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Topic: Book of Ezekiel

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  Book of Ezekiel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ezekiel the Prophet of the Hebrew Scriptures is depicted on a 1510 Sistine Chapel fresco by Michelangelo.
Ezekiel's greatest miracle consisted in his resuscitation of the dead, which is recounted in chapter 37 of the Book of Ezekiel.
Ezekiel also exhibits one of the most down to earth and bawdy attitudes of all the biblical authors, comparing the idolatry of Israel to the behaviour of a prostitute in a notorious passage (chapter 23).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Book_of_Ezekiel   (3474 words)

 JewishEncyclopedia.com - EZEKIEL, BOOK OF:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Ezekiel's book is one of the most original in the sacred literature of Israel.
If it were true, however, that the whole book was written at that time all previous dates would be merely literary embellishments, and this view is difficult because of the importance of the dating in several instances where the prophet claims to transcend ordinary human knowledge.
Ezekiel had positively prophesied the capture and destruction of Tyre by Nebuchadnezzar, but after thirteen years of fruitless labor the latter had to raise the siege and to arrange terms of peace with the city.
www.jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=563&letter=E&search=Ezekiel   (1411 words)

 Book of Ezekiel
The Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament of the Bible is one of the books of the Major Prophets.
Ezekiel stressed the interior qualities of religion, as the earlier prophets had, but in the manner of later writers he looked to the Temple and to cultic observances.
Jerome calls the book 'a labyrith of the mysteries of God.' It was because of this obscurity that the Jews forbade any one to read it till he had attained the age of thirty." Ezekiel is singular in the frequency with which he refers to the Pentateuch (e.g., Ezek.
mb-soft.com /believe/txs/ezekiel.htm   (705 words)

 The Book of Ezekiel
Ezekiel 10:4 Then the glory of the LORD rose up from the cherub to the threshold of the house; the house was filled with the cloud, and the court was full of the brightness of the glory of the LORD.
Ezekiel 11:23 And the glory of the LORD ascended from the middle of the city, and stopped on the mountain east of the city.
Ezekiel 29:9 and the land of Egypt shall be a desolation and a waste.
www.cresourcei.org /books/ezekiel.html   (4234 words)

Ezekiel was called to foretell God's faithfulness in the midst of trials, as well as in the fulfilment of His promises.
Ezekiel prophesies by symbolic actions the exile of the people, the flight of Sedecias, and the devastation of the land (xii, 1-20).
The genuineness of the book of Ezekiel is generally conceded.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/05737b.htm   (1256 words)

 Ezekiel & the Creator LORD Jesus Christ
All of the author's books are liberally-supplied with scripture references so that the reader can verify the truthfulness of the commentary as he or she proceeds.
In verses 1-15 of chapter thirty-six of the book of Ezekiel, the LORD concentrated on the restoration of the promised land of Canaan itself during the Millennial Kingdom.
However, in Ezekiel chapter thirty-seven, the LORD was quick to follow the messages of Ezekiel chapter thirty-six with a powerful rebuttal of most hearers' initial, but definitely fallacious, conception that the tremendous increase in Israel's population during that blessed time will be the result of a heightened reproduction rate of a then-living, returned Jewish remnant.
www.authorhouse.com /BookStore/ItemDetail~bookid~12527.aspx   (972 words)

 Book of Ezekiel
Ezekiel begins to prophesy after a vision in which he saw God's throne chariot and was given a scroll to eat (Ezek 1-3)...
In a vision, Ezekiel was carried to a valley of old, dry bones, and Ezekiel spoke the Words of the Lord, whereby the bones came together, became covered with skin, and became alive again.
Ezekiel implies that Gog (representing all forces of evil) from the land of Magog will be finished "in the latter years of history"...
biblia.com /jesusbible/ezekiel.htm   (2687 words)

 Wikinfo | Ezekiel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Ezekiel was a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, commonly regarded as the author of the biblical Book of Ezekiel.
The latest date in his book is the first day of the first month in the twenty-seventh year of his exile (Nisan, 570); consequently, his prophecies extended over twenty-two years.
God allowed Ezekiel to behold the throne in order to demonstrate to him that Israel had no reason to be proud of the Temple; for God, who is praised day and night by the hosts of the angels, does not need human offerings and worship (Midrash Lev.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Ezekiel   (1447 words)

 The Book Of Ezekiel :: Morrish Bible Dictionary
Ezekiel must speak, whether Israel will hear or not: he must eat (that is, accept in his own soul) the book of prophecy, and be faithful in warning the wicked.
But in Ezekiel the instructions for the temple follow the restoration of the twelve tribes, and the destruction of their opposing enemies.
The Book of Ezekiel is thus full of interest to the Christian as showing the great care God had for His people during their captivity, and the bright scene of future earthly blessing that is spread out before them.
www.biblecentre.org /dictionary/morrish_ezekiel.htm   (1361 words)

 Ezekiel, Book of (WebBible Encyclopedia) - ChristianAnswers.Net
It may be noted that Daniel, fourteen years after his deportation from Jerusalem, is mentioned by Ezekiel (14:14) along with Noah and Job as distinguished for his righteousness, and some five years later he is spoken of as pre-eminent for his wisdom (28:3).
Jerome calls the book 'a labyrith of the mysteries of God.' It was because of this obscurity that the Jews forbade any one to read it till he had attained the age of thirty."
Ezekiel is singular in the frequency with which he refers to the Pentateuch (e.g., Ezek.
www.christiananswers.net /dictionary/ezekielbookof.html   (293 words)

 Introduction to Ezekiel
Ezekiel was probably part of the Zadokite priesthood, which achieved prominence with the reforms of Josiah (621 B.C.).
Ezekiel was a priest who lived among the other citizens of the nation of Judah as a captive of Babylon during the years of the Captivity.
In the early prophecies of the Book of Ezekiel, the author wrote as a captive in Babylon who expected Jerusalem to be destroyed.
www.angelfire.com /sc3/we_dig_montana/Ezekiel.html   (2430 words)

 Bible Survey: The Book of Ezekiel
The title of the book is the same in Hebrew as it is in English or Greek translations.
The book of Ezekiel is a long series of oracles received by the priest Ezekiel, son of Buzi, who began to prophesy in Babylonia in the fifth year of Jehoiachin's exile, c.
The entire book is dated according to the reign of Jehoiachin, and covers the years from about 593 through 570 BC.
www.theology.edu /biblesurvey/ezekiel.htm   (321 words)

 Introduction to Ezekiel
Ezekiel was considered to be the author of this book until the Twentieth Century when in 1924 Gustav Hoelscher first questioned authorship based upon questionable internal evidence4 2.
Therefore, external evidence is almost unanimously in favor of the prophet Ezekiel as the book's author B. Internal Evidence 1.
Dyer states it this way, "Ezekiel's purpose in writing chapters 1--32 was to show both the necessity and inevitability of Judah's fall to Babylon because of her sin against God's holy character.
members.aol.com /naccbcandcpcs/eze.htm   (1785 words)

 USCCB - NAB - Ezekiel - Introduction
Particularly because of this interest, Ezekiel's influence on postexilic religion was enormous, and not without reason has he been called "the father of Judaism." This has resulted in his prophecies reaching us with the evident marks of editing and addition by the post-exilic circles that shared his intense interest.
Ezekiel became a prophet in Babylon-the first prophet to receive the call to prophesy outside the Holy Land.
Accordingly, the first part of his book consists of reproaches for Israel's past and present sins and the confident prediction of yet a further devastation of the land of promise and a more general exile.
www.usccb.org /nab/bible/ezekiel/intro.htm   (547 words)

 Ezekiel Biography | eorl_05_package.xml
EZEKIEL (sixth century BCE), or, in Hebrew, Yeḥezqeʾl, was a Hebrew prophet.
No references to events subsequent to the reign of that king are made, nor does the editorial work on the book necessitate assumption of later hands, so that its contents—internally consistent though literarily varied—may be considered the record of a single author's career.
Ezekiel's prophecy is characterized by a leaning toward systematization; he propounds doctrines permeated by a severe logic that centers on the injury Israel inflicted on the majesty of God and its reparation rather than on the piteous situation of the people.
www.bookrags.com /biography/ezekiel-eorl-05   (333 words)

 The Grace Institute: The Prophets: Ezekiel Part 1
Ezekiel is a priest, the son of Buzi, and he was in the land of the Chaldeans.
Since Ezekiel was writing to exiles in Mesopotamia, his audience would have been quite familiar with this style of writing and it would not have seemed odd or unusual to them [2].
The purpose of the book of Ezekiel is to bring the exiles to a point of personal accountability for the destruction of Jerusalem and call them to repentance.
www.gcfweb.org /institute/prophet/ezekiel-1.html   (945 words)

 Commentary on The Book of Ezekiel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Ezekiel was a priest who was deeply concerned about the holiness of God, and Ezekiel wanted the people to reognise how they had failed Him.
Ezekiel had a number of strange visions and experiences which are outlined in the Book of Ezekiel.
Ezekiel was a visionary prophet given special revelation in amazing visions, and was raised up by God in the final days of Jerusalem to warn those who had been exiled to Babylonia of what was to come, and why.
uk.geocities.com /jonpartin/ezekiel.html   (683 words)

 Ezekiel: God’s Spokesman In A Foreign Land   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Ezekiel was about thirty years of age when he was called to be a prophet (Ezekiel 1:1, 2).
Eight chapters of the book of Ezekiel are filled with condemnation of the Gentiles for their sins (Ezekiel 25-32).
One writer said of the book of Ezekiel: “Probably no book of the Old Testament is as little read as this, and it may well be the least popular, as it is the least known of the Old Testament”; (John Paterson).
www.tftw.org /Courses/bcc_ots_l14.html   (1441 words)

According to the Talmud, Hananiah son of Hezekiah was again able to persuade his colleagues not to withdraw Ezekiel, although Jerome reports that some rabbis prohibited the reading of the beginning and end of the book by anyone under the age of thirty (b.
Traditionally, Ezekiel was thought to have been deported to Babylon in 597, where he received his call and worked all his life among the exiles.
Alberto Soggin writes: "One particularly striking characteristic of Ezekiel is that the book appears to be in relatively good order—so good, that down to the end of the last century it was presented as a model, apart from a text which in many places is far from easy.
www.earlyjewishwritings.com /ezekiel.html   (1192 words)

 Purpose for the Book of Ezekiel - The throne scene
At the beginning of the book, Ezekiel is shown the purpose of what he will explain to us.
3 The word of the LORD came expressly unto Ezekiel the priest, the son of Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar; and the hand of the LORD was there upon him.
Later in Ezekiel's book we find that the Lord promised to deliver His people by a mighty hand ez2033,34.
www.bibleexplained.com /prophets/ezek/ez01.htm   (1658 words)

 "They shall know that I AM the Lord". Read why Ezekiel tells this proclamation 65 times about the Lord in his book.
Ezekiel, the son of Buzi, wrote this Book in approximately 592-570 B.C. He is a prophet of God and came from a priestly family.
In his book of the Old Testament their are parables, signs, symbols and prophecies to illustrate God's message to His exiled people.
The key to Ezekiel is "They shall know that I AM the Lord", which is stated 65 times throughout his book.
ezekiel.jesusanswers.com   (334 words)

 bible.org: The Book of Ezekiel, Part 1
The conviction behind the book is that ignorance of God –; ignorance both of His ways and of the practice of communion with Him – lies at the root of much of the church’s weakness today.
In contrast to God’s awesome glory, Ezekiel is addressed as “son of man.” This phrase is used around 93 times in the book, which expresses the idea of man being formed from the dust, as it was said to Adam, “for dust you are and to dust you will return” (Genesis 3:19).
The major part of the first half of the Book of Ezekiel is spent in presenting the sinfulness of the people known by His name and God’s wrath against them because of that.
www.bible.org /page.php?page_id=1808   (4279 words)

 The Book of Ezekiel
Ezekiel is given the scroll and told to eat it.
In 66 A.D. the Jews rebelled against Rome and the response was a Roman invasion of Israel and the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.
Early during the ministry of Ezekiel (chapter 8), he is given a vision of the Temple in Jerusalem.
www.angelfire.com /nt/theology/Proph08.html   (6257 words)

 Does Ezekiel 37 Predict the Book of Mormon?
In verse 16 Ezekiel is told to write on one stick “For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions.” This first stick represented the southern kingdom, or Judah.
On a second stick, or piece of wood, Ezekiel was to write, “For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and for all the house of Israel his companions.” This represented the northern kingdom, called Israel.
The attempt by the Mormon Church to make this passage a prediction regarding the Book of Mormon violates the clear historical, grammatical context of the passage, and is thus a fallacious interpretation of this Biblical passage.
www.irr.org /mit/Ezekiel37.html   (581 words)

The Book of Ezekiel at its primary level is mainly concerned with Judah but here and there it contains messages for the 'Lost Ten Tribes' of the greatest importance.
The Book of Ezekiel is based on prophecies that Ezekiel uttered over a twenty-year period.
Ezekiel uttered the prophecies in his book while he was in Babylon together with other exiles from Judah.
britam.org /ezekiel/ezekiel.html   (759 words)

 Daily Bible Study - By The Book - Ezekiel
At the time of Ezekiel, the Babylonians (see Ancient Empires - Babylon) were in the process of conquering the remaining southern kingdom of Judah.
Ezekiel's ministry was to warn those who remained.
Note: God was clearly speaking of a future reign of David, because at the time of Ezekiel, David had already been dead about 400 years.
www.keyway.ca /htm2002/ezekiel.htm   (313 words)

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