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Topic: Boedromion

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  MYSTERIES OF ELEUSIS: Preliminaries by Sanderson Beck
On the 14th of Boedromion after preliminary sacrifices the sacred objects (Hiera) of Demeter were taken from the sanctuary at Eleusis and brought to Athens in sacred cists (kistai) in a procession headed by the priests and priestesses.
The fourth day, Boedromion 18, was called Epidauria or Asklepieia because the god of healing had been late in coming from Epidauros, arriving after the proclamation, purification in the sea, and the sacrifices.
Boedromion 19 was the fifth day known as Iacchos or pompe and culminated the festivities at Athens.
www.san.beck.org /Eleusis-3.html   (5513 words)

 Eleusinian Mysteries - Free Encyclopedia of Thelema
The first act (14th Boedromion) of the Greater Mysteries was the bringing of the sacred objects from Eleusis to the Eleusinion, a temple at the base of the Acropolis.
The ceremonies began in Athens on 16th Boedromion with the celebrants washing themselves in the sea at Phaleron and sacrificing a young pig at the Eleusinion on 17th Boedromion.
Then on 20th and 21st Boedromion, the initiates entered a great hall called Telesterion where they were shown the sacred relics of Demeter.
www.egnu.org /thelema/Eleusinian_Mysteries   (1621 words)

  Classical Period - Politics
On the first of Boedromion, a procession left Eleusis for the Eleusinium in the Agora at Athens.
In the interval spanning the sixteenth to the eighteenth Boedromion, all initiates who had not previously been presented at the Mysteries bathed communally at Phaleron to purify themselves.
This was followed by a sacrifice of pigs, symbolizing the disappearance of Persephone into the bowels of the earth.
www1.fhw.gr /chronos/05/en/culture/4141ritual_eleusinia.html   (528 words)

Again, the sixth and seventh nights of the dark half of the lunar month of Boedromion are the nights in the Telesterion where the Hiera is shown to the people and the life-in-death vision is complete.
For this reason, the entire month of Boedromion is devoted to the rituals of Demeter and Persephone, the symbols of "spring-summer and fall-winter in a cycle of constant renewal" (Gimbutas 161).
A yellow ribbon is tied on the leg and hand of each initiate to symbolize his or her illumination or vision and each drinks the kykeon.
www.sequanicalendar.com /chapter2.html   (3684 words)

There, in accordance to the accepted view, Iacchos was received with cries of joy and was set in place, and the initiates, the initiators, and all the participants in the procession sang and danced the night through to honour the goddess.
The Hierophant stood before the 'temple' or palace flooded in light before the dazzled eyes of the initiates, and pointed out to them the holy of holies which was so sacred as to preclude the possibility of any initiate revealing the secret to the uninitiated.
On the ninth day, the 23rd Boedromion, the initiates were free to return to their homes.
www.noteaccess.com /APPROACHES/AGW/AReligiousB3.htm   (2913 words)

 Eleusinian mysteries : Eleusinian Mysteries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
On 15th Boedromion, the hierophantes (priests) declared prorrhesis, the start of the rites.
The ceremonies began in Athens on 16th Boedromion with the celebrants washing themselves in the sea at Phaleron[?] and sacrificing a young pig at the Eleusinion on 17th Boedromion.
The procession to Eleusis began at Kerameikos (the Athenian cemetery) on the 19th Boedromion and the people walked to Eleusis, along the Sacred Way, swinging branches called bakchoi along the way.
www.eurofreehost.com /el/Eleusinian_Mysteries_2.html   (372 words)

 DEMOSTHENES - LoveToKnow Article on DEMOSTHENES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Dcmades moved the decree of the Assembly by which Demosthenes, Hypereides, and some others were condemned to death as traitors.
On the 20th of Boedromion (September 16) Demos322, a Macedonian garrison occupied Munychia.
It thenes was a day of solemn and happy memories, a day ~ d devoted, in the celebration of the Great Mysteries, to sacred joy,the day on which the glad procession of the Initiated returned from Eleusis to Athens.
28.1911encyclopedia.org /D/DE/DEMOSTHENES.htm   (8167 words)

 Eleusinian Mysteries - Crystalinks
On 15th Boedromion, the hierophantes (priests) declared prorrhesis, the start of the rites.The ceremonies began in Athens on 16th Boedromion with the celebrants washing themselves in the sea at Phaleron and sacrificing a young pig at the Eleusinion on 17th Boedromion.
This was the most secretive part of the Mysteries and those who had been initiated were forbidden to ever speak of the events that took place in the Telesterion.
That day (22nd Boedromion), the initiates honored the dead by pouring libations from special vessels.On 23rd Boedromion, the Mysteries ended and everyone returned home.In the center of the Telesterion was the Anaktoron ("palace"), a small stone building which only the hierophantes could enter.
www.crystalinks.com /eleusinian.html   (1715 words)

 Walter Burkert on the Eleusinian Mysteries
On 15 Boedromion the candidates assembled at Athens.
Some kind of verbal explanation and instruction that prepared for what was to be ‘seen’ on the concluding night must have been part of the proceedings.
The main event was the procession on the ‘sacred way’ to Eleusis, some 30 km from the city, on 19 Boedromion.
persephones.250free.com /burkert-mysteries.html   (716 words)

 A Doorway Into the Dark
They called it Boedromion, and the Greater Mysteries of Eleusis were celebrated at this time.
On both physical and psychic levels, perhaps this story prepares earth-dwellers for the yearly loss of sun and warmth, equivalent to the relinquishment of youth to adulthood, of life to death, with the inevitable rebirth of spring.
Thus, on the third day of Boedromion, special sacrifices were made to women and children, as a remembrance of those who gave their lives and the new life to come.
www.widdershins.org /vol1iss4/m05.htm   (1210 words)

 Prorrhesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A part of the Eleusinian Mysteries, prorrhesis was the official announcement of the start of the rites.
This announcement occurred on the 15th day of Boedromion (September), and was given by the hierophantes (priests of Demeter).
This page was last modified 01:35, 4 September 2005.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Prorrhesis   (83 words)

 Eleusinian Mysteries - WiccanWeb.ca   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The procession to Eleusis began at Kerameikos (the Athenian cemetery) on the 19th Boedromion and the people walked to Eleusis, along what was called the "Sacred Way", swinging branches called bakchoi.
Then on 20th and 21st Boedromion, the initiates entered a great hall called Telesterion; in the center stood the Anaktoron ("palace"), which only the hierophantes could enter, and where sacred objects were stored.
That day (22nd Boedromion), the initiates honored the dead by pouring libations from special vessels.
www.wiccanweb.ca /wiki/index.php/Eleusinian_Mysteries   (1837 words)

 The Book by Gilles C H Nullens - 2.2.3 Greek Mysteries
Until Athens took control of Eleusis (before 600 BC), the mysteries of Demeter and Kore were conducted as mentioned in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter focusing on both goddesses.
The iacchos procession took place on Boedromion 19 when the initiates walked on the sacred way from Athens to Eleusis singing, dancing, and carrying the "Sacred Things" of the goddesses back to the Telesterion (great hall of initiation) in Eleusis.
The Andanian mysteries were celebrated in the ancient town of Andania, in the Messenia region, situated in the southwestern part of the Greek Peloponnesus.
www.nullens.org /content/view/24/40   (1798 words)

The first act was the sacrifice of a young pig, after which a purification ceremony followed.
The Great Mysteries were celebrated for nine dayes in the month of Boedromion (September).
On the first day - the 14th of Boedromion the sacred symbols were brought from Eleusis to Athens.
www.pantheon.org /mythica/articles/e/eleusis.html   (1318 words)

The Thesmophoria anticipates the ploughing and planting in the fall, and the Anthesteria commemorates the opening of the new wine in the spring.
The Eleusinian Mysteries are associated with agricultural goddesses (Demeter and Persephone), and they celebrate the discovery of ploughing and sowing grain, but they come in late summer (Boedromion, in September), and are not timed to correspond with any particular agricultural activity.
The festivals obviously overlap mythological stories with ritual action, and, often, the mythological action is given an explanation by stories told during the festival.
www.uark.edu /campus-resources/achilles/festivals/festivals.html   (1802 words)

 [No title]
In many Greek states the month beginning mid-September was called Demetrion after Demeter (though it was called Boedromion in Athens).
29-Oct. 5) Ancient: 15-21 Boedromion (the festival begins on the full moon and continues to the third quarter).
This is the Athenian festival in honor of the dead.
www.cs.utk.edu /~mclennan/BA/SF/FallEq.txt   (1771 words)

 Greek Travelogue - Eleusis
Boedromion 15th, the first day of the Greater Mysteries, was called “agyrmos” or “gathering,” which also included a sacrifice.
This occurred on Boedromion 16th when the Hierophant command, “Initiates to the sea!” followed by a procession to the coastal town of Phaleron just south of Piraeus.
On Boedromion 19th, the initiates escorted the sacred objects from Athens back to Eleusis, and on Boedromion 20th, the great procession of initiates walked to Eleusis, both processions starting from the Eleusinion just south of the Agora.
www.greek-myth.com /Pale_Horse/eleusis.htm   (7741 words)

 Camillus by Plutarch
Again, on the sixth of Boedromion, the Persians were worsted by the Greeks at Marathon; on the third, at Plataea, as also at Mycale; on the twenty-fifth, at Arbela.
The Athenians, about the full moon in Boedromion, gained their sea-victory at Naxos under the conduct of Chabrias; on the twentieth, at Salamis, as we have shown in our treatise on Days.
Thargelion was a very unfortunate month to the barbarians, for in it Alexander overcame Darius's generals on the Granicus; and the Carthaginians, on the twenty-fourth, were beaten by Timoleon in Sicily, on which same day and month Troy seems to have been taken, as Ephorus, Callisthenes, Damastes, and Phylarchus state.
www.4literature.net /Plutarch/Camillus/5.html   (842 words)

 Rugby Football Union - Community Rugby Detail
Canterbury-based Performance Enhancement Consultancy Boedromion are supporting Canterbury RFC’s highly popular ladies calendar for 2007.
Nick Claydon, founder and Managing Director of Boedromion, said: “We believe that women’s rugby is one of England’s success stories in sport and that has been recently reflected in England Women’s Six Nations and Rugby World Cup success.
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www.rfu.com /index.cfm/fuseaction/RFUHome.Community_Detail/StoryID/15128   (208 words)

 Elias Kapetanopoulos, Ph
This appears to suggest that the diãlogow took place during Boedromion rather than in Metageitnion, the last month of the Attic calendar and which month mostly corresponded with Panemos (above).
At any event, for the Athenians the victory in 479 B.C. at Plataiai was won in the month of Boedromion and not in that of Metageitnion.
As the evidence indicates the diãlogow was introduced soon after the accession of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus, when the war against the Parthians was underway, and it endured until the death of Commodus [=IG II 2130 above; S. Follet attributed 2130 to 195/6, but this writer leaned toward l92/3 (above)].
www.history.ccsu.edu /elias/dialogos.htm   (2456 words)

 September 2006 Holidays - School of the Seasons
On the 9th day of Boedromion, the Greeks honored the god Pan with a torch race, probably ending at his altar in the cave under the Acropolis cliff.
On the second day of the lunar month of Boedromion, the Greeks celebrated the goddess Nike, who is depicted as the winged victory.
The full moon of the Greek month of Boedromion signaled the beginning of the Eleusinian Mysteries, which began with a procession to Eleusis where the ceremonies were celebrated.
www.schooloftheseasons.com /septdays1.html   (2566 words)

 Greece Project 1
In classical time the months began with the new moon and were named after festivals in each city.
The names of Athenian months were: Hekatombaion, Metageimion, Boedromion, Pyanopsion, Maimakierion, Poseidon, Gamelion, Anthesterion, Elaphebolion, Mounychion, Thargelion and Skirophorion.
After Alexander the Great's death, other calendars were adopted by the Greeks but some city-states kept their own calendars until about AD 200.
www.internet-at-work.com /hos_mcgrane/greece/eg_greece_8.html   (461 words)

 BOEDROMION LIMITED credit report - Tuesday 6th September 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
BOEDROMION LIMITED credit report - Tuesday 6th September 2005
As this company has either not, or only recently filed, they are not yet analysed by our system, so we are unable to offer a credit report.
Return of allotments of shares issued for cash or by way of capitalisation of reserves (bonus issues) - revised form.
www.ukdata.com /company-listings/details/BOEDROMION+LIMITED.html   (78 words)

Boedromion is the third month of the Athenian calendar.
The name of the month is derived from the festival of Boedromia, dedicated to
Date of the Epidauria, if the assignment of Boedromion 17 for this festival is not correct.
www.antonineimperium.org /boedromion.htm   (198 words)

 Favorite Links
Although there is some dispute from text to text as to the order of their occurrence in the nine day journey to Eleusis, authors seem to agree upon the nature and symbolism of the stations (or events) themselves.
Purification-attended to by the "Hydranos" Priest of Purification: Journey to the Sea (Rhetoi-place favored by the Eleusinians here it was said that salt water flowed to the sea) the 16th.
Solemn procession in honor of Asklepios, god of healing on the eighteenth day of Boedromion.
home.earthlink.net /~worbaz/id2.html   (322 words)

 Demetrius by Plutarch
Demetrius being about to return to Athens, signified by letter to the city that he desired immediate admission to the rites of initiation into the Mysteries, and wished to go through all the stages of the ceremony, from first to last, without delay.
This was absolutely contrary to the rules, and a thing which had never been allowed before; for the lesser mysteries were celebrated in the month of Anthesterion, and the great solemnity in Boedromion, and none of the novices were finally admitted till they had completed a year after this latter.
Yet all this notwithstanding, when in the public assembly these letters of Demetrius were produced and read, there was not one single person who had the courage to oppose them, except Pythodorus, the torch-bearer.
www.4literature.net /Plutarch/Demetrius/7.html   (994 words)

 The Ecole Initiative: The Eleusinian Mysteries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
On the following day, 15 Boedromion, the actual festival would begin with a formal declaration in the agora announcing the event and inviting initiates to take part.
From 16 to 18 Boedromion, the initiates would descend singly to the sea, each bearing a suckling piglet for purification and sacrifice.
On the fifth day of the festival (19 Boedromion) the celebrants would proceed in formal procession from Athens back to Eleusis, bearing the sacred hiera as well as a statue of the boy-god Iacchos.
users.erols.com /nbeach/eleusis.html   (6157 words)

 Eleusinian Mysteries
The Eleusinian Mysteries, were held annually in honor if Demeter and Persephone, and were the most sacred and revered of all the ritual celebrations of ancient Greece (Baring 369).
The Eleusinian Mysteries began on the 15th day of the Greek lunar month of Boedromion, which is also known as September, and ended nine days later (Ron Leadbetter 1).
On the first day they brought sacred objects from Eleusis to the Eleusinon, which was a temple at the base of the Acropolis.
www.radessays.com /viewpaper.php?nats=MTAxNjoyOjE&request=9127   (253 words)

In the month of Elaphebolion it is good to see what is in the scul...
Boedromion contained the Eleusinian Mysteries, which lasted from the 15th to 21st days of that month.
The Trios of Delos, a mosaic symbol found on the Sacred Island is the award given to all who take part in the festivities.The S...
www.ancientworlds.net /member/Socrates/Reylari   (610 words)

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