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Topic: Border country

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  BBC - Wales - Dai Smith discusses Raymond Williams' Border Country
And in Border Country, make no mistake about it, Williams ends up by singing a hymn of praise to a working class both individually and communally better than the kind of values being lived communally by other classes within that Britain.
Border Country is at one level a story of Harry Price and his wife Ellen in the countryside, being told in a style that is a sheer delight.
I think a first time reader to Border Country will read it not as a historical novel, but as a novel which tells us a particular history of our people - which is ongoing, but which also teaches you a sense of identity with that past.
www.bbc.co.uk /wales/arts/sites/literature/pages/border_country.shtml   (1685 words)

  Border Country | GeoHistory
Border Television has been the local ITV contractor for Cumbria and Southern Scotland since September 1st 1961.
Even though Border was the smallest of the mainland ITV regions, it still produced four hours a week of regional programming and had autonomy in its scheduling during afternoons and late at night.
Border also became the last station to produce a show for The Krankies - a huge photograph of Jimmy Krankie greeted you in the reception - and had cashed in on the BMX craze by hosting a tournament called BMX Beat.
www.transdiffusion.org /emc/geohistory/border.php   (2253 words)

  Dog and Kennel Magazine Border Terrier Breed Profile
Described by one writer as a "hard, wild country," the Border territory was, for some 300 years preceding the union of the English and Scottish crowns in 1707, a dark and bloody precinct that was seized and reseized by the countries it separated.
Border terriers have been known to remain hale and hardy into their midteens, but despite their longevity, they are, as most breeds are, subject to genetic diseases, the most troublesome of which are hip dysplasia, heart defects and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).
The Border terrier was once described in Britain as having an ancestry that was equal parts "monkey, lion, hedgehog and frog, with none of their redeeming features." What's more, the Border, like all other terriers, has been made redundant in the work force by the progress of civilization and housing tracts.
www.petpublishing.com /dogken/breeds/bordterr.shtml   (1989 words)

 Border Collie Dog Breed Information
A Border Collie is a hard-working herding breed of dog that originated in the border country of England and Scotland.
Many Border Collies end up in shelters or rescue groups because families, attracted by their appearance, discover that they cannot provide the attention and effort required for this driven, active, easily bored breed—though this problem can be alleviated by giving the dog lots of mental and physical stimulation.
Border Collies love to play and do not always know when to stop on their own; owners must ensure that they do not overexert themselves, especially in hot weather, which can be dangerous.
www.usapetstoday.com /border_collie.htm   (1758 words)

 Wild tribal border country is the last hiding place for bin Laden - Telegraph
The escape routes from Tora Bora are close to the border, arriving in Kurram Agency, which has a history of supporting Afghan resistance to foreign invaders.
He would probably run more risk fleeing the country than staying in the city of Kandahar or moving to a lonely village or hamlet where relatives could shelter him from any American seek and destroy squads.
Other options would be fleeing west to Iran where border security may be looser, or even to muslim areas of China.
www.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2001/12/08/wbin108.xml   (686 words)

 Dog Owner's Guide Profile: The Border Collie
Border Collies excel in agility as well as obedience competition, but their crowning achievement is in the sheep pasture where they gather the flock and, at the shepherd's direction, move it to greener pastures or to close confinement in paddock or barn.
The Border Collie was born in the British Isles and grew to maturity in the border country of England and Scotland.
The US Border Collie Club is dedicated to maintaining the breed's skill as a shepherd's dog; many club members depend on their dogs to tend the flocks and many train their dogs to compete in herding tests and trials to prove their prowess.
www.canismajor.com /dog/borderc.html   (1542 words)

 American Kennel Club - Border Collie
Preamble - The Border Collie originated in the border country between Scotland and England where the shepherds' breeding selection was based on biddable stock sense and the ability to work long days on rugged terrain.
The Border Collie is a well balanced, medium-sized dog of athletic appearance, displaying style and agility in equal measure with soundness and strength.
The Border Collie's most used working gaits are the gallop and a moving crouch (stealth) which convert to a balanced and free trot, with minimum lift of the feet.
www.akc.org /breeds/border_collie/index.cfm   (1464 words)

 Border Terrier Information, Border Terriers
Hailing from the border region between Scotland and England, where they originally served farmers as a working terrier and guard dog, the Border Terrier is able to look after itself, usually with an amiable outlook on life.
Border Terriers are generally unsuitable for homes where there are rabbits, cats or other small animals, including smaller dogs, as they will attack and kill animals smaller than themselves; they were bred for this purpose.
Border Terriers are hardy and long-lived dogs, with few health problems, but they have a high resistance to pain and, when unwell, will often appear perfectly healthy.
puppydogweb.com /borderterrier.htm   (505 words)

 Border Collies For Sale
Borders can spend hours stalking sheep, cattle, goats, ducks, chickens, large ants or anything that congregates into a herd or flock.
This is not a breed for the couch potato or absentee owner as a Border Collie has boundless energy and a great desire to work.
Border Collies were developed from such breeds as the Bearded Collie, Harlequin, Bob-tailed Sheepdog and Smithfield.
puppydogweb.com /breeds/bordercollie.htm   (346 words)

 Border Management
The country has to face numerous problems and challenges on several fronts, and especially a serious crisis in respect of peace and security, if there is no effective border management system.
It is for this reason that the well-wishers of both the countries have long been voicing their concern for the scientific demarcation and proper management of their borders.
Here the author has carefully analyzed the emerging issues of border management, together with its history, present status and problems, keeping in mind the fact that national well-being is impossible without national security, which again, is beyond imagination without effective border management.
www.geocities.com /bordermgmt/nepal.html   (2419 words)

 Just Smell The Fresh Country Air With Country Home Border At Seamans Discount Wallpaper
This border also comes edged in sage green with a light cream weathered background, and a country blue edge with a crellow background This border is 15 feet long, and sample does show not complete repeat.
This border is edged in green with a crellow crackled background, and also comes edged in a distressed blue with a cream crackle background.
This border has a distressed green edging and light tan background, and also a distressed burgundy edging and a light tan background, is 15 feet long, and sample does show not complete repeat.
www.seamanswallpaper.com /Borders/countryhome.html   (2029 words)

 The Border Riever's Country - NORTH COUNTRY WEB
Northumberland is an Area of Outstanding Beauty, accessed by the A1 Highway from the south with connections from the M1 Motorway from London and the west coast M6 via the A69 from Carlisle.
Another secondary route across the Scottish border is the A697 over the picturesque lowland moors from Morpeth in a northerly direction through Wooler to Coldstream and onto Kelso over the border.
welcomes you to the historic border country of North-East England, lying between Yorkshire and Scotland and comprising the areas of Durham, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and the Tees Valley.
www.cheviot-hills.co.uk /cheviot.htm   (556 words)

 Border Terrier puppies, breeders, Border Terriers
Named the Border Terrier because they are from the border between Scotland and England where they originally served farmers as a working terrier and guard dog.
Border Terriers are able to look after themselves, usually with an amiable outlook on life.
The Border Terrier needs a good amount of exercise and the opportunity to run as they were bred to hunt and have a large amount of vitality and stamina.
puppydogweb.com /caninebreeds/borderter.htm   (453 words)

 Leave The Noise Of The City & Relax In The Country With Country Comfort Border At Seamans Discount Wallpaper
A die cut border that is 9 1/2 inches at its widest of pinecones and winterberries on a twig swag edged on top in blue or olive green.
This border is 8 inches wide, has a cream background splattered with tan, is 15 feet long, and is pre-pasted.
A pinecone border that is 10 inches wide, edged top and bottom in brown and comes in your choice of cream or burgundy background.
www.seamanswallpaper.com /Borders/Country.html   (1316 words)

 England's Scottish Border Country – The Lothian Lowlands - NORTH COUNTRY WEB
North Country Web gives a taste of the wide variety of the treasures to be found and shared with family and friends, attracting the visitor to return.
North-Country Web promotes the North of England from the City of York to the Border of Scotland, intended to assist Tourists Worldwide in capturing the beauty and splendour of our Northern Heritage and a source of Information for us North Country Folk.
This is also open to North Country Authors, including Advertisers who wish to pen interesting articles to attract visitors to their area,
www.scottish-border.co.uk   (293 words)

 Walleye in the Fall in the Border Country - Science - RedOrbit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
ELY, Minn. _ Along the border lakes north of Ely, the water eases gently to the west.
Fall in the border country is softly spectacular, especially on a low-ceiling day.
Those who remain in the country venture out for walleyes or lake trout or crappies, for grouse and woodcock and ducks.
www.redorbit.com /news/science/680204/walleye_in_the_fall_in_the_border_country/index.html?source=r_science   (953 words)

 Border country's big arrival - New South Wales - Australia - Travel
ABOUT 30 clicks south of the Queensland border, a world away from the stalagmites of Surfers Paradise, is a long arc of pristine beach.
And a quick detour to dairy country finds Mooball, where everything from power poles to rocks is painted in Friesian fl and white, and the Moo Moo cafe advertises "Moo-chiatos" and "bum nuts".
Beyond the cane country of Murwillumbah, where the Tweed River runs deep and wide, is a land the drought forgot, with green rolling hills dwarfed by a mountain born as the plug of a volcano more than two kilometres high.
www.theage.com.au /news/new-south-wales/border-countrys-big-arrival/2006/11/18/1163266826426.html   (1331 words)

 Cross-Border Country Information
Giving advice to clients from your country who have emigrated and advising clients who are immigrants involves significant planning issues.
With this information as a backdrop, it is FPA’s intention to educate its members on the complexities of cross-border planning and the importance of bringing a local planner on to the planning team, to make sure that the necessary issues are addressed.
At the end of each resource directory is a connection to planners local to that country that can be used as consultants or cooperative partners in serving client needs.
www.fpanet.org /global/planners/crossBorder/countryInfo   (402 words)

The Rose Hips border is pre-pasted, washable and strippable vinyl that is 9 inches high.
Country wreaths wallpaper border is 7.75" high and prepasted.
Swan and kettle wallpaper border is 6.83" high and prepasted.
www.windmillcountry.com /wallpaper/borders.htm   (158 words)

 Welcome to the 419 Eater   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The victim is enticed to travel to Nigeria or a border country.
Victims are almost always requested to travel to Nigeria or a border country to complete a transaction.
Individuals are often told that a visa will not be necessary to enter the country.
www.419eater.com /html/419faq.htm   (1208 words)

 The "Nigerian" Scam: Costly Compassion
And apparently, many compassionate consumers are continuing to fall for the convincing sob stories, the unfailingly polite language, and the unequivocal promises of money.
You may even be encouraged to travel to Nigeria or a border country to complete the transaction.
If you receive an offer via email from someone claiming to need your help getting money out of Nigeria — or any other country, for that matter — forward it to the FTC at spam@uce.gov.
www.ftc.gov /bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/nigeralrt.htm   (449 words)

 Border Collie - Is the Border Collie the Right Dog for You
The Border Collie is intelligent, active, loyal, faithful.
The Border Collie is famous throughout the world for its tremendous intelligence and its desire to please.
One Border Collie named Rico was studied by animal psychologist Juliane Kaminski from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology after his owners reported that he understood more than 200 simple words.
puppydogweb.com /dogs/bordercollie.htm   (557 words)

 Border Country » Wilderness Adventure
When I first visited the border country twelve years ago, at the age of twelve, I was hooked.
Since that first trip, I have spent several hundred nights in the border country traveling by canoe in the summer and skis in the winter.
I am excited about the Border Country Wilderness Adventure because I will be able to explore many areas of the border country that I have never seen or smelled.
www.wildernessclassroom.com /www/bca/learning/adventurers.html   (629 words)

 Welcome - Border Country Inn
We are conveniently situated 1km from the Komatipoort / Ressano Garcia border post on the South African and Mozambican border, and a mere 12km from the famous Kruger National Park among other tourist attractions in our area.
Whether looking for an accommodation stopover en-route to Mozambique or needing a venue for an elegant social function or conference facilities, the Border Country Inn is your best choice for exceptional service in a great location.
Border Country Inn offers the business traveler or tourist alike a tranquil setting in which you can relax or conduct your business.
www.bordercountryinn.co.za /index.htm   (156 words)

 Thirlestane Castle - Border Country Life Exhibitions
The Border Country Life Trust was created in 1982 and established a museum in the south wing of the Castle.
The aim of the Border Country Life Exhibtions is to demonstrate a wide aspect of estate and country life in the Scottish Borders over the centuries.
A series of displays gives a glimpse into the working lives of the ghillies and gamekeepers, gardeners, farm workers and other country folk who were employed by the Maitland family or who lived in the surrounding Lauderdale countryside from the 17th century to the present day.
www.thirlestanecastle.co.uk /exhibitions.cfm   (287 words)

 The Border Mail - Country muster to make its mark
THOUSANDS of music fans are expected to converge on Albury-Wodonga in February for a three-day country music muster organisers hope will eventually rival the success of the Wangaratta Jazz Festival.
Some of the biggest names in Australian country music will perform at the Kinross Country Muster from February 16 to 18 at Thurgoona’s Kinross Woolshed Hotel.
Mr Conway said the event would showcase the talents of Border country artists such as Albury singer and Australian Idol hopeful Korey Livy.
www.bordermail.com.au /news/bm/local/473143.html   (448 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Border Country Cycle Routes (Cicerone Cycling): Books: John Brewer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Scottish Borders and Northumberland rank among the finest and most scenic parts of Britain, and this guide brings you detailed maps and descriptions of forty original cycle routes in the area, varying in length from 15 to well over 40 miles.
This part of the country is often overlooked by tourists, and yet its secrets are there to be discovered by those who take time to seek them out.
The Northumberland National Park, in particular, is in stark contrast to its neighbour on the other side of the country, the Lake District National Park.
www.amazon.co.uk /Border-Country-Routes-Cicerone-Cycling/dp/1852843330   (469 words)

 Midtodhills Cottages - NORTH COUNTRY WEB - Hadrian's Wall Border Country
The traditional family run working farm dates back to 1510 AD having connections with the Border Reivers, it comprises of 320 acres which supports dairy cattle, beef and sheep.
Guests are welcome to join in and learn a little about farming and country life first hand, with farm trails, 2 miles of river and a guided tour for children.
Discover England's Border Country with Scotland and enjoy a wild wonderland of moors, Tarns, lochs, wooded river valleys and rich pastureland where wildlife abounds with peace and quiet for all who seek it.
www.north-country.co.uk /midtodhills.htm   (320 words)

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