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Topic: Bottled water

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

Water is classified as "bottled water" or "drinking water" when it meets all applicable federal and state standards, is sealed in a sanitary container and is sold for human consumption.
Spring water collected with the use of an external force must be from the same underground stratum as the spring and must have all the physical properties before treatment, and be of the same composition and quality as the water that flows naturally to the surface of the earth.
Mineral water is distinguished from other types of bottled water by its constant level and relative proportions of mineral and trace elements at the point of emergence from the source.
www.bottledwater.org /public/faqs.htm   (1690 words)

 Bottled Water   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Water bottled outside the state is not covered by this administrative regulation, regardless of its source.
Bottled water: Water that is intended for human consumption and that is sealed in bottles or other containers with no added ingredients except that it may contain safe and suitable antimicrobial agents.
For example, water bottled from municipal water supplies must be clearly labeled as "from a community water system" or, alternatively, "from a municipal source," unless it is processed sufficiently to be labeled as "distilled" or "purified" water.
www.water.ky.gov /dw/bottled   (1125 words)

 NRDC: Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype?
While most of the tested waters were found to be of high quality, some brands were contaminated: about one-third of the waters tested contained levels of contamination -- including synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic -- in at least one sample that exceeded allowable limits under either state or bottled water industry standards or guidelines.
A key NRDC finding is that bottled water regulations are inadequate to assure consumers of either purity or safety, although both the federal government and the states have bottled water safety programs.
The FDA's rules should apply to all bottled water distributed nationally or within a state, carbonated or not, and bottled water standards must be made at least as strict as those applicable to city tap water supplies.
www.nrdc.org /water/drinking/nbw.asp   (890 words)

 Bottled Water
Bottled water may seem like a relatively new idea--one born during the heightened awareness of fitness and potential water pollution during the last two or three decades.
From a regulatory standpoint, the FDA describes bottled water as water that is intended for human consumption and that is sealed in bottles or other containers with no added ingredients, except that it may contain a safe and suitable antimicrobial agent.
Bottled water may be used as an ingredient in beverages, such as diluted juices or flavored bottled waters.
www.mamashealth.com /nutrition/bwater.asp   (2378 words)

 BOTTLED WATER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Bottled waters have many different characteristics depending upon their source, be it a spring, well, or municipal supply.
Spring Water is water, whether still or sparkling, that seeps or "springs" to the earth’s surface from underground aquifers.
To know if bottled water is safer or healthier than public water supplies, you must investigate your water supply to be sure it is as pure and risk free as you want it to be.
clallam.wsu.edu /waterquality/bottled.html   (1515 words)

 Bottled Water Contaminants
Bottled water's popularity is fueled in part by suspicions over the quality of tap water.
But Corbett and the backers of her bill say drinkers of bottled water have no way of knowing whether bottled water is better or worse.
Unlike tap water, bottled water is considered a food product and is subject to the same sanitation and preparation requirements as other food stuffs.
www.waterfilters.net /water-university/bottled-water-contaminants.htm   (683 words)

 Water WARNING - Bottled Water, is it better?
Today, bottled water enjoys a major section of the beverage isle and the prestige of being the fastest growing segment of the entire beverage industry, not to mention the most profitable.
Bottled water companies have used this loop hole to avoid complying with basic health standards, such as those that apply to municipally treated tap water.
City tap water must meet standards for certain important toxic or cancer-causing chemicals, such as phthalate (a chemical that can leach from plastic, including plastic bottles); some in the industry persuaded FDA to exempt bottled water from the regulations regarding these chemicals.
www.waterwarning.com /bottlewaterfact.htm   (901 words)

 Bottled Water
Bottled water is defined as water that is sealed in food grade bottles and intended for human consumption.
Bottled water is obtained from a variety of sources including springs, artesian wells, drilled wells, and public water supplies.
Bottled water is appropriate for protection of public health in two cases: (1) when contaminants in the local water supply exceed the health based drinking water standards; or (2) when a unique problem such as corrosion of household plumbing causes lead and/or copper to enter the drinking water.
uhl.uiowa.edu /services/environment/waterquality/wellwater/bottled.html   (979 words)

 America's Thirst for Water: An Examination of Bottled vs. Tap Drinking Water
While it is common for bottled water to be marketed as a safer alternative to tap water, the EPA has openly expressed its reservations: "Bottled water is not necessarily safer than your tap water.
Consumers who choose to purchase bottled water should carefully read its label to understand what they are buying, whether it is a better taste, or a certain method of treatment." (http://www.epa.gov/safewater/faq/faq.html).
This policy, the NRDC argues, is highly inadequate as sixty to seventy percent of bottled water is produced and sold intrastate.
www.waterandhealth.org /newsletter/new/summer-2002/bottled.html   (868 words)

 Bottled Water
Bottled Water: Is intended for human consumption and is sealed in bottles or other containers with no added ingredients (except that it may optionally contain safe and suitable antimicrobial agents).
Bottled water may be used as an ingredient in beverages (e.g., diluted juices, flavored bottled waters).
Mineral water is distinguished from other types of water by its constant level and relative proportions of minerals and trace elements at the point of emergence from the source, due to the cycles of natural fluctuations.
www.purewater4u.com /freeinfo/Bottled.shtml   (1200 words)

 West Virginia Bottled Water Program
This is done so it can be verified that the bottled water is from an approved source which is properly protected, is properly labeled as to it's source, tested for potential contaminants and inspected to verify that it is bottled in a sanitary manner.
Out-of-state Water Bottling Plants are permitted to use any laboratory that is properly certified by their home state or country to do the required testing.
Bottled Water Initial Analysis - List of contaminants and parameters that must be tested for in drinking water.
www.wvdhhr.org /phs/bottledwater/index.asp   (548 words)

 Bottled Water
As water often originates under the earth it is in constant contact with minerals and trace elements in the geological strata and it is gathering flavor along it's way.
One of the prime joys of matching bottled water and food in a multiple course meal is being able to have different bottled waters for each course and developing a progression of waters to guide you through the meal.
A sure sign that bottle water is a future trend but has not arrived yet is the sorry state of the “glass culture” around bottled water.
www.finewaters.com /Bottled_Water/Index.asp   (771 words)

 Bottled Water
Studies have shown, however, that bottled water is not necessarily cleaner or safer than tap water, and that bottled water actually has fewer standards regulating it.
Bottled water, although up to 1,000 times the price of tap water, may be no safer, or healthier than tap water.
Every year 1.5 million tons of plastic are used to bottle water and toxic chemicals can be released during the manufacture and disposal of the bottles.
betterdrinkingwater.com /info/BottledWater.asp   (340 words)

 [No title]
The study reveals that the bottled water market is partly fueled by concerns over the safety of municipal water and by the marketing of many brands that portray them as being drawn from pristine sources and as being healthier than tap water.
However, some bottled waters only differ from tap water in the fact that they are distributed in bottles rather than through pipes.
Furthermore, a quarter of the 89 billion liters of water bottled worldwide annually are consumed outside their country of origin.
www.mercola.com /2001/may/23/bottled_water.htm   (1165 words)

 P.O.V.'s Borders . Environment . Water . Bottle This! | PBS
Bottled water claims to be the healthy alternative — but is it really worth paying 1,000 times more than for tap?
Gregory Warner investigates the rise of the $7 billion bottled water industry, and a study that suggests bottled water doesn't exactly live up to its image.
NYC Tap Water." He hits the streets to ask New Yorkers to refill their water bottles with tap water.
www.pbs.org /pov/borders/2004/water/water_bottle.html   (471 words)

 Bottled Water - Corporate Water Privatization - Sierra Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Bottled water sold across state lines is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
While the FDA requires water sources to be “inspected, sampled, analyzed and approved,” it only has one inspector so the industry does the inspecting.
If there is a problem with water quality in your community, use a good quality water filter which is much cheaper than bottled water and does not produce mounds of plastic waste.
www.sierraclub.org /cac/water/bottled_water   (944 words)

 Bottled Water
Penta water is the purest-known bottled drinking water on the market, and its.5-liter size has been the number one selling bottled water in health food stores since 2002.
According to Holloway, it’s not what’s in the water; it’s what’s not in the water.
Water containing a large amount of dissolved solids does not have as high a driving force to exchange cellular fluids as efficiently as pure water.
www.pentawater.com /news.shtml   (9131 words)

 The Truth about Bottled Water, plastic bottles, plastic containers, plastic, leach, chemical contaminants, toxins   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Bottled water may be all the rage with health-conscious consumers, but a new U.S. study released indicates it is not necessarily any healthier than most water taken directly from the tap.
The NRDC said sales of bottled water have tripled in the last 10 years in the United States, in part due to advertising that hinted, sometimes misleadingly, that the water comes from pure sources such as springs.
The NRDC recommended that the FDA set strict limits for contaminants in bottled water, and that these limits be applied to all bottled water distributed in the United States, both carbonated and noncarbonated.
miraculewater.com /WaterLibrary/BottledWater.html   (2843 words)

 Bottled Water :: Sears Premium Bottled Water :: Canada   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Sears Premium Bottled Water is a premium Canadian bottled water company which provides a variety of products for residential and commercial use.
Bottle Deposits: “You are going to be rewarded for drinking H2O” meaning you will not be charged bottle deposits for extra bottles unless you don’t return the bottles in 45days.
Water Ways is a revolutionary fund-generating system presented by Sears Premium Waters.
www.searswater.com   (345 words)

 CBC Marketplace: Bottled Water
He tested tap water in Quebec and found that a third of all gastrointestinal illnesses -- usually that means diarrhea -- are caused by the tap water.
Many bottled water firms do claim their industry is more regulated than tap water.
The high oxygen in these bottled waters is supposed to be especially good for high performance athletes.
www.cbc.ca /consumers/market/files/food/bottledwater   (1525 words)

 Llanos Altos Texas Bottled Water
The fresh tasting water of the Ogallala aquifer is only a secret to those who don't live here and don't have the opportunity to drink this water every day.
For several decades, the farmers of the Panhandle have used this water to produce corn and other crops.
Llanos Altos bottled water is the result of one man's vision to use this water for a better purpose.
www.bottledwaterstore.com /llanosaltos.htm   (309 words)

 Bottled water drains military
What began in 1990 as a generous but temporary expedient, handing out bottled water to troops gathering in Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm, has grown into a financial and logistics nightmare that runs counter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's drive to make the military lighter and more agile.
The military buys so much bottled water, from so many vendors, through so many different agencies, that no one knows precisely how much, at what cost, it takes to slake its thirst.
Still, after the ROWPU water has been pumped into a Smifty (that's a Semi Trailer Mounted Fabric Tank -- basically a huge, rubberized bag on a flat-bed truck), hauled to a battalion headquarters and transferred to a Water Buffalo, what comes out when a thirsty grunt turns the spigot may be less than palatable.
www.purewatergazette.net /bottledwater.htm   (715 words)

 Bottled Water
Bottled Water prefilters include the Profile family of filters and Ultipor GF Plus and Ultipor filter cartridges.
Water bottlers can add CO to their water to produce a sparkling product.
To ensure microbiological stability in the bottle or can, it is necessary to guarantee the quality of services such as water, steam and gases that are either in direct or indirect contact with the product to be bottled or canned.
www.pall.com /FoodandBev_3630.asp   (2067 words)

 Bottled Water Service
Search for "Bottled water annual testing", then click on bottled water programs/publications, click on 2006 survey of bottled water sold in Massachusetts, click chart A1 and A2.
We like to remind people to change their clocks in the fall and spring, change the batteries in their smoke detectors and sanitize their water coolers.
Add 1 gallon of warm NOT HOT water to reservoir, then carefully add 1 teaspoon of bleach to reservoir and swirl to mix.
www.daltonwater.com /bottledwaterservice   (409 words)

 Nestlé - Bottled Water
Nestlé Pure Life is drinking water that has been treated and remineralized using a standardized industrial process to ensure purity and quality and is marketed in emerging countries.
A natural spring water currently from nine different springs in France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Spain, Nestlé Aquarel also uses the multi-source concept to satisfy new consumer expectations, especially for water with a low mineral content that the whole family can drink.
The Group is able to offer top quality brands and innovative packaging to meet the individual needs of the water consumer all over the world, whenever, wherever and however thanks to the wide variety of its offer in terms of distribution and product mix.
www.nestle.com /Our_Brands/Bottled_Water/Overview/Bottled+Water.htm   (409 words)

 Australasian Bottled Water Institute - Education - Information - Educational Resources - Encyclopedia - Music
The Australasian Bottled Water Institute Inc. or (ABWI) is a regional member of the International Council of Bottled Water Associations or(ICBWA).
The ABWI is the certifying organization for water bottlers in Australasia as well as the peak industry council.
The members (bottled water companies) also rely on the aid of the ABWI to assist in fulfillment of government requirements/standards in order to reach and sustain a high standard of quality in product.
education.music.us /A/Australasian-Bottled-Water-Institute.htm   (342 words)

 Bottled Water Market Reports
Bottled Water in the U.S. discusses all elements of the vibrant bottled water market, including the rapidly growing retail PET segment as well as bulk water, delivered water and imports.
The HOD and Filtered Water Marketing in the U.S. focuses on specific components of the market, with in-depth analysis of the home-and-office delivery business as well as filtration systems.
Beverage Marketing places bottled water in the context of overall national, regional or global beverage markets in reports like The Multiple Beverage Marketplace in the U.S., The Multiple Beverage Marketplace in Canada, The Multiple Beverage Marketplace in Asia, and The Global Multiple Beverage Marketplace.
www.beveragemarketing.com /bottledwater.htm   (667 words)

 Bottled Water   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-01)
Bottled water represents one of the fastest growing segments in the beverage industry, joining other non-carbs in exhibiting tremendous growth in the past several years.
The multitude of choices before you as you contemplate which type of bottled water to produce and how to best treat that water can be answered by Osmonics Beverage Systems Group.
As the quality of water in reservoirs and lakes decreases, many different industries are turning to Osmonics to provide the water that is required to produce their products.
www.osmonics.com /products/page744.htm   (249 words)

 NRDC: Bottled Water: Pure Drink or Pure Hype?
This is the online version of NRDC's March 1999 petition to the FDA and attached report on the results of our four-year study of the bottled water industry, including its bacterial and chemical contamination problems.
The petition and report find major gaps in bottled water regulation and conclude that bottled water is not necessarily safer than tap water.
Appendix B: Documented Waterborne Disease From Bottled Water
www.nrdc.org /water/drinking/bw/bwinx.asp   (293 words)

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