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Topic: Bomb threat

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  UNH Emergency Preparedness - Bomb Threat
A bomb threat has been received; no device has been located.
A bomb threat has been received; a device has been located.
If you receive a bomb threat note, and the note was hand delivered, try to remember the characteristics of the messenger or suspicious persons in the area.
www.unh.edu /emergency/bombthreat.html   (309 words)

  Bombs and Bomb Threats: School Safety, Security, Crisis Preparedness
High-profile school violence cases and other national incidents, along with easy access to formulas for homemade bombs on the Internet, have contributed to the growth of bomb threats, suspicious devices, and homemade bombs in schools, on school grounds, and even on school buses.
School buses have also been the target of terrorist bombings in the Middle East, so it would be wise for school officials to include school bus and transportation facilities in their bomb threat and suspicious device planning and training.
Plans and training should include issues related to bombs threats focused upon school buses, suspicious devices on buses and at transportation facilities, and actual explosions aboard and around school buses.
www.schoolsecurity.org /trends/school-bombs.html   (1170 words)

Moosabec CSD recognizes that bomb threats are a significant concern to the school unit.
Any bomb threat represents a potential danger to the safety and welfare of students and staff and to the integrity of school property.
A student who fails to report information of knowledge of a bomb threat or the existence of a bomb or other destructive device in a school building or on school property may be subject to disciplinary consequences, which may include suspension/expulsion.
www.union103.org /MCSDPolicies/EBCC.htm   (1100 words)

 Preparing for Bomb Threats
With the exposure and media promotion of bombing events comes an instant education for the entire population, and a means for potentially unstable individuals to express themselves in a "copycat" fashion.
Bomb threats are usually received by telephone, the call is short in duration, and the caller usually refuses to answer questions.
Threat: The caller indicates the facility will be bombed, but does not state the nature of the device or the time of detonation, and then hangs up.
www.kennish.com /bombthreat   (2577 words)

 Bomb Threats and Physical Security Planning   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Bombing and the threat of being bombed are harsh realities in today's world.
Most bombs are homemade and are limited in their design only by the imagination of, and resources available to, the bomber.
Initiating a search after a threat is received and evacuating a building after a suspicious package or device is found is the third, and perhaps most desired, approach.
nsi.org /Library/Terrorism/bombthreat.html   (4986 words)

 Public Service Documents - Bomb Threats & Physical Security
Bombs can be constructed to look like almost anything and can be placed or delivered in any number of ways.
In the context of a bomb threat, panic is the ultimate achievement of the caller not taking every step necessary to meet the threat.
If the bomb threat caller knows that your policy is to evacuate each time a call is made, he/she can continually call and force your business to a standstill.
security.tayabally.com /psd/btps.htm   (4997 words)

 17-year-old charged as adult in Wisconsin school bomb threat   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The high school was evacuated as a result of the bomb threat, and classes were canceled about 11 a.m.
The criminal complaint said the 16-year-old told police that Windisch dictated the note to him and that he wrote it because he was wearing a long-sleeved sweat shirt, allowing him to cover his hands with the sweatshirt's cuffs so he wouldn't leave fingerprints on the note.
Windisch told police that the 16-year-old "brought up the idea of a bomb threat to get out of school early'' and that Windisch told the younger boy that "it would be nice to get out of school early but a bomb threat wasn't such a good idea,'' according to the complaint.
www.startribune.com /462/v-print/story/735473.html   (346 words)

 Navis.gr - Bomb Threats & Physical Security Planning
In the context of a bomb threat, panic is the ultimate achievement of the caller.
Also, there is the possibility that if the bomb threat caller feels that he/she is being ignored, he/she may go beyond the threat and actually plant a bomb.
If the bomb threat caller knows that your policy is to evacuate each time a call is made, he/she can continually call and force your business to a standstill.
www.navis.gr /safety/general/bomb.htm   (4444 words)

 Bomb Threats   ebcc
Because of the potential for evacuation of the schools and other disruption of school operations, placement of a bomb or of a “look-alike” bomb on school premises will be considered a threat for the purpose of this policy.
A “bomb threat” is the communication, by any means, whether verbal or non-verbal, that a bomb has been, or will be, placed on school premises, including possession or placement of a bomb or look-alike bomb on school premises.
A student who fails to report information or knowledge of a bomb threat or the existence of a bomb or other destructive device in a school building or on school property may be subject to disciplinary consequences, which may include suspension and/or expulsion.
www.twinpond.com /msad9/ebcc.htm   (1191 words)

 Welcome to Occupational Health & Safety
Birmingham has not been free of the specter of bombs or bomb threats, but UAB has had the fortune to have only experienced bomb threats in the past twenty years.
Certified experts trained in handling bomb threats or found found devices are either always present or on immediate call to handle a response on this campus.
Bomb threats are normally made over the telephone to an unsuspecting person at the least likely of times.
www.healthsafe.uab.edu /pages/generalsafety/bombs_bthreats.htm   (362 words)

 BOMB THREATS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Bomb threats and other threats of violence are serious emergencies that require prompt attention and Tarleton regards all bomb threats as serious.
Although bomb threats are rare, they are most likely to occur during final exams.
For most bomb threats, the caller announces that a bomb is set to go off at a certain time and then hangs up.
www.tarleton.edu /~safety/emergencies/bombthreats.html   (216 words)

 Emergency Preparedness: Bomb Threat   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Bomb threats are usually received by telephone, sometimes by note or letter.
Most bomb threats are made by callers who want simply to create an atmosphere of anxiety and panic — but all such calls must be taken seriously.
Bomb threats are assumed to be real and considered a threat to the university and its operations.
bfa.sdsu.edu /emergency/bombthreat.htm   (298 words)

 Emergency Response Procedures: Bomb Threat || Bucknell University
The person receiving a bomb threat call should remain calm and attempt to obtain as much information as possible from the caller by using the checklist given on the following page.
Inform them of the situation including any information you may have as to the location of the bomb, time it is set to explode, and the time when you received the call.
The university has a written procedure for bomb threat responses and evacuations with the Department of Public Safety.
www.bucknell.edu /x6499.xml   (262 words)

 Suspicious Packages & Bomb Threats
Most bombs are homemade and are limited in their design only by the imagination of, and resources available to, the bomber.
In the context of a bomb threat, panic is the ultimate achievement ot the caller.
The bomb incident plan provides detailed procedures to be implemented when a bomb is found or threatened.
www.firemarshal.state.md.us /bthreat.htm   (1250 words)

 Bomb Threats: Training For First Responders   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
"Bomb Threat" is a video with accompanying Model Procedures Guide, designed for building management, security officials, crisis management teams, schools, government officials, fire and police, and others who may receive bomb threats or who may respond to bomb threats as a part of their duties.
The role of the bomb squad, including equipment used, is detailed, and the roles of police and fire departments are described.
"Bomb Threat" was filmed in schools, office complexes, and industrial locations with the assistance of bomb squads, security officers, school administrators, office building managers, fire fighters, and state and local police.
moxietraining.com /programs/osha/os_terror_bomb_threats.htm   (283 words)

 MTSU Alert4U Bomb Threats
Bomb threats and actual bombings are presently on the increase in the United States.
A single bomb threat policy to cover all activities and situations is not practical, but certain basic considerations will apply in most bomb related incidents.
When one is equipped with an organized plan, most bomb threat problems can be resolved with a minimum of exposure to personal injury and property damage.
www.mtsu.edu /alert4u/bomb_intro.shtml   (1470 words)

 Bomb Threats in the Workplace - How to Identify and Manage a Bomb Emergency
If your company hasn’t experienced a bomb threat by telephone or by some other means, consider yourself lucky.
Use common sense: if the threat is very specific and a short time is indicated before the bomb will explode, it may be advisable to get everyone out of the building as quickly as possible and let the police do the searching.
When an unspecific, less than eminent bomb threat is made, an initial search of the building should usually be conducted in one of three ways.
www.diversifiedriskmanagement.com /articles/bomb-threats.html   (1141 words)

 Disposing of Bomb Threats
During testing, it is essential to anchor all bomb receptacles to a steel and concrete slab to create a real-life deployment scenario.
To successfully pass testing, a bomb receptacle must remain standing after the explosion, the stainless steel top must remain attached to the receptacle and there can be no penetration to the outer wall of the receptacle.
Bomb receptacles that can pass a legitimate series of explosive tests and follow the required parameters for obtaining an accurate explosive containment rating will most likely weigh more than 1,000 pounds, depending on the amount of explosives they were developed to withstand.
govtsecurity.com /mag/disposing_bomb_threats   (731 words)

 Bomb Containment, Blast Chambers, Bombs, Explosives, Chambers, American Innovations
American Innovations offers bomb containment chambers aka blast chambers to neutralize bomb threats from pipe bombs, other improvised explosive devices, and unexploded ordnance devices.
Explosive devices aka bombs are the weapon of choice for terrorists and terrorist organizations globally.
Detecting a bomb before it explodes only begins the process for security personnel, first responders, and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians who are responsible for neutralizing bomb threats safely and quickly.
www.bombdetection.com /cat_details.php?catid=13   (192 words)

 Handling bomb threats
Any bomb threat is a crime and, no matter how ridiculous or unconvincing, should be reported to the police.
Telephoned bomb threats are frequently inaccurate with regard to where and when a bomb might explode, and staff receiving a bomb threat may not always be those trained and prepared for it.
Receiving such a threat may be the closest that many people ever come to acts of terrorism, so be prepared for affected staff to be temporarily in a state of shock.
www.cpni.gov.uk /SecurityPlanning/bombThreats.aspx   (403 words)

 Bomb threats: Time to get tough | SavannahNow.com
Chatham County students who decide to call in bomb scares are starting to feel that bite, with students facing felony charges that carry fines and a sentence of up to five years in prison.
The threats also cost schools for the hours of teacher pay wasted as students are evacuated until the all-clear is sounded.
The reason school administrators and juvenile court judges must get tough on bomb threats is the toll they take on students who just want to learn and teachers who just want to teach.
savannahnow.com /node/224838   (526 words)

 Center for Problem-Oriented Policing
The feature that distinguishes a bomb threat from other kinds of assaults and threats is that it is primarily a furtive crime­­—or at least a crime that can be committed from a distance.
Data on bomb incidents (any event in which an actual bomb or bomb look-alike is involved) and bomb threats (any event in which a bomb threat is communicated that may or may not involve an actual bomb or bomb look-alike) are limited.
Although bombs may be concealed in an incredible variety of containers—from fire extinguishers to pens and letters— most bombs are of the simple pipe bomb form that is concealed in an ordinary-looking bag or some everyday object.
www.popcenter.org /Problems/problem-bomb_threats.htm   (3199 words)

 Bomb Threats
Although the majority of bomb threats turn out to be no more than threats, the threat should be considered as real until all facts are evaluated or a thorough search is made.
The decision to evacuate a building in the event of a bomb threat is up to the building manager, unless, of course, a bomb is actually found.
The signal for evacuating the building during a bomb threat should be the same as that used for evacuation in case of fire.
www.utexas.edu /police/prevention/bomb_threat.html   (1544 words)

 Bomb Threats - Crimecrushers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Whenever a bomb threat is received, it should be reported to local law enforcement immediately.
Any threat should be taken seriously and businesses should be prepared to suspend regular work hours and procedures as necessary to ensure the safety of employees, customers and other innocent bystanders.
During a bomb threat, the decision to evacuate is made by the owner or the manager.
www.sonoma-county.org /crimecrushers/bomb_threats.htm   (682 words)

 UCPS Communications Office   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Calling in a bomb threat may sound like a fun thing to do to get out of class, but the fun stops when the handcuffs go on.
Bomb threats are not new to public schools, but the cost involved in these dangerous pranks is more than just classroom hours and the price tag surrounding emergency response teams.
What many students and parents alike don’t realize until faced with the arrest warrant, calling in a bomb threat is a Class H felony, punishable by up to two years imprisonment.
www.ucps.k12.nc.us /communications/jump_pages/jumpBombThreatsPage5-25-07.html   (848 words)

 Bomb threat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Other statutes enhance the penalties for threats made against specific places or persons (e.g., government facilities or dignitaries), not to mention the actual possession of harmful devices or agents.
Actual bombings for malicious destruction of property, terrorism purposes or murder often occur without any warning, let alone threats.
The decision on whether or not to evacuate an area or building, depending on the perceived reliability of the threat, may be made by local controlling authorities or those in charge of the targeted facility based on advice from bomb disposal experts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bomb_threat   (295 words)

 Bomb Threats   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
A very important duty of the Capitol Police is responding to bomb threats on state property.
Such events present a serious threat to officers, state employees, the public, and to property.
This agency has established the policies, procedures and training guidelines for the investigation of bomb threats and related emergencies.
www.capitolpolice.state.al.us /bombthreats.htm   (67 words)

 Criminal Justice Resources : Bomb Threats (Including Nuclear Bombs)
Dirty Bombs: Fact sheet discussing the possibility of a terrorist attack involving conventional weapons and radioactive materials, and the potential harmful effects of radiation from such an event.
A radiation threat or "Dirty Bomb" is the use of common explosives to spread radioactive materials over a targeted area.
A "dirty bomb" or radiological dispersal device (RDD) is a conventional explosive or bomb containing radioactive material.
www.lib.msu.edu /harris23/crimjust/bomb.htm   (1933 words)

 Bomb Threat at Canberra High - FreeWebspace.net
Couple week's ago there was a bomb threats at my brother's work, everyone got evacuated and a special bomb squad was brought in from another city.
At my old school, in seventh grade, there was a bomb threat one day at 7:00 AM, an hour and a half before school started.
We had a bomb threat, and that same day the officials did nothing, and some lame --- kid set on fire the garbage can in some hall way.
www.freewebspace.net /forums/showthread.php?t=44874   (791 words)

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