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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

 King Encyclopedia
Sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks on 1 December 1955, the Montgomery bus boycott was an eleven-month mass protest that ended with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that public bus segregation is unconstitutional.
The bus boycott demonstrated the potential for nonviolent mass protest to successfully challenge racial segregation and served as an example for other southern campaigns that followed.
King's role in the bus boycott garnered international attention, and the MIA's tactics of combining mass nonviolent protest with a Christian tone became the model for challenging segregation in the South, a strategy highlighted by King in Stride Toward Freedom, his 1958 memoir of the boycott.
www.stanford.edu /group/King/about_king/encyclopedia/bus_boycott.html   (817 words)

 boycott. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.
An Englishman and former British soldier, Boycott was the estate agent of the Earl of Erne in County Mayo, Ireland.
Boycott was chosen in the fall of 1880 to be the test case for a new policy advocated by Charles Parnell, an Irish politician who wanted land reform.
Boycott's name was quickly adopted as the term for this treatment, not just in English but in other languages such as French, Dutch, German, and Russian.
www.bartleby.com /61/50/B0435000.html   (281 words)

 Boycott (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word boycott is used to describe a form of protest.
Boycott is the name of a place in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.
Charles Cunningham Boycott (after whom the form of consumer protest is named).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Boycott_(disambiguation)   (107 words)

 Boycott Watch - Presbyterian Church Violates US Antiboycott Laws - General Assembly of Presbyterian Church, USA, votes ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Boycott Watch believes this is a clear violation of the US Antiboycott laws and has sent a letter to the church with a copy to the Office of Antiboycott Compliance outlining the violations.
Boycott Watch is at the forefront of challenging illegal boycotts and has advised the church to immediately nullify the vote and take appropriate measures to make sure that the church is not engaged in violations of the US antiboycott provisions.
Boycott Watch therefore strongly urges that your General Assembly vote to nullify its divestment and boycott decision against Israel, and that you ensure that no action whatsoever is taken by your church in support of the Arab boycott of Israel.
www.boycottwatch.org /abi/divest002.htm   (1480 words)

 Boycott Microsoft
A great many reasons could be stated for allowing Boycott Microsoft to fall into suspended animation, but the most salient is that my life has become unmanageably busy over the last year or so.
Something had to go, I decided, and Boycott Microsoft, as one of the principal drains on my time, energy and resources for many years, was the most expendable.
Boycott Microsoft was begun in the days when critiquing Microsoft was not regarded as a legitimate form of free expression, and media critics were nearly nonexistent.
www.vcnet.com /bms   (613 words)

 EducationGuardian.co.uk | Worldwide | Lecturers vote for Israeli boycott
Delegates at a conference in Eastbourne voted, against the wishes of the executive, for an immediate boycott of Haifa University, which they accuse of restricting the academic freedom of staff members who are critical of the government, and of Bar Ilans University, which has a college in the disputed settlement Ariel.
The boycott, which is now official union policy, will follow a plan prescribed by a group of 60 Palestinian academic and cultural bodies and non-governmental organisations, which calls for British academics to severe links with Israeli institutions but to exempt Israelis who speak out against their government's policies towards the Palestinians.
A third boycott, against the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, was dropped as delegates queried the evidence of accusations it had evicted Palestinian families to build dormitories.
education.guardian.co.uk /higher/worldwide/story/0,9959,1466774,00.html   (607 words)

 Boycott City - A Briefish History Of The Boycott
The practice was named (1880) after Capt. Charles Cunningham Boycott, an English land agent in Ireland whose ruthlessness in evicting tenants led his employees to refuse all cooperation with him and his family.
A typical example of a primary boycott is the refusal of aggrieved employees and their supporters to purchase the goods or services of an employer.
A secondary boycott occurs when the aggrieved party attempts either to boycott a third party or to coerce it into joining an ongoing boycott.
boycottcity.org /essay/index.php?essay=6   (288 words)

 The Academic Boycott of Israel: Why Britain? - Ronnie Fraser   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The boycott issue was kept in the headlines when two months later on 6 June, Mona Baker, a lecturer at UMIST University in Manchester and signatory to The Guardian letter, dismissed two Israeli academics from the editorial board of an academic journal that is published by a company she owns.
The basis for seeking to boycott the Hebrew University was that it had allegedly confiscated land from an Arab family even though repeated court proceedings had found in favor of the university, and the matter eventually settled between the parties.
The AUT boycott was not aimed at building support for the Palestinians or opposing Israeli policy; it was an attempt by a small group of activists to demonize and delegitimize Israel.
www.jcpa.org /phas/phas-36.htm   (3930 words)

 Cultural boycott - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Start the Cultural boycott article or add a request for it.
Look for Cultural boycott in the Commons, our repository for free images, music, sound, and video.
Check for Cultural boycott in the deletion log, or visit its deletion vote page if it exists.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cultural_boycott   (146 words)

 Mideast Street Anger Turns into Calls for Boycott of U.S. Goods
These moves for a boycott, amid the Israeli offensive against Palestinian areas for weeks now, are triggering a people's revolution of a kind rarely seen before in the region.
The first of the demands for the boycott of American products in the region came surprisingly from Bahrain, a major non-North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ally of the United States and where its navy's Fifth Fleet is now positioned.
”Boycott American companies that support the Zionist entity (Israel) and take other initiatives that convert emotions to an effective Arab action in defense of our just cause of Palestine,” she was quoted as saying in the UAE's 'The Gulf Today' newspaper on Sunday.
www.commondreams.org /headlines02/0422-01.htm   (1297 words)

 BIG CAMPAIGN - Boycott Israeli Goods   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
We will organise supporters to boycott Israeli goods and services, to persuade businesses to stop trading with Israel and to campaign for an end to European Union and British government trade agreements with Israel.
By joining this boycott individuals and organisations can take concrete steps to stand up against the gross human rights violations by the Israeli State.
We, the undersigned, call for an immediate, unconditional lifting of the siege of the occupied territories, an end to the occupation, and the implementation of UN resolutions and international humanitarian law in relation to the Palestinian people.
www.bigcampaign.org   (946 words)

 Baby Milk Action - The Nestlé Boycott
Some of the people and organisations supporting the boycott in the UK Nestlé is the target of a boycott in 20 countries because it aggressively markets baby foods, breaking World Health Assembly marketing requirements and contributing to the death and suffering of infants around the world.
The boycott will continue until Nestlé accepts and complies with Baby Milk Action's four-point plan for saving infant lives and ultimately ending the boycott (see Boycott News 29).
See the history of the campaign to information on how efforts to introduce independently monitored and enforced legislation are paying off and how the boycott was once called off because Nestlé promised to change its policies and practices, but broke its word so the boycott was re-launched.
www.babymilkaction.org /pages/boycott.html   (1009 words)

 Procter & Gamble boycott lifted as company changes ad practices - (BP)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The boycott was based in part on Procter & Gamble's support of a ballot measure in its hometown of Cincinnati to repeal a 1993 city charter amendment prohibiting homosexual rights laws.
Wildmon said he did not expect the boycott to end so soon, but he is not surprised that Procter & Gamble is not admitting the boycott affected their advertising policies or their bottom line.
That boycott is still in effect, although Wildmon told BP his group plans to reassess Disney's status in the coming months.
www.bpnews.net /bpnews.asp?ID=20614   (796 words)

 Want to Help End the Seal Hunt? Boycott Canadian Seafood.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
But as the kill levels and the cruelty of the hunt escalate, it is clear Canada will only take action once the politics and economics surrounding this issue change.
This is why the ProtectSeals network, which includes The HSUS, called for a boycott of Canadian seafood products the minute the first baby seal was killed on March 29, 2005.
It is the connection between commercial fisheries and the seal hunt, and the economics of both industries, which makes a boycott of Canadian seafood products a logical next step in ending the annual hunt.
www.hsus.org /marine_mammals/protect_seals/why_a_boycott_of_canadian_seafood   (1149 words)

 Wired News: Boycott Sony
Boycott the company until it comes clean and recalls all the infected CDs.
Boycott it until it distributes a removal program.
Boycott it until it promises never to do anything like this again.
www.wired.com /news/digiwood/0,1412,69559,00.html   (864 words)

 Boycott (2001) (TV)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Filmed to resemble a documentary, "Boycott" is the story of the 13-month long Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott that resulted from Rosa Parkes' refusal to give up her seat on a city bus for a white man.
It isn't shy about pointing out the power struggle within the fl community over control of the boycott in its early days, and it dramatically portrays the extent (and the sheer lunacy) of racist sentiment in the South of that era.
As it is, it manages to offer some valuable insights into Montgomery's racial problems in the 1950's, it has some truly wonderful music and it is an uplifting reminder that race hatred and violence can be overcome.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0255851   (463 words)

 Co-op America: Boycotts: Economic action to stop corporate irresponsibility   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Boycotts are powerful tools for raising awareness about the impact of corporate practices on workers, communities, and the Earth.
Many well-respected organizations have called boycotts to put an end to unfair labor practices, animal testing, dangerous pesticide use, and other abuses of people and resources.
Whether you're protesting treatment of workers at a national retail chain or mobilizing against the construction of a waste dump in your community, a boycott can help you get the attention of your community and the company you are targeting.
www.coopamerica.org /programs/boycotts   (166 words)

 israelinsider: anti-Semitism: British professors ban Israeli universities
The AUT council voted to boycott Bar-Ilan because it runs courses at colleges in the West Bank town of Ariel and "is thus directly involved with the occupation of Palestinian territories contrary to United Nations resolutions".
It decided to boycott Haifa because the university disciplined a lecturer for supporting a student who misrepresented attacks on Palestinians during the founding of the state of Israel.
Council delegates also called for a boycott of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, after claims that the institution had confiscated land occupied by Palestinian families in east Jerusalem, and agreed to circulate to all local associations a statement from Palestinian organisations calling for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions.
web.israelinsider.com /Articles/AntiSemi/5375.htm   (1157 words)

 BoycottFord.com - Sponsored by American Family Association
The boycott was called after Ford reneged on an agreement with American Family Association to stop funding homosexual groups which promote homosexual marriage.
At that meeting the dealers asked that AFA suspend the boycott for six months to give them time to see what they could do to avoid the boycott.
The success of the boycott will be determined by which group—homosexuals or pro-family—are able to get the most people to support their efforts.
www.boycottford.com   (2195 words)

 Boycott Israel Campaign
Their ethical purchasing decision however is frustrated by the lack of accurate information as to which companies to boycott.
Whilst the boycott has dominated recent issues and is always featured, the newsletter is not confined solely to this campaign.
Boycott Southam Newspapers - Israel “Izzy”Aspers, owners of CanWest Global Communications, Canada’s largest media corporation, have “clamped down on news, criticism, or commentary that is anything but 100 percent pro-Israeli.”.
www.inminds.co.uk /boycott-israel.html   (2547 words)

 Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Global Movement To Boycott Caterpillar Gathers Momentum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Campaigners vowed to intensify the boycott of Caterpillar in the UK where its branded merchandise is a trade worth tens of millions.
Alongside Palestinian solidarity activists, a consumer boycott of Caterpillar is underway in South Africa and is set to be marked in a series of promotional activities over the coming months.
Activists have vowed to confront Caterpillar’s hypocrisy and complicity for the Occupation with head-on boycotts and actions.
stopthewall.org /worldwideactivism/903.shtml   (956 words)

 CNN Cold War - Spotlight: Olympic boycotts
Though the boycott has often been attributed to the president, Carter's 1996 statement emphasizes that he did not order it alone.
But Carter pledged to revoke the passports of U.S. athletes who went to the games, backing the boycott with the force of law.
It was widely regarded as a retaliatory move for the 1980 boycott.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/cold.war/episodes/20/spotlight   (815 words)

 Boycott Bush - Companies to boycott   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
The companies we propose to be boycotted make it possible for a wide range of consumers in all parts of the world to take part in the boycott, whether or not they make use of the petrol economy (cars and planes).
McDonalds is not a big donor, but today this fast-food chain is for many people almost the first US company they think about when asked about US multinationals.
Boycott Bush is hosted by For Mother Earth
www.boycottbush.org /cies_en.php   (201 words)

 African-American Leaders Call for a Boycott
Knowing that the city bus system depends heavily on the African-American community, the fl leaders agree to call a boycott of all city buses on Monday, December 5.
United in protest, boycotters choose instead to walk, take carpools, pedal bicycles, and even ride mules to get to work instead of board the buses.
Parks says about the boycott in her interview.
teacher.scholastic.com /rosa/boycott.htm   (206 words)

 Boycott World Pride 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
This site is in the process of being created by individuals and groups who are urging a travel boycott to World Pride Jerusalem, which is now scheduled to be held in the summer of 2006.
We ask you to join us in a boycott of travel to World Pride Jerusalem 2006 as part of the international boycott of Israel and the campaign to divest from Israel.
As you know, many groups have joined the movement to boycott Israeli goods and to divest from Israel in protest of the ongoing occupation of Palestinian lands, the construction of the apartheid wall in the West Bank, and the destruction of Palestinian olive trees, homes, and villages.
www.boycottworldpride.org   (748 words)

 Boycott of Ebay Concerning Auctions of Consecrated Catholic Communion Hosts is Over   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Recently, Catholics began a boycott of Ebay and its affiliate, Paypal, over Ebay's former stated policy of permitting consecrated Communion Hosts to be offered for sale through its auction site.
Michael Gaynor broke the story on April 12, covered it resolutely as it developed, and called for a boycott.
Lifesite.net - Which was among the first to cover the story, and stayed with it as it developed.
www.boycottebay.org   (1375 words)

 The Role of Boycotts in the Fight for Peace
The theme of the boycott, unencumbered by riders or secondary demands, is clear and simple: end the heinous occupation of Iraq.
The boycott will not subside until all U.S. and British troops are withdrawn from the sovereign soil of Iraq; until all U.S. military bases are dismantled; until all U.S. corporations on Iraqi soil are closed down.
Sporadic and spontaneous boycotts, local in form, have been taking place in cities throughout the globe.
www.commondreams.org /views04/1118-24.htm   (1519 words)

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