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Topic: The Box Tops

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  The letter the box tops   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
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the-letter-the-box-tops.juna.sk   (327 words)

 Alicia's Country Kitchen - Name Brand Recipes found on Box Tops, Packages, and Magazines
Top chicken with remaining onions; bake, uncovered 1 to 3 minutes or until onions are golden.
Top with remaining onions; bake uncovered 5 minutes or until onions are golden brown.
Top with remaining French fried onions and remaining cheddar cheese.
www.american-cookbooks-recipes.com /box_top_recipes.htm   (1010 words)

  The Box Tops
During their brief lifespan, the Box Tops earned a reputation as one of the best blue-eyed soul groups of the '60s, even if their recorded legacy wasn't as large or consistent as, say, the Righteous Brothers or the Rascals.
The Box Tops' music also encompassed touches of pop and psychedelia, although the group's own lack of control over it eventually led to their split-up.
Changing their name to the Box Tops to avoid confusion with a different group of the same name, they signed with Bell Records and began recording at Moman's Memphis-based American Studio.
onlinetalent.com /artist/50s_60s/The-Box-Tops.php   (645 words)

 The Box Tops
The Box Tops were the first recording artists to have a Memphis recorded nationwide # 1 hit!.This includes all the previous Sun,Stax and Hi records hits up to that time."The Letter" was # 1 on the Billboard charts for an entire month.It went on to become a world wide top ten hit.
The Box Tops originally recorded for Mala\Bell records of New York - now - called Arista records.Arista has a newly re-mastered compilation CD/cassette which was first released in the fall of 1966.
The Box Tops benifited from top notch material : Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham`s "Cry like a Baby" and "I met her in Church" ;Wayne Thompson`s "The Letter, Neon Rainbow,and Soul Deep".....
www.lastcallrecords.com /biographies/boxtops.html   (272 words)

 Box Tops   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Box Tops are on every General Mills product you buy from the grocery store.
Box Tops are worth 10¢ each when our school redeems them from General Mills.
So get those Box Tops in early and make sure that your child's teacher's name is on the envelope or baggie so his or her class will receive the credit.
www.wes.rcs.k12.tn.us /School_Main/WES_PTO/box_tops.htm   (257 words)

 The Box Tops
The Box Tops' early beginnings were as a five man band from Memphis Tennessee called "Ronnie and the DeVilles".
Bill Cunningham left to return to school in August 1969 and was replaced by Harold Cloud, but by February 1970, the Box Tops recording contract ran out and the group disbanded.
It was a top twenty hit for a group called "The Arbours" in 1969, and a top ten song for Joe Cocker in 1970.
www.classicbands.com /boxtops.html   (613 words)

 Amazon.com: The Best of the Box Tops: Soul Deep: Music: The Box Tops   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Box Tops were a band of 5 kids, led by dynamite lead singer Alex Chilton, who was only 16 years old when he joined the group.
The Box Tops released four LPs and a slew of singles in their brief career and SOUL DEEP culls the highs and some lesser material for a very good overview.
The Box tops are best remembered for The letter and (to a lesser extent) Cry like a baby but there is more to their music than those two classics.
www.amazon.com /Best-Box-Tops-Soul-Deep/dp/B000002VS1   (1348 words)

 Box Tops 4 Pepperell
Would you like to donate Box Tops to PFS without leaving the house...
The will be a JUNE Box Tops update letter sent home with each student soon.
Box Tops will continue to be collected throughout the summer months.
www.orgsites.com /ma/boxtops4pepperell   (883 words)

 Box tops education
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box-tops-education.mortgagewish.co.uk   (260 words)

 BOX TOPS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
From 1967 to 1969, the Box Tops short career still left it's mark on 60's rock.
Songs like "The Letter" and "Cry Like A Baby", which were not written by the Box Tops, made chart appearances, but soon lead singer Alex Chilton would leave the Box Tops to find creative expression.
While the Box Tops are not the best product of the 60's, they sure did it justice by being a part of it.
www.angelfire.com /band/bigstar/boxtops   (74 words)

The Box Tops' two years in the spotlight didn't produce a long string of number ones, or even a pile of popular favorites for modern-day radio programmers to cling to, but these four CDs are packed with great, overlooked blue-eyed soul.
As The Box Tops became mellower and mellower, Penn still threw them occasional kickers like "747" (a sequel to "The Letter") and "Every Time." Their version of "You Keep Me Hangin' On" is much sloppier than Vanilla Fudge's, but just eerily powerful.
While Nonstop had suggested there was nothing else in The Box Tops' arsenal to threaten the pop charts, Dimensions provided a big surprise in "Soul Deep," one of the best pop songs of the year.
www.cosmik.com /aa-july00/reviews/review_box_tops.html   (633 words)

 BoxTops 4 Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Box Tops for Education is committed to helping our nation’s schools earn the extra cash they need.
Box Tops for Education wants to make it as easy as possible for you to help your SABCS succeed.
All you need to do is get the word out and encourage parents, family members and friends to go to boxtops4education.com to join the Booster Club— Box Tops will take care of the rest.
www.sabcs.net /boxtops.htm   (931 words)

 Box Tops for Education - Cheerios
Box Tops for Education gives you three easy ways to earn cash for your school with all of your everyday purchases.
Box Tops coupons are worth 10c each when schools redeem them from General Mills.
Up to 10% of each qualifying purchase is donated to your designated Box Tops school.
www.cheerios.com /ourCompany/BoxTopsForEducation.aspx   (141 words)

 Home Educators Association of VA | Boxtops
Any Box Tops submissions not received at the HEAV office by the deadline will be included in the next mailing.
If you have fewer than 100 Box Tops, you may send them to HEAV as a donation of the full value, or donate them to a local homeschool support group that is participating.
If you have 100 or more valid Box Tops, you may send them to HEAV with the HEAV Box Tops Submission Form and receive a check for half of the value.
www.heav.org /events/boxtops   (801 words)

 Box Tops For Education > Box tops logos, clipped from participating General Mills products, can be sent to school ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Box Tops For Education > Box tops logos, clipped from participating General Mills products, can be sent to school with your child.
Pay have all on 25 box tops are clean and are experation date bidder please check,personal check land cut add.
Pay have all on 25 are clean box tops bidder experation date and are check,personal check been cut add.
www.aguidetodetroit.com /Box-Tops-For-Education.html   (489 words)

 The Box Tops Rebuttal (p. 2)
However, several of the references to the Box Tops are inaccurate and misleading.
I have been a member of the Box Tops since 1967 (when we were still called The DeVilles) until today.
His voice was the signature sound of the Box Tops, and "The Letter," "Cry Like A Baby," and "Soul Deep" were driven by his singing and Dan Penn's production more than anything else.
www.puremusic.com /boxtops2.html   (770 words)

Yes, the Box Tops were nominated for two Grammys in 1967.
The Box Tops developed their sound from playing parties and clubs in the Memphis and West Memphis area.
Also, many in the group recognize Dewy Phillips (the crazed Memphis DJ who played whatever he thought was good regardless of the style or ethnic background) as a significant influence on the Box Tops' eclectic taste.
www.boxtops.com /btfaqs.htm   (724 words)

 Box Tops at AllExperts
The Box Tops were a Memphis pop music group of the late 1960s.
As the Box Tops, they recorded Wayne Carson Thompson's "The Letter." It was an international hit in late 1967, reaching Billboard's number-one position and remaining there for over a month.
Evans played occasionally in Memphis groups after the Box Tops, while working as a luthier, eventually switching to a computer network administrator career.
en.allexperts.com /e/b/bo/box_tops.htm   (1012 words)

 Box tops for education
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box-tops-for-education.mortgagewish.co.uk   (339 words)

 Collins' Oldies Website: The Box Tops
In the photo on the front cover, the five Box Tops are sitting inside a train.
Thanks a bunch to Box Top John Evans for submitting lyrics to all 18 songs on this collection.
Neon Rainbow (3:01) - Contrary to what the liner notes say, lead singer Alex Chilton was NOT the only Box Top in the studio when this and all subsequent songs were recorded; thanks to Box Top Bill Cunningham for setting the record straight.
www.srv.net /~roxtar/box_tops.html   (1020 words)

  The Box Tops Music - Favorite Songs - Lyrics From   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Box Tops were the first recording artists to have...
The Box Tops were a late 1960s pop-soul group whose music is now widely played on oldies radio stations.
Neon Rainbow," Memphis' Box Tops heirs to the blue-eyed...
www.lyricsfrom.com /artists/t/The-Box-Tops.html   (1743 words)

 Tapteal Elementary School - PTA Box Tops
General Mills Box Tops for Education program is an excellent way for parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors to help contribute to our kids.
Box Tops website naming Tapteal Elementary as your school and earn BONUS Box Tops and coupons.
Box Tops MarketPlace, and earn up to 8% of your purchase.
www.rsd.edu /schools/tapteal/ptaboxtops.htm   (185 words)

 All About Box Tops Home - All About Box Tops
Box Tops for Education has helped America’s schools earn over $175 million in just over 10 years.
With your help and the dedication of your school’s volunteer Box Tops Coordinator, your school can earn up to $60,000 through Box Tops each year.
See last year’s top 10 highest-earning Box Tops schools.
www.boxtops4education.com /AboutBoxTops   (178 words)

 Welcome to the Cambridge Elementary Box Tops for Education web site
Box Tops are worth 10¢ each when we redeem them from the Box Tops program.
Loose Box Tops will, however, be counted and submitted towards the school’s Box Tops income and overall goal for the year.
The deadline for submitting Box Tops for the first award ceremony was 14 October 2005.
www.ahisd.net /campuses/Cambridge/pto/boxtops.htm   (1285 words)

Thomas More is happy to announce the start up for its “General Mills BOX TOPS for Education” program.
There are three ways to participate and earn cash for our school through the Box Tops for Education Program.
Box Tops Coordinators are volunteers who want to help their school earn much-needed cash through General Mills’ Box Tops for Education program.
www.st-thomas-more.org /boxtops.htm   (400 words)

 Kelly School - Box Tops 4 Education
Each Box Top logo is worth 10 cents to Kelly School.
Look for and clip the BOX TOPS for EDUCATION logo on your General Mills and other brands of boxed goods, such as cereal and muffin mixes.
Remember, they are actually on the TOP of the BOX.
www.kellyschool.org /pta/boxtops/about_boxtops.htm   (198 words)

 Box Tops for Education - Holcomb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Holcomb School is participating in the Box Tops for Education program.
Send the box tops to school with your child.
Click here to read about how box top shop works and here to see a list of partipating stores.
holcomb.k12.mo.us /boxtop.html   (91 words)

 Box Tops for Education
Encourage students, families, and other members of the community to clip and collect valid Box Tops logos on participating General Mills products (click to view a list of participating products).
The child places the Box Top logo in a designated box in their classroom.
After the drawing, the teachers send their monthly collection of box tops to the PTO.
www.district130.org /schools/wts/boxtops.htm   (280 words)

 Meadow Glens Box Tops for Education
Send the Box Tops to school and drop them in the bucket in the front lobby or near your child’s classroom.
Secondly, the Box Tops for Education program allows you to earn cash for our school with every online purchase to over 100 quality stores.
It has no annual fee and a low APR. When using the Box Tops for Education VISA card, 1% of your purchases will be donated to our school.
www.ncusd203.org /meadowglens/boxtops.htm   (379 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
All you need to do is collect the box tops from participating General Mills cereals, snacks and Yoplait multipacks.
Simply clip the box top logos and send them to school with your children.
The classroom with the most box tops at the end of the month will receive doughnuts during their homeroom.
www.dalraida.com /boxtops.htm   (119 words)

 PTA Meeting Dates for 2004-2005
The General Mills Box Tops for Education program supports our PTA and our school.
The most common donation is to clip the Box Top coupons off of hundreds of food products and donate them to local schools.
Send the Box Tops to Hearn Elementary with your child.
www.franklin.k12.ky.us /hes/Boxtops.htm   (233 words)

 Boxtop collection for Ausstinburg Elementary
Box Tops for Education is a program offered to schools by the General Mills Company.
When grocery items are purchased that have the Box Tops for Education symbol, students can bring the box tops to school and they can be redeemed for 10¢ per box top.
Please send any box tops you may have at home to the Austinburg School office.
www.genevaschools.org /austinbg/boxtops.htm   (544 words)

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