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Topic: Books of Samuel

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  Books of Samuel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The death of Saul and Jonathan (1 Samuel 31:1-2 Samuel 1:27) - the Philistines attack the Israelites at Gilboa, and kill Jonathan and inflict a mortal wound on Saul.
Traditionally, the authors of the books of Samuel have been held to be Samuel, Gad, and Nathan.
Samuel is believed to have penned the first twenty-four chapters of the first book.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Books_of_Samuel   (6695 words)

 BOOKS OF SAMUEL - LoveToKnow Article on BOOKS OF SAMUEL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
SAMUEL, BOOKS OF, two books of the Old Testament, which in the Jewish canon are ranked among the Former Prophets (Joshua-Kings), in contrast to the Latter Prophets I. POSh (Isaiah-Malachi).
The book of Samuel completes the history of the judges of Israel, (is th century B.c.), and begins by relating the events which led to the institution of the monarchy under Saul, the part played by Samuel being especially prominent (I Sam.
Consequently, the literary structure of the Book of Samuel is throughout involved with a careful criticism of the historical tradi7 S m- tions ascribed to the 11th and beginning of the 10th century s.c.
60.1911encyclopedia.org /S/SA/SAMUEL_BOOKS_OF.htm   (5404 words)

 Samuel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He was at the cusp between two eras (as one notes that the Books of Samuel follow directly after the Book of Judges) and selected/anointed the first two kings of the Kingdom of Israel: King Saul and King David.
Samuel himself was their leader and the only occasion in which he acted as a leader in war.
Samuel had made his sons judges in Beersheba, but they were corrupt and self-serving.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Samuel   (1459 words)

 Books of Kings: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The books of samuel, also referred to as [the book of] samuel (hebrew:), are (two) books in the...
The books of kings (also known as [the book of] kings in hebrew: sefer melachim) is a part of judaisms tanakh,...
The book of joshua is the sixth book in both the hebrew tanakh and the old testament of the christian bible....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/b/bo/books_of_kings.htm   (1778 words)

 Samuel, Books of (WebBible Encyclopedia) - ChristianAnswers.Net
The authors of the books of Samuel were probably Samuel, Gad, and Nathan.
It contains (1) the history of Eli (1-4); (2) the history of Samuel (5-12); (3) the history of Saul, and of David in exile (13-31).
Frequent gaps are met with in the record, because their object is to present a history of the kingdom of God in its gradual development, and not of the events of the reigns of the successive rulers.
www.christiananswers.net /dictionary/samuelbooksof.html   (212 words)

 USCCB - The Historical Books
The Books of Tobit, Judith, and 1 and 2 Maccabees, as well as parts of Esther, are called deuterocanonical: they are not contained in the Hebrew canon but have been accepted by the Catholic Church as canonical and inspired.
By means of a series of episodes involving the persons of Samuel, Saul, and David, a century of history unfolds in 1 and 2 Samuel from the close of the period of Judges to the rise and establishment of the monarchy in Israel.
Samuel to Maccabees demonstrates that before as well as during the millennium of history with which it is concerned, Israel was a covenanted people, bound to Yahweh, Lord of the universe, by the ties of faith and obedience.
www.nccbuscc.org /nab/bible/historical.htm   (1015 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: First and Second Samuel
The Hebrew text of the Books of Samuel and of the Books of Kings was first divided in Bomberg's edition of the rabbinical Bible (Venice, 1516-17), the individual books being distinguished as I B. of Samuel and II B. of Samuel, I B. of Kings and II B. of Kings.
Samuel's call to the prophetic office; his first vision, in which the impending punishment of the house of Heli is revealed to him, iii.
In I, vii, 15, Samuel is said to have judged Israel all the days of his life, though in his old age he delegated his powers to his sons (viii, 1), and after the election of Saul solemnly laid down his office (xii).
www.newadvent.org /cathen/08647b.htm   (5887 words)

 Books of Samuel: Encyclopedia topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Books of Samuel, also referred to as [The Book of] Samuel (Hebrew (Hebrew: The ancient Canaanitic language of the Hebrews that has been revived as the official language of Israel) : שְׁמוּאֵל), are (two) books in the Hebrew Bible (Hebrew Bible: hebrew bible refers to the common portions of the jewish and christian canons....
Frequent gaps are met with in the record, because their object is to present a history of the kingdom (history of the kingdom: more facts about this subject) in its gradual development, and not of the events of the reigns of the successive rulers.
Traditionally, the authors of the books of Samuel have been held to be Samuel (Samuel: (Old Testament) Hebrew prophet and judge who anointed Saul as king), Gad (Gad: A sharp prod fixed to a rider's heel and used to urge a horse onward), and Nathan (Nathan: nathan ("gift", standard hebrew natan, tiberian hebrew...
www.absoluteastronomy.com /reference/books_of_samuel   (809 words)

 Exploring 1
It may seem strange that the books of Samuel are named after a figure who is less prominent than Saul and David in the latter half of 1 Samuel and who does not even appear in 2 Samuel.
Samuel also established the role of the prophet as the moral conscience of the nation.
The same compliment is given to Samuel as was given to Jesus: He grew "in stature and in favor with the Lord and with men" (1 Samuel 2:26; compare with Luke 2:52).
www.wcg.org /lit/bible/hist/samuel.htm   (1431 words)

 Books of Samuel -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Books of Samuel, also referred to as [The Book of] Samuel (Hebrew: שְׁמוּאֵל), are part of the Tanakh (part of Judaism's Hebrew Bible) and also of the Old Testament (of Christianity).
The work was originally written in Hebrew), and the Book(s) of Samuel originally formed a single text, as they are often considered today in Hebrew bibles, referred to as Sefer Shmuel.
In the Latin Vulgate version, these then became the Books of the Kings, and what we now know as 1 and 2 Samuel were referred to as 1 and 2 Kings, with 3 and 4 Kings being what we now call 1 and 2 Kings.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Books_of_Samuel   (6738 words)

 Books: Is Samuel Huntington Right?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Farrell is a graduate of the University of Washington History Department and an HNN intern.
Little has been heard from political scientist Samuel Huntington since 9-11, but his book, The Clash of Civilizations, has helped shaped the debate about the war the United States has waged against Muslim extremists, to the dismay of some historians, including Robert Stacey, the chairman of the history department at the University of Washington.
Samuel P. Huntington is a professor of International Studies and former chairman of the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies.
hnn.us /articles/502.html   (1476 words)

In presenting Samuel to Eli the priest she reminded him that she was the woman on whom he passed the severe comment; but now she came to present the child the Lord had given to her.
Although Samuel was Hannah's only child and dearly loved, she did not hesitate to keep her vow unto the Lord.
However, she summoned Samuel at his request, who told him that on the morrow, in the coming battle with the Philistines, he and his sons would be slain by the enemy.
www.sacred-texts.com /wmn/wb/wb50.htm   (2711 words)

 Books on Samuel Chamberlain
Publication of this book is supported by grants from the Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation, Dallas, and the Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation, Dallas.
My Confession is the story of Samuel Chamberlain, a Boston boy who hoped to be a theological student but could not control his amorous and pugilistic inclinations and so left for the West.
Publication of this book was made possible by a grant from the Summerfield G. Roberts Foundation of Dallas.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /supsites/chamber/book.htm   (785 words)

 books about: samuel (theatrical journalist dictionary)
Samuel Beckett's status as possibly the greatest dramatist of the twentieth century is unquestionable, and in this attractive volume, Grove Press has compiled all of his plays (with the exception of "Eleutheria," which Beckett suppressed and refused to translate), a complete collection previously available only in an expensive out-of-print Faber edition.
The book had a nice heft to it, and the print was large enough for a comfortable read.
That was largely thanks to Samuel Johnson's mammoth 1755 achievement, wherein he defined not just the difficult words, but also common words found in everyday speech; to their definitions, he added illustrative quotations from the finest works -- creating a volume that was a pleasure to read, an education, and one...
www.very-clever.com /books/samuel   (1246 words)

 Book of Samuel
The two books of Samuel, which follow Judges in the Hebrew Bible and Ruth in the English, tell the stories of Samuel, Saul, and David.
The events from the cataclysmic breakup of Israel's premonarchic league through the foundation of Saul's monarchy and the beginnings of David's political emergence to the death of Saul are narrated in 1 Samuel.
The books are named after Samuel, the last major representative of the old league, who figured prominently in the transition to monarchy.
mb-soft.com /believe/txs/samuel.htm   (1570 words)

 Samuel French, Inc. The House of Plays & Musical Plays for 175 Years   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Founded in 1830 Samuel French pioneered the concept of providing published plays and musical plays to theatrical producing groups throughout the world.
Samuel French seeks out the world's best plays and makes them available to the widest range of producing groups.
Sources of Samuel French's plays range from Broadway and England's West End to publication of unsolicited scripts submitted by unpublished authors.
www.samuelfrench.com   (129 words)

 Foundational Study: The Two Books of Samuel - Chuck Missler
Together the two books of Samuel explain Israel's transition from loosely associated tribes led by local "judges" to a unified nation led by kings.
The book of 1 Samuel was really the story of Samuel, the last of the judges, and the transition to a king, with the dismal career of Saul.
This first book of Samuel can be outlined as the story of two men, though the Biblical focus soon shifts from the flawed Saul to his more godly successor, David.
www.khouse.org /articles/2003/460/print   (1955 words)

 Samuel Chapman's Books
Samuel Chapman was a professor at OU 1967-91.
In the first four chapters, Professor Chapman updates and expands his meticulous research on the nature of police murders, focusing primarily on a single state's experience, that of Oklahoma from 1950-1994, as reflective of the problem nationally.
Chapman offers intriguing facts, reconstructive case histories that disclose the human stories behind the numbers, and presents critiques that reveal the sad truth that careless or complacent officers contribute to their own deaths in at least one of every two fatalities.
www.ou.edu /cas/psc/bookchapman.htm   (334 words)

 Books by Samuel Marinus Zwemer [1867 - 1952]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Heirs of the Prophet, Samuel Marinus Zwemer, 192?
Samuel Zwemer was called to preach the Gospel to Muslims, and he is without doubt the greatest missionary to the Islamic world.
Samuel Zwemer set up presses which printed many books - both to educate Westerners about the spiritual needs of Muslims, and Arabic language books to educate Muslims about Christ.
www.bible.ca /islam/library/Zwemer   (395 words)

 The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page: Books
Lawrence Lipking's "Samuel Johnson: The Life of an Author", $19.50.
Cambridge Companion to Samuel Johnson ($23.99) is a very valuable introduction to Johnson's writings.
Samuel Johnson's Insults, $12.95, a collection of the Great Cham's piercing barbs, edited by Jack Lynch.
www.samueljohnson.com /books.html   (1326 words)

 Samuel Adams | American Patriot & Politician   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Samuel Adams was born in Boston, Massachusetts on September 27, 1722..
When Samuel was a young man, the royal government ruled the senior Adams' investments illegal, ruining him financially.
Samuel Adams graduated in 1743 from Harvard College with a Master of Arts degree.
www.lucidcafe.com /library/95sep/adams.html   (845 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Samuel Johnson 2004
The BBC Four Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction celebrates originality and diversity in contemporary publishing and aims to reward the best of non-fiction, from biography, travel and history to the arts and current affairs.
May 5: History is the theme of five of the six books shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson prize for non-fiction last night.
Drawing on a mass of memoirs and writings, the book examines the vast system of Soviet camps that were responsible for the deaths of millions.
books.guardian.co.uk /news/page/0,8097,1209907,00.html   (338 words)

 Malaspina Great Books - Samuel Johnson (1709)
Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), often referred to simply as "Dr Johnson", was one of England's greatest literary figures.
This database is maintained by Malaspina Great Books.
The result is an integrated multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary database built upon the framework of a Great Books Core List developed by Mortimer Adler (1902-2001).
www.malaspina.org /home.asp?topic=./search/details&lastpage=./search/results&ID=157   (366 words)

 Books by Samuel G. Freedman
Samuel Freedman's latest book, Who She Was: My Search for My Mother's Life, is now available.
Rescuing a complex life from the cloudiness of apocrypha and sentimentality, Samuel Freedman fleshes out every child's terra incognita — 'her life before me' — fastidiously reconstructing his mother's youth, adolescence and young-womanhood in the working-class Jewish east and west Bronx of the 30's,40's and 50's.
OTHER BOOKS BY SAMUEL G. Won the Jewish Book Award for nonfiction from the Jewish Book Council.
www.samuelfreedman.com /books   (555 words)

 The Note-Books of Samuel Butler
I thought of publishing the books just as they stand, but too many of the entries are of no general interest and too many are of a kind that must wait if they are ever to be published.
Samuel Butler born at Langar Rectory, Nottingham, son of the Rev. Thomas Butler, who was the son of Dr. Samuel Butler, Headmaster of Shrewsbury School from 1798 to 1836, and afterwards Bishop of Lichfield.
Samuel Butler Records and Memorials, a collection of obituary notices with a note by R. Streatfeild, his literary executor, printed for private circulation: with reproduction of a photograph of Butler taken at Varallo in 1889.
www.gutenberg.org /dirs/etext04/nbsb10h.htm   (17781 words)

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