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Topic: Borate

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A borate is simply a material made from or that contains a form of Boron, a natural element that is mined from the earth.
There are literally hundreds of forms and uses of borate products (laundry additives, eye washes, flea control, roach elimination,) many of which are used in pest control.
It is very important to select the correct borate pesticide for the intended pests or area to be treated.
www.pestproducts.com /borate.htm   (812 words)

Although the mines at Borate were a very important part of the Borax industry of California, little information exists about them, and very few people know of their existence.
The story of Borate begins with the discovery in 1881 of a new borax mineral near Furnace Creek in Death Valley by R. Neuschwander.
By 1907 it was obvious to Smith that the days of Borate were numbered and the main operations were shifted to the Lila C mine at old Ryan, near Death Valley.
www.mineralsocal.org /field_tripping/borate.htm   (1750 words)

 Borate Lumber
SafeLumber is borate pressure treated wood produced by OSA, Inc. in Ringgold, Georgia and distributed throughout the Southeast and Midwest.
Borate treated yellow pine lumber is produced by a number of manufacturers, including SafeLumber.
The SafeLumber pressure process drives the borates throughout the wood and is not compromised by cutting, surface damage, or nailing.
www.safelumber.com   (241 words)

  ABC Houston Pest Service - Borates: Borates Boast a Legendary Track Record   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Borates were used by the Egyptians during the mummification process, and later were utilized by artisans such as gold workers, glassmakers, potters and ceramic makers.
Borates are a natural solution to pest control, making them particularly appealing to PMPs and homeowners alike, especially at a time when more and more people are concerned about the use of pesticides in and around their home.
A borate termiticide, insecticide and fungicide with glycol penetrants.
www.abcpest.com /houston/pests/borate.shtml   (1005 words)

  Selective separation of borate ions in water - Patent 4666883
Borate ions dissolved at low concentration in water are separated efficiently with the use of a hydroxide or hydrous oxide of a rare earth element as the adsorbent.
The borate ion concentration may be within the range from about 10.sup.3 to about 10.sup.-3 ppm as boron atom to exhibit the effect of the invention, more preferably from about 10.sup.2 to about 10.sup.-1 ppm, to exhibit particularly markedly the effect of the invention.
The borate concentration in the sea water at the column outlet and the total borate concentration in the total amount of the sea water 4.8 were measured to determine the outlet concentration and the total amount adsorbed (Adsorption 1).
www.freepatentsonline.com /4666883.html   (5503 words)

 PRG, Inc. - Using Borate Products
A real advantage to borate based wood treatments is that the borate migrates through the wood and so it is more than just a surface treatment.
Sometimes a combination of borate based products is needed to provide for both stopping of the immediate deterioration and for long term protection.
The use of borate wood protection products has many advantages when considering the remedial and preventative treatment of wood in place: ability to diffuse through wood; low vapor pressure; reasonable cost; and relatively low toxicity.
www.prginc.com /Borates/using-borates.html   (492 words)

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