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Topic: Bolonchen

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Bolonchen or Bolonchen de Rejón is a town in Campeche State, Mexico, about 120 km west from the city of Campeche.
Most of the carved stone on the ancient structures was removed in the 18th century through the mid 20th century for reuse in modern construction.
A short distance to the south of Bolonchen are the caves of Xtacunbilxunan.
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 Wikipedia: Puuc
The most famous "Puuc" architecture is at Uxmal; other major Puuc style sites in the region include Labna, Kabaah, and Sayil.
The style is also seen at Bolonchen, Chunhuhub, Xculoc, and many smaller ruins.
To the south-east the style can be found in Edzna; and to the west Chichen Itza has a few buildings in the Puuc style.
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 The Haciendas: Hacienda Uayamon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Also noteworthy are the Temple of Cha’ac with its lintels of Chicozapote and its doorjambs with geometrical figures and ornamental masks; the Reddish House with its annexes, and the Quarters along with the buildings that form the quadrangles of the southeast and the southwest.
Anciently known as Bolonchen Ticul, the place bears nowadays the name of Rejón in honor of Manuel Crescencio Rejón, who was born here in 1799.
Manuel Rejón is the author of the "Juicio de Amparo", a law that prohibits arrest until the day of trial; his birthplace is now a cultural center.
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 Descent into Xibalba, Jaguar Paw   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The many generation of water-bearers had worn deep, smooth grooves into the bedrock.
Stephens' companion, Fredrick Catherwood, immortalized the Mayas' descent on lithograph into the great underground well at Bolonchen.
Today we can walk through the tunnels this famous cave and stand at the brink of the first fl void.
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 Campeche Online
After one day in Campeche City, go inland in the morning to visit Edzna, a magnificently restored ceremonial center, which is located about one driving hour from Campeche City.
In the area the accommodations are crude or nonexistent, so return to Campeche City, and start planning the next day to the Hopelchen region, beyond Edzna, where you can visit the little- known Maya temples at Hochob and Dzibilnocac, as well as Bolonchen de Rejon, one of the large cave systems on the peninsula.
From Hopelchen, it is easier to continue north toward Uxmal and Merida (in the state of Yucatan) than to return to Campeche City.
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 Table of Contents and Excerpt, Brady and Prufer, In the Maw of the Earth Monster
That is not to say that archaeologists and anthropologists have only recently begun to investigate caves.
The history of cave investigation can be traced back more than 150 years, beginning with memorable descriptions by Stephens and Catherwood of such caves as Bolonchen and the Gruta de Chac (Brady 1989:Chap.
At the end of the nineteenth century, a number of archaeological studies of surprisingly good quality had been carried out in the Maya area, including Henry C. Mercer's (1975)
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 - Field Notes
Traveling 60 kms on an American freeway doesn't take that long, but 60 kms of potholes can take quite some time!
After Edzna, we drove towards the Cave of Xtacumbilxunan, next to Bolonchen, 30 kms north of Hopelchen.
We spent the night parked on a quiet dirt side road that became quite busy in the early morning when the locals were riding their bicycles out to the corn fields!
eruditio.asu.edu /expeditio/notes/Pages/day40.html   (159 words)

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