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Topic: Boeing 727

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  Boeing 727 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eventually, the three airlines agreed on a trijet, and thus the 727 was born.
Since the 727 proved to be a reliable and versatile airliner that came to form the core of many start-up airlines' fleets, it is sometimes described as the "DC-3 of the Jet Age." Even as the larger 747s came about in 1970, international airlines still needed the 727.
Also, the 727 was one of the last airliners in service to have a three-person crew, including a flight engineer, a crewmember whose job is performed by computerized systems on newer planes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boeing_727   (1672 words)

 Boeing 7J7 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Boeing 7J7 was a short- to medium-range airliner proposed by Boeing in the 1980s, but never built.
It would have carried 150 passengers and was touted as the successor to the successful Boeing 727.
Boeing cancelled the 7J7 in 1987 and instead concentrated its resources on further developments of the Boeing 737 and the Boeing 757.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boeing_7J7   (415 words)

 Boeing 727
Boeing also wanted to take a larger share of the short-haul aircraft orders that in the mid-to-late 1950's appeared to be going only to turboprop aircraft such as the Lockheed Electra, Vickers Vanguard (a larger version of the smaller but better-known Viscount), and the Fokker F-27 Friendship.
Boeing believed that if it could "graft" the basic six-abreast 707 cabin dimensions on to the 727, many 707 operators would be attracted to the commonality and higher passenger and cargo capacity.
The 727 represented Boeing's first attempt to produce a "family" of jet aircraft after the 707/720 series: an aircraft with a distinct mission yet with many features that were common from an operational perspective.
www.in.net /~mikey/727.htm   (1930 words)

 Boeing 727   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The 727 was one of the first medium-haul jets to be built.
Forward of the wing, the 727 is very similar to the 707 in shape.
The 727 is one of the most massively produced airliners around, with over 1,800 models having been built between 1962 and 1984.
www.geocities.com /s2warden/727.htm   (111 words)

 Boeing 757 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Boeing 757 is a medium-range transcontinental commercial passenger airplane manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
The 757 (designated "7N7" during initial development) was designed by Boeing to complement the 767 on less dense routes.
Boeing 757s form part of the fleet used by the royal family of Saudi Arabia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boeing_757   (1397 words)

 Boeing: Commercial Airplanes - 727 - 727 Family Home
The versatility and reliability of the Boeing 727 -- first trijet introduced into commercial service -- made it the best-selling airliner in the world during the first 30 years of jet transport service.
With sophisticated, triple-slotted trailing edge flaps and new leading-edge slats, the 727 had unprecedented low-speed landing and takeoff performance for a commercial jet and could be accommodated by smaller airports than the 707 required.
Today, the Boeing 737 has surpassed that total, but the 727 holds a permanent place in the annals of aviation as one of the most significant airplanes in the development of the world's jet transportation system.
www.boeing.com /commercial/727family   (700 words)

 [No title]
In 1956 Boeing began studies for a plane able to use smaller airfields than the 707/720 and for use on short/medium length routes.
Boeing opted for a t-tail, tri-jet configuration similar to the aircrafts rival, the DH.121 Trident.
Boeing had been considering the 727-300 but world economics and the impending arrival of the 757 meant that the aircraft was never built.
members.tripod.com /Craigs_Airlines/boeing727.htm   (649 words)

 Aircraft-Info.net - Boeing 727-100 Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The 727 short to medium range trijet is the world's second most successful jet airliner built.
Boeing persisted however and serious development of the 727 beginning in June 1959.
The 727 retained the 707's fuselage cross section, but with a redesigned smaller lower fuselage due to the need to carry less baggage on shorter range flights, and it has limited parts commonality with the 707 and 720.
www.aircraft-info.net /aircraft/jet_aircraft/boeing/727-100   (443 words)

 Boeing 727
Boeing began studies of a short/medium range passenger jet as early as 1956; however, development had to wait until sales of the 707 had proven the passenger jet concept.
The 727 pioneered the rear trijet configuration as it gave better climb performance than a two engines and was more economical than four.
The 727 kept the same fuselage cross-section as the 707.
www.kensaviation.com /B727.htm   (101 words)

 FlightSim.Com Review: Captain Sim Boeing 727
The 727 was not only the first trijet introduced into commercial service, it was the best selling jet airliner right up to the 1980s - a record it would still hold were it not for the Boeing 737.
Boeing are justifiably proud of the fact that 101 different airline customers purchased new 727s and while the major U.S. airlines have retired their oldest airframes, many are still operating their younger 727-200s.
In my experience the 727 requires the pitch wound so far aft that it is at the very bottom or even just outside the normal range on take off and if you set the pitch then and never adjust it back again, you are in for trouble.
www.flightsim.com /cgi/kds?$=main/review/capt727/capt727.htm   (4297 words)

 Boeing 727 - Gizmo Highway Technology Guide
Boeing's faithful 727 was once the most popular plane in the skies.
Eventually, the three airlines agreed on a tri-jet, and thus the 727 was born.
Boeing even made a 727 variant that had a large door on the main deck so the plane could switch from passenger to cargo work with ease.
www.gizmohighway.com /transport/boeing_727.htm   (721 words)

 Boeing 727 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The 727 first took to the skies in 1963, and entered service a year later - much earlier than its bigger and more famous sister the Boeing 747.
The 727 was also designed to be used at smaller, regional airports which meant that independence from what may be non-existent ground facilities was an important requirement.
By the turn of the 21st century the 727 was still a vital part of some major American airlines' fleets (United, American, Delta, Northwest, Continental, Alaska, to name a few), but events would soon change that.
www.tustin.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Boeing_727   (1089 words)

 Fatal Boeing 727 Events   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
One of the nine crew members and 50 of the 84 passengers on the 727 were killed.
2 April 1986; TWA 727 near Athens, Greece: A bomb exploded in the cabin and blew a hole in the fuselage while the aircraft was approaching Athens.
The aircraft was on a domestic flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos.
www.airsafe.com /events/models/b727.htm   (2135 words)

 Aerospaceweb.org | Aircraft Museum - Boeing 727
However, the 727 departed from these designs by using a three-engine arrangement, with all three located at the rear of the aircraft.
Although the 727 was even more economical to operate than initially anticipated, sales in the early 1960s were somewhat disappointing.
Boeing then proceeded with an enlarged 727, the 727-200, capable of carrying up to 189 passengers or more fuel.
www.aerospaceweb.org /aircraft/jetliner/b727/index.shtml   (354 words)

 Aircraft-Info.net - Boeing 727-200 Information
This resulted in the 727-200, which Boeing announced it was developing in August 1965.
The 727-200 was essentially a minimum change development of the 100, the only major change being the 6.10m (20ft) fuselage stretch, which increased maximum seating to 189 passengers.
However the 200 was restricted by its relatively short range, due to it having the same fuel capacity as the 727-100, so Boeing developed the increased range Advanced 727-200.
www.aircraft-info.net /aircraft/jet_aircraft/boeing/727-200   (461 words)

 US, Angola Seek Missing Boeing 727 Jet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Authorities in Africa and the United States are looking for a Boeing 727 jet missing from Angola since late last month under suspicious circumstances.
The Boeing 727 has been missing since it took off under mysterious circumstances from Luanda airport in the southwest African country of Angola more than two weeks ago.
However the Boeing 727 had been parked idle at the airport for more than a year for non-payment of some $4 million in fees to Angola's airport authority.
www.voanews.com /article.cfm?objectID=0D755491-36FF-410A-AD4C628524E554E3   (391 words)

 Commercial Aviation
In 1933, Boeing introduced the model 247 which was the first truly modern airliner.
Boeing produced the two-engine 737 and the three engine 727.
The Boeing 777 is the first jetliner to be 100 percent digitally designed using three-dimensional computer design programs.
history.sandiego.edu /gen/st/~jgaffney/aviation/commercial.html   (962 words)

 Southwest Airlines - Boeing 727   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Howard Putnam explained that the lease was the occasion to evaluate the Boeing 727 with its high-frequency operational pattern.
Apparently, the economics of the 727 were not appealing enough to justify the presence of a second type in the fleet.
The last three-holer was returned in 1985, after SWA took delivery of their first Boeing 737-300s (N300SW "Spirit of Kitty Hawk") on 30 November 1984.
airtransportbiz.free.fr /Fleets/SWA727.html   (296 words)

 Into thin air - smh.com.au
But the 727 was about to become the centrepiece of one of the strangest mysteries in aviation history, one that would alarm Western governments and baffle investigators around the world.
Africa is one of them, and whoever was at the controls of the Boeing 727 - registration number N844AA - on the afternoon of May 25 must have known the possibilities of what pilots call the "gauntlet" - the vast, virtually uncontrolled airspace south of the Sahara Desert and north of the Limpopo River.
The Boeing was said to be in the hands of "a member of West Africa's Lebanese business community" who was using it to run goods between Conakry and Beirut.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2003/08/14/1060588523649.html   (1661 words)

 Hunt For The Missing Boeing 727 'Flying Bomb'
An international hunt is on to find a flying bomb a stolen Boeing 727 which led to British Airways cancelling all flights to Saudi Arabia last week.
Hidden somewhere in the vast Sahara desert of East Africa an area the size of Europe the spy chiefs believe the Boeing was poised to launch its attack on a British airliner as it began its descent over Saudi Arabia into Riyadh airport.
The area where the Boeing is believed hidden has little or no radar cover making it almost impossible to track as it took off on its deadly mission.
www.rense.com /general41/huntforthemissing.htm   (941 words)

 Northeast Airlines Boeing 727-95 Yellowbird (Circa 1970) for Flight Simulator
When Boeing received an order for 20 Boeing 707s from Pan American in 1955, Douglas still had the edge, as evidenced by Pan Am's order for 25 DC-8s on the same day.
Certainly, Boeing had flown the Model 367-80 as a prototype on July 15, 1954 and had great confidence in the first 707 when it first flew on December 20, 1957.
Including the longer-fuselage -200 series, no less than 1,832 Boeing 727s came off the production line, a record that was not to be broken until another of the types based on the 707 fuselage cross-section, the Boeing 737, broke the 2,000-order mark in 1986.
members.aol.com /CaptainQuarters/b72795ny.htm   (313 words)

 Boeing 727-200 by Don Hinton (Airfix 1/144)
The elegant Boeing 727 was introduced into service in February 1964 and became an immediate hit with the world’s airlines.
The 727 became the best-selling airliner in history with 1,831 produced, eventually being surpassed by the 737.
Since the 727 fuselage is all aluminum and I didn’t want drastically different dissimilar panels, I added 20% Model Master Metalizer buffing Titanium to Model Master Metalizer buffing Aluminum and sprayed the fuselage again, spraying right over the panels masked with Micro Mask.
hsfeatures.com /727200dh_1.htm   (1788 words)

 B-727 ECN-3831: B-727 in flight during vortex study with wingtip smoke generators
A Boeing 727 jetliner is shown in this 1974 NASA Flight Research Center photograph taking part in a wake vortex study.
A series of flight tests using a Boeing 727 jetliner was conducted in 1973-1974 at the NASA Flight Research Center (FRC), which became the Dryden Flight Research Center in 1976, to study the effects of wake vortices emanating from the trailing edges of the wings.
Boeing 727; Wing Wake Vortex; NASA Flight Research Center; Federal Aviation Administration; FAA; Piper PA-30; F-104; Lear Jet; smoke generators; NASA; Flight Research Center; Dryden Flight Research Center.
www.dfrc.nasa.gov /gallery/photo/B-727/HTML/ECN-3831.html   (225 words)

 - Categoria Boeing (Aerei) - Boeing 727   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
SU QUESTO BOEING 727, che collega Miami a Cancun, i 170 passeggeri a bordo non possono sorseggiare...
SU QUESTO BOEING 727, che collega Miami a Cancun, i 170 passeggeri a bordo non possono sorseggiare bevande...
Dove le sigle 727, 737, 747, 757 rappresentano Boeing 727, Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 757...
www.match.it /info/aerei/boeing/boeing_727.php   (342 words)

 DreamFleet - Boeing 727 Home
orn from the roots of one of the first aircraft that started the "Jet Age" of passenger air transportation, the Boeing 707, the 727 was Boeing's medium range alternative.
ndeed, the 727 would become the best selling commercial passenger jet aircraft of all time, eventually losing the title to her younger cousin, the Boeing 737, an aircraft that holds the title to this day.
Of course, it will not spend much time there, as once you fly the 727 you'll be putting the same amount of hours on her as the real airlines do!
www.dreamfleet2000.com /Previews/727/preview_home.html   (553 words)

 Airwise Discussion Forum - Northwest Airlines retires Boeing 727 from its fleet
When the 727 was a central element of the Northwest fleet, the airline was flying 100 727s.
As for the demise of the NW 727 today....it's heartbreaking.
Mike, the main reason for getting rid of the 727 is to eliminate the need for the third pilot, though the 35% reduction in fuel consumption is also a factor.
forum.airwise.com /forum/printthread.php?s=ad3b9e4372148a452a574deefaac7bea&t=2620&pp=50   (4552 words)

 AVSIM Boeing 727 Panel Review
After 35 years of loyal service, the Boeing 727 is still going strong.
Having just seen a real 727 flight deck a couple of days ago at work, I can say that this panel gives a higher level of realism than some of the other 727 panels I've seen and used.
I feel United's old paint job is better than their new one, which is why I picked the old scheme.The aircraft is very stable at cruise altitude (no roller coaster effect) and one worth using with this panel.The aircraft climbs very well.
www.avsim.com /pages/0799/panel/b727.shtml   (1842 words)

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