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Topic: Bow (weapon)

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Bow (weapon) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The usage of bows in warfare is described in the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.
The Hun bow is an asymmetric, composite and reflex bow.
The Hungarian bow, an improvement of the Hun bow for archers on foot, is a symmetric, composite and reflex bow.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bow_(weapon)   (2971 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Archery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Bows eventually replaced the atlatl as the predominant means for launching projectiles.
To load, the bow is pointed toward the ground and the shaft of the arrow is placed on an arrow rest attached to the bow.
A compound bow is designed to reduce the force that an archer must hold, and increase the overall energy stored by the bow.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Archery   (3461 words)

 Bow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bow (weapon): An archery weapon that uses elasticity to propel arrows
Bow (social): Bowing is the act of lowering the head or the upper body
Bowing (social): a bending of the waist used as a respectful greeting
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bow   (228 words)

 European Bow Weapons of the Fifteenth Century
However, the bow proved to be a more powerful weapon in terms of range and the ability of aiming the missile (its arrow) at a target.
The bow weapon (the bow stave and its missle arrow), like all individual weapons, was a development of its society.
However, the firing of a bow while riding a mount was cultivated mostly in the eastern regions, and was enhanced by the development of a smaller sized, but powerful composite bow.
xenophongroup.com /montjoie/bow_wpns.htm   (1078 words)

 Miscellanous Weapons
This long bow, made of ivory and mithril steel, is believed to have been first created by the Elder Craftsmen of Niflheim (the area of Hades known to worshipers of the Norse gods as the land of the dead).
The weapon's aim is not especially accurate; if is pointed in the general direction of more than one creature or object of different alignments, the gems will glow alternately in rapid succession, making their message difficult to interpret.
This bow appears to be a normal magic bow of +1 enchantment; however, in the hands of an elf, the full powers of this weapon are evoked.
members.tripod.com /~trauma2/misc-weapons.htm   (3624 words)

 Bow - Indopedia, the Indological knowledgebase
A bow (rhymes with "now") is a lowering of the upper body whilst holding the lower body in its original position.
In most cultures, a bow is a sign of respect given by the person bowing to the person bowed before.
The term bow (rhymes with "now") is used by sailors to refer to the front end of a boat.
www.indopedia.org /Bow.html   (285 words)

 The Bow
The Bow is a common two-handed distance weapon, consisting of three parts: an element of wood, bone and/or metal in crescent shape, a string, connecting its ends and the arrows which are shot by drawing the bow and releasing its energy.
The basis of the Bow initially was a strong thin branch bend into a cresent shape and tied at each end with a strong and thin material (from now on called "the string").
The Crossbows is a favourite weapon of some dwarven clans as they have developed a type of bolt and method to help in their mining.
www.santharia.com /weapons/bow.htm   (2121 words)

 Ninja Weapons
The bow and arrow was a weapon used by the ninja as well as the samurai.
This weapon is a 2 foot long straight stick, with a 2-1/2 chain attached to the top with a ball with spikes.
The weapon is strong iron fingernails that were fastened into leather bands fitted on the fingers, and resembled claws (not like that of of the shuko, ashiko) and were also dipped in poisons.
www.entertheninja.com /ninja_fact/weapons.shtml   (2140 words)

Bow The bow was in use in early times both in war and in the chase (Gen. 21:20; 27:3; 48:22).
Such a bow has a core of some type of wood (usually bamboo), was backed with sinew, had a strip of horn on the belly, spliced ears of some type of wood, with everything held together with an animal glue, especially a fish air bladder type (from the brown croaker, predominantly).
πλώρη (bows, prow), υποκλίνομαι (bow to, curtsey, curtsy), τόξο (arc, crossbow).
www.websters-dictionary-online.net /bo/bow.html   (5613 words)

 Turok: Evolution Weapon FAQ - IGN FAQs
BOW Primary function- Used to kill enemies from a moderate distance.
This weapon will be sure to do the trick on almost every enemy you come across.
The further away you are from the target the less chance you have of hitting it because the bullets spread apart.
faqs.ign.com /articles/438/438274p1.html   (5580 words)

 Nodal Archive
The weapon revolutionized early hunting methods by enabling the hunter to kill from a distance.
They used the weapon for hunting and in war as early as 5000 B.C. Other cultures known to use the bow and arrow included the Assyrians and the Persians.
The bow is shaped in an arc and holds a string, or bowstring, taught from one end to the other.
www.excaliburworld.com /emr/weapons/crossbow.html   (366 words)

 Guild Wars OGaming - Choosing a Bow for your Ranger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The appearance of the bow remains as a Flatbow/Longbow, but it can be either a Flatbow, a Long bow, a Composite Bow, or a Short bow as far as range, arrow speed, and rate of fire.
There are no bows with a requirement of Beast Mastery or Wilderness Survival, and the only bow with an Expertise requirement is the Ithas Bow (which has both an Expertise and Marksmanship requirement).
The Horn Bow and Composite Bow classes dwell in this range, and it is similar in range to all Wand/Staff weapons.
guildwars.ogaming.com /data/3705~BowRanger.php   (1884 words)

 Steve Jackson Games Forums - Weapon Master : Bow, seems very weak.
Bow's are thrust dmg, so getting basic damage up to 2D is Incredibly hard, therefore the most they will ever likely get from it is +2.
I'd probably give the Bow Master the auto-aim ability from Gunslinger, and let her load and fire in one round at -3 if she makes her Fast-Draw roll at -3.
The Weapon Master will allow both to pick up the special skills, and those skills are even more deadly in the hands of a bowman who usually has more time to prep for the use than someone in melee combat has.
forums.sjgames.com /showthread.php?t=3129   (2162 words)

 Thottbot World of Warcraft: Screeching Bow
Most bows even 1 or 2dps higher are in the 40-50's on low end dmg.
So one could say fast weapons are nicer for pve; it's more reliable, it's more difficult to steal aggro from tank or pet, and you can predict easily your behaviour (no low damage spikes or too sudden damage; if you want extra damage you push rapid fire/arcane shot/multishot in a controlled way).
This bow is a great way to add 10 shadow resist when you need it, but don't care about your ranged weapon :) For rogues and warriors.
www.thottbot.com /?i=37249   (656 words)

 Barrage Fire Bow (T.W.)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The enchantment process to create these enchanted weapons is similar to that of magic weapons such as the Deathbringer and Battle Fury weapons although it is a missile weapon.
The true specialty of this bow is not in these abilities but instead in the ability to allow the shooter to fire incredibly fast, one might say that they can fire as a barrage and this is where the weapon gets its name.
When this enchantment is activated, the archer can fire the bow at an incredible rate, something like twice as fast as he or she can normally.
www.kitsune.addr.com /Rifts/Rifts-MagicItems/Barrage_Fire_Bow.htm   (426 words)

 Thottbot World of Warcraft: Ancient Bone Bow   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This is the bow I still use as a 60 rogue.
In answer to your question, rogues need bows because sometimes it is impractical or stupid to melee, E.G. Baron Geddon in MC, or Venoxis in ZG, both have powerful AoEs that can drop melee classes with under 6000 health in a matter of seconds...
Although i have 2 rogues who use this bow, i concede that i would pass on it if a hunter in the group needed it (thankfully in my first group there was no hunter, and in my second the hunter had strikers mark)
thottbot.com /?i=37260   (3460 words)

 sociology - Bow
A device used to play a strung musical instrument; see bow (music).
A musical bow is a kind of simple strung musical instrument, usually plucked.
Bow Group, the centre-right think-tank in the United Kingdom
www.aboutsociology.com /sociology/Bow   (120 words)

 ZenDragon's Diablo II LOD Bow Bible: Speed Tables   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Weapon: short, edge, spider Weapon Base Speed: 5 Normal Base Frames: 13 Strafe Base Frames: 3 14/4: 0 to 5 13/3: 6 to 14 12/3: 15 to 26 11/3: 27 to 45 10/3: 46 to 74 9/3: 75 to 101 9/2: 102 to 124 8/2: 125 to 239 7/2: 240 to 285
Weapon: crossbow, siege crossbow, gorgon crossbow Weapon Base Speed: 0 Normal Base Frames: 19 Strafe Base Frames: 5 19/5: 0 to 6 18/5: 7 to 13 17/4.5: 14 to 21 16/4.5: 22 to 31 15/4: 32 to 47 14/4: 48 to 67 13/3.5: 68 to 98 12/3.5: 99 to 151 11/3: 152 to 285
Weapon: light crossbow, arbalest, pellet bow Weapon Base Speed: -10 Normal Base Frames: 19 Strafe Base Frames: 5 18/5: 0 to 2 17/4.5: 3 to 8 16/4.5: 9 to 17 15/4: 18 to 29 14/4: 30 to 45 13/3.5: 46 to 69 12/3.5: 70 to 108 11/3: 109 to 285
www.users.qwest.net /~mlsquires/d2/bows/speed_tables.html   (275 words)

 The bending bow weapon shop and range - Alleria
Neat and clean, the first impression you have when entering the Bending bow is the smell of sea air and wood.
It is also used by the students in training to practice using the bow.
She looked around at the large selection of bows wondering which one would be best for her.
www.alleria.com /forums/showthread.php?t=188   (883 words)

 In-Depth Battlepedia - Neopets Battledome Guide
As long as you have a main weapon and nother backup weapon, Radish bow is an excellent choice for back up.
So it really isn't that good of an idea to use this weapon if you expect the battle to last more than 3 or 4 rounds, because odds are that it will break by then.
So considering it at a whole, this is an ok weapon, but I never really liked semi-fragile weapons, too random for me. So I will give it a 5, because it could be used well in short battles and it is a lot cheaper than other 10 icon weapons.
idb.finalhit.org /index.php?Radish+Bow   (739 words)

 Weapons Tables
** weapon may be used both one and two handed, one handed damage is noted.
A character can use any Drawn Bow if he/she meets the STR Required or at penalty if he/she is one point shy (-2 To Hit at all Ranges, -2 SR Mod).
Rates of Fire: For Drawn Bows (normal and composite) add the SR Mod to the Initiative Roll and proceed as normal.
meltingpot.fortunecity.com /virginia/391/_weapon_tables.html   (750 words)

 EN World - Morrus' D&D / d20 News & Reviews Site - Sword/bow weapon thingy
ISTR that some time back, there was a writeup of a funky weapon that can be used as either a bow or a two-bladed sword.
It's a normal bow with some metal blades on the ends that can be used as a double ended weapon.
The weapon is a magical bow that, when unstrung, transforms into a double-bladed sword.
www.enworld.org /showthread.php?t=64066   (751 words)

 3D max bow long weapon
Stretch the string by moving a dummy back, and also bend the bow 'wings' inside by rotating a dummy.
The main body is lofted so you degrade the number of polygon by editing steps in the Loft modifier, the string is a spline so it's thickness and detail level is also adjustable.
Only one negative (if pedantic) point: you mention bow 'wings' but they are called 'limbs'.
www.turbosquid.com /FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/248365   (159 words)

 Bow - OneLook Dictionary Search
Bow, bow : UltraLingua English Dictionary [home, info]
Phrases that include Bow: cupids bow, bow bells, down bow, bow and arrow, bow compass, more...
Words similar to Bow: arc, stoop, accede, bend, bowed, bowing, bowknot, crouch, defer, fore, obeisance, prow, salaam, stem, submit, arch, bow down, curtain call, give in, nod, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=Bow&ls=a   (632 words)

 Origin and Properties of the Bow and Arrow   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
For some inexplicable reason, although I am a software engineer, I am also interested in the origin and properties of the bow and arrow.
Concerning the Archery of al-Islam, a document purporting to contrast English and Turkish bowmaking from a turkish point of view, written by an American SCA enthusiast in the 20th century, based on "Saracen Archery"
Mentions that the Turkish bow was mistakenly "traditionally derided by European historians as antiquated and 'obsolete'".
www.kegel.com /bow-and-arrow.html   (209 words)

 Archery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
They are made of elm -wood and have flat arms and a D-shaped midsection.
Colorful Bows, Bow Heads, and Barrettes Dozens to choose from...
Longbows, in various forms, are among the oldest styles of bows known to man. They are more truly in the category of "straight" bows, descending from their shorter ancestors...
www.archery-site.com /oldest-bows/oldest-bows.php   (305 words)

 What is the best Bow Weapon you have found/purchased? - DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™ Forums
I remember the first reptilian bane bow I found and I remember how great I thought it was until i got my +2 Scorpion Tail bow....
Your friend is mistaken or is using a different bow, Giant's Roar does neither of those things (i have that bow) its a debuff weapon that has a chance to cause a mob to be shaken which is a lesser version of fear that causes -2 to most abiliities (to hit, saves, etc).
(And for picks, it should be an additional 3d10 since they are x4 weapons) Please tell me they made bows with elemental burst have an additional 2d10, that was why I loved the higher crit multiplier weapons with elemental burst on them.
www.ddo.com /forums/showthread.php?t=13421   (1160 words)

 VN Boards - bow weapon skills!
im a lvl 9 war, and i equipped a longbow, i just got my weapon skill to lvl 10, and i got a message saying "learned firearrow" or somthing similar.
Yep only rangers can use bow/gun weapon skills, but you should know RNG/WAR is a good combo, just not the other way around.
IGN's enterprise databases running Oracle, SQL and MySQL are professionally monitored and managed by Pythian Remote DBA.
vnboards.ign.com /Message.aspx?topic=60979271   (324 words)

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