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Topic: Boogie-woogie (music)

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 Boogie-woogie (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The boogie-woogie was very popular with country music performers and is considered part of the combined evolution of country music and blues towards rock and roll.
In classical music, the composer Conlon Nancarrow was also deeply influenced by boogie-woogie, as many of his early works for player piano demonstrate.
The origin of boogie-woogie piano is uncertain; it was no doubt influenced by early rough music played in honky tonks in the US South. /wiki/Boogie-woogie_(music)   (876 words)

 Boogie Woogie by William Russell
Both Balinese music and the Boogie Woogie derive their strength and sureness of form from the fixed solidarity of the 4-4 meter which somehow is no hindrance to variety of rhythm.
Boogie Woogie men usually prefer an upright to a grand piano, the action of which is too stiff for their gymnastics.
The Boogie Woogie has often been found in conjunction with vocal blues and is ideally suited as a style to the accompaniment of the blues. /BoogieWoogie/articles/russell.htm   (7753 words)

 Jazz Resource Library - Style Sheets
Boogie Woogie, a term used to describe the blues piano playing that thrived roughly between the years 1920 and 1945, was a highly popular music in tenements.
Boogie Woogie was the first and to date the only exclusively piano music to issue from the blues.
The very name Boogie was another name for the "house rent party." Both terms describe a phenomenon that took place in the crowded tenements of Chicago, Detroit, New York, and virtually every city with a large black population. /l_stylesheets.asp?StyleID=5   (739 words)

 Mad-Eyes - Madonna songs singles lyrics - Music
Holiday and Music were such a perfect ending of the Drowned World Tour that Madonna decided to place them again together at the end of the setlist for the Re-Invention Tour.
This time Music came first, with Madonna in her Scottish kilt climbing on top of a cubicle staircase, which hosted Stuart Price as the DJ in the middle.
This was the first single from the album Music, released in August 2000. /disco/music/music.htm   (529 words)

 Roots of Rock
Music historians say boogie woogie was developed by blues and ragtime pianists and guitarists in the 1890's, in Louisiana or neighboring Texas and Mississippi.
Pine Top Smith gave this music its name when he recorded the seminal "Pine Top's Boogie Woogie" in 1928.
The pinnacle of the piano-only phase of barrelhouse boogie woogie was reached in the early 40's, with recordings such as this one by Ammons and his amazing two-piano duets with Pete Johnson of Kansas City, in 1941, for RCA Victor. /roots.htm   (967 words)

 Boogie Woogie and Catholic Music - MLJ Music
He is currently Director of Music at St. Augustine Church, performs twice weekly at the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel as a solo pianist, leads a Boogie Woogie Trio and frequently performs at Walt Disney World.
Boogie Woogie and Catholic Music - MLJ Music
We specialize in Catholic Music and Boogie Woogie. /aboutus.htm   (221 words)

 Boogie-Woogie Downloads - Download Boogie-Woogie Music - Download Boogie-Woogie MP3s
Musically, the three pianists are quite consistent and since the music is taken from their prime period, it is easily recommended to boogie-woogie collectors despite one's reservations about the order of the performances.
Boogie Woogie, or "barrelhouse" is a blues-based piano style in which the right hand plays an accompaniment figure that resembles a strummed rhythm, such as is typically played on the guitar or banjo in rural blues dances.
The earliest recorded examples of boogie woogie are found on piano rolls made in 1922 by Cow Cow Davenport, and by the end of the 1920s dozens of boogie woogie pianists had recorded ranging geographically from Texas to Chicago. /genre/542/subgenre.html   (2754 words)

 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - WWII music and Lyrics
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - WWII music and Lyrics
He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B. He was some boogie woogie bugle boy of company B. And when he played his boogie woogie bugle
He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B. A root, a toot, a toodlie-a-da-toot. /bascott99/boogiewoogie.htm   (332 words)

 Bruce C. Walker's Piano Parlor
As jazz was descended from ragtime and Orleans marching music, and marches and ragtime both have two-beat structure, it Boogie-woogie, however, represented a departure from that tradition.
Boogie-woogie is typically blues-based, although it was frequently adapted to popular music, and consists of a steady rhythmic left hand playing various repeated figures in "eight to the bar" fashion accompanying riffs and improvisations played by the right hand.
Euro-American music prior to the ragtime era was based upon strict observance of timing and meter that is, notes were played on the count of the measure and evenly subdivided into eighths, sixteenths, etc. Most of the "professors" played by ear and were not shackled by the conventions of classical technique. /~walkers/parlor/workshop/oldtwork.html   (1727 words)

 BOOGIE WOOGIE : MusicWeb Encyclopaedia of Popular Music
BOOGIE WOOGIE : MusicWeb Encyclopaedia of Popular Music
Meade Lux Lewis recorded '27; 'Pine Top's Boogie Woogie' was recorded '28; Montana Taylor and Charles 'Cow Cow' Davenport recorded '29 and boogie woogie might have become a fad, but the Great Depression intervened and the style had to wait a decade.
Adolescents all over the country pounded out boogie woogie on parlour pianos: it was superficially easy to play, a prequel to adolescent blues guitar, now called rock. /encyclopaedia/b/B197.HTM   (411 words)

 American Music Research Foundation - blues, boogie woogie, jazz, ragtime, rhythm and blues
Like many boogie players, he was classically trained as a young child, but discovered the blues, the Beatles, and boogie woogie as a teenager.
Boogie Woogie prodigy Silvan Zingg from Lugano, Switzerland is shown here at the 7th Annual Motor City Blues& Boogie Woogie Festival entertaining the crowd by interjecting witty dialogue throughout his performance.
The first inductee in the Boogie Woogie Hall of Fame in 1999, Cincinnati's Big Joe Duskin performed and was documented on videotape at the AMRF's first three Boogie Woogie and Blues Festivals. /artists.htm   (2459 words)

 Rocket 88 - Boogie Woogie Music
The origin of Boogie Woogie music is cited as having been launched with a 1928 recording entitled "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie".
The Boogie Woogie music of Rocket 88 at times sounds like the blues, swing, jazz, and RandB all rolled into one harmonious musical bonanza.
In 1978, several leading British musicians celebrated the 50th Anniversary of this jaunty music style by forming a band of rotating musicians for live performances. /ssr88.html   (765 words)

 Suomen tanssiurheiluliitto - Boogie Woogie dancing in Finland
Boogie-woogie is a music that was popular since 1937.
As an exeption the ladys hip in slow music does move in the rhythm of her knees.
The dance is an interpretation of the music. /bwcoaching.html   (2379 words)

 American Music Research Foundation - blues, boogie woogie, jazz, ragtime, rhythm and blues
The AMRF is dedicated to the promotion, documentation, and preservation of American Music, particularly the blues, ragtime, boogie woogie, jazz, and rhythm and blues.
To collect, film, record, archive, restore, produce, master, edit, and distribute material relating to American music; particularly the blues, ragtime, boogie woogie, jazz and rhythm and blues.
A major focus of our work is to make the connection between music and the aritsts who create it, who in turn are products of their time and place.   (390 words)

 Silvan Zingg - Boogie Woogie Piano - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Music
His favourite styles are mostly classic Boogie Woogie, Blues and Jazz with variations from all kind of different musical waves.
Boogie Woogie Sytle tune with instrumental composition: Silvan Zingg at grand piano, Nuno Alexandre at doublebass, Valerio Felice at drums.
At the presentation Silvan was introduced to the public as the "young boogie woogie prodigy from Lugano, Switzerland". /silvanzingg/3600-8505_32-100593257.html   (792 words)

 StreetSwing's Dance History Archives - Boogie Woogie Dance Page - Main1
Boogie Woogie was more of a Piano musical style (C,G,A,G) than a dance with Pinetop Smith writing the first official Boogie Woogie song in 1928.
Rockabilly style was a fusion of Blues and Boogie Woogie by white singers or musicians such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis etc.
Not all Boogie Woogie is fast however, some Boogie-Woogie beats have an excellent feel for slower swing music with a BOOGIE WOOGIE beat. /histmain/z3booge1.htm   (419 words)

 The boogie-woogie touch!
It seems that the Boogie Woogie was born at the beginning of the 20th century in the south of the USA.
But it is only in 1938 that Boogie Woogie was acknowledged and recognised as a full style by a large audience.
Clarence "Pinetop" Smith was the one who generated the word "Boogie Woogie" by recording his famous "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie" in 1928. /uk/index.php?Id_Art=1&page=998   (747 words)

 The Boogie Woogie Beat: Rompin' Stompin' Rhythm
The inventors of the boogie woogie beat coaxed music out of honky tonk pianos: old uprights mildewed from perpetual humidity and the occasional Saturday night beer bath.
The boogie woogie craze was the most spectacular revolution in popular music to come along until Elvis Presley's Blue Suede Shoes.
Boogie woogie stomped and wiggled its way across the country. /proglist/showpromo/boogiewoogiebeat.htm   (652 words)

 BBC NEWS Entertainment Music Fats Domino's boogie-woogie life
The musician - one of eight children - was taught piano at an early age by his brother-in-law and first performed in public at the age of 10.
As a teenager he worked in a factory but continued playing piano at local music spots.
At one of these, the Hideaway, he was noticed by a trumpeter, Dave Bartholomew, who became his bandleader, producer and songwriting partner. /1/hi/entertainment/music/4208096.stm   (457 words)

 Bob Seeley
In the world of boogie woogie, Bob Seeley recordings are a must have.
Bob was the first real boogie woogie player other than Carl Sonny Leyland and Rob Rio whose recordings I had owned.
Bob is hugely admired and respected among all of the best boogie piano players in the world today. /TEST/ARTIST/SEELEY/bsmaster.htm   (247 words)

 Class Act: Music: "B"
Words by Leo Robin, music by Richard Whiting and W.
Music ("The Blue Danube") by Johann Straus II (1867), lyric added by Gus Kahn (~1940)
English lyric by S.K. Russell, music by Margarita Lecuona, 1942 /musicb.htm   (6058 words)

 Boogie Woogie Influenced Music at Buy Music Your Way!
Boogie Woogie Influenced Music is characterized by a highly rhythmic, driving style of blues piano featuring a distinctive left-hand bass accompaniment (a strong walking bass figure derived from Ragtime).
The Boogie Woogie bass line can also be simple eighth notes alternating fifths and sixths: e.g.
SongPeddler and the musical globe are trademarks of SongPeddler, Inc. /boogie-woogie-genre-influences.asp   (160 words)

 Boogie Woogie Christmas Easy Piano Songbooks Series from Music 44
Boogie Woogie Santa Claus - IPAKC - Combo Instrument Package This is a package of sheet music for instruments - Piano/Bass/Guitar/Drums (Some arrangements include Synthesizer/2 Trumpets/Tenor Sax/Trombone.
Boogie Woogie Santa Claus - ShowTrax CD This is a recording of musical accompaniment for practicing and/or Performing 8743839-H
Boogie Woogie Santa Claus - ShowTrax CD This is a recording of musical accompaniment for practicing and/or Performing 8742302-H /X/&unism=4&unisk=110017&AffID=1225   (548 words)

 Sheet Music Plus - How To Play Boogie Woogie
Boogie Woogie Hanon: (EFS 222) By Leo Alfassy...
A collection of 14 boogie woogie solos for piano, with tips on playing technique.
Fast Forward Boogie Woogie Piano By Bill Worrall... /sheetmusic/detail/MS.AM33317.html   (90 words)

 Boogie Woogie Articles
Boogie Woogie, From Barrelhouse to Carnegie Hall by Colin Davey - This article originally appeared in the program book of the August, 1998 Oregon Festival of American Music.
Colin gave the Boogie Woogie presentation for the festival at Eugene's Hult Center.
The history of Honky Tonk Train is a microcosm of the history of boogie woogie piano. /BoogieWoogie/articles   (465 words)

 SC Music
Just up-tempo twelve-bar blues over a driving, repetitious bass figure, boogie-woogie moved with Southern blacks to the North, where it was often called barrelhouse music after its natural habitat.
Developed and popularized by musicians like Cow Cow Davenport and Pine Top Smith, both from Alabama, boogie-woogie became a popular music craze in the 1930s, often in big-band arrangements.
Later it returned to the South and the original blues instrument as guitar boogie, a species of country music. /depts/csas/socult/music/boogie.htm   (117 words) The Collection Piet Mondrian. Broadway Boogie Woogie. 1942-43
He also fell in love with boogie-woogie music, to which he was introduced on his first evening in New York, and he soon began, as he said, to put a little boogie-woogie into his paintings.
But Broadway Boogie Woogie omits black and breaks Mondrian's once uniform bars of color into multicolored segments.
Mondrian's aesthetic doctrine of Neo-Plasticism restricted the painter's means to the most basic kinds of line—that is, to straight horizontals and verticals—and to a similarly limited color range, the primary triad of red, yellow, and blue plus white, black, and the grays between. /collection/browse_results.php?object_id=78682   (250 words)

 CD Baby: JON SARTA: Boogie Woogie Salad - from scottp
Boogie Woogie Salad is a creation that has evolved over the last 4 years.
The artwork of the fingers and keys is from Albert Ammons release on the Boogie Woogie Label, date unknown.
Sarta is an excellent Boogie pianist, but the songs are slanted heavily to pop vocals instead of traditional instrumental versions. /cd/jonsarta/from/scottp   (338 words)

 Daily Tribune : <SW_TITLE>
He said boogie-woogie is slowly disappearing, simply because the written music is hard to find, not much research exists on the genre and many musicians in academia have deemed it more as "entertainment" than a subject worthy of study.
Originally a slang term that meant "to party," boogie-woogie was first used as a term to classify the music in 1928, Ball said.
He'll also speak about music resources and places where people can hear boogie-woogie music and teach them about the musical components that make up the genre. /stories/121805/loc_boogie18001.shtml   (1206 words)

Listen to the original boogie woogie music of Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, and Pete Johnson.
When Piet Mondrian arrived in New York in 1940, he heard the Boogie Woogie piano of Meade Lux Lewis, Albert Ammons, and Pete Johnson, and from then on refused to dance to any other jazz, leaving the floor in a huff if the music didn't boogie.
See the original 'Broadway Boogie Woogie' at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. /pac-mondrian/play.html   (323 words)

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