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Topic: Bogeyman

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  Bogeyman - Uncyclopedia
Bogeyman was born in Trenton, New Jersey and raised by an adoptive family.
Bogeyman's career and popularity was immediately boosted by his performance in "Pothole", but began to drop as he did smaller roles towards the end of the 80's and during the early 90's, mostly due to the fact that he spent much time grieving after his adoptive mother passed away from cancer.
Bogeyman denied the accusations, giving credit for his sudden weight-loss to his all vegan diet which he was inspired to start after being diagnosed with diabetes in 2004, possibly as a result of his alcoholism.
www.uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Boogeyman   (1097 words)

 Bogeyman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The bogeyman, also boogeyman, boogyman, or bogyman, is a legendary ghost-like monster often believed in by children.
France - The French equivalent of the Bogeyman is le croque-mitaine ("the mitten-biter").
Greece - in Greece the equivalent of the Bogeyman is known as Baboulas (Μπαμπούλας).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bogeyman   (2198 words)

 Menace Manual Excerpt
When they have completed their lascivious and immoral acts, the bogeyman emerges from hiding to slaughter them, one by one, in a gruesome and horrible fashion.
A bogeyman looks the same as it did when it was a normal humanoid, except for a maniacal gleam in its eyes.
A bogeyman attacks with slashing weapons and is fearless in combat.
www.wizards.com /default.asp?x=d20modern/article/20030911c   (1106 words)

Although a bogeyman usually haunts a family, it in some cases can become friends with them and a playmate for the children.
A bogeyman can be spotted by quickly looking through a knothole in a wooden partition.
If a bogeyman is on the other side, one might catch the dull gleam of his eye before he has time to move away.
www.pantheon.org /articles/b/bogeyman.html   (176 words)

 PM7 HORROR - "The Bogeyman"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Bogeyman appeared to me above my bed, and tried to grab me. I woke up screaming for the first time in over ten years.
So far, I've had dreams that the Bogeyman was looking at me from in the TV, in the computer, and I swear on my life that I saw him out of the corner of my eye when I was driving home from work.
The truly scary thing is, if Bogeyman can do this to one person, he can do it to another and another.
www.planetmag.com /pm7/bogeyman.htm   (1154 words)

 Pain Management and the Bogeyman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In the mind of the average physician, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) represents the bogeyman of childhood — a dark, evil and powerful force, to be feared and avoided.
Like the childhood bogeyman, the fear of the DEA and its effect on patient care are difficult to overcome.
The answer to overcoming fear of the bogeyman with my children was to leave the light on.
healthlink.mcw.edu /article/1007067408.html   (684 words)

 WorldNetDaily: The anti-gun bogeyman
They have realized that the bogeyman would not be satisfied with reasonable restrictions and would use every incremental conquest against gun rights as fuel to fight for more.
The bogeyman's extremism is demonstrated on a variety of fronts.
The bogeyman advocates ill-considered policies such as gun buy-backs that make for great photo-ops, but are ludicrous on their face.
www.worldnetdaily.com /news/printer-friendly.asp?ARTICLE_ID=19007   (709 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - The Bogeyman
The threat of the bogeyman was that he would carry you away and eat you, or punish you for doing something naughty in some nefarious way.
The term 'bogeyman' has come to represent a person or thing of which someone has an irrational fear, while 'bogey' was used by fighter-aircraft pilots in the Second World War to identify unidentified aircraft and is still a slang term used by pilots today.
However, whatever name the bogeyman is given (be it Fungus, Mr Boggle or even The Gentleman), he will always be a creature that instils fear and terror - a supernatural phenomenon that can be associated with vampires, werewolves and ghosts.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A2969661   (1521 words)

It is said however that the bogeyman takes the shape and form of a child's worst fear in order to feed on them.
The Bogeyman is sometimes said to be neither woman nor man, and is in the form of a shadowy figure when it is not so readily to scare a more difficult child.
In the state of Andhra Pradesh, the equivalent of the bogeyman is known as the Buchadu.
www.sfcrowsnest.com /scifinder/a/Bogeyman.php   (1104 words)

 A busy year for the anarchist bogeyman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In the Spring, as tens of thousands of US troops poured through Shannon airport on their way to beat the crap out of Iraq, things were getting a bit hot for Bertie when people started smacking planes with hammers and threatening to pull down fences.
The bogeyman provoked a media frenzy, when he announced plans to protest at Shannon.
On virtually every occasion that anarchists were mentioned in the media in 2003, it was in the context of a scare story about threatened violence.
flag.blackened.net /revolt/wsm/ws/2004/79/bogeyman.html   (564 words)

 THE BOGEYMAN FEAR: Treatment and Hope
To add insult to an already distressing condition, most the bogeyman fear therapies take months or years and sometimes even require the patient to be exposed repeatedly to their fear.
1: the bogeyman fear: a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of bogies or the bogeyman, despite the understanding by the phobic individual and reassurance by others that there is no danger.
2: the bogeyman fear: a strong fear of, dislike of, or aversion to bogies or the bogeyman.
www.changethatsrightnow.com /problem_detail.asp?SDID=3966:1422   (1447 words)

For my son and for my husband's children, the bogeyman took the form of a faceless hooded apparition who looked like the grim reaper without a scythe.
For my husband, it was a dark figure pressing down on his chest in the middle of the night, and a laughing green skeleton projected on the bedroom wall, blood dripping from its bony fingers.
For a close friend of ours who has a fascination with anything psychic, the bogeyman took the form of dozens of snakes writhing on the bedroom floor surrounding his bed.
www.staciespielman.com /Bogeyman.html   (884 words)

 The In Nomine Collection: The Bogeyman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
It alters its appearance and gender to represent any form embodying Humanity's fears; It's the eternal enemy, the mysterious and frightening stranger, the beast that lurks in the dark, the death that awaits for you beyond the safety of the campfire light.
The Hook, an Ethereal Spirit born of Urban Legends, is a more modern child of the Bogeyman, metaphorically embodies fear of sexuality amongst teens and it's consequences, and has spawned some of his own Children: The Psycho Killers of Hollywood.
In fact, the Bogeyman has been around as long as Mankind has, always adapting its form to reflect humanity's fears, before discarding those forms, which become independent Ethereals in their own right.
www.sjgames.com /innomine/articles/new/Gallery/ethereals/bogeyman.html   (623 words)

 The Bogeyman - www.ezboard.com
I don't think it's necessary to think through everything you write in a discussion board--so much interesting brain work would be lost or ignored if one were to write only finished, polished thoughts (just had a brief mental image of a polished thought--kind of a cross between a shiny pebble and a marble).
All turns out well in the end (baby is found, returned and missing parents are reunited; boy comes back to his room where a parent has left supper for him)--but the adventures are hair-raising and death-defying, and the art appropriately spooky.
It's a well known fact that a comfy duvet will protect you from any peril in the bogeyman a to z (axe murderers to zombies) but mine only worked when we were on the bed and it was completely covering every inch of me.
www.surlalunefairytales.com /boardarchives/2005/jan2005/bogeyman2.html   (3419 words)

 The Bogeyman - www.ezboard.com
Though I have heard of the cultural bogeyman (the wendigo), the religious bogeyman (the Devil) and the personal bogeyman.
After all, the Bogeyman did find him at his psychiatrist's office (the "gotcha" of the story is that the Bogeyman has eaten [or whatever is is Bogeymen do] the psychiatrist and is impersonating him....).
I was never afraid precisely of a bogeyman but I used to have horrid nightterrors of rats chewing their way up through my mattress and clawing at my back....
www.surlalunefairytales.com /boardarchives/2005/jan2005/bogeyman1.html   (2094 words)

 treppenwitz: What color ribbon does your bogeyman wear?
The breast cancer bogeyman, by comparison, has far less patience, preferring to take women at the height of their vitality...
While there is no colored ribbon (that I know of) for heart attacks, I am starting to understand that the silent sledgehammer to the chest is the bogeyman that stalks men at the prime of their lives.
Jun 9, 2005 7:12:25 PM my own bogeyman has passed since I was always afraid that I might die like my grandmother, when she still had small kids (and with all the hush-hush, I'm not sure if it was heart, or obesity, or what?).
bogieworks.blogs.com /treppenwitz/2005/06/what_color_ribb.html   (4044 words)

 The Bogeyman Speech   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
When parents in those days ran out of options to make their kids shape up, when all else failed, they called on the bogeyman.
Anyway, my parents would say: "If you don't behave yourself there is a bogeyman out on the front porch with a big sack and he will take you away." That always worked until one stormy night.
I learned that the bogeyman is never there and I opened all doors for the rest of my life.
members.tripod.com /hazelwolf/bogeyman.html   (352 words)

 Vietnam War Poems and Photographs BY USMC PFC Jay Keck~The Vietnam Bogeyman
Everyone has a Bogeyman, the thing that pops up when you least expect or want it.
Here, are some samples of poetry and photographs authored by United States Marine Corps PFC Jay Keck "The Vietnam Bogeyman" during and after his tour in the Vietnam War.
For Jay, these are the Bogeyman of Vietnam.
vietnambogeyman.com   (478 words)

 MyDD :: Democratic Bogeyman Cattle Call, December Edition
Of course, pacifist opponents of the Afghan war are a true bogeyman, since in the early months of the war they numbered in the single digits nationwide.
Protesters were a major Democratic bogeyman in August, but fell off the map in September and declined even further as Kerry rallies became enormous in size across the nation.
However, even his 0.36% national showing on November 2nd was not the low-point in status as a bogeyman, as his subsequent work on recounting New Hampshire has actually improved his image in the eyes of many Democrats.
www.mydd.com /story/2004/12/7/163520/792   (2167 words)

 SDC Talk! - bogeyman
If you want to know how is these sleds on bad trails you can mailing to one of my friend which use them on long race : hirrmeier@gmx.de.
They are very good mushers but a lot of people tell me they had be very amazed by their sledges.
Christine at Bogeyman calls it a " crazy, nervous sled" and reccomends it for very experienced drivers.
www.sleddogcentral.com /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3828   (1132 words)

 Amazon.com: Psssst! It's Me...The Bogeyman: Books: Barbara Park,Stephen Kroninger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Grade 1-4-Park's Bogeyman grabs ankles, playfully tickles a child's arm while he hesitantly pokes into a dark closet in search of pajamas, and otherwise scares the pants off of nervous Nellies.
The Bogeyman's silly histrionics, full of threats, confessions, and complaints, are perfectly conveyed by the long, skinny, ice-blue arms with red fingernails that stretch out from under the bed.
The bogeyman tell story to the boy, and tell bogeyman told the boy to not leave his sock siting there because he going to chock.
www.amazon.com /Psssst-Me-Bogeyman-Barbara-Park/dp/0689816677   (1307 words)

 Disposable Lit: Fungus the Bogeyman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Fungus the Bogeyman is in many ways the antithesis to The Snowman.
Fungus is, you may gather from the title, a Bogeyman -- a member of a subterranean race of humanoids who live a life of dark dreary depression, which is just what they like.
But Fungus is even more introspective than the average Bogey, and he's starting to question the meaning of his life.
www.coldfusionvideo.com /book/fungusbogeyman.html   (500 words)

 Personalized Letters from the Bogeymen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Help your child get over his or her phobias in a healthy way by having the Bogeyman write him or her a letter.
Your child (or the child-at-heart in your life) will be delighted to see that Bogeyman isn't so bad after all.
Bogeyman Letters are appropriate for all ages, afterall everyone loves to remember the magical time of childhood!!
www.angelfire.com /va/CalligraphyByBeth/bogey.html   (291 words)

 § 30. bogeyman. 7. Pronunciation Challenges. The American Heritage Book of English Usage. 1996
We are all frightened by this mysterious character, but we cannot seem to agree on what to call him.
His aliases include bogeyman, bogyman, boogeyman, boogyman, boogieman, and also boogerman, boogarman, and buggerman.
The original word was probably bogey or bogy with the other forms springing up as pronunciation spellings.
www.bartleby.com /64/C007/030.html   (147 words)

 Foreign Affairs - The Outsourcing Bogeyman - Daniel W. Drezner
Summary: According to the election-year bluster of politicians and pundits, the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries has become a problem of epic proportion.
It is easy to praise economic globalization during boom times; the challenge, however, is to defend it during the lean years of a business cycle.
Offshore outsourcing is not the bogeyman that critics say it is. Their arguments, however, must be persistently refuted.
www.foreignaffairs.org /20040501faessay83301/daniel-w-drezner/the-outsourcing-bogeyman.html?mode=print   (4456 words)

 MIRA Coalition: Don't let illegal immigrant become state's bogeyman
The bogeyman is a horde of faceless, dark-skinned illegal immigrants.
Jumping the border from Massachusetts and points south, the bogeyman has come to take jobs or go on welfare.
The bogeyman myths bear no resemblance to actual circumstances in our state.
www.miracoalition.org /press/mira-in-the-news/dont-let-illegal-immigrant-become-states-bogeyman   (627 words)

 ABC News: White House backs Rumsfeld, says he's no bogeyman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House said on Tuesday Democrats were trying to turn Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld into "a bogeyman" two months before U.S. congressional elections, and it dismissed their calls for his ouster.
Congressional Democrats, striving to grab control of the House and Senate from President George W. Bush's Republican Party in November's congressional elections, are pushing for a vote of no confidence in the 74-year-old Rumsfeld, one of the longest-serving U.S. defense secretaries.
Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said he hoped for a vote on Rumsfeld either Wednesday or Thursday as part of the debate over a defense appropriations bill.
abcnews.go.com /Politics/wireStory?id=2396534   (352 words)

 The Bogeyman Industry
The bogeyman has become a multinational operation, leaving a budding young entrepreneur to content himself with annoying the neighbors with a garage band.
Fear-peddling is very much in danger of becoming monopolized by the state, which long ago realized that keeping people perennially frightened was the most effective method of maintaining them in a huddled and obedient mass.
It is far better that we simply accept the bogeyman du jour as our fear object, and recite all the appropriate mantras on behalf of our attachment to patriotic causes that only lead to our destruction.
www.prisonplanet.com /articles/September2006/120906Bogeyman.htm   (1472 words)

 quillszone intro: The Bogeyman
No, impossibly handsome Dare Wilder, with his lethal charm and powerful persuasive scent, is very much alive and keeping her safe at his mountain chalet.
As she tries to figure out her secret enemy, she learns Dare is an undercover criminal enforcement agent with the EPA and she is in his protective custody as his sole witness.
Even though she is doggedly determined not to need him, not to love him again, Dare is just as determined to win over this sensual, spirited widow who arouses his protective instincts and so very much more.
quillszone.tripod.com /bgyman.htm   (258 words)

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