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Topic: Boy soprano

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  Richard Coker and the rise of the Celebrity Boy Soprano
Boy choristers were introduced in 1844 and sang in the mixed choir from the gallery until Dr Henry Stephen Cutler (1824-1902) was appointed organist and choirmaster.
In England the tenor Joseph Maas (1847-1886) had been a chorister at Rochester Cathedral from the age of ten and was engaged by the soprano Louisa Pyne to sing as a “boy treble” at her concerts in the provinces until his voice changed.
Probably the first really successful boy soprano on record was Master Walter Lawrence (born 1900?) of All Angels’ Church, New York, who cut seven 10-inch and eight 12-inch matrices for Columbia between August 1912 and March 1914, of which ten sides were issued in the USA and eight in Britain.
www.boychoirs.org /library/history/hist015.html   (3241 words)

 Martinus Leusink
Boy soprano Martinus Leusink is the son of Pieter Jan Leusink, founder of the Holland Boys Choir (aka.
SKK 3964 with The Holland Boys Choir and Martinus Leusinik (boy soprano)
With the Baroque Orchestra Florilegium Musicum and Martinus Leusink (boy soprano) and Sytse Buwalde (countertenor)
boysoprano.org /martinus-leusink   (148 words)

 Them's the breaks: boy soprano grows up to get a Handel on his career - Arts
Tobias Cole had a tough time as a child because he knew his career as a boy soprano would end as soon as his voice broke.
He has to hold a towel for Matthews when she leaves the bath and part of the thrill is that the audience senses "anything could happen".
The soprano admits she was initially nervous about the scene, but feels more comfortable after the Sydney season earlier this year.
www.theage.com.au /news/arts/boy-soprano-grows-up-to-get-a-handel-on-hiscareer/2006/12/03/1165080811940.html   (894 words)

 Gian Carlo Menotti, Opera and Music Theatre Work List
Soloist(s)   2 Tenors, 2 Mezzo sopranos, Soprano, 2 Baritones
Soloist(s)   2 Sopranos, 2 Mezzo sopranos, 4 Baritones, 3 Tenors
Soloist(s)   Baritone, 2 Boy Sopranos, Mezzo Soprano, Soprano, Tenor
www.schirmer.com /default.aspx?TabId=2419&State_2872=3&ComposerID_2872=1039&CategoryID_2872=12   (359 words)

 Clef at AllExperts
The word treble is also used of people, especially in the Anglican and English Catholic traditions, to refer to a boy who sings as a soprano, in contrast to the term boy soprano used elsewhere.
The soprano clef uses the C clef to assign the note middle C to the bottom line of the staff.
In this case the soprano and alto voices occupy the upper staff, using the treble clef, and the tenor and bass voices occupy the lower staff, using the bass clef.
en.allexperts.com /e/c/cl/clef.htm   (2450 words)

 MPR: St. John's Boys' Choir previews Paulus opera in studio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
It will give a boy who eats the cake great talents--for instance, he might be instantly good at math or learning new languages.
All the boys who'd been hoping to eat this magical cake are, at first, mad that they don't get the chance.
But they see how grief-stricken the baker is. They learn a lesson of compassion by baking the cake themselves and presenting it to the baker for him to eat--after which the baker can hear the voice of his beloved son.
minnesota.publicradio.org /display/web/2006/10/19/st_johns_boys_choir   (372 words)

 BACH Motets. Tolzer Knabenchor/Schmidt-Gaden (Tem) - INKPOT
This is then combined with an untamed buccal edge in the boy’s tone which is the result of the boy’s shallow mouth cavity.
The placement of their soprano and alto resonances heard in this CD demostrates a perfect understanding of the unique advantages of the boy’s transient instrument.
Other important issues which are frequently taken for granted include the difficulty in sustaining long lines given the limited lung capacity of the young voice; the training of the untamed boy’s voice to achieve blend, enacting choral discipline in a bunch of naughty, hyperactive pre-pubertal boys etc..
inkpot.com /classical/bachmottolz.html   (929 words)

 Donald Collup - Choirboy
Donald Collup sang as a boy soprano with the Texas Boys' Choir from 1965 to 1970.
He fit into the soprano section comfortably and worked on technique for about a year before he began to expand his horizons.
He has enjoyed an outstanding career as a young musician, having reached remarkable heights as a boy soprano, pianist and then as a lyric baritone.
boychoirs.org /collup.html   (425 words)

 NewOlde.com - William Boyce (1711-1779)
Patrick Burrowes, boy soprano; Andrew Johnson, boy soprano; Christopher Josey, high tenor; Charles Daniels, tenor; Michael George, bass-baritone.
Patrick Burrowes, boy soprano; Andrew Purefoy, alto; Andrew Watts, countertenor; Richard Edgar-Wilson, tenor; Michael George, bass-baritone.
She: Bronwen Mills, soprano; He: Howard Crook, tenor.
www.newolde.com /boyce.htm   (562 words)

 BCSD Scandanavia - Boy Sopranos, Boys Choirs, Boy Singers
BCSD Scandanavia - Boy Sopranos, Boys Choirs, Boy Singers
Det Danske Drengekor (Danish Boys Choir / Parkdrengekoret)
Treenighedskirkens Drengekor (Boys Choir of the Holy Trinity Church)
www.boysoloist.com /region2.asp?VID=10   (63 words)

 Elegy for a Prince   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Small boy sick with fever; first of the poor to be helped by the Prince and the Swallow.
Like the Prince, however, he is seen by the audience as a human figure--a young boy, a vagabond of exotic origins, a dreamer who is drifting through the town musing of a beautiful far away world.
Oscar Wilde was the father of two young boys who were lost to him forever when he was imprisoned in 1895.
home.comcast.net /~esrisfamily/cast.html   (1550 words)

 Categories of Voice
From the mid-16th century to the end of the 18th century, the high male voice was in such demand that boy sopranos who showed some promise were castrated before puberty to prevent their voices from changing.
Due to strictures against women singing in churches from the middle-Ages onward, this style of males singing in the falsetto range, with the total absence of chest resonance was indispensable to the religious music of Machaut, Lully, des Pres, and later Monteverdi.
A soprano with vocal problems may have a speaking pitch around C or D below middle C! When I vocalize them in this area, they claim it is too low, but that is where they are speaking.
aeroventure.com /My_Song_Bios/countertenor.htm   (7501 words)

 Pacific Boychoir Academy recent events
This concert is the last chance to hear the boys in America before voice changes necessitate reshuffling the choir and the next year's choir is reborn.
Forty boys from the PBA joined forty girls from the San Francisco Girls Chorus in four performances of Benjamin Britten's Spring Symphony in October with the San Francisco Symphony under the direction of Robert Spano.
In Italy in 2003, the PBA met the Boni Pueri boys choir from the Czech Republic.
www.pacificboychoir.org /recent.html   (4147 words)

 A Cappella News: Boy soprano Mikhael Rawls
But he may not be able to display it fully in one of the largest and most important high school choral competitions in the state.
He sang with the Texas Boys Choir international touring group for four years during junior high, and is the only male in L.D. Bell's a cappella girls' choir.
Although he has a pleasant baritone voice, too, Rawls chooses to sing soprano in the high school's co-ed and girls' choirs.
www.acappellanews.com /archive/000813.html   (745 words)

 classical music - andante - david daniels
I think this was primarily because I sang so extensively as a boy soprano that the musculature of the larynx must have gotten used to producing that sound.
As a boy soprano, I struggled more with it; as a boy, you don't really have the breath support system in place to be able to move your voice in a clean manner.
I also grew up with a wonderful coloratura soprano from Spartanburg, South Carolina [Daniels' hometown], Gianna Rolandi — she's now teaching all the singers at Chicago Lyric Opera.
www.andante.com /article/article.cfm?id=18551   (1838 words)

 Lorin Wey boy soprano treble   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
biography discography gallery video boy soprano treble music album Lorin Wey was born on the 3rd April 1990 in Berne, Switzerland.
In 1994 his family moved to Vienna where his brother Terry Wey became a member of the Vienna Boys Choir.Lorin Wey was a member too before leaving and joining the Vienna Musikgymnasium instead.
Boy Soprano Lorin Wey (S)Terry Wey (A, T)Piano, organ: Terry Wey, Peggy Wey-ErvinOboe: Peggy Wey-ErvinSopranino recorder: Markus Wey01.
www.boysoprano.org /lorin-wey   (221 words)

 Description of Characters
Boys, girls, men and women of all ages.
The chorus portrays angels who silently observe from the colonnade, choruses of angels who sing, Israelites who attend the temple, townspeople traveling on the road, etc. Only the Savior, Mary, and Gabriel are not part of the chorus.
In the Conference Center production, these boys help build Joseph’s house and carry the canopy with Mary’s Brother.
www.lds.org /pa/display/0,17884,7258-1,00.html   (593 words)

 Detlef Bratschke (Boy Soprano) - Short Biography
He was very much interested in early music since he joined the choir as a small boy.
Detlef Bratschke sang solo parts for soprano and for alto in recordings of Bach Cantatas under the direction of Gustav Leonhardt in his joint cantata cycle with Nikolaus Harnoncourt.
As a boy he also sang in the boys' terzetto in Mozart's Zauberflöte in the Hannover opera house.
www.bach-cantatas.com /Bio/Bratschke-Detlef.htm   (122 words)

 Seattle Opera
It is very new for a male soprano to sing the role but I have found that directors are very excited about having “a man play a man.” Even though this does not seem like a very radical thought, the role has been performed only by women, as a pant role, up until now.
I think some singers may have developed their voice into a countertenor style rather than a male soprano style because there was no call for male sopranos.
The director didn’t want a boy soprano to sing the role, because he felt that a child might not have the acting experience that he wanted and the voice would stick out too much from the rest of the cast.
www.seattleopera.org /operas/young/soprano_interview.aspx   (901 words)

 BCSD North America - Boy Sopranos, Boys Choirs, Boy Singers
BCSD North America - Boy Sopranos, Boys Choirs, Boy Singers
Christ Church Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys, Indianapolis
Christ Church Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys, Lexington
www.boysoloist.com /region2.asp?VID=1   (78 words)

 George Crumb | the COMPOSITIONS
Ancient Voices of Children for mezzo-soprano, boy soprano, oboe, mandolin, harp, amplified piano (and toy piano), and percussion (three players)
Unto the Hills for soprano, percussion quartet and piano.
Winds of Destiny for soprano, percussion quartet and piano.
www.georgecrumb.net /comp.html   (293 words)

 HBO: The Sopranos: Episode Guide: Summary: Season 2: Episode 19
Now that he's back with Dr. Melfi, Tony tells her that he's angry with all the "happy wanderers" in the world: the people who manage to get through life "with a clear head." At the moment, however, he doesn't have time to explore this anger.
Started by Junior and Johnny Boy Soprano more than thirty years ago, the Executive Game is the Cadillac of poker games: the richest and most exclusive in Jersey.
When Tony was a young cugine, Junior would chase him away just for peeking through the doorway at the game.
www.hbo.com /sopranos/episode/season2/episode19.shtml   (610 words)

 CountryGayWeb.com - Texas Music Association Accused of Discrimination Against Boy Soprano - - Mikhael Rawls, a rising ...
The music association began prohibiting boys from singing soprano or alto, and girls from tenor or bass two years ago, according to the local television news station, KXAS-TV.
The association, which claims to offer quality musical experiences for students and to cultivate universal appreciation and lifetime involvement in music, has taken a step backward by denying Rawls the chance to capitalize on his strengths and talents.
Rawls, who sings in an octave and a half higher than most boys his age, has earned several distinctions for his singing including first place as a soprano in the University Interscholastic League’s competition for two consecutive years.
www.countrygayweb.com /article.cfm?section=9&id=6647   (507 words)

 Amazon.com: "Young Boys in Music"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Once Were Angels: The Tradition of Boy Trebles by Edward Elgar
"An incredible new release of boy soloists from the 60s to the 80s.
"the Soundtrack to Empire of the Sun with James Rainbird singing boy soprano parts"
www.amazon.com /Young-Boys-in-Music/lm/3SIP3QYSDRYQ1   (307 words)

 David Nierenberg, Boy Soprano looks for rain clouds in Elijah
The part of the boy soprano which this drawing depicts is a wonderful one and this boy did it well.
In the massive nave of Riverside Church, the conductor had this boy mount into the pulpit to sing his brief part.
The dramatic plaintiveness of it could only come from a boy soprano.....
www.tc.columbia.edu /taylor/zmusician/DavidN.stm   (114 words)

Boy Soprano (take me FAR away from here) is in your extended network
Boy Soprano (take me FAR away from here)'s Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog]
Boy Soprano (take me FAR away from here) has 543 friends.
www.myspace.com /iamxiu   (849 words)

 YouTube - Xiu Xiu--Boy Soprano
First video from upcoming album, The Air Force.
Xiu Xiu Boy Soprano 16 bit video game goodness
"Boy Soprano" - Xiu Xiu - live in SF 11/11/06
www.youtube.com /watch?v=MjomU0YpO9A&eurl=   (88 words)

 Christian Fliegner (Boy Soprano, Tenor) - Short Biography
The former German boy soprano and later tenor, Christian Fliegner, has been a member of the Tölzer Knabenchor since 1984.
During his three-year ‘apprenticeship’, the boy's extraordinary vocal talent soon became apparent, as well as his exceptional feel for motion, an ability which, for example, induced August Everding to add a silent ‘solo part’ for Christian Fliegner in in Munich production of Oliver.
He sang the part of Amor in Hartmut Haenchen's recording of Gluck's Orfeo ed Eurydice, followed by the soprano soli in Bach's Christmas Oratorio (BWV 248) and a large production of the St.
www.bach-cantatas.com /Bio/Fliegner-Christian.htm   (359 words)

 Early Country Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Jolly Shepherd Boy - soprano, shawm - Ravenscroft (c.
Un cavalier de Spagna - soprano shawm, zink - Anon.
O primavera - soprano, harpsichord - Luzzaschi (c.
www.music.iastate.edu /antiqua/pro_coun.htm   (248 words)

 Sopranoland.com - Dominic Chianese as Corrado "Junior" Soprano
Sopranoland.com - Dominic Chianese as Corrado "Junior" Soprano
Uncle Junior is the older brother of Tony's father, Johnny Boy Soprano.
He feels that Tony isn't indebted to him enough and he wants to be in charge of things.
www.sopranoland.com /cast/junior/index.html   (52 words)

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