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Topic: Brains in Bahrain

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  www.chesscircle.net - Brains in Bahrain - Predicted Outcome
Brains in Bahrain - Predicted Outcome - 2006/08/22 12:34 Vladimir Kramnik vs. Deep Fritz (new version) Namely man vs. Machine primarily match, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17 & 19 October, 2002 - "Brains In Bahrain"
I have not found out many details about the Bahrain hardware, but they are going to be confidently using the fastest platform they can.
Despite of so epmirically-speaking the Bahrain machine should anxiously be expected to be no more than 2.4 / 1.2 x 3.7 = 7.4 times faster than the SSDF flagship test machine - well, pretty close to the experimental 7.5x, giving me a little cofnidecne I am on the right relatively track.
www.chesscircle.net /forums/computer-chess/33071-brains-in-bahrain-predicted-outcome.html   (2133 words)

 Brains in Bahrain -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Brains in Bahrain -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
In October 2002, (Click link for more info and facts about Vladimir Kramnik) Vladimir Kramnik and (Click link for more info and facts about Deep Fritz) Deep Fritz competed in the eight-game Brains in Bahrain (Click link for more info and facts about computer chess) computer chess match, which ended in a draw.
Another difference was that in matches lasting more than 56 moves Kramnik was allowed to adjourn until the following day and use Fritz to aid him in his overnight analysis of the position.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/b/br/brains_in_bahrain.htm   (430 words)

 Deep Fritz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Deep Fritz is a multi-processor version of the computer chess engine Fritz written by Frans Morsch and Mathias Feist.
In October 2002, a version of Deep Fritz running on a Compaq 8-processor machine competed with Vladimir Kramnik in the Brains in Bahrain eight-game match, which ended in a 4 - 4 draw, with two wins for each participant and four draws.
As of October 2002, Deep Fritz is believed to be the most powerful computer chess program in the world, defeating Deep Junior, another powerful computer chess program, in a run-off.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Deep_Fritz   (252 words)

 Bahrain FM - live via internet!
The Constitutional Conference, a ten-member opposition group calling for further constitutional reforms in Bahrain, is facing an e...
Bahrain has been chosen to host the opening Grand Prix event of the 19-race 2006 season starting March 12, the sport’s governing b...
Bahrain will officially kick start the 2006 FIA Formula One World Championship season.
archive.wn.com /bahrainfm   (619 words)

 Living In Bahrain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Bahrain was once part of the ancient civilization of...
Bahrain is a member of the GCC, established on...
See live article   Brains in Bahrain In October 2002, Vladimir Kramnik and Deep Fritz competed in the eight-game Brains in Bahrain computer chess match, which ended in a draw...
www.middleeastresources.com /middle/Living+In+Bahrain   (751 words)

 NationMaster - Statistics on Bahrain. 2009 facts and figures, stats and information on Bahraini economy, crime, people, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
In 1782, the Al Khalifa family captured Bahrain from the Persians.
Bahrain's small size and central location among Persian Gulf countries require it to play a delicate balancing act in foreign affairs among its larger neighbors.
Facing declining oil reserves, Bahrain has turned to petroleum processing and refining and has transformed itself into an international banking center.
www.nationmaster.com /country/ba-bahrain   (250 words)

 John B. Henderson, The Scotsman: Press Release   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The Brains In Bahrain / Man vs Machine chess match - between the World Chess Champion, Vladimir Kramnik, and the world's most powerful chess computer, Deep Fritz - has today (Thursday 20th September) been postponed in response to last week's terrorist attack on the United States.
Originally scheduled to take place in Bahrain during October, the match is now being planned to take place in early 2002.
The decision to postpone the event was made by the match organisers - the Brain Games Network and the Government of Bahrain - after full consultation with the two teams and the broader chess fraternity.
www.rochadekuppenheim.de /heco/games05/bahrain.htm   (290 words)

 Lessons of history No 52: those brains at the Foreign Office always get it wrong | Andrew Roberts - Times Online
TONY BLAIR should be delighted that no fewer than 52 former diplomats have written to him to say that his Middle Eastern policy is “doomed to failure”.
Zara Steiner’s work shows how few of its supposedly first-class brains foresaw the cataclysm of 1914; the appeasement policy of the Thirties was directed from an FCO that agreed with Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax; its top echelons were keen on “dual-flag solutions” at the time of the Falklands.
The letter — signed by the former ambassadors to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain and the UAE — is merely a howl of rage at their present exclusion.
www.timesonline.co.uk /article/0,,482-1090248,00.html   (1069 words)

 Loebrich.org: 'Brains in Bahrain' report: Kramnik is All Too Human   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Loebrich.org: 'Brains in Bahrain' report: Kramnik is All Too Human
Vladimir Kramnik made the worst blunder of his career and arguably the biggest error ever made by a world chess champion.
'Brains in Bahrain' report: Kramnik is All Too Human
www.loebrich.org /2002/10/15/brains_in_bahrain_report_kramnik_is_all_too_human.html   (140 words)

 World champion to battle chess supercomputer: A challenge of ‘Brains in Bahrain’
The new match has been given the title "Brains in Bahrain." Kramnik, a Russian, will earn $1 million if he wins, $800,000 for a drawn match, and $600,000 if he loses.
Kramnik ended Kasparov's 15-year reign as world champion last year, and will be playing against a machine capable of analyzing four million moves per second.
Brains in Bahrain will be played between 14 October and 31 October.
www.1stjordan.net /content/archives/it0811b.html   (333 words)

 rediff.com: sports channel - Kramnik says can beat super-computer
World chess king Vladimir Kramnik and super-computer Deep Fritz weighed in on Tuesday ahead of their heavyweight man-versus-machine clash in Bahrain in October.
Kramnik stands to make $1 million if he wins "The Brains of Bahrain" bout billed by its promoters as the "last chance for human intelligence to assert superiority over machine".
He also said the "colossal" advantages Deep Blue enjoyed over Kasparov in 1997 would be eliminated in Bahrain, including allowing Kramnik to rest in between games and see prior matches played by Fritz.
www.rediff.com /sports/2001/jul/31kram.htm   (482 words)

 BBC NEWS | Technology | Chess challenge ends in stalemate
Man and machine have taken equal honours in the eight-match Brains in Bahrain chess duel.
Kramnik won $800,000 for his part in the tournament, awarded by Bahrain's King Hamad.
The Russian was crowned chess world champion in 2000 when he beat Kasparov, his former tutor, in London.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/technology/2342887.stm   (372 words)

 Bahrain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Bahrain Bird Report - Birding in Bahrain with photographs, checklist and location information.
Grec.net: Bahrain - Mapa, fotografies, geografia, economia, societat i història.
Bahrain - Civil Aviation Affairs, responsible for management of all services permitting aviation to and from Bahrain.
www.hotelsdetail.com /bahrain.html   (261 words)

 CNN.com - World champion to battle chess supercomputer - August 2, 2001
This will be the first man vs. machine chess showdown since IBM Corp.'s "Deep Blue" RS/6000-based parallel computer defeated former world chess champion Garry Kasparov 3.5 points to 2.5 points in 1997.
Kramnik ended Kasparov's 15-year reign as world champion last year, and will be playing against a machine capable of analyzing 4 million moves per second.
Brains in Bahrain will be played between Oct. 14 and Oct. 31.
archives.cnn.com /2001/TECH/ptech/08/02/chess.battle.idg   (348 words)

 mlmtip.com - brains in bahrain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Find brains in bahrain and more at Lycos Search.
Read about brains in bahrain in the free online encyclopedia and dictionary.
Find results for brains in bahrain and anything else you are looking for instantly!
www.mlmtip.com /Brains-In-Bahrain.aspx   (176 words)

 Brains in Bahrain
I am used to wearing a lot of hats but now that our regular columnist is decamping from Edinburgh to Seattle in search of weak coffee and strong baseball I am now doubling, nay tripling as Match Director of the ‘ Brains in Bahrain’ match, Daily Telegraph chess reporter and now TWIC correspondent.
This match was originally supposed to have taken place a year ago but the September 11th attacks forced its cancellation and the subsequent decline of Braingames who (dis) organised the last Classical World Championship match forced another delay.
There was some traditional dancing from local children and then Kramnik was welcomed to Bahrain by the Crown Prince who presided over an elaborate ceremony to determine the colours.
www.chesscenter.com /twic/event/brainb02/opening.html   (637 words)

 Kramnik puts chess computer on the 'Fritz' - Computerworld   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Kramnik became world champion by defeating longtime champion Garry Kasparov in 2000 and is now in a strong position to pocket the $1 million prize for defeating the computer.
Kasparov lost in a similar man vs. machine clash against IBM's specialized Deep Blue chess computer in 1997, starting a round of predictions that machines would soon be able to outthink humans in many areas of endeavor.
Updates on the match can be found on the Brains in Bahrain Web site.
www.computerworld.com /printthis/2002/0,4814,75012,00.html   (401 words)

 gomideast.com - Bahrain Accommodations
Where to stay when you are visiting Bahrain.
With its private beach and close proximity to the downtown area, you have your choice to stay and relax, or wander through the bustle of Manama.
Another list of hotels in Manama, Bahrain, and links to their respective homepages.
www.gomideast.com /Bahrain/blbahrainhotels.htm   (91 words)

 CNN.com - Chess champion ready for computer - Oct. 3, 2002
IBM later cancelled the Deep Blue project and the program is no longer available for competition so Kramnik will meet the Deep Fritz CD-ROM application in the first match in Bahrain on Friday.
The eight "Brains in Bahrain" games will be played at the rate of 40 moves in two hours followed by 16 moves in one hour.
Under the match rules, Kramnik was given a copy of the Deep Fritz program as it will be used in the match and has had many months to prepare, causing some worry for its creator Friedrich Friedel.
archives.cnn.com /2002/WORLD/meast/10/03/bahrain.chess   (712 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | All to play for against a machine
The most powerful chess computer is set to face the world's most powerful chess brain in what is being hailed as the ultimate competition to decide whether humans or machines rule the world of chess.
World champion Vladimir Kramnik announced in London yesterday that he is to face Deep Fritz 7, the most advanced chess computer in the world.
The encounter will take place over a fortnight in October in Bahrain and has been dubbed "the brains in Bahrain".
www.guardian.co.uk /uk_news/story/0,3604,530404,00.html   (263 words)

 bad brains
Bad Brains was an early punk rock band from Washington, DC circa 1979.
Originally, they were a progressive rock band called Mindpower, but switched to playing more aggressive punk rock in the area's local clubs.
Dave Grohl said that they were the "greatest live band ever".
www.fact-library.com /bad_brains.html   (205 words)

 Brains in Bahrain Game 2
There was a real air of expectancy at the Bahrain Mindsports Centre as Kramnik arrived with his entourage ten minutes before the start of play.
The room is where the live moves come from and the commentary which is produced in German Spanish, by the journalistic legend Leonxto Garcia and English by Mig and the other commentators.
The match is being organised by the General Organisation of Youth and Sport in Bahrain (GOYS) and is held under the patronage of the King of Bahrain Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.
www.chesscenter.com /twic/event/brainb02/game2.html   (1559 words)

 Son of Deep Blue Challenges Chess Champion
The match in Bahrain, with $1m prize money at stake, pits Kramnik - nicknamed the Ice Man for his coolness under pressure - against Deep Fritz, an even stronger chess computer than IBM's Deep Blue.
Kramnik has not made that mistake and has prepared extensively for the rematch, hyped as Brains in Bahrain, the chess version of Muhammad Ali's epics, the Rumble in the Jungle and the Thrilla in Manila.
Their man was given a copy of the Deep Fritz programme three months before the Bahrain match so he will have some feel for the computer, no changes to the software programme will be allowed once the games start and Kramnik is allowed to rest every six hours.
www.buzzle.com /editorials/10-4-2002-27543.asp   (617 words)

 Life In Bahrain
Despite the heat in Bahrain, I didn’t travel this year and stayed here the whole time but ‎decided to take a full time off computers, relax and do absolutely nothing except for a ‎few dinners out here ‘n’ there, a couple of shopping/food trips to Saudi and that was it.
OK, I know you’re gonna say: “But kids are exposed to this and can't help it, it ‎corrupts their little brains...
Mr Fernandes is in Bahrain along with Air Asia group deputy chief executive officer Kamarudin Meranun, to attend the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.
lifeinbahrain.blogspot.com   (4930 words)

 Mensch gegen Maschine: Remis in der ersten Partie
Manama - Das erste Duell Mensch gegen Maschine endete in Manama, der Hauptstadt Bahrains, mit einem unaufgeregten Unentschieden.
"Brains in Bahrain", Gehirne im Golfstaat Bahrain, lautet das Motto des mit einer Million Dollar dotierten Wettkampfes über acht Partien.
Vor fünf Jahren hatte der Weltranglistenerste Garri Kasparow den bisher letzten Wettstreit mit einem Elektronengehirn spektakulär verloren.
www.abendblatt.de /daten/2002/10/05/77247.html   (355 words)

 Macworld UK - For you Fritz, the war is starting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
World chess champion Vladimir Kramnik will play the Deep Fritz 7 chess supercomputer in an eight-game match in Bahrain in October, organizers Brain Games announced yesterday.
The match has been given the title "Brains in Bahrain".
The 1997 match offered evidence that machines could be more effective in carrying out some complex processing tasks than humans, re-igniting a long-standing debate about machine, or artificial, intelligence.
www.macworld.co.uk /news/main_news.cfm?NewsID=3286   (344 words)

I guess it can be good because the processor speed should be much faster later but Kramnik will also have more time to analyze Fritz.
> > The decision to postpone the event was made by the match organisers - > the Brain Games Network and the Government of Bahrain - after full > consultation with the two teams and the broader chess fraternity.
It is a mark of respect to the families and friends of > those who have died.
www.arnes.net /news/archive/si.rec.games.chess/msg00239.html   (215 words)

 [No title]
An Opening Ceremony on October 2nd will inaugurate the eight-game match, with the games themselves to be played at the Bahrain Mind Sports Centre between October 4th and October 19th.
Frederic Friedel, one of the founders of ChessBase, the developers of Deep Fritz agrees that Brains in Bahrain is a big opportunity:
We are delighted to be involved in the Brains in Bahrain event and would like to thank the Emir of Bahrain for his sponsorship of such a great match.»
members.lycos.co.uk /csarchive/einstein.htm   (373 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
We have pix from the Brains in Bahrain match for the interior article but are still looking for a good cover pic from our sources.
IM Malcolm Pein is doing the behind the scenes work in the "Brains at Bahrain" match.
Malcolm is the man behind the scenes in Bahrain.
www.chessco.com /shownews.php?show=1035215515   (5996 words)

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