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Topic: Boleslaw Bierut

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Boleslaw Bierut
Boleslaw Bierut, born in 1892 near Lublin, Communist Workers Party of Poland[?], went in 1925 to Moscow to be trained at the School of the Communist International[?].
Boleslaw Bierut was instrumental in the Soviet take-over of Poland by the Communists.
Under the Bierut Decree of March 8, 1946 German lands and properties were confiscated.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/bo/Boleslaw_Bierut.html   (93 words)

 Bolesław Bierut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bierut was born near Lublin as a son of a village teacher and his wife born Rutkowska, hence his later adopted name "Bie(r)-rut".
Bierut was instrumental in the Soviet takeover of Poland by the Communists.
Bolesław Bierut • Aleksander Zawadzki • Edward Ochab • Marian Spychalski • Józef Cyrankiewicz • Henryk Jabłoński • Wojciech Jaruzelski
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boleslaw_Bierut   (479 words)

Boleslaw Bierut (1892-1956), a Polish Communist leader, born near Lublin.
Bierut was instrumental in the Soviet take-over of Poland by the Communists.
Under the Bierut Decree of March 8, 1946 all lands and properties belonging to German state or German citizens, were confiscated.
www.websters-online-dictionary.org /definition/BOLESLAW+BIERUT   (210 words)

 Index Bi-Bl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
He became provisional head of the Polish republic in 1944, even before the last Germans were driven from the country, and in 1947 was elected to a seven-year term as president.
By that time Bierut and his fellow Communists, with the backing of Stalin and the Soviet Army, had disposed of all effective opposition, and he began his efforts to Sovietize all aspects of Polish life.
Bierut replaced him and reorganized the party to form the Polish United Workers' Party (PZPR) in December 1948, becoming chairman of its Central Committee.
manic-raven.com /rulers/indexb3.html   (8852 words)

 the way to CD-ROM
When the name of a certain Russian mathematician is recalled, the conversation with Boleslaw Gleichgewicht switches from algebra to the process of doctors staged by Soviet authorities in early fifties; he watched the show at a close distance, much closer that one might have wished.
Boleslaw Bierut was a Polish Stalin –; less conspicuous but also a murderer.
Bierut went directly to the point: “Gentlemen, I know that on the whole you are anticommunists but we need to have Polish science.
www.andsol.org /meu/4-en.html   (4062 words)

In Warsaw, the Moscow communists led by Boleslaw Bierut rejected PPR leader Wladyslaw Gomulka’s “Polish road to socialism” which had adapted the Soviet model to Polish conditions.
While this progression of events helped to establish the era of Stalinism in Poland, which ended with the death of Bierut and the return of Gomulka to power in 1956, it does not account for other events that took place.
Bierut has been noted to say “[People’s democracy is not] a synthesis or a permanent co-existence of 2 differing social systems but a system which pushes out and gradually liquidates capitalistic elements and simultaneously develops and strengthens the foundation of the future socialist economy” (Staar, pg.
www.bu.edu /econ/faculty/kyn/newweb/economic_systems/Economics/Economic_History/Poland/ecohist_pol_sovtype.htm   (1084 words)

 Poland - From Stalinism to the Polish October
In the same month as Khrushchev's speech, the death of hard-liner Boleslaw Bierut exacerbated an existing split in the PZPR.
In 1951 Bierut had won a struggle with Wladyslaw Gomulka for the top position in the party.
In June 1956, scores of demonstrators died when army troops quelled street riots in Poznan, inaugurating a recurrent phenomenon of Polish worker protest against the self-proclaimed workers' state.
countrystudies.us /poland/17.htm   (561 words)

 1947, Jan. 19. 2001. The Encyclopedia of World History
Both Great Britain and the United States charged that the Yalta provisions for free and honest elections had been violated.
Boleslaw Bierut was elected president of the republic, and Josef Cyrankiewicz formed a new coalition cabinet.
The Diet approved an interim constitution and proclaimed liberty and equality for all citizens.
www.bartleby.com /67/3091.html   (175 words)

 Everlasting Friends? -- Monday, Apr. 30, 1951 -- Page 1 -- TIME
As Bierut detrained in East Berlin, Soviet German Premier Otto Grotewohl gave assurances: "Our worthy guest can be convinced that millions of men stand un-shakeably behind the policy of friendship...
Western authorities believe that East Germans were pressing for a return from Poland of former German territory beyond the Oder and Neisse Rivers; this sentiment smoldered underground, undermined Red rule, disturbed the Communist regimes in neighboring Poland and Czechoslovakia.
Bierut's visit to Berlin was apparently designed to dispel the reports of ugly ill feeling between the satellites.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,814776,00.html   (304 words)

 Tadeusz Cegielski : Liberum conspiro, or the Polish Masonry between the dictatorship and totalitarianism (1926-1989)
Contrary to the Czechoslovakia and Hungary, where Masonic Obediences were re-established in 1945, in Poland weakened and delegalized in late thirties, and next decimated during the World War II Freemasonry did not resolved to enliven its workshops.
Symptomatic that in 1945 (or a year later), Boleslaw Bierut, the head of the state of those days, or somebody from his environment proposed to reawake the Grand Lodge – just as it was happening in other countries of the region.
Indeed, the ground for this attitude was Bierut’s hope to get support from the side of democratic circles the freemasons were connected with.
www.bonisteelml.org /Cegielski.htm   (1586 words)

 Wikinfo | People's Republic of Poland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
But the Polish Communists, led by Wladyslaw Gomulka and Boleslaw Bierut, knew that they could never win a free election.
They imposed themselves on the country through a reign of terror against the main non-Communist party, Mikolajczyk's Peasant Party, and also against the veterans of the wartime Home Army (AK) and of the Polish armies which had fought in the west.
When Bierut died in March 1956, he was succeded by Edward Ochab.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=People's_Republic_of_Poland   (4647 words)

 Sarmatian Review XIV.1: SR
The entire text was published, among others, in New York's Nowy Dziennik, in London's Tydzie n Polski (a weekly supplement to Dziennik Polski i Dziennik Zolnierza) on 10 February 1990, and in the Polish quarterly Antyk, nos.9-12 (1993).
According to the commentaries accompanying the text in various publications, this is a copy of a document found in Boleslaw Bierut's archives.
Bierut was president of Soviet-occupied Poland in 1947-52.
www.ruf.rice.edu /~sarmatia/194/instruct.html   (2182 words)

 Poland | Governments of the World
After the war, in which Poland suffered colossal losses—6 million civilians, half a million soldiers, and 38 percent of its overall national assets—a communist regime of the Soviet type was established.
After a fraudulent campaign in 1947, Boleslaw Bierut (1892–1956), a citizen of the USSR, was elected president of Poland and in 1949 Soviet Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky (1896–1968) assumed the post of a minister of defense and commander in chief of the Polish military.
Total Soviet control of Poland became a stumbling block in 1956, when workers' and students' riots in Poznan signaled a change of course for the Polish government.
www.bookrags.com /research/poland-gwcr   (443 words)

 1951, May 22. 2001. The Encyclopedia of World History
The deputy prime minister met with Soviet foreign minister A. Vishinsky and signed an agreement to cede territory in the Lublin area to the USSR in return for part of Drohobyca province, which reportedly contained enough oil wells to increase Polish oil production by 20 percent.
With the abolition of the presidency by the new constitution, President Boleslaw Bierut stepped down to become premier.
The Council of State became the nation's highest political organ.
www.bartleby.com /67/3095.html   (175 words)

 Cold Warrior - New York Times
The four-hour speech was listened to by several thousand people in ''deathly silence.'' The shock was palpable.
Two weeks later, after he read the speech, Poland's Communist dictator Boleslaw Bierut had a heart attack and died.
Taubman provides a number of explanations, all plausible and helpful, as clues to Khrushchev's de-Stalinizing impulse, but characteristically he respects the reader and refrains from ex cathedra pronouncements.
query.nytimes.com /gst/fullpage.html?res=9C0CE7D6123FF935A25750C0A9659C8B63&sec=&pagewanted=2   (500 words)

 Poland News, Poland Weather and Links: QuickNews
Everyone knew that the winner would be Boleslaw Bierut, who for 24 months had been the Communist-stooge Provisional President.
Bierut's seven-year term as President began with much ceremony, flecked with U.S. and British icicles.
Britain's Ambassador Victor Cavendish-Bentinck and U.S. Ambassador Arthur Bliss Lane stayed away from the Parliament's opening, a mild underscoring of their Governments' protests that it was unfairly elected...
news.quickfound.net /intl/poland_news.html   (919 words)

 Letters: SR, September 2002
I have recently had an opportunity to read an old issue of Sarmatian Review containing a document (allegedly from Boleslaw Bierut's archives) detailing the methods of Communist rule in Poland (SR, XIV:1, January1994, pp.
I am familiar with the Bierut Archives, and I do not believe any such document was found in these Archives.
Moreover, in 1947 no one thought about the mass pollution of aquifers: mass pollution of the environment was not an issue then.
www.ruf.rice.edu /~sarmatia/902/223letters.html   (1289 words)

 Boleslaw Bierut vel Tomasz to całkiem konkretny projekt. - forum.o2.pl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Boleslaw Bierut vel Tomasz to całkiem konkretny projekt.
Temat: Boleslaw Bierut vel Tomasz to całkiem konkretny projekt.
Nie gadam ze samym sobą, poczekajmy chwile a może towarzysz Bierut odpowie w tej samej minucie co ja, żeby wasze stulejki nie miały wątpliwości
forum.o2.pl /temat.php?id_p=4954590   (358 words)

 Aftermath of the War   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
As the Soviets advanced through Poland in late 1944 the German administration collapsed.
The Communist-controlled Committee of National Liberation, headed by Boleslaw Bierut, was installed by the Soviet Union in Lublin, the first major Polish city to be liberated, in July, and began to take over the administration of the country as the Germans retreated.
The government in exile in London had only one card to play, the forces of the AK.
republika.pl /euro2005/vorschlag/1945.htm   (767 words)

 Expatica - Living in, moving to, or working in Germany, plus News in English
WARSAW - Right-wing Polish legislators behind a parliamentary resolution requiring the Polish government to seek war reparations from Germany slammed the Polish cabinet's recent decision to "close once and for all" the reparations issue, Polish Radio reported.
MP Antoni Macierewicz said the government's declaration of "closure" echoed the 1953 decision of Poland's Soviet-backed communist prime minister Boleslaw Bierut who rejected war reparations for Poland despite Allied guarantees included in the 1945 Potsdam Agreement.
According to Macierewicz, Bierut's 1953 decision to forego reparations out of loyalty to Moscow, had no legal clout and was contrary to Polish national interests.
www.expatica.com /actual/article.asp?subchannel_id=52&story_id=11949   (365 words)

 The Dreamin' Demon :: View topic - Russia Beginning to Celebrate Stalin?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Few people would disagree in the West, where the speech caused a sensation when it was leaked to the foreign press months later.
Poland’s leader, Boleslaw Bierut, died of a heart attack after reading it a month afterwards.
But in Russia, the anniversary is being marked by a reassessment of Khrushchev’s role in history that, analysts say, reflects the increasingly repressive climate under the Kremlin of Vladimir Putin.
www.dreamindemon.com /forums/archive.php/o_t__t_6258__view_previous__index.html   (933 words)

 The Cold War Revisionists Kayoed World Affairs - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Stanislaw Mikolajczyk, whose role in Polish wartime and postwar history is so critical to understanding what Stalin was up to in that wretchedly tormented nation gets no mention whatsoever from Zubok and Pleshakov.
Wladyslaw Gomulka, who played a central role among Stalin's Polish agents (the other two, far more beholden to Stalin, were Edward Oso'bka-Morawski and Boleslaw Bierut), also goes unmentioned in this context.
The roles of the latter pair go unmentioned entirely, although they, like Gomulka, were regularly summoned to Moscow to hear the Kremlin boss's current wisdom on keeping their land in the plan, on track toward a Soviet paradise.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2393/is_2_162/ai_58243519/pg_13   (445 words)

 History of Poland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The Coronation of Boleslaw I Chrobry (Boleslaus I the Brave) As the first king of Poland, in 1024, established Poland's right as an independent kingdom.
In 1138 the Testament of Boleslaw III Krzywousty (Boleslaus III the Wry-mouthed) shattered the precarious unity of Poland by dividing the realm among Boleslaw's sons.
This was the start of 150 years of dynastic struggle, in which the Church played a vital role in maintaining some semblance of national unity.
www.corvalliscommunitypages.com /Europe/Russia_slavs/polandtoo.htm   (8712 words)

When I was speaking of the functions, structure, and make-up of the Ministry of Public Security, the grim ubecja, I would mention that in this institution there was an overrepresentation of individuals of Jewish extraction, especially on the decision level.
When I mentioned the case of the monstrous murder of Boleslaw Piasecki's son, I would say, in accordance with truth, that all the traces of the murder led to Israel.
When, finally, I was discussing the attitude of the majority of Jews toward Poland's regaining independence in 1918, and their conduct in the years of the Polish-Bolshevik war, as well as after the Soviet invasion of September 17, 1939, I would state that they were not, by any means, the paragon of patriotic virtue.
www.adelaideinstitute.org /Dissenters/ratajczak.htm   (6486 words)

Grazyna Dudney holds an M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language from the Boleslaw Bierut University in Wroclaw, Poland.
She also holds an M.A. in Teaching Foreign Languages and a Certificate in Language Program Administration from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California.
Prior to coming to DLI, she spent 2 years teaching ESL and ESP in Poland in addition to organizing and directing intensive summer ESL programs.
wlc.csumb.edu /digitalstream/2003/Bios/dudney_bio.htm   (191 words)

 Wikinfo | Warsaw
Surviving Home Army fighters were rounded up by the NKVD (Soviet secret police) and either killed or deported to Siberia.
After the war, Boleslaw Bierut's puppet regime, set up by Stalin, made Warsaw the capital of communist Poland, and the city was resettled and rebuilt.
A lot of plattenbaus can be found in Warsaw.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Warsaw   (1081 words)

 GoPoland! Web Travel Guide to Poland
Communism came to Poland, but was never invited.
Stalin's pseudo-Polish 'Union of Polish Patriots', headed by Boleslaw Bierut, grabbed power as the retreating Nazis relinquished it.
Teaming up with the domestic product, the 'Polish Worker's Party' was formed and headed by Wladyslaw Gomulka.
www.gopoland.com /history/h7.shtml   (631 words)

 DDR / GDR / RDA Souvenirs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Geschenk des polnischen Staatspräsidenten Boleslaw Bierut an Wilhelm Pieck anläßlich seines Besuches in der DDR im April 1951
Gift from Polish President Boleslaw Bierut to Wilhelm Pieck on the occasion of his visit to the GDR in April 1951
Cadeau du Président de la République polonaise Boleslaw Bierut à Wilhelm Pieck lors de sa visite en RDA en avril 1951
www.dhm.de /ausstellungen/souvenirs/so000822.htm   (60 words)

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