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Topic: Brandon East (Manitoba riding)

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Manitoba - Search View - MSN Encarta
Manitoba, easternmost of the Prairie provinces of Canada, in the central part of the country, bounded on the north by Nunavut, on the north-east by Hudson Bay, on the east by Ontario, on the south by the American states of Minnesota and North Dakota, and on the west by Saskatchewan.
The province of Manitoba is represented in the Canadian Parliament by six senators, appointed by the governor-general, and 14 elected members of the House of Commons.
Because of the rebellion, Manitoba entered the Dominion, under the terms of the Manitoba Act of 1870, as a tiny province; its boundaries were enlarged in 1881 and 1912.
uk.encarta.msn.com /text_761559392__1/Manitoba.html   (1861 words)

  Brandon East - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brandon East is a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba.
Brandon itself is the second-largest city in Manitoba (after Winnipeg), and is located in the southwestern region of the province.
Brandon East has been held by the New Democratic Party since its creation, and is considered safe for the party.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brandon_East   (210 words)

 Manitoba. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Easternmost of the Prairie Provinces, Manitoba is bounded on the N by Nunavut (with a northeast shoreline on Hudson Bay), on the E by Ontario, on the S by Minnesota and North Dakota, and on the W by Saskatchewan.
In the southwest, near Brandon, are large oil reserves, and the municipal districts of Flin Flon and The Pas, on the Saskatchewan River, are gateways to the rich mineral deposits (chiefly nickel, copper, and zinc) and timberlands of the central west; the mines at Thompson provide most of Manitoba’s nickel.
Manitoba was explored and posts were established by the French as well as by the British; their rival claims were resolved when England’s conquest of Canada in the French and Indian Wars was confirmed by the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
www.bartleby.com /65/ma/Manitoba.html   (1303 words)

 Manitoba - Search View - MSN Encarta
Manitoba is lower in elevation than areas to the east, west, and south, and serves as a drainage basin for several major rivers.
Manitoba is represented in the Canadian Parliament by 14 elected representatives in the House of Commons and by six senators who are appointed by the federal government.
In 1957 the electoral districts of Manitoba were redrawn to reflect the population shift from rural to urban areas, particularly to the city of Winnipeg and towns in the south, and also to the northern mining communities.
encarta.msn.com /text_761559392__1/Manitoba.html   (7173 words)

Manitoba is bordered by Nunavut to the north, Hudson Bay to the northeast, Ontario to the east, the US states of Minnesota and North Dakota to the south, and Saskatchewan to the west.
Manitoba is known as the land of 100,000 lakes, a legacy of enormous Lake Agassiz, which covered much of the province after the glaciers retreated.
Manitoba farms also annually account for 4.5 percent of the electricity, 58 percent of the chemicals, and 29 percent of the gasoline and fuel oil consumed in the province.
www.nationsencyclopedia.com /canada/Alberta-to-Nova-Scotia/Manitoba.html   (5253 words)

 Manitoba - HighBeam Encyclopedia
The south and central part of Manitoba was once covered by Pleistocene Lake Agassiz ; as its waters receded into Hudson Bay, it left behind numerous lakes (the largest being Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Winnipegosis) and rivers (including the Nelson, Churchill, and Hayes) that flow northeast into the bay.
Extending south from Churchill and east from Lake Winnipeg, the topography is that of the Canadian Shield ; limited areas have been cleared for general farming and dairying, and mineral and timber resources have been partly developed.
Brandon Univ. is at Brandon, and the Univ. of Manitoba and the Univ. of Winnipeg are at Winnipeg.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-Manitoba.html   (1406 words)

 Manitoba, Canada
Manitoba gets it name from "manito waba", an Ojibwan phrase used for the narrows on Lake Manitoba where the sound from the pebbles being ground against the shore by the storm-tossed waves seemed to the early Indians to have come from Manitou, the great spirit.
Manitoba is bordered by the U.S. State of North Dakota in the south, Saskatchewan in the west, Ontario in the east and the Northwest Territories in the north.
Manitoba was extended west to its present boundary with Saskatchewan in 1881 and north to Hudson Bay and its present boundary with the Northwest Territories in 1912.
www.planetware.com /canada/manitoba-cdn-mb-mb.htm   (1629 words)

 Manitoba Canada Information
Manitoba is located in the longitudinal centre of Canada, although it is considered part of Western Canada.
It borders Saskatchewan to the west, Ontario to the east, Nunavut and the Hudson Bay to the north, and the American states of North Dakota and Minnesota to the south.
Manitoba is exposed to numerous weather systems throughout the year including prolonged cold spells in the winter months when arctic high pressure air masses settle over the province.
www.manitobabusiness.com   (653 words)

 Local Ridings
This riding is in the southwest corner of Manitoba with Saskatchewan as the western border and the United States as the southern border.
Brandon is the largest city while Virden, Killarney, Souris and Roblin are the riding's larger communities.
The Brandon General Hospital and Brandon University are in the riding.
www.brandonu.ca /organizations/bulc/Local_Ridings_Page/Local_Ridings.htm   (217 words)

 CBC - Manitoba Votes 2003
Brandon East incumbent Drew Caldwell says the hospital expansion sat on the backburner until the NDP formed government.
There is still a chance for Brandon residents to grill the politicians on the issues that are important to them.
The Brandon Chamber of Commerce is planning to debates: one for candidates on May 27, and one for party leaders on May 28.
www.cbc.ca /manitobavotes2003/features/brandon.html   (675 words)

 manitoba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Manitoba, like the other prairie provinces, was one of the poorest areas of Canada during the Great Depression.
Controversial hero/outlaw Louis Riel (1844-85) was the founding father of Manitoba and leader of the Métis rebellions of 1870 and 1885.
Manitoba is the home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the Manitoba Moose of the International Hockey League.
cms.westport.k12.ct.us /cmslmc/foreignlanguages/canada/manitoba.htm   (4602 words)

 Manitoba information - Search.com
The first European to reach present-day central and southern Manitoba was Sir Thomas Button, who travelled upstream along the Nelson River and Lake Winnipeg in 1612 and may have reached somewhere along the edge of the prairies where he reported of seeing a buffalo.
John A. Macdonald introduced the Manitoba Act in the Canadian House of Commons and pretended that the question of province or territory was of no significance.
Manitoba is home to the largest Icelandic population outside of Iceland.
domainhelp.search.com /reference/Manitoba   (3945 words)

 Mike Abbey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the Canadian federal election of 2004, he was a candidate of the New Democratic Party of Canada in the southwestern Manitoba riding of Brandon-Souris.
During the 2004 election, he was completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Brandon University, majoring in history.
Abbey is a longtime supporter of the NDP, and has held numerous position on the provincial NDP riding association in Brandon East (which has continuously elected New Democrats to the Manitoba legislature since 1969).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mike_Abbey   (201 words)

 Wheat City Journal - Brandon, Manitoba, Canada - DREW CALDWELL – Brandon East MLA has been serving citizens for 15 ...
Brandon East MLA Drew Caldwell was born and raised in Brandon and served as Rosser Ward city councillor for eight years before jumping into provincial politics.
Brandon’s boundaries were expanded to provide for an industrial park in the east end.
Brandon East is one of the poorest constituencies in Manitoba in terms of average income and we see in this office on a daily basis very real problems and crises.
www.wheatcityjournal.ca /news_item.aspx?news_id=1245   (1673 words)

This riding is in southwestern Manitoba and takes in the eastern part of the city of Brandon -- east of 1st St N/Ross Ave/Knowlton Dr/Assiniboine River/18th Street.
This riding in southwest Manitoba takes in the western part of the city of Brandon -- the area west of 1st St N/Ross Ave/Knowlton Dr/Assiniboine River/18th St. Brandon Airport is in the riding.
Brandon itself is the second largest city in Manitoba, with a population of approximately 40,000.
www.brandonu.ca /organizations/bulc/Local_Ridings_Page/Thumbnail_Link_Pages/Brandon_EastWest.htm   (421 words)

 DirManitoba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Brandon is easily accessed by the Trans-Canada from the East and West and by Hwy.
Manitoba abounds with wildlife, with both large and small mammals and is on one of the major bird migration routes.
Brandon has ample and many different forms of accommodation varying from camping to first rate hotels and is within easy driving distance of a number of interesting natural history sites.
flinflon.brandonu.ca /bjhales/dirmanitoba.html   (126 words)

 North Escarpment JET Trail
Take PTH 19 east from Clear Lake to the signed parking lot.Access the J.E.T. trail from the North Escarpment trail.
Me and the boys ride this route a few times from May to October.
Some nice areas where the riding is straight but whatchout for the moose as they like the open trail as well.
www.mtbr.com /trails/Canada-Manitoba/NorthEscarpmentJETTrail.html   (924 words)

 FamilyCensus - Canadian Census Records
Brandon District, Manitoba Census, 1901: Virden, Whitehead, Doly, Elton, Pipestone and Glenwood
East Selkirk and Varennes, Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1891
Pembina and Manitou, Lisgar District, Manitoba Census, 1901
www.familycensus.com /canada.html   (1418 words)

 Churchill, Hudson Bay & the Prairies Bird Watching Report
A flying bird was at the Brandon Hills on 2nd while both a perched bird and an active nest were discovered on the 6th and 7th respectively at Riding Mountain.
A singing bird in the Brandon Hills was frustratingly elusive on 2nd but good views were later obtained of this drab warbler at Riding Mountain on 6th and 7th and also at Churchill on 10th and 11th.
One male was seen in the tree tops at L Manitoba on 1st while a much closer stunning male was watched as he sang near a trail in Riding Mountain on 7th.
www.limosaholidays.co.uk /tripReportDetail.cfm?reportID=215   (7620 words)

 Travel Manitoba: Brandon Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Manitoba's second largest city is home to 40,000 friendly people and numerous first-rate convention and exposition centres.
Brandon, a dynamic city with a population of 40,000, boasts of small town warmth and hospitality that is second to none.
Nestled in the southwestern corner of Manitoba, Brandon has a rich agricultural heritage and reputation as a prosperous farming community.
www.travelmanitoba.com /mcit/brandon.html   (402 words)

 Manitoba / Churchill 2004 Trip Report - Bird Trek
Riding Mountain National Park, extensive boreal habitat providing topographic relief from the vast plains of southern Manitoba.
In the boreal forests of Riding Mountain we are likely to see Gray Jay, Boreal Chickadee, many warblers such as Mourning, Connecticut, and Canada, both crossbills and other winter finches, and perhaps Three-toed and Black-backed Woodpeckers as we search for specialties such as Spruce Grouse.
Manitoba's southwest corner is part of the vast Great Plains ecosystem and we'll spend a full day searching for some of its special breeding birds.
www.thefilemyrs.com /Birding/Manitoba04/TreksReport.htm   (1073 words)

 2nd-36th, Volume 87b - Report Stage
That is the judgment of rural Manitoba, 78 percent.
Manitoba Services that, I think, were 200-and-some employees at that time--just listen to the numbers--18 months ago, ISM had just over 300 employees.
And 63 percent in Manitoba are saying no. So 63 percent, 78 percent against 42 percent, giving you a mandate to do something that you promised not to do and a promise to rural Manitobans that you were going maintain services, you were going to keep jobs.
www.gov.mb.ca /legislature/hansard/2nd-36th/vol87b/h087b_1.html   (20645 words)

 Social Credit candidates, 1953 Manitoba provincial election at AllExperts
The Manitoba Social Credit Party ran 43 candidates in the 1953 Manitoba election, two of whom were elected.
Toutant first campaigned for the Manitoba legislature in the 1941 provincial election, as a Social Credit candidate opposing the coalition government of the day.
Earle was a former councillor in East Kildonan, representing the suburb's second ward.
en.allexperts.com /e/s/so/social_credit_candidates,_1953_manitoba_provincial_election.htm   (2196 words)

Manitoba Water Stewardship acknowledges the assistance of Water Survey Of Canada and Manitoba Hydro in contributing data for this report.
However some watersheds, mainly from the Brandon area east to Winnipeg and to the northern Whiteshell, may experience localized flooding of low lying areas on fields and along streams.
Most areas of western Manitoba have above average snowcover but should not experience flooding due to the very dry conditions remaining from the dry summer of 2003.
www.prairiepublic.org /features/riverwatch/news/mb_conservation/02_27_04.html   (551 words)

 2nd-36th, Volume 24a - Oral Questions
I want to point out to the member for Brandon East, in 1995 there were 10,000 new jobs created here in Manitoba, virtually all of those jobs created in the private sector; the last two months of 1996, 9,000 new jobs created in the province of Manitoba.
I would encourage the member for Brandon East to get out and talk to individual Manitobans, talk to individual entrepreneurs, talk to businesses, talk to business organizations, and he will find out first-hand, if he takes the time to do that, that they see Manitoba as an excellent place to do business.
In fact, in the Brandon East riding alone, where Simplot is constructing an additional $230-some-million addition to their plant, there will be some 800 jobs this summer.
www.gov.mb.ca /legislature/hansard/2nd-36th/vol24a/h024a_3.html   (4621 words)

 Horseback riding in Manitoba - horse riding
Bar 77 ranch is a family owned cattle/horse ranch that offers hourly trail rides from friday to sunday we ride out in the pasture which is very scenic amongst our cattle and the occassional wildlife,outdoor horse boarding is also available at $105 per month plus GST.Home of PC Double Frost,home of own daughter of Bully.
We provide year round riding and boarding, with a Girls Stay-over Riding Camp through the summer.We specialize in beginner to advanced English, Western or/and Bareback training in and out of our arena, by a Certified Instructor and experienced lesson and trail horses.
The Riding or Ranch camps are available for 7 weeks of the summer and for girls ages 10-16.
www.horse-riding.net /stables/Canada/Manitoba   (452 words)

 teachers running   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Relying on what she describes as a "passion for education" and a team of supporters that "believe in education as much as I do", Malik plans to develop strategies to help students deal with issues outside the classroom that may be effecting their education.
Dinsdale made his first bid for MLA of Brandon East in 1995 and this year the Grade 6 teacher is hoping the second time's the charm.
Along with an understanding of the issues in his riding, teaching has given Dinsdale the skills to tackle political life.
www.mbteach.org /provincialelection/provelecteachrun.htm   (1861 words)

 Birding Manitoba 2006
The Riding Mountain area is a mixture of boreal forest and other northern habitats.
We were headed to an area east of Onanole, but a Mourning Warbler was soon heard and we made a stop for it.
It was interesting to see how well-hidden they were on the back, with only their heads poking out from their parent's feathers.
jboyd.net /Manitoba06.html   (3403 words)

 Mitchell Family Newsletter Nov 02
It is bordered to the east by Ontario, to the west by Saskatchewan.
Manitoba's flower is the Prairie Crocus, its tree is the White Spruce.
Henry was born in England and Margery born in Quebec of Scottish ancestry.
mitche.www3.50megs.com /may2003a.htm   (5808 words)

 Strathclair: Prairie Town with a Past, Present & Future -- Geography of Manitoba
Farther east was the Forks (33-15-21), a junction at which the Carlton Trail (known also as the Hudson Bay Trail or Ellice Trail) continued on its westerly route to Fort Ellice on the upper Assiniboine while a branch broke off northward to The Bend.
Then came the Manitoba and North Western Railway (now a branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway), which traversed the area midway between The Bend (Old Strathclair) and Old Marney (Figure 1) Area Map.
By 1888, even the Premier of Manitoba, the Honourable John Norquay, had a summer home on the north east corner of Salt Lake -- a lake which was fast becoming a popular picnic and resort spot.
home.westman.wave.ca /~hillmans/strathwh.html   (2056 words)

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