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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Cat Fanciers' Association: Breed Profile: Bombay
The Bombay achieved CFA Championship status in 1976, eighteen years after it was created.
Bombays can often be leash trained, most enjoy playing "fetch," and all are fond of inventing new ways to entertain themselves and the folks that live with them.
The Bombay generally combines the easy-going temperament and robust nature of the American Shorthair and the social, inquisitive, lap-loving character of the Burmese.
www.cfainc.org /breeds/profiles/bombay.html   (578 words)

Bombay Presidency stretching northwards from the river Nerbudda as far as Quetta, including the districts of Gujerat (Broach, Baroda, Ahmedabad), Kathiawar, Cutch, Sind and a portion of Beluchistan.
Bombay Island; 3,500 in Salsette; 2,000 in Gujerat, Kathiawar and Cutch, and 4,500 in Sind and Beluchistan.
Bombay East Indian", the weekly organ of the Native Christians of
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02644a.htm   (946 words)

  Bombay (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bombay is the name of a former state in India, partitioned in 1960 into Gujarat and Maharashtra.
Bombay is the name of a town in Franklin County, New York in the USA.
Bombay (and Bombay Outlet) is also the name of a chain of houseware stores which specializes in furniture, often of a dark cherry wood and / or reformed Victorian nature.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bombay_(disambiguation)   (243 words)

 AllRefer.com - Bombay, India (Indian Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
In 1956, Bombay was reorganized as a state and absorbed parts of Hyderabad and Madhya Pradesh and the princely states of Kutch (Kachchh) and Saurashtra.
Bombay, after it passed to Great Britain in 1661, was the headquarters (1668–1858) of the East India Company in W India.
Bombay was convulsed by anti-Muslim riots in 1993.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/B/Bombay.html   (516 words)

 Untitled Document
The Bombay Company, Bombay Outlet and Bombay KIDS websites have discontinued online operations.
We would like to thank you, our loyal online customers, for your business over the past years and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
For current news and information on the Bombay Company, visit our Investor Relations page.
www.bombaycompany.com   (66 words)

 History of Mumbai: Mumbai/Bombay pages
The population of Bombay was estimated to have risen from 10,000 in 1661 to 60,000 in 1675.
The sixty years between the completion of the vellard at Breach Candy (1784) and the construction of the Mahim Causeway (1845) are the heroic period in which the seven islands were merged into one landmass.
Bombay expanded northwards into the first suburbs, before spreading its nightmare tentacles into the the northern suburbs.
theory.tifr.res.in /bombay/history   (1268 words)

 Cat Fanciers: Bombay: Cat Breed FAQ
The Bombay is a shorthair breed of domestic cat, closely related to the Burmese.
Bombay breeders frequently outcross to Burmese to retain the body type and coat texture.
Bombays tend to be a little larger, with longer bodies and longer legs than the Burmese, and have a less pronounced nose break.
www.fanciers.com /breed-faqs/bombay-faq.html   (1591 words)

 Places of Tourist Interest in Mumbai   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bombay is the capital of Maharashtra and gateway to this beguiling sub-continent.
The word Bombay (Mumbai) is derived from Mumbadevi, the patron goddess of the Koli fisherfolk, the oldest inhabitants of Bombay.
Bombay was a cluster of seven islands called Heptanasia by Ptolemy in 150 A.D. Geologicaly, Bombay forms a part of peninsular India, which is considered to be the oldest part of the country.
www.mumbainet.com /travel/interest.htm   (1921 words)

 Bombay   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bombay (Mumbai) was originally established on seven islets off the coast of India but the separating waterways have been filled in to connect these islands to each other and to the much larger Salsette Island.
Bombay was particularly important in the cotton textile industry in the 19th century, but that industry is now less significant.
Bombay is the home of the Reserve Bank of India, the central bank of the nation.
www.sjsu.edu /faculty/watkins/bombay.htm   (285 words)

 Mumbai India  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Mumbai, known as Bombay until its name was officially changed in 1995, is the leading financial center of India as well as a major national commercial, transportation, and manufacturing hub.
In 1661 the Bombay territory was given to King Charles II of England as part of the wedding dowry for Catherine of Braganza, who was the Portuguese king’s sister.
Bombay became the capital of the Bombay Presidency, a British-controlled area, in 1687 when the capital was transferred from Surat.
www.galenfrysinger.com /mumbai_india.htm   (2047 words)

 Mumbai India, Mumbai India Tours, Mumbai India Travel, Mumbai Tourism, Mumbai India Hotels
Mumbai (formerly Bombay), situated on the western coast of India, is the largest metropolis of the country.
Bombay played a formative role in the struggle for Independence, hosting the first Indian National Congress in 1885 and the launch of the Quit India Movement in 1942.
Bombay later became the capital of the Bombay Presidency that had to be divided into Gujarat and Maharashtra in 1966.
www.indianvisit.com /ivnew/destinationguides/cruise/mumbai.htm   (1149 words)

 Bombay pedigree cat breed profile
The Bombay was developed from the Burmese breed and exhibits the muscular body type and affectionate, mellow temperament of the Burmese.
Bombays were fist bred by cat breeder Nikki Horner of Shawnee Cattery in Louisville, Kentucky.
Bombay Breed Club UK breed club dedicated to the Bombay and similar breeds.
www.catsinfo.com /bombay.html   (297 words)

 BBC ON THIS DAY | 12 | 1993: Bombay hit by devastating bombs
The number of dead in Bombay is expected to rise as police and firefighters find more charred bodies from the bombed areas of the city.
Bombay, which is home to 12.5 million people, has been the scene of violence since Indian independence in 1947.
At the time of the 1993 bombings, Bombay was still recovering from a wave of Hindu-Muslim fighting in January of that year, which left more than 500 dead and led to the flight of around 40,000 people from the city.
news.bbc.co.uk /onthisday/hi/dates/stories/march/12/newsid_4272000/4272943.stm   (617 words)

 Bombay on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bombay, after it passed to Great Britain in 1661, was the headquarters (1668-1858) of the East India Company in W India.
India's tinseltown: Bombay combines the energy of Hong Kong with the theatricality of Los Angeles.
Saviour of the Bombay duck The EU didn't know what it was, but banned it anyway.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/B/Bombay.asp   (757 words)

 Mustang Bombays - Creating a Bombay   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bombay cats are the parlor sized panthers of the cat world, created by Nikki Horner, they are a very people oriented breed that crave human attention.
The Bombay is a rare breed, with a small number of cats registered each year, (about 100/ year) especially when compared to some of the more populous breeds like Persians, who’s numbers are in the thousands.
Bombays are the result of two breeds merged as one, giving it unique and distinctive features which separate it from it's parent breeds.
home.comcast.net /~p51bombay/new_page_3.htm   (646 words)

 Rediff On The NeT Travel; A travel feature on Bombay in Maharashtra, India.
Bombay was once a string of seven islands inhabited by fisherfolk.
In the fourteenth century Bombay became part of the Muslim Gujarat Sultanate and in 1534 it was handed over to the Portuguese.
The English acquired Bombay from the Portugese as part of Catherine Braganza's dowry when she married Charles II in 1661.
www.rediff.com /travel/1996/bombay.htm   (305 words)

 IT Conversations: Suketu Mehta
Bombay is growing by 1 million people per year and will soon have more residents than the continent of Australia.
Bombay's overpopulation is due to the impoverishment of the countryside.
Suketu was born in Calcutta and raised in Bombay and New York.
www.itconversations.com /shows/detail769.html   (578 words)

 City Profiles: Bombay
The economy in Bombay is rooted in a mixture of light and medium engineering industries, as compared with heavy engineering found in Calcutta.
In spite of several programmes, the slums in Bombay continue to grow with the rapid increase in population.
Bombay is also one of the noisiest cities in the world and suffers from serious air pollution, both from noxious industries and automobile emissions.
www.un.org /Pubs/CyberSchoolBus/habitat/profiles/bombay.asp   (334 words)

 Review: Bombay   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The second half of Bombay is as dark and harrowing as the first half is light and gay.
Bombay is a gripping indictment of racial hatred.
Bombay ends on a hopeful note, but not before etching a series of wrenching images in the minds of viewers.
movie-reviews.colossus.net /movies/b/bombay.html   (771 words)

 Bombay Club
Shikha has the ability to sample a dish and then recreate it in her kitchen, where the spices are freshly ground and everything, including yogurt and cheese, is made from scratch.
Bombay Club is elegantly appointed, filled with paintings, sculpture, and cookware all carefully chosen and imported from India.
They have remained true to their original goal of introducing authentic Indian cuisine, lovingly prepared “like home.” Indeed, their restaurants are institutions, and have served as a training ground for 29 Indian restaurants owners throughout New England, all of whom have worked for the Kapoors.
www.bombayclub.com /home.html   (490 words)

 Atlas 6 | Catherine Karnow | Bombay Bazaar
After Mary Ellen Mark's famous book on the prostitutes of Bombay, photographers were always coming to shoot in that area.
Of course, most were unsuccessful, trying to grab photos on the run, or from moving cars, whereas Mark had spent years getting to know her subjects.
I never wanted to sleep in Bombay; the city was so invigorating and captivating, especially very early in the morning and after dark.
www.atlasmagazine.com /photo/karnow6/index_C.html   (496 words)

 Bombay cats breeders profiles information uk
Bombays are generally long lived and can live well into their late teens.
The Bombay is an active cat and requires 80 Kcals per kg of bodyweight per day of food.
Like the other members of the Asian group, the curiosity and friendliness of the Bombay can often lead it to stray into visitor's cars or delivery vans and they may be best confined to the house or a secure garden.
www.petplanet.co.uk /petplanet/breeds/Bombay.htm   (616 words)

 Help > About Bombay   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bombay designs and sources its own proprietary home furnishings through an overseas network of contract factories and agents, resulting in a unique, fashion-focused product line.
Bombay becomes one of the first national mall-based home furnishings retailers offering convenience, value and fashion, and expands to over 300 stores throughout North America.
To stay current with the customer's needs and lifestyles, Bombay offers complete furniture collections that are focused on the rooms most relevant to the customer - the home office, bedroom, dining room and family room.
www.bombaycompany.com /gp/node/n/14119711?ie=UTF8&bmBrand=core   (621 words)

 Bombay, India - Current News & Information   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BOMBAY: A boy was injured in a “bomb-like explosion” on Tuesday outside the suburban Kurla railway station in central Bombay, a police spokesman said.
Bombay, Jan 9 - Bombay is set to be the scene of six days of noisy protests against US policies, particularly the occupation of Iraq, as the world's anti...
Bombay and UK venues are expected (unless she sees through her threat to leave the country if the media persist in calling her Liz) and the happy couple are...
www.4newz.net /world/am/Bombay.html   (9400 words)

 Bombay Company
Bombay was looking for a software and solutions provider that would allow them to quickly create and send campaigns, increase its list size, and integrate the corporate Web site rapidly.
Using Silverpop, Bombay was able to quickly design and execute email campaigns to drive sales and increase awareness for the new e-commerce program.
Bombay sent emails regarding sales information, store openings and company announcements, in addition to employee communications and corporate communications related emails.
www.silverpop.com /practices/casestudies/bombay.html   (437 words)

In the United States the Bombay Cats eye color may be from gold to copper.
The Bombay Cats are generally sedate and adapt to apartment living.
The Bombay Cats need to be neutered or spayed between 6 to 9 months old.
www.terrific-cats.com /breeds/bombay.asp   (419 words)

 Bombay - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Located off the shores of western France, Bombay is a perpetual paradise of over 20 million drunken sods who stay in the region and make merry all year round.
Bombay is also the worlds largest exporter of underworld dons and nagging wives.
Bombay Duck Bay was thereafter shortened to Bombay, from which the nearby city takes its name.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Bombay   (511 words)

 Bombay Cat Breed Profile - Breed Description and Photos
Nikky Horner in Kentucky bred the first Bombays in 1953 with selective breeding between a sable Burmese and a fl American Shorthair.
The Bombays bred true and in 1976 the Bombay was recognised for championship status in The Cat Fanciers' Association
The ideal Bombay has an unmistakable look of its own, they are a unique breed, and nothing in the cat world resembles her.
www.catsofaustralia.com /bombay-cat.htm   (317 words)

 Bombay and Burmese kittens
The other Caricature Cattery's co-owner, elected by our fellow CFA Bombay breeders, served three terms as the Breed Council Secretary for the Bombay in the Cat Fanciers Association representing the interests of all breeders in all matters concerning the Bombay and at meetings with the CFA Board of Directors.
We are members of the Burmese Breed Council, The Bombay Breed Council, The Bombay Enthusiasts of America, and the National Alliance of Burmese Breeders.
If you are searching for a Bombay or Burmese, we encourage you to arrange a visit to catteries that interest you, as we believe it is most important to see where and how your kitten is raised.
www.bombayandburmesecats.com /index.html   (860 words)

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