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Topic: Bongo

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Bongos wallow frequently in mud, afterwards rubbing the mud against a tree, polishing their horns.
Bongos have a wide range of vocalizations, including grunts, snorts, a weak mooing contact call, and a bleat-like alarm call.
Hillman, J.C. Aspects of the biology of the bongo antelope, Tragelaphus eurycerus Ogilby, 1837, in southwest Sudan.
www.ultimateungulate.com /Artiodactyla/Tragelaphus_eurycerus.html   (606 words)

 the Living Africa: wildlife - bovid family - bongo
Bongos are typically found among ground-level shrubs and bushes in the rainforests.
In the mountains, however, bongos are found in the thick forests and bamboo zones.
Bongos have been seen to visit water holes and salt licks only at night, which means that they might be afraid to come out during the day.
library.thinkquest.org /16645/wildlife/bongo.shtml   (355 words)

 Bongo Printout- EnchantedLearning.com
The bongo or forest antelope, Tragelaphus eurycerus, is a large, rare African antelope that lives in dense mountain forests and lowland rainforests.
Bongos have a 19-year life span in captivity (the life span in the wild is unknown).
Bongos have very large ears and big eyes; they use their sense of sight and hearing to detect leopards and other predators.
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/mammals/antelope/Bongo.shtml   (341 words)

 Bongo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bongo, the main character of Sinclair Lewis' short story Little Bear Bongo and also the name of the segment inspired by the story in the 1947 Disney animated film Fun and Fancy Free.
Bongo the Clown, the 'clown persona' of the American artist Glenn.
Bongo is a colloquial name for Dar es Salaam.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bongo   (257 words)

 AWF: Wildlife: Bongo
The bongo is the largest and heaviest forest antelope.
Bongos are susceptible to disease such as rinderpest (in the 1890s this disease almost exterminated the species), but various predators also take their toll.
Dense human populations live near all the known East African bongo refuges, and so special efforts in protection are needed to ensure the survival of this beautiful antelope.
www.awf.org /content/wildlife/detail/bongo   (775 words)

 Instruments: Bongos - Music of Puerto Rico
Bongo is the term for a variety of small drums, derived from African roots, most likely in Cuba around 1900.
Bongos are an integral part of Latin percussion, particularly as a solo instrument.
The modern bongo is tuned much higher as befitting its role as the soloist in the Latin rhythm Section.
www.musicofpuertorico.com /index.php/instruments/bongos   (243 words)

 [No title]
Between 1966 and 1975, wild mountain bongos were imported to U.S. oological institutions from the Aberdares, with a total of 36 animals founding the North American captive bongo population.
Today bongo husbandry is well established worldwide, and the global captive population has exhibited an average growth rate of 6.7% per annum over the past five years.
Captive bongo around the world are used to educate the public about the species, and the Mt. Kenya Wildlife Conservancy has for several years given local people the only opportunity to see and interact with bongo.
www.rarespecies.org /bongo.html   (972 words)

 Bongo antelope: WhoZoo
The bongo is the only Tragelaphid in which both the male and female have horns.
Because of this dependency on thick vegetation, destruction of the Bongo habitat is an increasing threat.
Bongos have been observed to hold their horns on the back of the neck when fleeing.
www.whozoo.org /Anlife99/karlaper/Bongoindex2.htm   (325 words)

 ANIMAL BYTES - Bongo Antelope
Bongos are great high jumpers but prefer to go under or around obstacles.
Bongos use their prehensile tongue to grasp the vegetation they feed on.
They take this position so frequently older bongos often have bald spots on their back from the tips of their horns rubbing away the fur.
www.seaworld.org /animal-info/animal-bytes/animalia/eumetazoa/coelomates/deuterostomes/chordates/craniata/mammalia/artiodactyla/bongo-antelope.htm   (577 words)

 Bongo (Animal) - LoveToKnow 1911
BONGO (Boocercus eurycerus), a West African bushbuck, the largest of the group.
The male is deep chestnut, marked on the body with narrow white stripes, on the chest with a white crescent, and on the face by two white spots below the eye.
There is, as yet, no evidence as to whether the females of the true bongo bear horns, though it is probable they do; but as the horns are present in both sexes of the East African form, Mr Oldfield Thomas has made that the type of the genus.'
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Bongo_(Animal)   (134 words)

 Bongo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Bongo was born as an MS-DOS general plotting and data handling program, based on PLOTPE and ASMPLOT, Fortran and Assembler libraries described elsewhere (Rinaldi and Zavatti, 1991) and on a command parser.
The data Bongo can read are a virtually undefined number of files, each one beeing organized as a matrix whose maximum dimension is 7000 rows by 20 columns (the minimum column number is 1).
Bongo is lacking about several capabilities which can be considered important tools in a general context, like selection of orizontal or vertical grid; MACRO command, to run subroutines; conditional jumps and loops within the command buffer (i.e.
tikal.bo.astro.it /~zavatti/bongo/bongo.html   (1711 words)

 WAG: Thomas Sanchez's King Bongo
King Bongo, a young, handsome Cuban-American who sells insurance and works as a private investigator on the side, is cruising in his Oldsmobile Rocket 88 convertible, listening to a rumba tune and admiring the moonlit landscape.
Bongo is unhappy about his girlfriend’s death, of course, but he’s downright distraught about his sister’s disappearance.
Bongo understood: A man was either a prince or a pig, born on the right side or the wrong side of the law.
www.thewag.net /books/sanchez.html   (1104 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Profile: Gabon's 'president for life'
Bongo's political career kicked off after he won the trust of the father of Gabon's independence, President Leon Mba.
During a military coup attempt in 1964, Mba was kidnapped and Bongo was held in custody in a military camp in Libreville.
Determined to prove that he was not an autocrat who relied on brute force for his political survival, Bongo entered into talks with the opposition, negotiating what became known as the Paris Agreement in a successful attempt to restore calm.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/africa/2646825.stm   (760 words)

 The Simpsons Archive: The Guide to Bongo Comics
The second part, Bongo: Year Two, includes the Simpsons Comics issues 7 through 12 (the first ones of the post-Vance era), as well as several one-offs and mini-series published between late 1994 and late 1995.
The writers and artists at Bongo definitely know their comics history: Radioactive Man is full of references to and parodies of especially superhero comics through the ages.
Bongo have also published three "trade paper-backs", that is, bound collection reprints of old Simpsons Comics.
www.snpp.com /guides/bongoint.html   (1182 words)

Bongo Maffin also travelled in the Indian Ocean islands, and performed at the "Nuits de la Ravine" festival in Reunion together with Senegal's Positive Black Soul, Mali's Issa Bagayoko and Cote d'Ivoire's Tiken Jah Fakoly.
Bongo Maffin closed 2003 with a rave performance at the 46664: Give One Minute of Your Life to AIDS Concert at Cape Town's Green Point Stadium, together with a host of South African and international stars such as Anastacia, Beyonce, Queen, Johnny Clegg, and Angelique Kidjo.
Bongo Maffin's singular mix of groove and spirituality, cutting edge and tradition has already made them one of the biggest sounds on South African dance floors.
www.music.org.za /artist.asp?id=62   (813 words)

 "); NewWindow.document.write("IRINnews"); NewWindow.document.write("   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Two years ago, a parliament stacked with Bongo allies abolished the two-term limit for the head of state, allowing the president to seek re-election indefinitely.
Bongo, a member of the minority Bateke tribe from near the Congolese border, began his political career at the Foreign Ministry when Gabon won independence from France in 1960.
And on Friday, the PGP and nine other opposition parties announced that they will not take up their allocation of seats on the National Electoral Commission in protest at the way the election preparations are being made.
irinnews.org /report.asp?ReportID=49339&SelectRegion=West_Africa&...   (779 words)

 San Diego Zoo's Got Questions? Bongo
Do you have any information on the East African bongo?—Marissa S. The East African bongo Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci is an antelope species native to thick, tangled forest areas in Kenya.
Bongos are shy and secretive, and they can disappear quickly when startled.
The East African subspecies of bongos is listed as endangered, due to hunting and habitat loss.
www.sandiegozoo.org /animalbytes/got_questions_bongo.html   (161 words)

 Bongo Antelope (Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci) Website
The bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus) is an African antelope, beautiful and nowadays rarely seen in its natural habitat.
In January 2004, the first group of captive-born bongo, from zoos in the United States, were flown to the Mt. Kenya area to start a new breeding group whose offspring will eventually be returned to the wild.
This website is created and maintained by Lydia Frazier Bosley, the keeper of the International Bongo Studbook, which is recognized by the World Association of Zoos and The World Conservation Union.
home.earthlink.net /~lfbosley/bongostudbook2003/index.html   (401 words)

 Kenya safari guide - Kenyalogy: Wildlife: Mammals: Bongo
Spotting bongos is a difficult task, since this antelope hides in the forest deep, specially during sunlight hours.
Though the lion is not a traditional enemy of this antelope, excessive proliferation of these big cats in Aberdares seems to be one of the reasons for the decrease in the bongo populations.
Sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekei): general aspect resembles a bongo, but it is more lightly built, with a coarser coat dark brown in colour, white stripes less conspicuous and greatly elongated hooves.
www.kenyalogy.com /eng/fauna/bongo.html   (596 words)

 Bongo Board Balance Trainer
The Bongo Board develops balance and coordination skills essential to almost all sports and activities by toning the muscles used to maintain balance and stability, and by teaching the proper distribution of body weight to achieve constant equilibrium.
The Bongo Board works by conditioning your muscles' core stability and reflexes that act upon the body's sense of equilibrium, allowing proper distribution of body weight.
The Bongo Board is one of the fundamental tools used by fitness professionals around the world to train their students and clients for functional balance.
www.fitter1.com /bongo-board.html   (407 words)

 Bongo Loves the Bible Teaching Tips
Bongo Knows the Bible, is a four level Bible proficiency exam (though you don't want to use that phrase with the kids!).
Bongo travels the landscape slinging bananas at the Bongo-eating plants and troublesome Sid the Mummy on his way to find treasure.
Each of the games in Bongo is designed to be accomplished in under 40 minutes -depending on the age, skills and knowledge of your students.
www.sundaysoftware.com /bongo/tips.htm   (3863 words)

 VH1.com : Kanda Bongo Man : Biography - Urge Music Downloads
Bongo Man and his band, which has included influential guitarists Diblo Dibala in the 1980s and Rigo Star in the 1990s, has sparked dancing in audiences around the globe.
The son and grandson of drummer/percussionists, Bongo Man left school to perform with a Kinshasa band in 1973.
Bongo Man's third U.S.-distributed album, Soukous in Central Park, released in 1993, captures the excitement of his live performances.
www.vh1.com /artists/az/kanda_bongo_man/bio.jhtml   (457 words)

 The Art of Bongo
The Art of Bongo is the art of inhabiting the skin in which you are most comfortable.
The Art of Bongo is using the brightest colors on your palette when painting your self- portrait.
The Art of Bongo is finding whatever allows you to be your true confident self, unafraid of falling down on life's playground.
www.browncatstudio.com /bongo.htm   (251 words)

 Star Wars: Databank | Gungan bongo
One of their most striking technological achievements is the Gungan bongo submarine.
Sporting the distinctive organic lines of Gungan technology, the bongo's manta-shaped hull is organically grown through secret Gungan techniques.
From a distance, the bongo resembles an exotic Naboo squid or similar creature of the deep.
www.starwars.com /databank/vehicle/bongo/index.html   (130 words)

 Bongo Comics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bongo Comics is a comic book publishing company founded in 1993 by Steve and Cindy Vance, Bill Morrison, and Simpsons creator Matt Groening.
It was presumably named for the rabbit Bongo, protagonist in many of the Life in Hell comic strips.
Bongo has, at some time in its history, printed Simpsons Comics, Futurama Comics, Krusty Comics, Lisa Comics, Bart Simpson, Bartman, Itchy and Scratchy Comics and Radioactive Man.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bongo_Comics   (181 words)

 Gorillas.nl: the gorillas of Apenheul Primate Park
Bongo was the first of the 2 males to impregnate one of the females and that was the most important reason to keep him as the future leader of this young gorilla group.
After the births of Dibo, Frala, Lukas, Dihi and Pesco there were 13 gorillas in the Bongo group in 1986.
When the inside and outside enclosures were completed in late August 1987, Kibabu, a ten-year-old male from Howletts with excellent social skills arrived, and soon became the dominant male of the second gorilla group.
www.gorillas.nl /group.html   (1141 words)

 Africa - Bongo Maffin
Bongo Maffin formed in 1996, starting as a project of South African deejay Oscar.
When the Central Park Summerstage Festival series wanted to premiere kwaito music in New York City, the producers chose Bongo Maffin.On the home front, they won the South African Music Award for "Best Kwaito Artist" in 1999 and recently were the recipients of the 2001 KORA All African Music Awards for Best African Artist.
"Bongo's trying to be a musical representation of the ideas of the African Renaissance." And that movement has truly caught fire: Bongolution is already platinum in South Africa, a mere six month's after its release.
www.lightyear.com /music/world/africa/bongomaffin   (508 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: [Bongo Boards]
A group of girls demonstrate “Bongo Boards.” You don’t have to be good at figures to see that the girls in this fifties newsreel are less skinny than they would be if a comparable film were made today.
Bongos were probably eclipsed by Hula Hoops, which were cheaper to manufacture and not as hazardous to use.
The Bongo Boards that appear in the film clip are the original type, which was patented in June 1955, so the clip is probably from shortly after that.
www.archive.org /movies/details-db.php?id=190   (255 words)

 Become.com - Shop results for bongo shoes
Bongo practices the art of full on style with this pretty casual moccasin.
Bongo weaves a remarkable sling with this stunning dress slingback.
Woven faux leather upper in a dress slingback style, with a round peep toe, coordinating rolled faux leather trim and heel sling strap with and adjustable side buckle and hidden...
www.become.com /shop?q=bongo+shoes   (742 words)

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