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Topic: Boron deficiency

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In the News (Fri 25 May 18)

Boron nitride is a material in which the extra electron of nitrogen (with respect to carbon) in some ways compensates for boron's deficiency of an electron.
Boron is an essential plant micronutrient, notably playing a role in plant fertilization and in the building of cell wall structures; as such, borates are used in agriculture.
Boron compounds are being investigated for use in a broad range of applications, including as components in sugar-permeable membranes, carbohydrate sensors and bioconjugates.
www.tocatch.info /en/Boron.htm   (2171 words)

 Boron Information
Boron is a trace mineral found primarily in plant foods and necessary for plant growth.
Although the biochemical mechanism of boron is not yet known, it does increase steroid hormones such as the sex hormone and vitamin D. Boron plays a role in cell membrane functions that influence response to hormone action, trans-membrane signaling, and trans-membrane movement of regulatory ions.
Since boron seems to play a role in bone metabolism, particularly with vitamin D and estrogen, postmenopausal women would benefit from adequate intakes of boron to aid in the prevention of osteoporosis.
www.vitaminherbuniversity.com /topic.asp?categoryid=2&topicid=1016   (945 words)

 Boron - Benefits, Deficiency Symptoms And Food Sources
Boron is said to potentiate estrogen's role in building bones by helping convert vitamin D into the active form necessary for the absorption of calcium.
Boron deficiency results in decreased blood levels of ionized calcium and calcitonin, elevated levels of total calcium and urinary excretion of calcium.
Boron and magnesium metabolism might be related, since a combined deficiency of these two minerals exacerbates the osteo condition, suppresses bone anabolism, and results in decreased magnesium concentrations in bones.
www.best-home-remedies.com /minerals/boron.htm   (309 words)

 Boron - Dietary Supplement
Boron is known as the calcium helper and for the metabolism of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.
Boron is a trace element that is needed for healthy bones (known as the calcium helper) and for the metabolism of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
Boron deficiency is associated with poor performance on tasks of motor speed and dexterity, short-term memory and attention, the latter of the two tasks showed significantly poorer performance in all three studies.
www.elementalresearchllc.com /products/boron.html   (469 words)

 Boron Deficiency Of Crops In Taiwan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Boron deficiency of papaya is common in latosols and old slate alluvial soils in upland areas of Taiwan.
In Taiwan, boron deficiency in pineapple is widespread on moderately coarse to gravely alluvial soils derived from crystalline schist, where the reaction is slightly acid to alkaline (Su 1975).
Boron deficiency in pineapple is characterized by interfruitlet corking and reduced growth of fruits, with consequent cracking.
www.agnet.org /library/article/eb486.html   (6824 words)

 You may need the Boron in your wine By Harvey E. Finkel, M.D
Boron is, in fact element number 5 in the periodic table, mostly mined in California, of considerable industrial importance, a component of the cleaning agent 20 Mule Team Borax, the sponsor during radio days of pre-Ronald Reagan Death Valley Days.
Because the range between deficiency and excess is narrow, as appears to be the case in humans, boron toxicity may be brought about by uneven application of borax to prevent or counteract boron deficiency.
Boron is protective, apparently by preventing inappropriate activation of cells (T-suppresser and T-helper) important in autoimmune chain reactions.
www.aim-digest.com /gateway/pages/general/articles/boron.htm   (907 words)

 [No title]
Boron is one of the micronutrients required by all plants for normal growth.
In identifying boron deficiency, note that the leaf discolouration occurs only on the uppermost leaves on the plant, and the entire surface of these leaves will be discoloured, either yellow or red.
In fact, boron deficiency symptoms are often mistaken for a simple reaction to drought and referred to as "dry weather disease".
www.plant.uoguelph.ca /performance_recommendations/ofcc/pub/boron.htm   (1655 words)

Boron was shown to be an essential element for plants early this century and there is now evidence that it is also necessary for humans.
Boron is distributed throughout the human body with the highest concentration in the bones and dental enamel.
Boron deficiency seems to affect calcium and magnesium metabolism, and affects the composition, structure and strength of bone, leading to changes similar to those seen in osteoporosis.
www.jctonic.com /include/minerals/boron.htm   (1238 words)

 Boron deficiency (plant disorder) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the same deficiency in animals, see boron deficiency (medicine).
Boron (B) deficiency is a rare disorder affecting plants growing above a granite bedrock, which is low in boron.
Boron may be present but locked up in soils with a high pH, and the deficiency may be worse in wet seasons.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boron_deficiency   (211 words)

 Boron Status of Central Anatolian Soils
According to the results of the survey, Boron deficiency seems a greater problem than the boron toxicity in the rainfed cereal growing areas of the CAP, although deficiency synproms were not clearly observed.
Boron is an essential element for the plant growth and taken into the plant as boric acid.
The soils on which Boron deficiency occurs include those which are inherently low in B such as soils derived acid igneous rocks and podsolized soils.
www.toprak.org.tr /isd/can_09.htm   (1927 words)

 All About Boron
Boron has been making nutritional medicine news very recently, and will likely be noted as the next essential trace mineral.
The level of boron needed in the diet is not known; it is probably between 3 and 5 mg.
Boron deficiency may be associated with an increased incidence of osteoporosis.
www.bodyandfitness.com /Information/Health/Research/boron1.htm   (687 words)

 JURAK-The Youth Solution For Modern Times
Boron seems to be essential for healthy bone and joint function, possibly via effects on the balance and absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.1 It seems to affect cell membranes and the way signals are transmitted across these membranes.
Boron deficiency seems to affect calcium and magnesium metabolism, and affects the composition, structure and strength of bone, leading to changes similar to those seen in osteoporosis.2 This is likely to be due to decreased absorption and increased excretion of calcium and magnesium.
Boron deficiency combined with magnesium deficiency appears especially damaging in cases of osteoporosis.3 Due to its effects on calcium and magnesium metabolism, boron deficiency may also contribute to the formation of kidney stones.
www.jurak.com /products/boron.asp   (1067 words)

The boron recommendations for soil applications are 1.5 to 3 pounds for highly responsive crops and 0.5 to 1 pound per acre for medium responsive crops.
Boron may be mixed with regular N-P-K fertilizer, applied separately on the soil, sprayed on the plant, topdressed (for alfalfa) or sidedressed (for row crops).
Boron toxicity on Michigan crops is usually limited to situations where boron-containing fertilizers are used at planting time on highly sensitive crops such as dry edible beans, corn, grass and small grains.
web1.msue.msu.edu /msue/imp/modf1/05209709.html   (1068 words)

 Actagro Organic Acids > Micronutrients > 2.5% Boron
Boron is essential for germination of pollen grains and growth of pollen tubes and is essential for seed and cell wall formation.
In most crops the symptoms of boron deficiency are quite specific such as crooked stem in celery, corky core in apples, fl heart in beets, hollow heart in peanuts and ringed leaf petioles in cotton.
ACTAGRO 2.5% BORON is formulated in a patented process for the prevention or correction of boron deficiencies in plants and may be effectively used for both foliar and soil applications.
www.actagro.com /php/ag_boron.php   (582 words)

Boron (B) is an essential trace element for plants and its interrelationship with mineral and bone metabolism and endocrine function in humans has been proposed.
When the low boron intake was compared to the high intake, there was a significant (p < 0.05) increase in the proportion of low-frequency activity, and a decrease in the proportion of higher-frequency activity, an effect often observed in response to general malnutrition and heavy metal toxicity.
Among the signs of boron deprivation exhibited by rats fed marginal methionine were depressed growth and bone magnesium concentration, and elevated spleen wt/body wt and kidney wt/body wt ratios.
www.ithyroid.com /boron.htm   (3385 words)

 Boron Fertilization of Rice with Soil and Foliar Applications
Boron deficient stems and leaves were found to be brittle while boron sufficient leaves and stems are flaccid.
Boron content was then determined by the hot water soluble method (2) at the University of Missouri Delta Regional Soils Testing Lab, Portageville, MO. Each plot was rated for boron deficiencies and toxicity symptoms at V4 (first tiller) and again at R0 (panicle initiation).
Boron treatments were applied with a second application of propanil + molinate and were applied two to four days before the establishment of permanent flood when rice was at the V4 stage of growth.
www.plantmanagementnetwork.org /pub/cm/research/2005/boron   (2435 words)

 Boron and Arthritis
Boron also helps to restore the natural hormones to elderly women who were suffering with osteoporosis.
The effect of boron on bone fractures is very interesting, as these fractures just heal in about half the normal time in both man and animal.
Much use of chemical fertilizers without giving the soil a rest aggravates the boron deficiency, and this is seen in the sugar producing countries of Jamaica, Mauritius and Fiji where there is much arthritis, up to 70%.
www.glucosamine-arthritis.org /glucosamine/boron-arthritis.html   (2151 words)

 | Boron, Kidney Stones and Osteoporosis Treatment, Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment | Wellfx.com Infobase |
Boron assists in the production of natural steroid compounds within the body and is needed in trace amounts for healthy bones and muscle growth.
According to one study, boron apparently can raise a woman's natural estrogen level just as much as does hormone replacement therapy and is an equally effective safeguard against osteoporosis.
Deficiency: Decrease in ability to concentrate, drowsiness, urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium.
www.wellfx.com /InfoBase/boron.html   (309 words)

 Boron for Minnesota Soils
Boron is not mobile in plants so deficiency symptoms will occur as stunting on the upper part of plants.
In Minnesota, a response to boron use might be expected on soils that have a sandy loam, loamy sand, or sand texture with a low organic matter content (figure 2).
Boron content will appear low when soil moisture supply is low because rotting and the release of boron from soil organic matter is reduced under these conditions.
www.extension.umn.edu /distribution/cropsystems/DC0723.html   (1717 words)

 Dale Blevins' Lab - Bethany Stone
Boron deficiency is the most widespread micronutrient deficiency in agriculture (Gupta, 1993).
The influence of light on boron deficiency is not known to be due to a general effect on growth of plants in higher intensity light or if it is a specific, boron-related response.
This is commonly demonstrated by the symptoms of boron deficiency.
www.missouri.edu /~stoneb/bethany.html   (944 words)

 Boron: Scientific Facts on Boron
Boron can also be found in different final products made from these boron minerals, including fibreglass, borosilicate glass, fire retardants, laundry bleach, agricultural fertilizers and herbicides, and many others.
Boron accumulates to different degrees in aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals, but does not increase in concentration through the food-chain.
Boron is an essential micronutrient for plants, with differences between plant species in the levels required for optimum growth.
www.greenfacts.org /en/boron/boron-1.htm   (1013 words)

 Guide for Boron - the Essential Mineral for Osteoporsis
Boron is a metallic element that was discovered in 1808.
Boron compounds are also found in low levels in drinking water and soil.
Boron occurs most widely in fruits, nuts, legumes, and green leafy vegetables, including raisins, prunes, pears, apples, grapes, almonds, soybeans, and kale.
www.bodyandfitness.com /Information/Health/Research/boron.htm   (561 words)

 ACES Publications : ANR-0853
Boron is a highly mobile element that rapidly leaches from the soil.
However, because boron leaches very rapidly from the root zone, there is little correlation between boron levels shown in the test and the amount that is actually available to the plant during the growing season.
Boron may be applied in fertilizer, in preplant herbicides alone, or with leafspot sprays.
www.aces.edu /pubs/docs/A/ANR-0853   (978 words)

 Boron - Elson M. Haas M.D. - HealthWorld Online
The highest concentration of boron in the body is in the parathyroid glands, suggesting its tie to calcium metabolism and bone health.
Boron's aid in preventing bone loss and osteoporosis is only projected at this date, and further study is needed to understand its relationship to the bones.
Deficiency and Toxitity: Boron toxicity to date is associated with the excessive use or increased sensitivity to boric acid, as discussed earlier.
www.healthy.net /scr/article.asp?ID=2000   (688 words)

 MedlinePlus Herbs and Supplements: Boron
Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, breast cancer, boron deficiency, diabetes, diaper rash (avoid due to case reports of death in infants from absorbing boron through skin or when taken by mouth), cancer, eye cleansing, high cholesterol, hypersensitivity to temperature, increasing lifespan, leukemia, pain, prostate cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin D deficiency, wound care.
Boron is potentially toxic, although humans tend to rapidly excrete it and therefore boron does not usually accumulate in high levels.
Boron supplementation may result in increased calcium levels in the blood, and may add to the effects of calcium or vitamin D supplementation.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/druginfo/natural/patient-boron.html   (1598 words)

 Boron Deficiency in Palms
Boron deficiency can be very transient in nature, often affecting a developing leaf primordium for a very short period of time (e.g., 1 to 2 days).
Boron deficiency is very widespread on palms growing in wet climates throughout the world, but can also occur in desert situations.
Because B deficiency is so transient in nature, the element is immobile within the palm (cannot move from one leaf to another), and deficiencies affect only leaf primordia developing within the bud area, leaf analysis is not particularly useful.
edis.ifas.ufl.edu /EP264   (1647 words)

 Boron - Benefits, Deficiency Symptoms and Food Sources
Boron is a trace element found mostly in the parathyroid glands.
Boron triggers a variety of functions in the body that are necessary for life.
Boron deficiency, it is thought, may contribute to the development of osteoarthritis and prostate cancer.
www.bodybuilding-workouts.org /minerals/boron.html   (403 words)

Boron is one of the simplest of atoms.
The density of crystalline boron is 2.34 g/cc, of amorphous boron, 2.37.
Boron gives a blue-green flame, and the brown amorphous form is often used in pyrotechical devices for this purpose.
www.du.edu /~jcalvert/phys/boron.htm   (3834 words)

 UCCE Tulare County, Potassium and Boron Fertilization in Vineyards
Deficiency is likely to occur in cut areas, where the K rich surface soil was removed during land leveling, or on very sandy soils that have low native K fertility.
To correct a severe K deficiency in a small area of the vineyard, potassium sulfate at a rate of 2 pounds per vine is placed by hand in a small excavation made in the soil directly under the emitter.
Boron fertilization methods and rates should be carefully defined because of the small amounts needed for correction while avoiding over-application and possible toxicity.
cetulare.ucdavis.edu /pubgrape/ng196.htm   (1470 words)

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