called "Memories of The Bodyguard." In its twenty-six minutes it features comments by Kasdan, Costner, the film producer, the soundtrack producer, and, in archival footage from 1992, Ms.
But the film moves rather slowly, and its plot developments are either telescoped well in advance or tacked on to make the story seem more exciting than it really is. If you like the music from the movie, I'd have to say the CD soundtrack might be a better buy than the DVD.
www.dvdtown.com /review/bodyguardthespecialedition/13976/2675   (1206 words)

 Movie Info for My Bodyguard on MSN Movies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Makepeace offers the boy a job as his bodyguard, and the two become unlikely friends -- that is, until the ousted bullies find a champion of their own who challenges Lindemann.
The real strength of the film is its handling of the relationships between its characters, particularly between Makepeace and Baldwin, and Makepeace and his family (Martin Mull and Ruth Gordon).
My Bodyguard is light but thoughtful entertainment with a Rocky theme that's suitable for the entire family.
entertainment.msn.com /movies/movie.aspx?m=160545   (290 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | bodyguard droid
Concept artist Warren Fu first developed the look of the bodyguard droid as a design concept for General Grievous.
The bodyguard droids were played by stunt performers wearing blue or greenscreen jumpsuits on set.
Their actions were studied by the computer animators tasked with bringing the bodyguards to digital life.
www.starwars.com /databank/droid/bodyguarddroid/?id=bts   (78 words)

 Bodyguard Training Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The student bodyguard will learn what is required to be successful when providing executive protection for a major corporation, anticipate and resolve obstacles to success, and perform the function of protecting the principal assets of the corporation with the minimal disturbance to corporate goals.
While we do not expect to train bodyguards as bomb disposal technicians, we do hope to instill a sufficient level of knowledge so that the professional bodyguard is capable of offering intelligent advice to his employer, establishing basic safety procedures, and knowing what to do during a bomb incident.
This bodyguard course will train the student to replace casual observation of generalities with the study of detail, to recall it systematically and to develop the capacity to make accurate descriptions.
www.esi-lifeforce.com /Bodyguard_Training.html   (1658 words)

 The Bodyguard (2004)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Bodyguard reunites many of the Ong Bak family, including actress Pumwaree Yodkamol as Pok, Tony Jaa in a cameo appearance and Petchtai Wongkamlau as both director and lead actor.
There is some hand-to-hand “martial arts” towards the end of The Bodyguard where Wongkom has to run the bad guy gauntlet, most of which is over the top and played for laughs, with a lot of wire-enhanced reactions and falls.
However, a scared checkout assistant is dispatched in cold-blooded fashion by a kidnapper for “talking too much” and perhaps this callous act could have been treated with a more responsible tone in that instance.
www.kungfucinema.com /reviews/bodyguard_2004_111405.htm   (851 words)

 Compression Shorts The BodyGuard™ - By Antibody, Inc.
The BodyGuard™ compression shorts were created to prevent and respond to lower-body athletic injuries.
The Bodyguard™ is designed to act as a second layer of muscle and skin for the athlete treating a sports injury.
The Angle is great for activities in which shoulder strain, overuse and injury occur, such as football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, hockey and volleyball.
www.antibodywear.com /bodyguard   (429 words)

 James S. Robbins on Saddam’s Bodyguard on National Review Online
All of this is why questions arose when Saddam Hussein’s personal bodyguard appeared at a press conference March 27 standing behind Iraqi Defense Minister Sultan Hashim Ahmed.
It was a live news conference, and the defense minister, a serving, uniformed Iraqi army general, is a legitimate target.
Moreover, since Saddam’s bodyguard is a known symbol of his authority, his presence would imply that Saddam still runs things despite what others in the power structure might have heard to the contrary.
www.nationalreview.com /robbins/robbins033103.asp   (1383 words)

 The Enquirer - Mallory has new bodyguard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory has pulled a police officer from the streets to be his bodyguard, only days after the fatal shooting of fl activist Kabaka Oba outside city hall.
Bodyguards aren't uncommon for big-city mayors but they are rare in Cincinnati.
Former Mayor Charlie Luken had a bodyguard for part of one day after the 2001 riots, but felt sorry for the officer and told him to leave.
news.enquirer.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060427/NEWS01/604270339/0/BACK   (598 words)

 Bodyguard Services International
BSI has a new Forum up, A place for open discussions, post your CV or Resume for clients to view, discuss contracts, who is hiring where to find work how to get started or just network with others and share your opinions on hundreds of topics:
Bodyguard Services International Ltd (BSI) is a unique UK based company and now with a corporation in the US (Texas) providing a wide range of very specialized security, protection and Training services focusing on conflict resolution on an emergency, standby or contract basis providing military solutions to the Private Sector.
www.bodyguard.demon.co.uk   (671 words)

 International Bodyguard Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
For a report on any company contact the International Bureau of Bodyguard Standards:
We do not accept unsolicited resumes or CVs.
has appointed Genesis to hire bodyguards for investigations world wide.
www.samurai-warrior.com   (283 words)

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