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Topic: Boeing NLA

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 Boeing 747
Boeing hoped that the abilities of the SP would compete and take orders from the Douglas DC-10 and create a niche market, however in the end only a total of 45 were built.
Boeing announced a new 747 variant, the 747-8 (referred to as the 747 Advanced prior to launch) on November 14, 2005, which will use same engine and cockpit technology as the 787 (It was decided to call it the 747-8 because of the technology it will share with the 787 Dreamliner).
Boeing was keen to discourage the media and the public from using the term "jumbo jet" for the 747, but their efforts were in vain and now the term is synonymous with the 747.
www.zdnet.co.za /wiki/Boeing_747   (6526 words)

 Boeing 747-400 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Boeing 747-400 is the only model of the Boeing 747 still in production and will remain the largest commercial airliner in service until the introduction of the Airbus A380 in 2007.
Boeing announced in October 2003 that due to the length of time of marine shipping, air transport will be the primary method of transporting parts for the Boeing 787.
Boeing has purchased two former China Airlines aircraft which are currently being modified and a third aircraft, yet to be acquired, will be added later. /cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/010110A/687474703a2f2f656e2e77696b6970656469612e6f72672f77696b692f426f65696e675f3734372d343030   (1205 words)

 Boeing 787
Boeing has dismissed such notions insisting that composites have been used on wings and other passenger aircraft parts for years and this is a non-issue.
Boeing has redesigned some parts that were supposed to be made of steel to now be manufactured out of titanium [[3]].
Boeing believes that the pendulum has swung too far and the future of aviation between very large (but close) cities of five million or more would stabilize around the capacity level of the 787-3.
www.zdnet.co.za /wiki/Boeing_787   (4865 words)

 The boeing 747 page
The Boeing 747, commonly called a Jumbo Jet, is one of the most recognizable of all jet airliners and is the largest airliner currently in service.
Boeing 747-100 in livery of launch customer Pan Am The first model of the jet, the 747-100, rolled out of the new Everett facility on 2 September 1968.
Boeing announced a new 747 model, the 747-8 (referred to as the 747 Advanced prior to launch) on November 14, 2005, which will use same engine and cockpit technology as the 787 (It was decided to call it the 747-8 because of the technology it will share with the 787 Dreamliner).
www.infoformat.com /Gunb-to-Duba/boeing_747.html   (5551 words)

 Meridian International Research - Previous Projects
In 1997, Airbus and Boeing were engaged in a war of words over the future market demand for a "Superjumbo" or an aircraft significantly larger than the 747-400.
Boeing were studying a number of stretch derivatives of the 747, known as the 747X.
Boeing changed their Market Outlook published that year to reduce the forecast market demand for large aircraft and favour smaller 300 - 400 seat aircraft.
www.meridian-int-res.com /Projects/PrevProjects.htm   (1791 words)

 Airdisaster.Com Forums - BOEING Shines; AirBus Whines
Boeing has come up with a new version of the 747, known as the 747-8, though it so far has only one order for the plane as a passenger carrier.
Boeing were much later on to this part of the market because they claimed that super-large airliners were not the way to go, or at best they downplayed their likely roles.
Boeing should have really went with that NLA thing (it was a boeing version of basically what Airbus did with it's A-380) or it's 747-500X/600X proposals.
www.airdisaster.com /forums/showthread.php?t=81526   (1787 words)

 Airbus A380 - Wikipedia Mirror   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
When the 747 replaced the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8 as the biggest airliner, the technology used was essentially similar (similar flight controls, hydraulics, electrics and avionics) but scaled up for the size.
Airbus and Boeing had worked together on a study investigating a 600+ seat aircraft called the Very Large Commercial Transport.
Boeing was considering a New Large Aircraft to replace the 747, and acquired McDonnell Douglas and their cancelled MD-12 design.
www.wiki-mirror.us /index.php/Airbus_A380   (4027 words)

 Airliners.net forum: How Long Until Boeing Builds A Full Double-decker?
During the 747X projects, the 747-700X (NLA) was pictured as a 747 look-alike full double decker capable of seating 650 passengers, but with a different tail and the cockpit on the upper level instead of the A380 lower level.
Boeing trying to build something to rival the A380 is a huge risk and if it fails could mean big trouble or Boeing.
Boeing is aiming/betting on a niche market now (which is why some folks claim A380 will fly with empty seats) that the A380 will own in ten years.
www.airliners.net /discussions/general_aviation/print.main?id=1932901   (2839 words)

 Airbus A380   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
In January 1993, Boeing and several companies in the Airbus consortium started a joint feasibility study of an aircraft known as the Very Large Commercial Transport (VLCT), aiming to form a partnership to share the limited market.
The A3XX was pitted against the VLCT study and Boeing’s own New Large Aircraft successor to the 747, which evolved into the 747X, a stretched version of the 747 with the fore body "hump" extended rearwards to accommodate more passengers.
However, the pressure exerted by its wheels is lower than that of a Boeing 747 or Boeing 777 because the A380 has 22 wheels, four more than the 747, and eight more than the 777.
www.libraryoflibrary.com /E_n_c_p_d_Airbus_A380.html   (4790 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Boeing Commercial Airplanes, based in Renton, Washington, is a unit of The Boeing Company, consisting of the Seattle-based former Boeing Airplane Company (the civil airliner division), as well as the Long Beach-based Douglas Aircraft division of the former McDonnell Douglas Corporation.
President and CEO Alan Mulally led Boeing's civil aircraft arm, until he was nominated as CEO of Ford Motor Company on 5 September 2006.
In general, since the Boeing 707, the model number takes the form of a 7 followed by a digit and then by another 7, e.g.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Boeing_Commercial_Airplanes   (361 words)

 Informat.io on A380
Each knew the risk of splitting such a niche market, as had been demonstrated by the simultaneous debut of the Lockheed L-1011 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10: either aircraft met the market’s needs, but the market could profitably sustain only one model, eventually resulting in Lockheed's departure from the civil airliner business.
The A3XX was pitted against the VLCT study and Boeing’s own New Large Aircraft successor to the 747, which evolved into the 747X, a stretched version of the 747 with the forebody "hump" extended rearwards to accommodate more passengers.
The number is obviously derived from the Boeing 747.
www.informat.io /?title=A380   (4450 words)

 Airliners.net Civil Aviation: Will Boeing Produce The NLA (B 747-700)?
As it has been discussed in the past, Boeing did have plan to produce the B 747-700 in 1996, which is similar to the A 380 if not even bigger.
Boeing has decided not to compete with Airbus on who can lose the most money on a Super Jumbo.
Boeing just said they scrapped the 747X project in favor of other projects, so I say it's highly unlikely, I believe they are focusing more on the Mach 0.95 jetliner...
www1.airliners.net /discussions/general_aviation/read.main/428766   (604 words)

 Impact of New Large Aircraft on Airport Design - Storming Media
In addition, a 20-year projection of NLA development and a qualitative cost and compatibility assessment of introducing NLA's at a sample airport that currently serves the Boeing 747 are included in this final report.
Airports expecting to serve NLA will be required to modify their existing facilities to meet the design criteria of airport design group VI.
Recommendations are made to revise the applicable airport design standards, continue investigating the demands of NLA, and to determine their affects on the individual airports that are expecting to serve them.
www.stormingmedia.us /49/4982/A498243.html   (271 words)

 More on boeing 747
In August 2006 a total of 627 Boeing 747-400 aircraft (all variants) remain in airline service, with 46 further firm orders.
EVERETT - A shortage of trained aerospace engineers around Puget Sound is prompting the Boeing Co. to look outside the region for people to help it design the latest version of the 747, the program's vice president said Thursday.
Boeing and Korean Air have announced that the two companies have finalised an order for 25 aeroplanes with a value of approximately $5.6bn at list prices.
www.greatgraduate.com /boeing_747.php   (5575 words)

 Interaction between wheels and wheel groups of New Large Aircraft.
The arrival of the Boeing B777, which has 6-wheeled landing gears, and proposals for new large aircraft (NLA) has focussed attention on the need for pavement design methods which can take account of interaction between wheels of large multiwheeled gears and also account for the interaction between all gears of the aircraft.
For an ‘FAA-style’ pavement of thickness 2,000mm, the centre of the zone of negative strain is a horizontal distance from the gear centre of approximately 10,000mm.
Because of this, and because the methods are essentially empirical they require empirical data that is relevant both to the aircraft and the pavement types; extrapolation from data obtained for significantly different loadings and materials is problematic.
www.mincad.com.au /AtlanticCity99Paper/interactiona.htm   (3027 words)

 RA- Hangar Design
A hangar to maintain the NLA would be a square bay about 85 metres by 85 metres.
Given the checkered history of NLA commitment and the relatively modest fleet size projection, facility planning to accommodate that airframe remains rare.
The Boeing B777-300 and the Airbus A340-600 have wingspans shorter than the Boeing B747-400, but both airframes are actually longer than the B747 by three metres.
www.theaustin.com /html/ra-_hangar_design.html   (3397 words)

 Federal Aviation Administration - The Operational and Economic Effects of New Large Airplanes on United States Airports
Newark International Airport, with Boeing 747 traffic volumes comparable to Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Miami International Airport, is one such case not expected to see NLA service primarily because of its close proximity to John F. Kennedy International Airport.
Hence, estimated costs to accommodate NLA at several airports currently not receiving Boeing 747 service were gathered for completeness.
Cargo versions of NLA are a possibility since Federal Express formally announced it would be a launch customer for a freighter version of the Airbus A3XX.
www.faa.gov /airports_airtraffic/airports/resources/publications/reports/large_airplanes/index.cfm?sect=part1   (888 words)

 Acidophilus Related Terms
The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser was the airliner version of the 367 Boeing Stratofreighter, which in turn was the transport version of B-50 Superfortress.
Despite serious design flaws and a marginal service record [1], the Stratocruiser was one of the great post-war propeller airliners.
Boeing 377 - Stratocruiser A very comprehensive enthusiast page on the type
www.acidophiluseffects.com /notes/?title=Boeing_377_Stratocruiser   (433 words)

 NLA News Releases
GE's representative noted that it is able to facilitate the growth of emission-free energy production by drawing on the corporation's financial arm to put together a financial package that makes it economically feasible for smaller communities to transition to renewable energy sources.
Jeffrey Hawk, Boeing Aircraft's Director of Government, Environment, Certification for the 7E7, was visibly excited about the "Dreamliner," a new airline product that maximizes efficiency.
Hawk explained the planes' several enhanced efficiencies are derived from state-of-the-art engines that produce lower emissions, and the use of lighter, composite materials in the majority of its primary structure.
www.nl-amer.com /pressreleases/releases/ipr_NLEandAAP_5_04.htm   (955 words)

 Airliners.net Civil Aviation: Boeing NLA?
Was the Boeing NLA a project towards the MD12 or A380?
Was the Boeing NLA a project to compete against the MD12 or A380?
Boeing Adv On Mexican Newspaper Of Avolar's B738W posted Fri Dec 15 2006 23:45:36 by Ghost77
www1.airliners.net /discussions/general_aviation/read.main/3136877   (367 words)

 Boeing Commercial Airplanes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The following two digits number (cc) is attributed according to the company the aircraft was first delivered to.
Boeing 747-300 Trijet - high-efficiency trijet version of the Boeing 747-200, cancelled
Aviation Partners Boeing, a 50/50 joint venture with Aviation Partners Inc.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boeing_Commercial_Airplanes   (424 words)

 An Examination of Delays   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
When one plane is landing farther from shore another will be landing near shore and noise reductions for those on the ground will be limited.
The Boeing NLA will be much smaller than predicted, only 8% wider than the previous Boeing 747-400 aircraft, and may be able to operate on many existing airfields.
In the last 35 years, the Bay has been enjoying steady environmental gains thanks to public and private efforts to restore and protect the Bay.
www.sfba.org /sfo/exam_12.htm   (281 words)

 The boeing 747 resource
Thank you for viewing the boeing 747 page boeing 747.
Ever wondered what others are searching for in relation to boeing 747?
Below is a listing of what everyone else is searching for in regard to boeing 747.
www.artimmersion.com /Blck-to-Bone/boeing_747.php   (5356 words)

 Loaders and Transloaders
Modern fully mobile transloaders like the TASLU and derived Halvorsen, or the larger Tunner, can be used with commercial freighters and military airlifters (Static Engineering Pty Ltd, U.S. Air Force).
Boeing's On Board Loader device was designed for Freighters and Combis to permit them to load and unload palletised freight at locations without pallet loaders.
Several were built and later exported (Boeing photos)
www.ausairpower.net /loaders.html   (84 words)

 Amazon.com: "Ultra-High Capacity Aircraft": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Boeing Jetliners (Enthusiast Color Series) by Guy Norris, Mark Wagner
of its own NLA and 747 derivatives, while Airbus continued studies begun in 1992 into something called the UHCA (ultra-high-capacity aircraft).
By this stage the UHCA study was closer to reality, Airbus already beginning to refer to it as the A3XX.
www.amazon.com /phrase/Ultra_High-Capacity-Aircraft   (649 words)

 Flight Sim Uploads (Jun. 96)
N77215 Boeing 737-130 of Continental Airlines circ 1993.
G-BMRH Boeing 757-236 of British Airways circ 1993.
www.avsim.com /pages/jun-96.htm   (936 words)

 Boeing Miscellaneous Index   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Boeing considers private space shuttle A AWST 2 Oct 78
Boeing acquires DeHavilland Canada AWST 9 Dec 85 if
Boeing Vertol 360 (twin rotor trans hi tech demonstrator)
www.aeroknow.com /boeingmisc.htm   (2500 words)

 Corgi Classics
Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter ‘Angel of Deliverance’ Berlin Airlift historical Foundation (1/144th scale)
Boeing B-17 Fortress IIA - FL459, No. 220 Sqn.
Boeing B-52D "Diamond Lil" Utapoa Royal Thai Airfield, 1972 (1:144th Scale)
www.brookhursthobbies.com /corgi/corgi.htm   (1375 words)

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