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Topic: Bonner Stiller

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  FoodMarket.com - Daily Industry News Service
Stiller, whose home on Oak Island overlooks the waterway, said the ban was needed because trawlers were taking too many too small shrimp.
By Rep. Stiller's accounting, he took on the state's influential commercial fishing lobby and got the regulators to agree to study his issue.
Stiller said he's sure the study will find that there ought to be different shellfishing rules for the southern coast, where inland waters are narrow and shallow.
news.seafoodnet.com /newsopen.asp?key=102330   (609 words)

 Archives: Story
Stiller noted Dare County, home of Senate and Democrat leader Marc Basnight, currently enjoys a law that requires menhaden "factory" boats to work at least 1 1/2 miles off its beaches during prime tourist and fishing seasons.
Stiller said he was concerned the cap on Chesapeake Bay menhaden harvests will drive Omega boats south to N.C.'s unprotected waters, especially since most other states have closed or severely restricted this type of fishing that wipes out entire schools of "pogies."
Stiller said he appreciated the support of Rep. Jim Gulley of Matthews, the only Charlotte-area representative to vote for H 955.
www.bladenjournal.com /articles/2005/05/27/sports/sports08.txt   (1386 words)

 Brunswick Citizens For A Safe Environment -
Rep. Bonner Stiller, R-Brunswick, and Sen. R.C. Soles, D-Columbus, said Thursday's events showed that chances are increasing that a law will be passed this year that will halt the project.
In the state House, Rep. Bonner Stiller, R-Brunswick, filed a bill that would effectively kill the landfill and recycling center planned for 750-acre tract off Mount Misery Road in northern Brunswick County that is in the Town of Navassa.
The Stiller bill is identical to the one filed last week in the state Senate by Sen. R.C. Soles, D-Columbus.
stopthedump.com /articles.htm   (3816 words)

 NC House Campaigns, Pt. 2
His opponent is Republican newcomer Bonner Stiller, a Southport attorney.
Because the new district is now moderately Republican and Redwine is being forced to defend recent budget and tax actions by the General Assembly (he violated a no-tax-hike pledge he took before the 2000 election).
Stiller, therefore, has some obvious targets in the campaign, but will likely be very outnumbered in dollars.
www.carolinajournal.com /jhdailyjournal/display_jhdailyjournal.html?id=318   (497 words)

 Recycling Today Magazine :: News :: NC Representative Introduces Bill to Halt Hugo Neu Deal
Stiller adds that the county is a fast growing part of the state, with a thriving tourism industry.
This industry could be greatly damaged by the creation of a facility at the front of the county that would detract from the rest of the area.
According to Stiller Hugo Neu had also requested zoning that would allow the company to have piles of material as high as 300 feet.
www.recyclingtoday.com /News/news.asp?Id=7834   (390 words)

 NC Rumors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In the looming battle over a state lottery, state Rep. Bonner Stiller sits in no man's land.
The Oak Island Republican could be ostracized from his party if he supports a lottery bill that could reach the House floor by the end of next week.
Stiller is one of about a dozen lawmakers from both parties who will be lobbied hard as the countdown to a vote begins.
www.ncrumors.com /modules/news/print.php?storyid=214   (186 words)

 Marina lease is approved   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Soles and District 17 Rep. Bonner Stiller in the hallway outside the Administration Building conference room seemed some distance away from acceptance of the deal.
I made a special request to the governor personally that I and Rep. Stiller be allowed to voice the concerns of Southport residents.
Stiller was less reserved in his post-meeting comments.
www.stateportpilot.com /stories/marina-lease-11106.htm   (1440 words)

 Recreational license gets backing from committee  April 8
Stiller also suggested that the license be easy to obtain at local tackle shops.
At an additional recommendation from Stiller, the commission established a July 1, 2008, sunset provision for the license.
Stiller, an avid supporter of a coastal recreational fishing license, said the shellfish license is needed so that fisheries authorities can collect catch data, but an overall recreational fishing license would include shellfish harvests.
www.propertyrightsresearch.org /2004/articles4/recreational_license_gets_backin.htm   (531 words)

 :: Print Version ::
Bonner Stiller said, "It's killing the counties, and not just Brunswick."
Two bills were just filed in the legislature asking for the state takeover of Medicaid costs, Stiller said.
Stiller said, "The difficult part is no one wants to say, 'OK, we want to cut back on some of these services.' But they've outgrown their ability to pay for them.
www.brunswickbeacon.com /articles/2005/02/16/free/05-free.prt   (910 words)

 Lottery Post Forums: Hopes for N.C. lottery still alive
Stiller may and Hill will support a bill for a statewide school construction bond referendum.
Stiller said he wants to know exactly where the money from it would go before he would vote for it.
Stiller said it's important that legislators split the bond money so poorer counties would get the assistance they need.
www.lotterypost.com /thread/106401.htm   (508 words)

 UNC-TV ONLINE: Legislative Week in Review - Transcripts
A lobbyist is someone that you and I would think of as a person that comes or usually works and stays right here in Raleigh that comes and sees the legislators, that works for a particular group of persons or an entity, and they bring to us the issues that pertain to their clients.
Stiller: Well I think that is important that, like you are here to day and of course you have a lot of contacts, all of your friends here that you’ve made acquaintances with, with the other 119 members of the House.
Stiller: Well there is a constitutional issue in that it is one the constitution tries, lays out that you have to be extremely careful in treating one class of people different than another class of people.
www.unctv.org /legweek/transcript063006.html   (8268 words)

 If lottery gets revote, locals key | StarNewsOnline.com | Star-News | Wilmington, NC
Bonner Stiller voted for the lottery last spring.
Given that the lottery passed by one vote each in the House and Senate, his position — and that of other lawmakers — hints at how hard it might be for legislative leaders and the governor to push through another vote on the lottery.
Justice said she wouldn’t vote for a lottery bill if it were the same as the lottery law on the books today.
wilmingtonstar.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051227/NEWS/51226017   (891 words)

 News 14 Carolina | 24 Hour Local News | TOP STORIES
Bonner Stiller, R-Brunswick, has submitted a bill that would allow the state Coastal Resources Commission to permit a sea wall along Brunswick County beaches.
Harry Simmons, mayor of Caswell Beach and head of the Brunswick Beaches Consortium, said the proposed temporary groins would be an experiment to measure the effectiveness of the technology.
The walls would only be allowed up during the fall and winter seasons to avoid tourists and nesting sea turtles, Stiller said.
www.news14charlotte.com /content/top_stories/?ArID=90445   (439 words)

 Project Vote Smart - Representative Stiller - Interest Group Ratings
2005 Representative Stiller supported the interests of the Conservation Council of North Carolina 80 percent in 2005.
2003-2004 Representative Stiller supported the interests of the Conservation Council of North Carolina 100 percent in 2003-2004.
2003 On the votes that the Conservation Council of North Carolina considered to be the most important in 2003, Representative Stiller voted their preferred position 100 percent of the time.
www.vote-smart.org /issue_rating_category.php?can_id=MNC56458   (414 words)

 Lawmakers to ask for delay on renewal of marina lease | StarNewsOnline.com | Star-News | Wilmington, NC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
State Sen. R.C. Soles, D-Columbus, and Rep. Bonner Stiller, R-Brunswick, said Thursday that they will go to the capital next week to ask the Council of State to postpone work on the lease deal given tentative approval last month by the N.C. State Ports Authority.
Soles and Stiller said a delay is needed to ensure fairness for the Southport city government and its supporters, who wish to buy the marina from the state.
Stiller said he would ask the executive branch to postpone action so the legislature could decide who should control the marina and how much it should be sold for.
www.starnewsonline.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060106/NEWS/60106001/1017/news0102   (867 words)

 Ocean Isle Politics - Ocean Isle Beach Political Issues
Stiller: Yes I am in favor of the DMF reducing or eliminating trawling in the estauries especially by recreational fishermen using commercial gear.
Stiller: There needs to be a adequate guidline to allow folks the opportunity to catch fish but also not to have people bunch up on your net space and crowding you out.
This is an election year and Bonner Stiller is up for re-election and will be faced by David Redwine[who Stiller defeated in the last election].
www.oifishingcenter.com /political_issues.cfm   (8354 words)

 Toll favored for I-74   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Sandifer was concerned that because Brunswick County had already been approved for one of nine toll-road projects allowed by the legislature, its chances for adding a second one were lessened, but Wilson said the action Soles and Stiller promise in the joint transportation committee would do much to “leap-frog” Brunswick over competing counties.
Stiller said the saw the many benefits to the county and emphasized, “It’s not being forced on anybody, but without tolls, certain roads are not going to be built.” He pointed to the proposed new Skyway bridge between New Hanover and Brunswick counties as an example.
Tuesday’s meeting in county commissioners’ chambers was not announced to the public.
www.stateportpilot.com /stories/toll-121405.htm   (617 words)

 Save Our Pogies Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina
He is a sportfisherman and is willing to lead our effort however for the effort to succeed we must have a well organized plan that is also well executed and has the full support and effort of the entire sport fishing population.
If we can demonstrate we have such a large voting block, we can offset the dollar issue we cannot compete with.Many of us have homes inland as well as at the coast and since this will be a state wide issue, we must work just as hard on our elected officals at our inland homes.
[1] It is imperative that Rep Bonner Stiller remain as a member [and co-chairman] of the Seafood and Agriculture Committee as this committee is the beginning and end point of every fishery issue that would be considered by the Legislature and a bill can die quickly in a committee.
www.saveourpogies.com /index.cfm?id=15   (949 words)

 JS Online: GOP Wins One Recounted N.C. Race   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
A completed machine recount in District 17 gave Republican Bonner Stiller a lead of 169 votes over Democratic Rep. David Redwine.
Stiller had led by 163 votes in unofficial results last week.
The high-profile race was in Wayne County, where Republican Louis Pate remained ahead of House Majority Leader Phil Baddour late Thursday after a partial hand recount.
www.jsonline.com /election2000/ap/nov02/ap-north-carolina-111602.asp?format=print   (278 words)

 Brunswick Beacon - Local Newspaper of the South Brunswick Islands
State Reps. Dewey Hill (D-Columbus) and Bonner Stiller (R-Brunswick) have joined the state government's new Legislative Tourism Caucus, their offices announced last week.
Stiller pointed out that the tourism and travel industry generates over $13 billion in total revenue, employs 183,000 North Carolinians and provides $1 billion in revenue for state and local governments.
Jobs in tourism "will not be shipped to China," Stiller said.
www.brunswickbeacon.com /articles/2005/05/25/free/07-free.txt   (144 words)

 Growfish - Gippsland Aquaculture Industry Network (GAIN)
Tim Barefoot, a licensed-but-inactive commercial fisherman, started the project along with a state representative and a high-school teacher at South Brunswick High School.
“I was introduced to (state representative) Bonner Stiller (R-Brunswick) by David “Crockett” Long,” Barefoot said.
Not only that, arrangements were made for the hatchery to be built and maintained by students at South Brunswick High School.
www.growfish.com.au /content.asp?ContentId=3595   (1057 words)

 North Carolina Waterman
Stiller commented recently, “There is an overriding need to do more to protect the state’s marine fisheries.
Stiller also said the idea for a new hatchery is being fully supported by the Coastal Conservation Association of North Carolina (CCA NC), the state chapter of a national organization founded to protect marine fisheries around the country.
Now a director with a North Carolina-based fishing tackle company, Barefoot contacted Rep. Stiller and the project went into motion, according to Morgan.
www.ncwaterman.com /article.asp?id=1468   (432 words)

 RedOrbit NEWS | North Carolina's Southport Marina No Longer for Sale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
State Rep. Bonner Stiller, R-Brunswick, who met with the governor Thursday, said he appreciated Mr.
Stiller said he hoped this would allow time for Southport citizens and officials to build support for having the marina sold -- or preferably given -- to the city.
Southport sold the 45.6-acre marina to the state for $9,000 in 1963.
www.redorbit.com /modules/news/tools.php?tool=print&id=197967   (539 words)

 Docket Sheet (full) - State v Adams
/ / 01/21/03******** ======================================================================================= 1 - Record IN Filed: 08/02/2002 @ 12:11 Filed by [A] Stiller - STILLER and DISBROW for Defendant-Appellant Jerry Martin Adams - ======================================================================================= 2 - Motion Untitled Motion [for extension of time] Filed: 09/06/2002 Filed by [B] Ramos - RAMOS and LEWIS, L.L.P. for Defendant-Appellant Jerry Martin Adams - allowed.
Filed 08/02/2002 [To Be Paid By: Atty] Filed By: Bonner Stiller of STILLER and DISBROW for Defendant-Appellant Jerry Martin Adams --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11/07/02 -1.75 29.75 / / 0 16 For: Printing: Appellant Brief.
Bonner Stiller [PRIMARY ATTY] Attorney at Law [A] STILLER and DISBROW 801 N. Howe St. Ste.
www.aoc.state.nc.us /www/public/coa/dsheets/021023-1.htm   (607 words)

 House Marriage Amendment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Legislation to constitutionally define marriage as the union of one man and one woman was filed in the N.C. House on May 23, just two weeks after a similar bill was introduced in the state Senate.
HB 2438—Defense of Marriage is sponsored by Representatives Tim Moore (R–Cleveland), Bonner Stiller (R–Brunswick), Dewey Hill (D–Columbus), and James Crawford (D–Granville).
Like its companion bill in the Senate (SB 1228), the measure would amend the North Carolina Constitution to define marriage solely as between one man and one woman and would prohibit recognition of similar types of relationships, including those between members of the same sex or between more than two persons of any sex.
www.ncfpc.org /stories/060524s1.html   (211 words)

 UNC-TV ONLINE: Legislative Week in Review - Transcripts
Hackney: The harm is that you set aside of an election by disregarding the votes of people who voted in good faith and whose votes are entitled based on what the legislature intended, for those votes to count.
Stiller: Our Supreme Court has made a ruling.
And this is no reflection on either party; I will put it to the Republican Party as well, if the tables were turned.
www.unctv.org /legweek/transcript081205.html   (8621 words)

 A NC House Election Checklist
Brunswick County’s Redwine was a rising star in the House Democratic caucus, including the key leader of the appropriations committee, before being stunned in 2002 by Stiller after redistricting changed the district from moderately Democratic to moderately Republican.
Moreover, Stiller was part of the Morgan bloc and will not have the grassroots support from GOP conservatives he had two years ago.
Two Republican incumbents are facing spirited challenges in Wake County, but that’s about it as far truly competitive House races in the Triangle are concerned.
www.carolinajournal.com /exclusives/display_exclusive.html?id=1907   (2423 words)

 The News Reporter
Two area legislators and a Brunswick County property owners group are pushing for the proposed Interstate 74 to become one of a handful of highways that could be built and maintained by tolls.
and Rep. Bonner Stiller (R-Brunswick) appeared before the Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee Tuesday with the request.
Lawmakers agreed to study the request but stopped short of endorsing I-74 as a toll highway.
www.whiteville.com /pages/2006WEBPAGES/JANUARY2006/1.19.06/news2thurs.html   (413 words)

 RedOrbit - Science - Filing Opens for Primaries in Brunswick
School board Vice Chairman Shirley Babson filed for the state Senate seat now held by Democrat W.R. Soles of Columbus County, the longest-serving senator in state history.
Incumbent state Rep. Bonner Stiller and incumbent Commissioner Phil Norris, both Republicans, filed for re-election.
Filing for two open seats in the nonpartisan race for Brunswick Soil and Water District supervisors will be from June 12 to July 7.
www.redorbit.com /news/science/390243/filing_opens_for_primaries_in_brunswick/index.html?source=r_science   (474 words)

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