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Topic: Boeing 737

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  Boeing 737 Information
The 737 was born out of Boeing's need to field a competitor in the short-range, small capacity jetliner market which had been opened up by the BAC 1-11 and the Douglas DC-9.
Boeing was badly behind however when the 737 program was initiated in 1964, as both of these rivals were already into their flight certification programmes.
Boeing has already hinted that a clean sheet replacement for the 737 (dubbed "Y1") will be the company's next major project after the 787, although it is still unclear if the existing 737 will receive yet one more facelift in the next 7 to 10 years.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Boeing_737   (3055 words)

  Boeing 737 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Boeing was badly behind however when the 737 program was initiated in 1964, as both of these rivals were already into their flight certification programmes.
The 737 was given a glass cockpit with CRT (except the -900, which had newer and higher tech LCD screens) screens and digital systems inspired by the ones that were used on the 777.
Boeing has already hinted that a clean sheet replacement for the 737 (dubbed "Y1") will be the company's next major project after the 787, although it is still unclear if the existing 737 will receive yet one more facelift in the next 7 to 10 years.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boeing_737   (2988 words)

 Boeing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Piasecki Helicopter was acquired by Boeing in 1960, and was reorganized as Boeing's Vertol division.
In April 1994, Boeing introduced its most modern commercial jet aircraft, the twin-engine 777, with a seating capacity of between 300 and 400 passengers in a standard three class layout, in between the 767 and the B747.
Boeing is now focused on the newly-launched 787 as a platform of total fleet rejuvenation, which has benefitted from strong sales success at the expense of Airbus' competing offerings.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boeing   (3432 words)

 Boeing 737   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Boeing 737 is the smallest member of the Boeing family, that is why she is called "lovingly" also "Baby Boeing".
On the long distances, the Boeing 707 (with four jet-engines) was the undisputed "number one", on the central distances it was the Boeing 727 with her three engines (of which one engine was mounted in the rear).
This version of the Boeing 737 will probably remain the biggest one, because on account of the evacuation possibilities the passenger's number can not be increased any more farther, although from the structure here the trunk could be extended still farther.
www.flybernhard.de /b737_e.htm   (2788 words)

 Boeing 737 - Infosheet - The Airliner Gallery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The Boeing was launched as a short-range airplane in 1965 to complement the larger 707 and 727 jetliners.
The 737 configuration includes a 707-width body, a significant reduction in overall fuselage length compared to the 727 and less structural weight per passenger carried.
The Next-Generation 737 airplanes are capable of cruising to a maximum altitude of 41,000 feet, compared to 37,000 feet for the 737-300/-400/-500 models, and 39,000 feet for the Airbus A320.
www.geocities.com /airgall6/b737info.htm   (2388 words)

 Boeing 737
The heritage of the 737 began in 1965 when Boeing launched this short-range airplane to complement the larger 707 and 727 jetliners.
Boeing engineers had been studying a larger 737 for a number of years -- one with a fuselage lengthened enough to bring capacity to 147 seats in mixed-class service.
Next-Generation 737 designers also drew inspiration from the 777, placing large displays in the flightdeck dashboard and updating the passenger cabin with contoured walls and ceilings that create a spacious feeling and greater stowage capacity than the classic 737s.
www.planesimulation.com /737a.htm   (832 words)

 Boeing 737
The 737 family has won orders for more than 5,200 airplanes, which is more airplanes than The Boeing Company's biggest competitor has won for its entire product line since it began business.
The Next-Generation 737 models build on the strengths that made the 737 the world's most successful commercial airliner, while incorporating improvements and value-added technology designed for the 21st century.
Boeing 737 Chief Pilot Ray Craig views critical flight information on the transparent glass Head-Up Display (HUD), which is positioned between the pilot’s eye and the flight deck window.
www.andrethorand.de /hobby/boeing-MC/B737.htm   (2500 words)

 the Boeing 737 Rudder Lawsuits
Boeing knew for years that pilots had no way to overcome dangerous rudder problems that could occur while flying 737 jets at low speeds, but waited until after two planes crashed to acknowledge the problem, newly released court documents indicate.
Boeing, while formally accepting the NTSB's rulings, continues to blame the Colorado Springs crash on a freak weather occurrence and the Pittsburgh crash on pilot error.
Boeing and the FAA are studying an NTSB recommendation, issued last March, calling for the 737 rudder to be redesigned so that it is no longer controlled by a single valve.
www.iasa.com.au /folders/Safety_Issues/others/737followupr.html   (3259 words)

 Boeing 737-500
The Boeing 737-500 was launched on May 20, 1987, with an order for 38 airplanes from Southwest Airlines.
With a fuselage 10 inches (25 cm) longer than the popular 737-200 at 94 feet 9 inches (28.9 m) and the addition of the advanced technologies used in the larger 737-300 and -400 models, the 737-500 was designed to provide airline operators with a replacement for the ubiquitous 737-200 twinjet.
Furthermore, a substantial number of replaceable parts on the 737-500 are identical to those on the -300 and -400, and many are the same as on the -200.
www.bavirtual.co.uk /ops/fleet/shorthaul/b735.htm   (968 words)

 Boeing 737
The Boeing 737 is a popular commercial passenger aircraft continuously manufactured by the Boeing Corporation since 1967.
The -100 and -200 series are identifiable by their tubular engines which project both fore and aft of the wing, and by the smoothly curving upsweep of the tail fin.
The first Boeing 737 (a 100 series) took its maiden flight April 9, 1967.
www.teachersparadise.com /ency/en/wikipedia/b/bo/boeing_737.html   (260 words)

 Airliners.net: Boeing 737-400
Boeing announced it was developing a new higher capacity version of the fast selling 737-300 in June 1986.
Although Boeing had initially developed the 180 to 200 seat 757 to replace the successful 727, there still existed a considerable market for a near direct size replacement for the popular trijet.
By developing the 737-400 as a minimum change stretch of the 737-300, Boeing was also able to offer considerable commonality, and thus cost, benefits to operators already with the 737-300, and to a lesser extent, the 737-200 in their fleets.
www.airliners.net /info/stats.main?id=93   (501 words)

 Aviation Video: Boeing 737-300 - US Airways
Boeing was badly behind, however, when the 737 program was initiated in 1964, as both of these rivals were already into their flight certification programs.
Boeing is rumored to be working on a higher capacity version of the 737-900, the extra seats being made possible by adding more exit doors.
Boeing has already hinted that a clean sheet replacement for the 737 will be the company's next major project after the 787, although it is still unclear if the existing 737 will receive yet one more facelift in the next 7 to 10 years.
www.flightlevel350.com /viewer.php?id=3757&rating=yes   (1371 words)

 Naval Technology - P-8A - Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA), USA
Boeing submitted proposals based on the 737-700 aircraft and Lockheed Martin's proposal was based on the Orion 21, a new version of the P3.
The selection of the Boeing 737 MMA was announced in July 2004 with the contract award covering the manufacture of five trial aircraft over the next eight years.
The 737 fuselage will be built in Wichita, Kansas, then transferred to Renton where all the unique 737 MMA aircraft structural features will be incorporated in sequence during fabrication and assembly.
www.naval-technology.com /projects/mma   (1252 words)

 Boeing 737
The 737 was originally planned as a short-range small capacity airliner smaller than the 707 and 727.
The second generation 737 (series 300-500) were updated to include efficient high-bypass turbofan engines.
The next generation 737 (series 600-900) continued upgrading the original aircraft with more efficient engines, a new wing with greater chord span and area and larger tail surfaces.
www.kensaviation.com /B737.htm   (101 words)

 The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Boeing's workhorse 737 hits milestone: No. 5,000
Because the 737 is designed low to the ground for easy baggage loading and maintenance, and requires no special jetways, Southwest can turn the airplane around — from pulling up at the gate to being ready to leave again — in just 25 minutes.
Boeing configures the 737s to ensure equipment is standard from model to model — important for maintenance crews, cabin attendants and pilots, especially on low-cost operations like Southwest.
Boeing is setting up a separate production line in Renton to build the Navy's 737-based P-8A submarine hunter, scheduled to fly in 2009.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/businesstechnology/2002802118_boeing13.html   (1265 words)

 9-11 Review: UNLIKELY: 'The Pentagon Attack Plane was a Boeing 737 Instead of a Boeing 757'
Of the many theories that someting other than Flight 77 -- a Boeing 757 -- crashed into the Pentagon, the theory that the plane was a Boeing 737 is claimed by its proponents to be more consonant with the pattern of impact damage than would be the crash of a 757.
Moreover, other aspects of the damage, such as to the diesel generator trailer are consistent with a 757 but not a 737.
It is obvious on this diagram that the two engines of a 757-200 are just at the right spacing from the centerline to account for the damage on the generator and on the ventilation structure.
911review.com /errors/pentagon/boeing737.html   (818 words)

 Boeing Converts 737 Into Bomber
Boeing is gearing up to modify its ubiquitous twin-jet, single-aisle airliner into a Navy patrol bomber called the Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft, or MMA.
Boeing took a 737 to air stations around the country and Europe to show Navy aviators a twin-jet could do the job -- even on one engine if it had to -- and helped Boeing secure the contract over rival Lockheed Martin, which proposed an updated turboprop plane for the mission.
Boeing's factory there, with space for four production lines, went to two lines because of the worldwide airline downturn.
www.rense.com /general60/coverts.htm   (569 words)

 ABC News: Airbus A320 Outshines Boeing's 737   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
SINGAPORE Feb 26, 2006 (AP)— Boeing's 737 passenger plane, which has seen deliveries top 5,000 since it entered service 38 years ago, has always been touted by its U.S. makers as the world's most popular commercial jet.
Boeing's only major deal this week came when Indian budget carrier Spicejet ordered 10 737 planes and took an option to order another 10.
"With the 737, even though they've upgraded the length, the avionics, and the wings, the cross-section of the plane remains the same as it was forty years ago," said Andrew Miller, chief executive of the Center for Asia Pacific Aviation, a consultancy based in Sydney.
abcnews.go.com /Business/BusinessTravel/wireStory?id=1664453&...   (399 words)

 Aviation Resource - 737
In November 1993, the company launched a 'Next Generation' 737 family to build on the 737's extraordinary success and extend the airplane type well into the 21st century.
Like today's 737s, these new family members are offered in multiple sizes, with the 737-600 accommodating 110 to 132 passengers, the 737-700 seating 126 to 149 passengers, the 737-800 capable of carrying 162 to 189 passengers, and the 737-900 seating 177 to 189 passengers.
Upcoming milestones for the Next-Generation 737 include first delivery of the 737-700 to Southwest Airlines in 1997, first delivery of the 737-800 to Hapag-Lloyd in early 1998, and first delivery of the -600 model to SAS in mid-1998.
www.geocities.com /CapeCanaveral/4294/profiles/737.html   (310 words)

 History and Development of the Boeing 737
His major contribution to the 737 project was to use as much of the 727 in the 737, in particular the fuselage cross section.
When the 737 was announced ALPA and the FAA were on the case of the 737 from the outset as the 3 crew issue had still not been resolved.
Boeing began work on the 737-900 in April 1997 which was stretched to compete with the 185/220 seat, Airbus A321.
www.b737.org.uk /history.htm   (8835 words)

 AVSIM Boeing 737 Review
The 737 program was launched in February, 1965 as a logical answer to go with the already popular 707 and 727 series.
The problem that Boeing faced with United was that they already had a moderate number of 727's in their fleet.
So, Boeing proposed to United that they take some 727's, and return any extras that they had for the 737 when it was ready.
www.avsim.com /pages/0599/b737/b737.htm   (866 words)

 BOEING 737   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
The BOEING aircraft company announced the construction of the BOEING 737, 22 February 1965, as a short and medium range transport aircraft.
The BOEING 737 exists in two versions : the 737-100 with short fuselage (28.65 m) and the 737-200 with a long fuselage (30.43 m).
The 737 is a new and very sophisticated aircraft when compared with the other BOEINGS, though the diameter of the fuselage may be the same as that of the first BOEINGS (3.76 m).
www.mypage.bluewin.ch /AviationArt/aviation_civ/boeing737.htm   (368 words)

 Boeing 737 - Aerospace Technology
The Boeing 737 twin engine airliner is the bestselling jetliner of all time.
The 5,000th 737 was delivered in February 2006 and the aircraft has carried the equivalent of the world's population, about seven billion passengers.
The smallest aircraft of the 737 new generation family, the 110- to 132-seat Boeing 737-600, was launched in 1995 and entered service with launch customer Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) in 1998.
www.aerospace-technology.com /projects/boeing737_NG   (1316 words)

 Boeing 737-400
In December 1985, Boeing decided to offer a 737 twinjet with a 10-foot (3 m) fuselage stretch that would add three more economy seat rows and two more first class seats, or 21 more two-class passengers when compared with earlier the 737-300.
During development work on the airplane, Boeing kept as a goal long service life and low maintenance, as well as elimination of any excess weight in the airplane.
The latest aluminium alloys are used in the structure, along with increased carbon composite parts.
www.bavirtual.co.uk /ops/fleet/shorthaul/b734.htm   (658 words)

 Boeing 737 AEW
The Boeing 737 AEWandC System is based on the commercial 737-700 airliner, which provides modern avionics and glass cockpit, minimal crew requirements and commonality with commercial airline fleets for flexibility and support.
A Multi-role Electronically Scanned Array (MESA) radar is the critical sensor aboard the 737 AEW&C. The MESA radar is the latest generation airborne surveillance radar system for mid-cost AEW&C. The electronically scanned array features three apertures sharing "L" band frequency transmit and receive modules to attain 360 degrees of coverage.
The 737 is one of the most popular and reliable jet aircraft in the world.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/aircraft/e-737.htm   (1433 words)

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