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Because of this formation bogs are sometimes treacherous (quaking bogs shake under the weight of a man) and have occasionally resulted in fatalities when a man or animal breaks through the vegetative crust.
Because of their extreme acidity, bogs form a natural preservative and have been found to be a valuable repository of animals and plants of earlier times.
Another consequence of the drainage and filling of bogs is the decreased water-holding capacity of the land, resulting in rapid run-off during rains and the increased siltation of rivers and streams.
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The term peat bog in common usage is not entirely redundant, although it would be proper to call these sphagnum bogs if the peat is composed mostly of acidophilic moss (peat moss or Sphagnum spp.).
Bogs are widely distributed in cold, temperate climates, mostly in the northern hemisphere (Boreal).
Crops of blueberries, cranberries and lingonberries are grown in bogs.
encycl.opentopia.com /term/Bog   (857 words)

 Cedar Bog Animal Encyclopedia
Cedar Bog is operated by the Ohio Historical Society, a nonprofit organization that serves as the state’s partner in preserving and interpreting Ohio’s history,archaeology and natural history.
This Encyclopedia is a listing of all of the Animals seen in Cedar Bog.
Currently we are collecting pictures to fill the various areas of this section.
www.cedarbog.org /animalencyclopedia.htm   (174 words)

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