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Topic: Brand management

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  Brand Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The importance of brands and brand names have been recognized and studied from a number of different perspectives and this course will focus on some of the major approaches to develop a better understanding of brands and brand equity.
Your assignment is to select a top brand (e.g., from Landor’s list of the top 25 brands in the United States, Europe, or Japan from page 558 of the text or Equitrend’s Top 100 on page 26 of the text or a brand from your place of employment) and conduct a brand audit.
The idea behind the brand audit is to have students conduct an in-depth examination of a major brand to assess its sources of brand equity and suggest ways to improve and leverage its brand equity.
home.cc.umanitoba.ca /~ssamu/bm/syllabus.html   (2803 words)

 Brand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brand recognition and other reactions are created by the accumulation of experiences with the specific product or service, both directly relating to its use, and through the influence of advertising, design, and media commentary.
The brand, and "branding" and brand equity have become increasingly important components of culture and the economy, now being described as "cultural accessories and personal philosophies".
Brand equity measures the total value of the brand to the brand owner, and reflects the extent of brand franchise.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brand   (2634 words)

 brandchannel.com | Brand Management Techniques | Brand Heritage | brand | brands | branding
A brand’s heritage could reveal some of the brand’s intrinsic strengths and this knowledge could be reassuring as a booster during lean times or when the brand is under attack.
Indeed there are several brand managers who are not conscious of the need to pass on a valuable heritage to their successors.
Brand custodians must realize that they inherit legacies created or enhanced by their predecessors and they, in turn, have a role to link the brand’s future with its history.
www.brandchannel.com /brand_speak.asp?bs_id=68   (1241 words)

 Brand Management
Strong brands can also help a company command a price premium, grow market share, reduce the cost of sales and become more competitive in the marketplace.
But what is this thing called “brand?” When people hear the word, they often think first about the company name, logo, product names, packaging and advertising slogans.
The Honeywell brand is backed by more than a century of accomplishments in a wide range of complex and exacting business specialties.
www.honeywell.com /sites/brandM/brandMng.htm   (220 words)

 Brand Management
There are two dimensions to brand management that are critical for successful brand development.
Brand development is a long-term business building initiative requiring leadership and commitment.
Brand equity elements include sales, profits, distribution, customer loyalty, awareness, perceived quality and associations made with the product or service.
www.newmarque.com /Management.htm   (143 words)

 AAA Brand Use Resources (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.virginia.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Brand Central has been designed to serve as the central resource for all brand-related tools and information used by associates and vendors.
The Brand Central site goes beyond the former PDF version of Brand Identity Guidelines and delivers much more, such as guidelines for developing a brand strategy, tools for brand positioning and communications, and an image library that includes all business lines with a new easy-to-use viewing tool, along with improved file downloading techniques.
The majority of the sections of Brand Central are viewable on screen or through a PDF file with a table of contents for easy search and printing.
www.aaa.biz.cob-web.org:8888 /BrandManagement   (203 words)

 IRI | Brand Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Brand Management solution is an integrated solution that treats product and brand management as a process, rather than an event.
Brand managers and their operational partners--sales, finances, and logistics--need rapid access to the same data sets to drive fact-based business decisions.
The solution supports both ends of the brand management spectrum, from the top-down roll out of the national portfolio plans to the bottom-up justification for local consumer initiatives.
www.infores.com /public/us/solutions/cpgmanf/brandmanagement.htm   (256 words)

 Brand management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The discipline of brand management was started at Procter and Gamble PLC as a result of a famous memo by Neil H. McElroy.
An older brand identity may be misaligned to a redefined target market, a restated corporate vision statement, revisited mission statement or values of a company.
Repositioning a brand (sometimes called rebranding), may cost some past brand equity, and can confuse the target market, but ideally, a brand can be repositioned while retaining existing brand equity for leverage.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brand_management   (971 words)

 brandchannel.com | Corporate Branding | Brand Management | Corporate Identities | brand | brands | branding
Corporate branding employs the same methodology and toolbox used in product branding, but it also elevates the approach a step further into the board room, where additional issues around stakeholder relations (shareholders, media, competitors, governments and many others) can help the corporation benefit from a strong and well-managed corporate branding strategy.
A strong corporate branding strategy can add significant value in terms of helping the entire corporation and the management team to implement the long-term vision, create unique positions in the market place of the company and its brands, and not the least to unlock the leadership potential within the organization.
Branding is often perceived as a manipulation of the mind, perhaps even a corruption of the soul.
www.brandchannel.com /brand_speak.asp?bs_id=81   (2061 words)

 AllAboutBranding.com : Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Brand building activity can be difficult to plan, develop and manage without a strong foundation.
By examining what some of the world's foremost branding experts have to say, and taking a look at real-world examples of branding, businesses will be better prepared to undertake their own branding initiatives with success.
WOM may be hot as a concept, but the brand disciplines needed to achieve a powerful talked-about reputation are age-old.
www.allaboutbranding.com   (622 words)

 Brand Management Programme Fact File
Assuming responsibility for the management of a brand is increasingly complex.
Brand owners are constantly faced with choices of a strategic and tactical nature of which route to follow or what opportunity to exploit and all of this on a tight budget.
This programme is for creators, champions and custodians of brands in enterprises large and small across all sectors private, public and non-profit.
www.ashridge.org.uk /brand_management.htm   (324 words)

 Amazon.com: Brand Asset Management: Books: Scott M. Davis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Managing your brands as an asset is one of those obvious management priorities that becomes less obvious under the pressure of quarterly earnings.
Because the brand is the living relationship you have with your customers, it is critical that branding be elevated as a corporate priority.
A good Brand Vision integrates the company's strategic and financial growth goals with the role brands should play and the direction the role of the brands in achieving these goals should be.
www.amazon.com /Brand-Asset-Management-Scott-Davis/dp/0787950777   (2264 words)

 Brand Management
Keen Branding assesses and educates companies on all aspects of brand management, from understanding the role of brands - including what a brand can and cannot do - to shaping all the points of contact internally and externally to create vibrant, profitable brands.
And since the success of a brand also is dependent on a corporate-wide effort and support, we also help companies to implement the key elements of a brand management approach throughout the company.
Keen Branding's Brand Management capabilities will help you to develop more powerful and successful brands and to create a corporate culture that will maximize the value of your brand assets.
www.keenbranding.com /brand_management.htm   (197 words)

 Brand Management
Great brands are able to capitalize on these fundamental truths, creating and sustaining vital emotional connections with their target constituencies.
Gallup Consulting provides both the brand management expertise and the essential assessment tools needed to increase the overall impact of a company's brand marketing programs and the return on the company's marketing investment.
Gallup Consulting brand management programs are a powerful first step for organizations seeking better financial performance by improving customers' emotional engagement.
www.gallupconsulting.com /content/?ci=18061   (528 words)

 Branding Company Brand Management Boston Brand Identity Development Boston
The variety of brand assets in your organization that might need to be managed is vast.
The more brand assets you own, the more important brand management is. These are just a few of the areas of brand management with assist our clients with: customer segmentation, competitive positioning, brand analysis and valuation, product branding strategy, and customer loyalty building.
Brand Identity Guru offers professional skills and analytical tools and techniques to assess current brand strengths and create new completely new corporate or product brands.
www.brandidentityguru.com /management.htm   (326 words)

 EquiBrand: Brand Strategy Consultants and Consulting Services
Equibrand's experienced team of brand strategy and strategic management professionals are committed to driving profitable growth and implementing real world solutions for our clients.
We help our clients solve some of their most complex brand strategy challenges by providing strategic marketing, planning and implementation services across three core need areas: Brand Insight - helping clients achieve a competitive advantage through a deeper level of customer understanding allowing for optimal brand positioning.
Brand Innovation-To develop new products and services to drive profitable growth allowing for successful brand extension.
equibrandconsulting.com   (213 words)

 Brand Ensemble - Brand Asset Management: Technical
As an option, Brand Ensemble can be provided to you as a turnkey hardware appliance that can plug into your existing systems and be configured to your network.
The Brand Ensemble platform is built to industry standards, and, with our unique licensing, integration can occur at the database, application or presentation level.
Brand Ensemble can be provided to you as a turnkey hardware appliance that can plug into your existing systems and be configured to your network.
www.brandensemble.com /technical.html   (302 words)

 Brand Management, Development and Marketing Resource Tools (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.virginia.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
As a result, the branding materials that we develop reflect the culture of our clients' organization and communicate the value that they offer to their customers.
By making the correct branded material easily accessible to the proper internal and external personnel, eXoloop Group ensures that the brand image our clients have worked to build remains strong and consistent across all of their marketing materials.
In addition to helping our clients maintain a consistent brand image, our resource management solutions deliver a significant return due to the amount of time and energy that they save from being expended on marketing material modification and re-creating material that is already available within the company's marketing resources.
www.exoloopgroup.com.cob-web.org:8888 /brand_management_consulting.asp   (360 words)

 NewMarque Group - Brand Development
Branding is a discipline we apply to every aspect of your business.
The brand itself is all the tangible and intangible attributes that are the essence of a company, its heart and soul.
The brand is the foundation on which every customer experience with the company is built.
www.newmarque.com   (273 words)

 Brand management is
Brand management starts with understanding what 'brand' really means.
Brand management performed to its full extent means starting and ending the management of the whole company through the brand.
The CEO should be (and, in fact, always is) the brand leader of the company.
changingminds.org /disciplines/brand_management/brand_management_is.htm   (405 words)

 Maintain Consistent Branding with Content Management
Your brand is the identity and power of your company, its people and products, and ultimately how you’re perceived in the market.
It can take years to build a quality brand—even with brand management consulting—and yet it is easy to harm or destroy that brand over the Web and other means without a proper plan and being able to execute upon it.
The net effect is improved brand value and ideally, greater revenue.  SilkRoad Eprise allows you to repurpose content, documents, digital media, including page templates and elements, logos, images, photographs, and video, for marketing purposes.
www.eprise.com /solutions/brand__management/index.htm   (402 words)

 A day in the life of a brand
Branding Asia.com is edited by Dr Paul Temporal from Temporal Brand Consulting Rod Davies from Orient Pacific Century, providing brand strategy, research and management services to organizations operating in Asian markets.
I have a brand manager (BM) who is quite senior in the company here, and he reports to a brand management committee that includes other brand managers in our product brand portfolio, plus corporate marketing, and various others who seem to be determined to influence my future in some way.
I was asked to co-brand with a drinks brand that appeals to an entirely different audience.
www.brandingasia.com /columns/temporal9.htm   (892 words)

 BrandFlow - Brand Strategy l Brand Value Management l Brand Culture l Brand Engagement l Performance Management l ...
This makes managing the brand portfolio a critical strategic tool that drives the process of change and strategic development throughout the organisation.
You need to understand your brand; your brand culture; your product; your organisation; what a meaningful brand metric is to you; who your customers are and what drives their purchases; who your competition are and how they are differentiating themselves.
Developing a brand is a process, an ongoing story where you control what you can control and attempt to influence what you can’t.
www.brandflow.co.za /index.html   (656 words)

 Brands Management Online Simulation Game | Strategic Marketing Strategy
You are the brand manager for a newly developed brand of mass market fresh-squeezed juices in the drinks division of an international consumer-products group.
The Brands Management Microworld is designed to show how businesses can use their strategic resources over time to develop a brand.
The simulation is set at the launch of a new brand and users have to plan their strategy by setting policies for size of sales force, amount of advertising and product price.
www.forio.com /brands.htm   (213 words)

 Brand Value Management Benchmarking Consortium (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.cs.virginia.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Brand Value Management Benchmarking Consortium™ is an association that conduct benchmarking studies to identify the practices that improve the overall operations of the members.
Benchmarking is a collaborative learning process among a group of companies to focus on specific operating practices, compare measures and results and identify improved processes within their organizations.
To create a cooperative environment where full understanding of the performance and enablers of "best in class" brand value management processes can be obtained and shared at reasonable cost.
www.bvmbc.com.cob-web.org:8888   (626 words)

 Global Brand Management Online Course - eLearners.com
The concept of "brand" is one of the most emphasized topics in marketing today.
Building and managing a successful brand in the international arena is potentially the most challenging and rewarding endeavor an organization can undertake.
A strong brand communicates directly with consumers and often takes on a life and momentum of its own, allowing companies to successfully introduce new products and enter new markets.
www.elearners.com /course/40938.htm   (254 words)

 iMedia Connection: Search Engine Brand Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
In particular, many manufacturers should be pleased to see strong competition for their brands and products in the sponsored listings on search engines; they do not expect their own sites to receive the majority of visits resulting from brand related searches.
Bidding on your brand: While some marketers may not feel it is necessary to bid on their own brand name, it allows their ad to appear among competitors' ads for optimal placement.
Online brand tracking: Search engine queries can be considered a form of unaided brand recall, and monitoring trends in the seasonality and breadth of search terms containing the brand name allows marketers to better understand how consumers perceive the brand as well as determine which products they are most interested in.
www.imediaconnection.com /content/9097.asp   (857 words)

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